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Our Future in MY Hands...Whew!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Well, here I am hoping to post about the beauties of getting fit and healthier...
Ain't gonna happen right now! ( I only have a Texan Southern drawl when writing- HA!)

Need to vent first...

So today was our first day back from Winter holiday vacay.
Those lovely little middle schoolers of mine have really got me wondering...
Is there hope for the society of future adults?
Could there be another method for overcoming the laziness of unwarranted couch potatoes of tomorrow?
How can WE reiterate the urgency of educated adults in the NEAR future?
I don't mean formal education. I mean LIFESKILLS!!!
When a 7th grader shows me they have no idea what most contractions are, I shutter to think that pregnancy pains are the only concept that flickers or merely illuminates the emoticon

So my fellow Sparkers, I forge ahead into the mysteries of ascertaining the solutions to HOW guidance has faultered and now I (of the human caliber) must walk on water and perform the miracles which should've been addressed in yesteryears.

As my students say, "I'm just saying"...

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LAURIEWY 1/6/2012 10:36PM

    Well I'm going to start with you should get a purple heart for teaching 7th grade! Thank goodness there are angels like you in this world (lol). But I really agree with the last post. Our society is lacking in parenting, resulting in a generation that is being raised by video games and the latest reality TV show. Many of my parents are too busy being their friends and living their own lives that they have not tuned in to their child's lives and/or education. I'm very lucky teaching first grade that they are still sweet and innocent, but I definitely can name those who are raising themselves and will eventually be a heart ache on society. I wish that I had the funds and ability to adopt all and actually RAISE them. But unfortunately there's just too many and most of them have 4 or more siblings at home. Well I could go on and on.....but I'm going to go be a parent and play a board game with my son.

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LOVECARTIER 1/3/2012 6:39PM

    LOL! I didn't want to laugh, but the contractions part had me on the floor. I personally believe that everything starts at home. Many kids don't have anyone positive in their lives that they can look to for guidence, they have reality tv. With the way our society is now, it doesn't seem like you have to have an education or do too much to be successful. All you need now is a cute face, anger problem, and ability to act crazy or make a freaky movie with your boyfriend to make it. I know that doesn't answer your question, but that's what I think is destroying our youth

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Twisted Family Members... -Part 2

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yesterday, I dropped off my mother's present.
Yes, I had her come out to the car to get her gift.

Later, I was pleased that no matter how much she decides to sabotage her health, I refuse to be an enabler.

I refuse to allow my children to play a role in her demise.
I refuse to be the absent daughter who distances myself from her (mostly for the sake of my kids).

Sadly, because of her demeanor and indifferent attitude with my siblings and I, my oldest 2 children don't really like dealing with her. My son is too young to notice or care.

Daily, I continue to be the open-minded, loving mother to my children.
It's truly a blessing to have three children who have open communication with my husband and I.

My oldest daughter, who is an 18 year-old senior in high school, talks to me daily.
My 14 year old daughter also says she enjoys spending time with me & we always laugh and talk.
My 8 year-old son discusses school and ideas with me often. He is a very self-sufficient, easy-going sweetheart. Just don't make him angry... Hmmm...similar to his mother!

So, as for my bio"logical" siblings & mother...enough said in the previous blog.

Happily ever after...only in fairytales, but let's just say, "Happier ever after".

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GETDONE 12/29/2011 11:06PM

    Your doing it RIGHT mommy!!!!!!! emoticon

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EDUCGRAD 12/28/2011 9:33AM

    hugs to you,you exemplify the verse,be at peace with those around you as much as in is in your power.have a great new year

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TEENY_BIKINI 12/27/2011 9:20PM

    "Yes, I had her come out to the car to get her gift. "

Nicely done! Excellent!

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SPARKLE1908 12/27/2011 3:51PM

    Good for you Soror!! Peace of mind is are doing the exact thing that is needed to keep you and your family's sanity!!!

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Twisted Family Members & Religious Holidays

Friday, December 23, 2011

Yes, you've been waiting for it.
So, here it is!
This holiday, like many others, I am forced (somewhat) to be nice.

Those of you who have been keeping up know how awkward my biological (still can't figure out why "logical" is part of the word) immediate family is.

Playback* Mama- diagnosed bipolar schizo; oldest bro- promise-maker, ex-Marine;
Youngest brother- criminal, con artist, liar, name a few; me- the youngest of the crew, driven, avoids the others as often as possible. Btw: twin half sisters I've never seen before, but closer to finding them. Dad- murdered when I was 19.

Now, I'll bet you think I am the survivor and normal one of the group. Right you are!
So, when holidays come around, I avoid them like the plague.
My dear chain-smoking mother tries to lure me to her apartment by coercing me to do small tasks for her.

She thinks I'm unaware of this. I have allergies, so stay at her house to roll her hair would set me back into a sinusitis coma with red eyes to boot. Ain't gonna happen!

My youngest brother doesn't attempt to make contact accept he called last month for my 40th birthday. Suits me fine, though! At least he's consistently inconsistent!

My oldest brother, "let me treat you to lunch for your b-day!" That was November 8th...hmmmm...never happened!
So, I look forward to the hubby kids and in-law...functional family on this holiday season where we celebrate in peace the birth of Jesus drama-free.

Now I have to figure out a way to give Mama her gift...ideas???
P.S. My youngest brother will visit her with his CRAZY girlfriend who looks manly- scary!

Happy Functional, Family Holidays to you all!


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EDUCGRAD 12/28/2011 9:36AM

    hugs to you,you have gotten some great advice.

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AKAFIT 12/27/2011 2:34PM

    As I get older, I have realized that my sanity is way too important to compromise. I am with Teeny Bikini, send her gift via the mail. You already said for health reasons, you can't be in her apartment, so you can have the gift come to her without jeopardizing your life (literally) and your sanity.

Just remember she made her choices for her life to live that way, but you don't have to participate in that insanity. BTW, since we will be residing on the coast now, we had better get busy on our phone date.

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LITTLEFARMMOMMA 12/26/2011 12:04AM

    Thanks for suggesting I read your blog... Isn't it weird how people end up together?

I do have a family who loves each other, but we have come from some pretty crazy circumstances, and although we love to get together, it sure can be trying with everyone's baggage!

Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the lone ranger, and that others understand...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas with your precious family!

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SPARKLE1908 12/24/2011 5:26PM

    Sounds like you found the perfect way to have peace...I agree with Teeny as well...literally drop her gift off while you have plans to take care of!!

Enjoy your holiday!

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SEAJESS 12/23/2011 7:08PM

    Good for you for learning to take care of yourself over the holidays. These winter holidays are tough times for everyone, it seems, let alone those of us with especially challenging family members.

Believe me, I understand! I'm not going to share stories, though ~ don't want to give the past any more energy. This year, preferring to look for the light and connections that can be made.

Be happy and well!

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    How about tip-toeing to mother's door, laying the gift on the floor, ringing the bell and running like hell? All rhymes are truly unintentional -- didn't even notice until I proofread the sentence.

You've made a sound family of your own. Not too shabby an achievement.
emoticonMake merry.

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HDHAWK 12/23/2011 7:00PM

    Listen to Teeny's advice or just drop it on her doorstep without ringing the doorbell!

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TEENY_BIKINI 12/23/2011 6:47PM

    I am glad you found a peaceful place to spend your holidays. That is awesome.

"Now I have to figure out a way to give Mama her gift...ideas??? " UPS is inexpensive... FedEx, USPS... you can always give it to her after Christmas... "um, you were busy, had plans, were otherwise engaged, booked, fill in the blank etc." I love vague reasons as they all happen to be true in some way ;) Or just don't say anything - that works too. Anyway, all that matters is you spend your holiday/life being and living the way you want - presents come in a very distant second ;)

Have a great holiday. And thanks for sharing your beautiful life. Cheers.


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A Wise Man & a Fool

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A wise man finds a way.
A fool finds an excuse.

I am putting this on my board when I return to work.
It shall be written next to the homework assignment.

Think they'll get the message?

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X5X52000 12/20/2011 5:47PM

    emoticon Well I got it!!!

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AKAFIT 12/20/2011 2:55PM

    They will get the message alright. Another one that I used to hang above my desk when I was in the Army is this one:

Lack of Planning on YOUR part, does NOT constitute an emergency on my part! When people came into my office trying to rush the process, I would simply point to exhibit A!

We all must take responsibility for our lack of motivation and stop making excuses. I am so taking this bit of advice myself! Thanks for the gentle (or not so gentle) reminder soror

That's why you're my GIRL!

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SPARKLE1908 12/18/2011 8:32PM

    Well, I got the message Soror, lol...I have no more excuses for not getting my health together...

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STARLIGHT22146 12/18/2011 3:51PM

    LOVE THIS!!!! Just posted to my facebook. :) Also, thank you for the goodies. I am going to try and replace all those cookies with fruits and veggies this week. :)

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MISSLISA1973 12/18/2011 8:37AM


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RICHILA 12/17/2011 11:17PM

    As a fellow teacher, I like it! emoticon

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The True Value...

Friday, December 02, 2011

Aging is both a beautiful & rewarding process.
Some see the process as a scary future of wrinkles, graying, and body decomposition.
My adjectives: strength, perseverance, and change.

We all see life as a series of tests which we must pass to gain promotion- eternal life for some, afterlife for others.
Whatever your religious or personal beliefs, it stands that the true value of life is not in appearances, but the soul which can not be seen with the human eye, but seen through the spirit of our actions.

So as we age and grow, both physically and mentally, our value lies within ourselves and not the outer shell which masks and protects.
What is your true value?

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TEENY_BIKINI 12/7/2011 8:28PM


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AKAFIT 12/5/2011 11:56AM

    Amen soror. I think we are afraid of the process because our worldly view gets in the way. I have enjoyed hitting 40 because the wisdom, strength, courage, and respect for myself and God has grown exponentially with that number.

The process has been one that has never been dull and I believe that whatever I do I am doing it for God and my eternal reward.....HEAVEN. Nothing competes with knowing that after this life of trials there is something infinitely better waiting for me.

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SPARKLE1908 12/3/2011 11:50AM

    Great blog Soror...I never thought about what it truly means to age 'gracefully' is surely more than the outward appearance, as you stated...I hope that by aging gracefully, I become the complete woman that God wants me to be!!

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HEALTHYOTTER 12/2/2011 11:24PM

    Great perspective. I would hope my true value is loving kindness. More often, it seems to be stubborn perseverance.

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