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Thinking about the emotional aspect of weight loss

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We were watching the biggest loser last night, and some of the people were talking about dealing with the emotional part of weight loss. That made me start thinking....

The last few months when I've tried to lose weight, after the second week I fall into a rut where I am trying during the day, but at night I ruin it all and wind up gaining weight.

When I look back on the two successful times I've lost weight, what did I do differently? What was my mindset?

The first time I took the scale out of the equation and just tried to be more active. I went for walks at night to clear my mind and be outdoors. I was amazing at eating. I ate healthy and got to the point icecream wasn't even enticing. How do you do that?!??!

The second time was in Seattle, and it turned into almost a hobby. Ian and I walked to the grocery store since it was nearby. We worked out 3x a week in the gym, and since I was constantly stressed out by my job, it was a great release. I did decent with my eating, but it was harder since I was cooking for two. It was exciting to me to feel leaner and more energetic.

This time around I always hope the scale is lower, but it's like it doesn't connect full circle. It's like I expect to be able to eat 2000 cals a day and lose the weight, but it doesn't work that way!

The exercise part I'm doing okay with... especially since it's warmer outside. The food... how do I combat the food? I could be content with a salad and chicken for dinner, but Ian is not excited for such things. I feel obligated to make more yummy and delicious varieties for dinner. The last time we lost weight together, he was in class and usually had soup or something for dinner. If I can figure out how to make a variety of lower calorie meals for us that would be good. So... there's my assignment and conclusion I reached from this writing!

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WBOYACK 2/4/2009 2:29PM

  I so understand. But I have faith. Faith that you will find the answers. Faith that God will support your good choices. Faith in you. Keep going and focus on the mighty change of heart. This is not a diet. It's a life style adjustment. A little like repentance. It may even be repentance. But you can do it. Keep going!

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ASHLEY_BELLE 2/4/2009 12:53PM

    It sounds like I'm in the same boat as you. *I* am working on this, but my hubby is not so sometimes it's hard to make it balance.
What works for me, is to really be careful during the day... oatmeal for breakfast, salad or something else really healthy for lunch, then fruit or veggies for snacks... then I can get away with having that "yummy and delicious" delicious dinner. BUT, I have to watch my portions with dinner. I try to incorporate salad or veggies with every dinner, and I put more of that on my plate then meat or whatever dish I have made.

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Starting Again

Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm blogging so I can remember what today has felt like. I was halfway to my goal before I got pregnant in August 2006. I kept my weight well during pregnancy, and a few months AFTER I gained almost 20 lbs back. Then I went above and beyond and am now at 244. I was 236 before Christmas, but emotionally ate and here I am.

Last night we decided to go all out and had pizza for dinner and brownies for dessert. A whole pan. It was delicious, but I slept terribly from heartburn all night long. Even here at almost 10am I'm still having it. This is after two bed time tums and a half cup of milk this morning.

We decided to start fresh today and work out 3x a week in the morning. No excuses then! It felt good to do it. Here's to a new year and many pounds forever shed!

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WBOYACK 1/5/2009 1:47PM

  You can do it! What a great goal!

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Starting Fresh

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The last time I journaled was in early June. I'm going to start journaling on here my goals and accomplishments, to keep them fresh in my mind. I'm about halfway to my goal weight, and am losing steam, so I'm starting fresh!

I am happy to report I did make the goal in my last entry of having lost the next 15lbs for our CO visit!! I've lost 10lbs more since then! A total of 39 lbs lost thus far!

I haven't been keeping up on any of my goals, I don't even look at them! (Goals for stage 3). So, I'm going to start first with picking one of them and working on it everyday! First I'm going to start with putting my goals on paper. I'll post them here when I've gotten them figured out!


Saturday Sleepies

Saturday, June 10, 2006

First of all, I love reading other people's online journals, because it helps motivate me! Hopefully mine will motivate somebody some time too! :)

I start Spark 8 days ago, and simply love it! What has really helped me is the strong attention to my eating habits. I was making the effort to be healthier, but still eating a lot in general. At least by inputting the foods I eat each day, even if it happened to be a binge, I'm keeping myself accountable. Those pizza rolls I had before bed weren't just a "hope it doesn't hurt me" snack! They made me go over by 500 calories last Tuesday! :)

Even with a huge binge I did have last week, I still managed to lose 3 pounds this week! That was without changing my workout habits and just becoming aware of my food intake.

My goal is to be 160 lbs by next January. Before that, my husband and I will be going home to visit family for July fourth, and I would love to lost an additional 5 lbs for that! That would make me another 15 lbs lighter than when they saw me in March!