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happy news and almost happy news

Monday, August 09, 2010

so today i went back to the doctor who is monitoring my sleep apnea, this was my first visit back to him since i had had my sleep study...due to my knee injury and the surgery that followed, i had to postpone this appt twice
...but i got somewhat happy news, the lab had set my pressure at a maximum of 14, but, he is ordering it cut back to 10, he said, my problem wasnt as bad as some he has seen, very little snoring and only a few minor leg jerks during the night. and of course the breathing, he said i had stopped 11 times during the sleep lab....i am doing some research to see if this is a high number or not...i dont think it is.
..and my bp was down, 130/84...which was great, this doc is really down to earth and doesnt come in the room acting like hes going to snap your head off....

now for the almost happy news, i had purchased 2 bras, one in a size smaller than the one i currently wear,
and when i tried it on originally, it being a front closing bra, i couldnt even get the first hook latched, and so i put it in the drawer and forgot about it,
but on sat, on a whim, i got it out and tried it on, and lo and behold, the first latched hooked and the second latch hooked and that was all, but, hey that is a success in my book!!!!
i figure another 10 maybe 15 lbs and i will be buying an even smaller size, woo hoo this is a big big step forward for me........
as my boobs have been a big (parden the pun) , hassel for me for quite some time and to even get into a size smaller bra, is such a huge accomplishment
now like i said, im not in it all the way yet, but soon SOON SOON SOON.....

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CHELSEA_MARIE3 8/10/2010 8:11AM

    WAY TO GO!!! That is awesome. before you know it you will have to buy a smaller one, keep up the good work. It's paying off. Stopping breathing 11 is not bad at all. Its not good but mine was like 54 times in a night. So don't worry. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MICKEYD4 8/10/2010 12:05AM


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indecisive weather man

Thursday, August 05, 2010

i guess most of you have been dealing with your own fair share of weather woes, most of the country has been having excessive heat lately...what a crazy week its been here, the last 2 days it was extreme heat and we were under an advisory, and today was hot, not terribly hot, i went to physical therapy in my non air conditioned car and i didnt sweat too bad, i didnt smell too rank....but, not long after i got home, it started down pouring rain, we have neighbors who have trees down all around them, the road was blocked not too far from me by a tree, and now i just hear thunder, thunder all around me, but no rain, no wind, no lightening....
i have to go to doc tomorrow, watch it be 99 again, blah
so, i had a solo cup of pepsi today, first soda i have had in a week or longer, but, i just wanted something other than water, i am just so sick of plain water, and that pepsi tasted pretty darn good.....
but i want to keep that 2 lbs off that i have lost and i vow no more the rest of this week....
wonder if my doctors scale and my scale have consulted and will agree....

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DEE107 8/6/2010 10:38AM

    I add lemon and lime slices of fruit in my water and it doesnt taste like plain water

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my kingdom for a haircut

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

so i finally got in touch with my hairsylist today, and since i had forgotten that school goes back here on wednesday, next week, she is all booked up until tuesday, i had half a mind to call someone else, but i have been going to her for awhile and she does a good job, i am reluctant to change....
so, this got me to thinking about all the other things i am reluctant to change, perhaps myself is the major thing.
my residence as well, we have been wanting to move for awhile and let one place slip right out of our hands, but, we had excuses, we didnt like the neighbors or the location, now a new place is up for sale, land only, which means we would have to do alot of work, but, ahhhhhh, i cant decide
i am down a pound and my scale is not going to be touched for a week, if i have the willpower, and i go back to the doctor on friday, so i will see if her scale says "your scale is lying to you" or, if i believe my scale and hers is the liar....
i am one step away from putting a dew rag on like bret micheals and just saying the heck with it..........


heat heat go away....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

i know we cant do anything about the weather.
i know it is a waste of time to complain about it, but my goodness!
i was supposed to go to pt early this morning, but i just couldnt get going, so i put it off until wasnt so bad out. hot but not so humid, overcast all day.
then i thought ok, once i get out of pt i think i will go to rite aid and food city, which are about 30 minutes way, once i got outside and got in my car, the sun popped out and it got so hot, i came thru town and it was 96 on the bank.

so i stopped at the local market then came home and turned on the ac.
see, u might ask, what is the problem, well, i have no a/c in my car.
about 3 summers ago, i noticed my car just wasnt getting cool, so i took it to the garage and had the ac charged up. got cool, ran good about a month then stopped.
so i let it go, the following summer, i had a brand new air conditioner compresser put in it, had it charged up, same thing, stayed cool about a month then went back to the same old thing.
now, i spent about 400 plus to get it fixed
so i am just reluctant to take it back and throw more money at it.
i just cant feel like i can find anyone i trust.
so i called the local dealership, they wanted 100 bucks to run the dye in and find the leak......i can buy the dye and light for under 30 myself, and they told me 100 bucks an hour to work on it.
ok, so.....i keep my money, and i try to stay off the road when it is extremely hot.
i get soooo angry at honey, cuz i think, he should take a look at it for me, he should at least try to find the problem.
then i come to find out, his truck is the same way...
he says he doesnt have the time, ok, i get it, he works long long hours.
and he has a hard job which makes his body sore and achy.
but still, i just feel frustration inside that i cant get him to step up and find a solution.
i dont know how it is for everyone else, but where i live, there just arent that many reliable licensed mechanics who do air conditioning repair. and the ones who do, well, if they see a woman coming they think they can talk her into buying or paying for whatever they can come up with.
so, my gray roots are showing and my hair is so frizzy i look like those women on that commercial, the befores.....
and i am praying for snow.

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REDNBROWN 7/30/2010 5:08PM

    Hey, just think of people like me from the other side of the world who are in the middle of winter right now - pretty hot for winter here though! I hate to think what our summer will be like then....eek!

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DONNABRIGHT 7/30/2010 1:14PM

    A little snow does sound kind of good, doesn't it?????

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LOSINGLINNDY 7/29/2010 8:41PM

    Amen! Heat, heat go away. We will get through this.

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rain, heat, leaky windows and bad pillows

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i have searched high and low for a pillow to suit me, i have bought all brands, cheap to expensive and i have bought soft, firm, extra firm and brick. but cant get one that is just right for me.
i hate a soft pillow, but i need height, but not to high, i am a side sleeper and just have had no luck recently finding a good pillow.
leaky windows...or windshield i should say, every time it rains, which is about every single day for 2 weeks here, i have to cover my car with a tarp, and put a bucket in the floor under the glove box, is it the windshield, i will never know cuz hubby is just way to busy to be bothered to look at it, call the insurance co to have it replaced or take it to a garage.....maybe if his is leaking he will get the hint....
now the rain and heat, one minute its pouring downpours of buckets of heavy rain, the next, its hotter than hades and wet, humid, sticky, hair is in a constant state of frizziness....
i have been so hungry today, eating eating eating
and its not even supper time yet....
am getting a headache and still have housework to complete.
til next time....


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