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hello sol, come on in, take off your shoes and stay awhile!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Does anyone ever feel like they are trading a good for a bad, or a bad for a good?
In order to try to up my iron, calcium and vitamin d levels, I have found myself eating a little more, drinking more milk, Today for lunch I had a baked potato with some vitamin d and calcium fortified butter.
Before, I wouldnt have touched a potato with a ten foot pole.
When I refer to before, I mean during my weight loss period.
That time between May 2012 and January 2013, when I lost 70 lbs and was walking daily and eating healthier choices than ever before.
I find myself struggling to get back to those food plans.
But today is such a great and beautiful day that I am not going to worry about calories.
I am eating healthy, making good choices for the vitamins and nutrients my body needs right now.
The sun finally made an appearance today and not just peeking out, but really OUT.
I, in my shorts and tshirt, sat out on the lounger for nearly an hour, soaking it up.
I hope it was enough for my body to jumpstart that vitamin d process.
I dont go back for more lab test until May.
So, every day that the sun comes around, I am going to, hopefully take full advantage of.
The weatherman, who I have decided is my arch enemy and the first one I will take out in a zombie apocalypse, lol, is telling me that once again, the sun will leave and be replaced with cold, damp, wind and rain, and possibly even snow.
NOOOOO, I cannot take much more!!!

I walked yesterday evening and was distressed and dissatisfied with my walk, because my foot began hurting me again and I am not sure what is going on.
But I am scared the break isnt healed at all and since I have gained some of my weight back, I am putting more stress on that foot.
I did some reading recently about flat feet and one article suggested that doctors have it all wrong when it comes to telling their patients to wear shoes with orthorpeadic inserts and lifts and arch supports, etc.
Some naturalist type doctor suggested the best solution is to go bare foot as much as possible.
To train the arches and feet to support themselves.
Wonder if anyone out there has an opinion on that.
Going barefoot has never been a problem for me, I have spent many summers barefoot.
But my feet are more tender now and I guess since I am a little older, its expected of me to wear shoes, lol.
Not so much planning, but dreaming and idealizing summer vacation and have my eye on the beach again.
Hoping the taxes come soon so we can sit down and do some planning, figure out the priority on bills and payments and make sure the car is in tip top shape for that 8 hour drive.
Hope all of you are having a good day and that the sun is shining where you are.

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BRADMILL2922 3/12/2014 4:56AM

    Well, the weatherman zombie apocolypse is too funny! I know I have felt that way, often, this winter! We have finally had a couple of nice days around here so I was giving the weatherman a break but now it is back to cold and rain the next two days...he is back on the list!

Keep making those healthy choices!

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DOGMOMMA2THREE 3/11/2014 4:49PM


I'm not sure where you live but I am laughing about your wish for your weatherman! Ha! It reached a balmy emoticon -6 degrees here today so I, too, sat outside. I sat on our back patio and had a mini picnic with the dogs.

Have you ever worn Birkenstock sandals/footwear? My arches fell in both if my feet and then I cracked my spine - have sworn by Birkenstocks ever since.

Anyway, I hope the rain stays away!



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cough cough sniff sniff, no relief this is

Friday, March 07, 2014

Last night was a rough night, all the congestion and soreness had moved down into my chest. I was so raw, every breath hurt, every cough worse.
I was hoarse and could barely talk.
I am feeling some better today, Only the cough is sticking around now.
I really want to try a walk, but wondering if its worth it to drive to the track and maybe walk a lap or two and get a coughing fit or get out of breath.
Besides, my foot has been killing me today, last night I awoke with something like a cramp in my foot, this is the foot that had been broken last year, and it hurt like crazy.
Enough that I was near to crying out!
Only the break happened on the outside of the foot near the little toe, and the pain last night was in the arch, up by my ankle bone.
My theory is, that I havent been wearing my arch supports, and putting too much pressure on my arch, being that I am flat footed.
So, I decided, walk or no walk, I am going to start wearing my walking shoes with arch supports around all the time.

I have been cleaning a little and find after only a few minutes, I begin coughing.
I really hope this is on its way out.
I was reading yet another article on the dangers of low vitamin d and of course, susceptibility to colds, flu, etc is one of the problems.
This is the 2nd or 3rd cold i have had since Christmas.
It is in the stage now where I am coughing up a lung, hard long coughing, til I turn red.
I hate hate hate all cough syrups, it seems there are none that dont contain some awful ingredient to make one sleepy.
I hate Nyquil, I hate all those types of cough syrups.
So, I go for a chest covered in Vicks salve and a vaporizer.
Such a nice day out, would love to be out walking, and soaking up what little rays of sunlight being sent this way.
But I would just cough up a lung on the walking track!!!

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NYARAMULA 3/8/2014 4:30AM


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CHEFKATLEANER 3/7/2014 10:11PM

    In my fridge, I have a jar of lemon, honey and ginger. I thinly sliced 2 lemons and a good sized chunk of fresh ginger. I put all the sliced stuff in a clean glass jar and covered it all with honey. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, or I have a sore, scratchy throat, I put a couple of spoonfuls of the flavoured honey in a mug and pour boiling water in. It tastes pretty much like Neo Citran, but has no weird chemicals/medications in it. I find it really comforting and helps me sleep. And it soothes my sore throat.

I hope you feel better soon!

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CAPECODBABE 3/7/2014 8:12PM

    Hope you are feeling better. My mother swore by whiskey honey and lemon juice for coughs, and it really works pretty good. Nyquil gives me nightmares.
Take it easy on your foot, better safe than sorry.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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THROOPER62 3/7/2014 5:40PM


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ARCHIMEDESII 3/7/2014 3:29PM


I'm feeling better, my energy is good, but I'm terribly congested. I'm sneezing up stuff you only find in Stephen King novels ! LOL !! So, yeah, I have lots of empathy and sympathy for you. I think my immune system is weak because of the constant cold temps we've had. I very rarely get this many colds a season.

Personally ? I think you should toss out all the medications. especially the Nyquil because if you're like me, you're probably waking up with the Nyquil hang over. Instead ? Start chugging some hot tea with HONEY. the honey is a natural anti-oxidant that will sooth your throat. I stopped taking Nyquil because I don't think it works. And it makes me feel sick when I wake up in the morning.

You need to get the over the counter drugs out of your system so that your body can fight off the germs. I really do think that some tea and honey will do more for you than the Nyquil. I've been chugging tea all day. I'll have some honey when I get home.

Oh, Vicks Vapo Rub. I swear by the stuff for opening up the nasal passages.

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sugar tastes good, but no more sugar coating for me!!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Decided to blog early today. I have to be accountable for my actions and so it begins today.
I hadnt been paying close attention to the scale lately.
I knew I had gained weight, have been gaining weight back!!
Tuesday is my usual weigh in day, but I skipped it.
For some reason I decided to get on the scale today. It wasnt terrible, but it wasnt good!
So as I am standing there on the scale, I say to myself, whatever was was and whatever is going to be STARTS TODAY!!!

No more do I want to dread getting on the scale, or dread trying to find something to wear when I have to go someplace. I sold all of my "fat" clothes last year and now, I am finding my new clothes are getting more stretched out as I try to squeeze the 16 lbs I have gained into them.
I was living pretty well with the fact I had gained some of my weight back.
I had the excuse of my broken foot all last year to use. couldnt walk as I had been, low vitamin d.
So that weight gain, I was living with, but I have gained an additional 5 lbs since I seen my doctor on Feb. 12th, that is less than a month I have gained 5 lbs!!!
At that rate, all my hard work and all the pounds I lost in 2012 will be erased and forgotten and I am not even about to let that happen.
I still remember the hard work, getting out of my warm bed at 6 am to go walk an hour, or two, going back in the evening, hot sun beaming down, sweat pouring.
The feeling of joy every time I got on the scale to see another 1 or 2 or 3 lb loss!!!!
I even recall what I was eating and what I wasnt.
I know I cant go back and change it, but I can start today.
No more comparing how much I weighed a year ago, or a month ago. It has to start today, from here.

So, I did some weights, dumbbells and the stair stepper. I would go walking, but I cannot breathe. One minute my head is all but closed off and the next I am dripping and draining, and wondered if people would find it strange to see a woman with a tissue sticking out of her right nostril.
So, I plan to stay inside today, and nurse this """whatever it is""".
But back to the weight.
Accountability, I have been putting off facing the truth of my weight gain and living in the past glory of my weight loss for too long.
If I do not make the necessary changes now, I am going to be too far gone to ever say I lost a very large amount of weight, the gap is closing in.
I start today.

I have to be honest with myself first, and I havent been wathcing what I eat. Not so much as I did before. I have been snacking more. It does me no good to buy lowfat, low cal snacks, like the weight watchers 2 point red velvet cakes, when I end up eating 3 at one time.
That is accountability.
I have been eating junk. I still only drink water, skim milk and coffee, but what good does it to to drink coffee when I add two spoonfuls of sweet creamer!!!
All these little things are adding up.
To more calories, more sugar, more carbs, more fat, and more pounds.
I did set a weight goal and a deadline. Just to revamp my plan and get back on track.
Nothing long term, and no great expectations. As some of you may know, my son is coming up on having 3 years clean thru the NA program, he is very active in NA and thru him I have done alot of reading about it. They follow the creed, JUST FOR TODAY. now while I have set some goals, to lose some weight, I cannot do anything more than get thru each day, one day at a time, that is what I am going to do, each day, one day, til it adds up.
Just a simple 2 lb a week til I lose 16 pounds.
And I do not sit here with a big dumb grin on my face thinking I have it all figured out and I will actually lose 16 pounds in 2 months.
But I do sit here with a satisified look and a feeling inside that I know that while I might not make that particular goal, I will make it, eventually.
I am saying this, putting it in writing, holding myself accountable for my most recent down turn and its all on me.
Now its time to get back into the right frame of mind, and meet those overall goals.
Weight loss, good mental, physical and emotional health.
I start today.

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HELLOADDISON 3/6/2014 5:04PM

    Good for you for noticing this and deciding to take charge of it! emoticon emoticon

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LAURANCE 3/6/2014 4:35PM

  Thank you, thank you for lighting a fire under my butt and reminding me that I've been letting things slide for a while now. Time to get back on track!
emoticon emoticon

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ARCHIMEDESII 3/6/2014 2:43PM


It's never too late or too early to make a change for the better.

How are you feeling ? I hope you feel better than I sound right now. My sinuses are draining so I sound like a goose whenever I blow my nose. Hope this doesn't go for lunch longer. I know you said you're on day three of your cold yesterday.

It seems like a lot of people have this bug. ugh....

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vaporub with a side of steam

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Snuffy 1 and Snuffy 2.
That is what I was calling myself and my sons g/f's little girl today.
I had to give her mom a ride to the doctor and she and I spent the day doing some errands, went to get breakfast, etc.
But mostly, we sat in the car waiting on her mom, and sniffing, snuffing, snorting and snotting!!!
And a little coughing on the side.
I didnt feel that bad this morning. I think it was being in the car with the heat on high dried me out and made me feel much worse.
When I left to go pick them up, I did not think I would be going anywhere.
The snow on my window, turned out to be packed down hard as a brick, icy and frozen to my car windows.
Even with scraping, it took a very long time to get it thawed out.
So, after I came home, I felt just how bad I felt.
I couldnt breath thru my nose.
I have no vaporizer.....because I loaned it to them for the little sick child.
So, I fashioned one out of a facial steamer.
Can only use it for a few minutes at a time, but it works for that long.
I despise taking Nyquil and those types of medications, as they only seem to make me drunk and jittery.
I do not sleep on Nyquil.
I twitch, I toss, I turn, I jump and I jerk all thru the night.
So, I have been taking prescription mucinex and Alka Seltzer for colds.
If I could just open my nostrils up, I think I would feel better.
No real body aches, and the sore throat is gone.
So for the moment, its just my breathing.
Not much to report on diet and exercise today. I spent the biggest part of the day in the car waiting.
And came home and had a burger for supper with some mushrooms and milk.
Eating isnt easy when you cant breathe thru your nose.


to go back to get ahead

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Does anyone ever really realize just how much we struggle? I do. Every single morning of my life, when I wake up, and go to the kitchen for my morning coffee, or orange juice, or even water. I am aware of the fact that I have gained weight. I look at my kitchen and I remember the foods I ate the day before and I tell myself, today will be better.
I recall the whole year of 2012 when I was in losing mode, losing 70 lbs from May to January.
Then it stopped.
Then I gained.
I used the excuse of a broken foot for awhile, because I couldnt walk, of course I had my recumbant bike, which I loved at one time, and then grew to hate.
Which I sold.
I have the weather as my excuse right now.
We suffered thru yet another blast of cold, rain, sleet turned to ice, it poured ice from the sky for hours.
It was the oddest thing to watch, it was like rain, only heavier and slower, I watched from my front porch for about 15 minutes til it got too cold.
Then the snow came on top of that.
We must have gotten 5 inches on top of the ice and the county called the roads to be shut for emergencies only.
Didnt stop people from getting on them.
I stayed inside.
I have been sick again.
My immune system must be weaker or I am just feeling the effects of too much heat and dry air.
Whenever I get sick it begins as a sore throat and within 2 days develops into a full blown head cold.
So far its just my throat.
I am on day 3 of the worst sore throat I have felt in years.
I cant take Nyquil or any of those tussins or anything like that, as it makes me jerk and jittery.
People say take Nyquil you will sleep. No, not me. I have just been taking alka seltzer for colds and drinking hot tea.
I hope it passes soon.
I have walked when the sun is out and produces some heat.
But have decided to start some at home workouts to get my butt back in gear.
As for the kitchen and the memories of the food I ate the day before, that is for me a never ending battle.
As each and every single day of my life, I start out good, eating healthy thru the early hours and by late evening I have eaten over my calories and usually end up having some sweet snack, ice cream the last few days, to help soothe the sore throat dont ya know!!!
I really need to get back into that mind frame I was in during 2012.
I never snacked, I ate high protein, yogurt, turkey, cottage cheese, eggs, beans.
I never ate carbs or breads, except a wheat sub from subway about once a week.
I know how.
I know what.
I just need to figure out when.

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TINY67 3/11/2014 11:18AM

    emoticon emoticon

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