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i wish my back didnt hurt.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Walking Dead, yeahhhahahahahahaaaa!!!
Cant get any better than this!!!
And I got me some coffee, my mom had an extra coffee maker, one that incidentally, I had given her for Christmas a few years back, so she gave it to me.
I am excited, despite the fact I go back to the doctor Wednesday and I know the scale isnt going to show in my favor.
I honestly dont think I have gained, at least on my scale I havent.
But I am pretty much right where I was when I seen her in December.
No fun!!!
I counted the number of days I walked in January, for a grand total of 4!!!
I really need to stop making excuses and stop letting the cold windy damp dark dreary days keep me from walking.
And theres always other workouts.
My friend wants me to go to Zumba with her. I want to, but theres the factor of me, being the fattest one there, out of breath, huffing and puffing and passing out within the first 5 minutes.
And, then theres the clothes issue, well not so much JUST clothes, but pain and not being supported. namely, I am having bra issues again.
I know Zumba would be great for me, to help me get in shape, but my back hurts, its a double edged sword of sorts. Go go exercise class to lose weight and help ease pain, but, you are in so much pain from your weight and non-supportive bra, that exercise is the last thing you feel like doing.
The Enell sports bras I have been wearing for the last 6 or 8 years, and ONLY bra I will ever wear, dont seem to be as supportive during workouts now.
I just dont know where to turn, I have ordered bras people have told me about, to no success for me.
I am going to discuss the surgery issue with my doctor again and ask for some PT and maybe a referral for a chiropractor.
To get the ball rolling.
But insurance issues, and I need to lose more weight, my BMI is still above their requirements for surgery, I know these issues will prevent me from being approved.
But I have to try, I cant stand the back pain anymore.
My mom calls and asked if I have spoken to my sister or neice, she has it in her mind they are at the hospital having the baby and she wasnt told.
I dont really think that is the case and I surely hope it isnt, because I would be hard pressed to choose between attending the birth and staying home to watch the Walking Dead, lol.

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SEDDLEMAN823 2/10/2014 10:41PM

    I walk in place front of the TV and dance around during the commercials lol. When I am waiting on something in the kitchen while I am cooking, I walk in place then also. This is the only exercise I do and it adds up :)

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SWEETTOOTH10 2/10/2014 9:27AM

    I wish you the best in getting your insurance and back issues Straightened out. It's GOT to be frustrating for you! I DON'T like going out in the cold either to exercise, either But I realized thanks to my pedometer, I REALLY don't get in as 1/2 as many steps as I thought I WAS... So I THINK it's bundle up time, to get a quick walk in before work.(Even if it's just around the block )I 've been dancing around a bit today, and I'm going to run up and down the stairs a few more times to up my steps. We have a step up to the challenge at work that starts today, maybe this is the boot in the butt I NEED to get me started again... Sorry for the ramble, keep the positive attitude ,and keep on pushing to get the help u need!:)

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GUNNSGIRL91303 2/9/2014 3:59PM

    Why not start small and walk during The Walking Dead? I exercise in front of the tube often. It really makes a difference!

I also suffer back pain so I know how hard it can be. Hang in there! emoticon

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the saga of the broken coffee maker!!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

I got up Thursday morning, did my morning routine, got dressed, groomed, got the dog fed and walked, and sat down to Facebook, while awaiting my pot of coffee to brew.
Friday, repeat. Only, something was differerent, I kept waiting for the beeeeep beeeep beeeep of the coffee maker.
It never came, So, I went to the kitchen to check and all the water from my coffee maker had leaked out of the bottom and the back and was all over the counter-top.
I unplugged and sat it in the sink and began the task of cleaning up water, which seemed to be EVERYWHERE.
What had befallen my beloved coffee maker???
I have had it, oh, maybe 4 years or so.
It has never failed me.
But alas, coffeemaker, gone astray!!!
Then my plan was to go to the store and purchase a new one. But, I was offered a job recently, part time, trial basis type deal, and the lady just happened to call wanting me to work.
Which by the time I was done working, ON NOOOO COFFEE, I was way too tired to go shopping and too grungy.
So, today I guess I will go to the local dollar store and buy an el cheapie cheapo.
I had a fall back coffee maker, but honey saw fit to give it to his brother.
Why oh why.
So, day two, no coffee.
I am going to go for a cup or two today, maybe three.
I have been having some tasty orange juice.
I tried to make myself a cup using the old timey method of straining, but it didnt work too well, and ended up with grounds in my coffee and that is a pet peeve of mine, that and HAVING NOOO COOFEEEEEFFFEEEE!!!!
Help me!!!

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CAROLMAID 2/12/2014 3:51PM

    No COFFEE!!!!!!!!!! now that's a dilemma! BIG dilemma! Run, run (if you can without coffee darn it), and buy the el cheapo model. They work better and last way longer. I found this out while having a very similar NO Coffee morning! LOL twas not pretty! emoticon

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TINY67 2/12/2014 8:15AM

    emoticon emoticon

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    Haha - oh dear! I hope your coffee problem gets fixed very soon!!

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    OHHH NOOOO what a dilemma! Here, let me help! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CINDYAST 2/8/2014 12:38PM

    Oh my! I'm sitting here laughing because I can relate! NEED my a.m. coffee! You can make coffee in a sauce pan, after if boils and brews, turn off the heat, let it sit, the grounds will settle to the bottom, pour CAREFULLY and you'll be ground free. We've even made it in an old metal coffee can when camping, can be done, but a coffee maker is sooooo much easier! Good luck on finding you next cup 'o joe!

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AUNTRENEE 2/8/2014 11:46AM

    I hate those days of a broken coffee makers. A cat that I had broke one that my brother bought us and now we have one that I can't figure out how much grounds to put in. If I put in too less, too weak. Too much, too strong. It's a 4 cup type coffee maker that my dad's oldest brother gave us and it has to be a cheap on. So we get it when we get breakfast somewhere or at Target getting it.

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BOB5148 2/8/2014 11:41AM

  It was just one of those days.

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yes i went over and it might be good in the long run

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

So, today, I went over my calories, by around 300. Now, normally I would be angry with myself for this and I would be beating myself up.
Today, I checked my food tracker, and my vitamin d was still too low.
I had thought that my milk intake would be enough to put me up but it hadnt.
So, I had added some more milk, and calcium/vit.d fortified orange juice, and then I had a second cup of oj,
I had tuna yesterday, which is also supposed to be high in vitamin d.
But I am finding it very hard to reach my vitamin d level thru food.
I do take vitamin d3 daily, in a dose of 6,000iu.
And once a week I take a 50,000iu tablet.
I just find that I need to push and push the food intake in order to get it.
One of my main goals is to raise my vitamin d by the time I have labs done again in May. And I am sure not getting it from the sun.
So, today was one of those days when I just couldnt get there with food.
I dont feel too bad about it because everything I ate today was pretty much in line.
I will try harder tomorrow.
Who caught the biggest loser finale last night?
Is it just me, or is it just not that exciting anymore?
I feel like we are being duped.
I know that more time has to pass in order for these people to lose that much weight and whats up with the no saggy skin deal?
Yes, they wear tight fitted spandex under their tight spandex clothes.
But other than a little sagginess of the upper arms on a few, I have to wonder.
For me personally, one place I really noticed the weight loss first and foremost was my chin, and the saggy skin that began on my neck.
You seen none of that on the contestants.
I have said for some time that they are chosen based on body type, age and skin.
Oh well, conspiracy theories.
Its getting cold here again and no walking, I drove up to the track today and it began raining almost as soon as I pulled into the parking lot.
This seemed almost like it was timed, lol.
So, I will stay in and stay warm and eat no more tonight.

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SWEETTOOTH10 2/6/2014 8:06AM

    I Used watch Biggest Loser, but its been at least a couple years since I watched it all the way through. I never thought about the skin thing, but you're right... I went severely over my limits yesterday... and I don't know why.... today is another day... AND WILL be better, much better! I hope you get your Vit. D Figured out, I know that can cause really bad body aches/ pains. emoticon Wish you the best!

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CAPECODBABE 2/5/2014 7:56PM

    Sorry about your vitamin D problems. I walk (my dog) every day, through rain and sleet and snow, sort of like the mailman. I've never had a problem that I know of...

I don't watch Biggest Loser (Jillian's screaming at the contestants years ago turned my off) but I saw the winner and controversy that she lost too much weight. I wondered the same thing about her skin. She looks great.

Have a great night!

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NAESREALITY 2/5/2014 6:33PM

    emoticon I will be glad when it warms up too!

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the rambling feb 4 blog

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My dad had to undergo outpatient surgery today to replace his pacemaker.
He is resting at the hospital and doing well so far. Will be released to come home as soon as hes cleared.
A few days ago, I once again decided to reduce my friends list on Facebook.
I had 353 friends, and of course, who really has that many friends?
So, I reduced down to 289.
I have one REAL LIFE friend who did the radical and just deleted everyone on his list but a few relatives and a few real life friends.
He went from over 300 to 40.
I have decided to do the same here at SP, again, I have done this before.
So, its nothing personal, its just, if I have added someone spur of the moment, and then never see their blogs or have a team in common, or ever talk to them.
Just to keep my page from getting too full.
I have eaten healthy, so far, today and am hoping to keep up today.
I am going walking a little later, but have decided to forgo driving to the track and just walk up my road and back.
This will be about a 30 minute walk, and I probably wont be able to wear my earbuds and listen to music, due to traffic.
But I am going to give it a try, I used to walk around here alot, but the track got me addicted and I just dont know how I feel about trying to walk on this small one lane road where I have to watch for traffic.
And probably have people stopping to say hello.
I just like to WALK.
So, anyway, that is the rambling for the day.
The pic on my background, someone asked about, is from the balcony of my hotel room last July at Myrtle Beach, SC.
Have been discussing with my son the possiblity of going back again this summer.
I hope we can afford it and can arrange everyone to be off work at the same time and be able to take the little girl, his girlfriends daugher, with us.
Dont forget to exercise, eat healthy, get sleep and take care of yourself. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CATLADY52 2/4/2014 5:44PM

    emoticon on eating healthy today. I hope your summer plans go well with everyone. emoticon

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    Hope dad feels better and heals up well. What an ordeal to go through!

emoticon on eating healthy today. I've been sticking to my eating less plan and the weight is starting to drop off me. I'm looking forward to feeling better so I can enjoy the summer.

Your summer plans sound like a ton of fun! Little ones really make the day more adventurous and enjoyable, that is for sure!

You brighten up my day! emoticon emoticon

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this weekend, w/pics of my happy place!!

Monday, February 03, 2014

Saturday was the baby shower. All the planning, printing off of games, prepping and shopping and it lasted about 2 hours, and didnt have a big turnout.
Maybe 16 in all.
Which sorta upset me, because I have gone to enough showers for friends kids and bridal showers for friends kids and have gotten invites where I have gone out and bought gifts.
At what point do you just stop????
I am currently invited to 2 bridal showers, followed of course by the weddings, and a product party.
I have no intention of attending or buying gifts for any of these, I know it sounds childish, but all of these people were invited to the baby shower and not only did they not show, they didnt even drop off a gift.
Maybe they are feeling the same way as me, when is enough with buying gifts for other peoples babies, weddings, etc?
But there are a few who know they got a gift from me and didnt bother to reciprocate, its a shame people will do you dirty.
Rant over.
No Super Bowl party for me, I flipped back and forth and didnt even catch any of the commercials, I watched the Walking Dead marathon, I am a Peyton Manning fan, but not so much the Broncos, I had wanted him to go to Tennessee.
So, while I was hoping to see a better showing by the Broncos, I wasnt really bummed out by it.
Saturday after the baby shower, I went walking, yes, it was so warm and the sun was out.
I took a hoodie, but didnt even need it, it felt so so good with the sun on my arms and face.
I hadnt walked in weeks and so I was hoping to push it to 30 minutes, but the weather was so nice, I was so inspired by the kids playing basketball and riding bikes in the park, that I ended up walking a full hour.
Now, today, I woke to find my car and yard covered in ice.
It rained all night here and I have no plans to go out in this today.
I really cannot wait til the next pretty warm day.
And, back to the shower, after it was over, whatever food was left, I sent home with my son and his girlfriend, for their Super Bowl gathering, cupcakes and cookies and summer sausages and gerkins, etc.
I didnt eat a piece of cake or a cupcake.
I did pretty well thru it all.
Spring cant get here soon enough for me and my feet!!!

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GUNNSGIRL91303 2/9/2014 4:02PM

    The no-shows missed out on a good time!

emoticon job on the walk!

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CAPECODBABE 2/3/2014 1:42PM

    Where's the snow in your pictures? We're getting a few inches today after 50s yesterday. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING!!!

Sorry your shower was a let down. Be the better person and let the people know you won't be attending their showers/weddings (no explanation needed) so they know how much food, etc. to buy.

Hope we all see spring soon

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CAROL_31649731 2/3/2014 1:35PM

    I'm hoping Spring weather will come along soon, too. I think that the groundhog seeing his shadow meaning 6 more weeks of winter is just a myth anyway. So here's to some warm sunshine! emoticon

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