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is this really the end of summer

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

so my last blog was super duper long and very much open and raw, it was me just telling how the last year has really been for me, and believe me i left alot out.
and i do thank friends who commented and some even sent me private messages or comments and i am thankful as well.
2013 will forever be remembered by me as one of the worst years of my life, the year i struggled with a broken foot and a broken heart and a broken pattern.
but im getting it back.
today was weigh in day and no harm no foul
which bugs me to no end, because ive been walking and ive been counting calories.
i know i really do need to do more and hopefully, gradually i can start adding it back.
cold days are coming, i awoke this morning almost feeling like it was turn on the furnace weather.
that for me just means less days walking due to the dampness on the ground, i have an overwhelming fear of falling and with my still healing foot, i fear taking chances.
so i will buckle down and do what i can inside.
if i ever for an hour a day had my house to myself, it would probably help.
i have no retreat.
soon, i hope.
so with the colder days, comes hoodies, and thick socks and the electric blanket and i am determined this year, NO COMFORT FOODS like hot thick brothy soups and breads.
i am back to my protein and sticking with it, and i am determined to see some numbers dropping on the scale.

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BRENDA_G50 9/4/2013 11:03AM

    emoticon emoticonand remember this: YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! emoticon

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LINDAM.1 9/3/2013 4:26PM

  I know it is a tired old fraise but, chin up. emoticon

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JUST_BRENDA 9/3/2013 11:05AM

    That's the spirit, keeping fighting for the changes youo want! I admire how you don't give up, especially having such a difficult time. We all take our functioning limbs for granted but a broken foot would be quite a challenge, especially if it's slow to heal.

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PATTYKLAVER 9/3/2013 10:33AM

    I have a fear of falling outside in the cold because I broke my back 4 times. I live in Detroit and the terrible, long winter is coming. I bought some Leslie Sansone walking DVDs and I love them.

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IAMBIZI 9/3/2013 10:16AM

    scrambled eggs hot chicken broth any thing warmed even diet cranberry juice warmed is a comfort to me. It will be hot here for a while so doesn't feel like fall yet.

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CAPECODBABE 9/3/2013 9:55AM

    I'm not ready for the winter yet...

I walk everyday (365) because of my dog. I got myself some good clothes and boots and no excuses. I do worry sometime about slipping on ice, etc.

You sound like you have a good attitude. Let's make this fall count! (my weight loss has been stalled as well) emoticon emoticon

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    Sometimes you just need to vent. No need to apologize or explain.

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow!

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Sept, the new year!!!the long year in review and goals for sept blog, please read.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

""""Of all the things I still remember
Summer's never looked the same
The years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain
In the middle of September we'd still play out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how things could've been
It was worth it in the end
Now it all seems so clear, there's nothing left to fear
So we made our way by finding what was real
Now the days are so long that summer's moving on
We reach for something that's already gone"""

September begins anew, a new year for me. September holds many memories for me and birth, my parents anniversary, the anniversary of my brothers death. a friend I made and lost. September is my NEW YEARS DAY!!!

I have been planning for some time to do a year in review blog. So today is as good as anytime.
The last year.
Hmmm, well, let me go back to the beginning, Now I have been using SP for around 4 to 5 years now.
But it was last May when I really got serious about "this thang". Having planned to have LB surgery, I had gone to see my surgeon and she wanted me to do the gastric surgery instead. I disagreed with her that it would be better for me.
She suggested I go try to lose as much weight on my own first in order to get my weight down some first. I lost 25 pounds between May and Sept.
How I did so I cannot recall, as this was before I got serious about walking.
In June of 2012 as I have blogged about, my best friend shot and killed a man who had come to his house trying to get inside, etc. You might find more about that if intereted in my blogs from that time.
So, after this, I seen how fragile life is.
I buckled down and got serious, On July 4th, I stopped drinking pop. I went back to the surgeon one final time In August and she still insisted lap band wasnt the right option for me, and so I bid her farewell and set out to prove her wrong and prove to myself I did have the ability to lose weight on my own.

I started walking everyday I could and at first I was lucky to go 20 minutes but I turned it into an hour and sometimes two.
I began losing weight at the fastest rate I had ever lost and between July and Sept I had lost 40 pounds.
Sept on thru Jan was the best time of my life, well, weight loss wise.
I had a very active social life and struggled with drinking alcohol and still walking and sticking to my weight loss plan.
I wasnt a raging alcoholic by any means, but I was going out to bars with my friends alot and found myself having to factor in those calories not to mention sodium, etc.
But I kept on.
I walked as much as possible, usually 2 times a day, no less than 5 days a week and was eating more protein and veggies and really feeling good health in my body for the first time in years.
I began to lose more weight, and lost a total of 71 lbs overall.

Now, around November me and Honey began having relationship issues.
There is alot that went on there that I will not go into. But we just had come to a crossroads, or at least I had and made the decision to leave the relationship.
However, financailly things werent up to par and I ended up staying and over the months we have tried to tough it out.
I am still undecided on this issue and dont really feel like going to deeply into the details just yet.
But around this time I had met and thought I had made one of the best friends I would ever have.
We were fast friends and I was glad to have met them and known them for the short period of time they were in my life.
Then abruptly, after Christmas, I got a message saying they no longer felt they could be my friend and just thought it best if we didnt hang out anymore.
I was dumbfounded and so, to deal with this I poured myself even more intensely into my walking. To this day I havent put that behind me, what did I do wrong, what was the problem, had someone told them something about me that made them want to not be around me, did they really find me a bother???? i still dont know because I havent spoken to them since January and I have no idea. This has been an albatross to me for months and despite knowing in my heart this was about them, it still bothers me.

I used walking as a way to get out frustrations, anger, sadness, emptiness, whatever it was I had to work thru, I did it on the walking track.
And despite feeling the first twangs of depression, I continued to eat right and lose weight.
By Jan 8th I was dealing with this loss and dealing with my other issues, and I was walking, losing and looking forward to a healthy life.
But as I have blogged, On Jan 8th, I broke my foot.
Was at the walking track, had walked about 40 minutes and it just cracked.
Not too much pain, but just couldnt walk on it. To the doc I went, and found out it was a stress fracture.
Seen an orthopaedic surgeon and he said, it was a clean break and didnt require surgery, they gave me a boot and sent me on my way.
However, it was due to this I also discovered I had very low vitamin d.
The doc said this will make healing slower and he put me on a very high dose, I was in a deep depression by now, the sun was never out, it was cold and dark all the time and relationship issues once again had gotten worse.
they had me start wearing a bone growth stimulator to help speed up the healing process and it did work. Still it was slow going.
I felt like I was living in a constant state of limbo.
And the doc was right. healing was super slow. Over 5 months I went for xrays only to be told my foot just wasnt healing and surgery wasnt really an option due to how the bone was broken.
A pin wouldnt have really helped.
So, I was left to wait it out. No walking.
I sunk deeper into depression. And all my friends ran for the door.
No one wanted to hang out with me and hear about my foot and my sorry life.
I had no one, no friends.
So, unable to walk, I tried to find other things, lifting weights, riding my bike, but even that the doctor warned was putting too much weight and pressure on my foot.
Chair exercises held no interest for me, my mind was all over the place. Reading, I used to sit and read for hours, now I cant concentrate on a book for more than 10 minutes at a time.
I feel like climbing the walls.

Around May I decided screw it, I am gonna walk anyway. So I started out slowly, about 20 minutes about 2 times a week.
You know, like most junkies, I thought I just need a little to get me thru.
But I couldnt stop. By June when I seen the doc the last time, I was walking up to 45 minutes.
I was wearing the bgs to bed at night and taking high doses of vitamin d. and thought that had to be helping.
Go ahead and walk if you arent in pain, is what the doc told me at my last visit.
And so I did.
But something had been lost along the way.
All the days of sitting around depressed I allowed those old cravings to creep back in, I wasnt drinking pop, and I was still counting and tracking and sparking,
But I gained, I gained back about 12 pounds in total.
And the scale has been stuck for months.
I havent gained since about June, but havent lost either.
I am right back in that state of limbo. Going no where and going there fast.
Honey works so many long hours, weekends I mostly spend alone.
Working didnt help, because I got a job as a caregiver and I am still inside a home with access to food.
Not junk food, but alot of carbs, poptarts have become my go to comfort now.
I still try to spark and watch my levels, stick to low sodium and get as much protein as I can.
But I rarely work out at all and am not walking like I should be.
2 days a week at best.
Depression is taking over my life and I have no friends to talk to now, except all of you here, SP friends have been a God send to me.
Even those who tell me to wise up and stop being a pain in the butt.
I havent lost sight of my goals but I just need a push or a slap or a hand up or something to get back to where I was this time last year.
Last September was one of the best months of my entire life.
I was losing more weight than I had in my life, my friend was out of jail, we were hanging out alot, the other friend I had made was a constant in my life, daily chats and hanging out and I was feeling more self confidence than I had in my life and it exuded from me.
People were drawn to me.
I was always being invited to hang out, go places, people wanted me in their life.
Now, I cant find a real friend to spend more than 2 mintues of my life with to save my life.

So, Today being the first day of Sept, I set out to change that.
I am setting some goals for myself this month.
1. No more snacking on junk food. including poptarts
2. Back to my tracking daily of my calories and protein, etc.
3. Walking, no less than 4 days a week, 1 hour a day. More if possible.
4. Blood work to check my iron, vitamin d and other levels.
5. getting back to counseling and talking to my doctor about changing my anti-depressant.
6. This is my most lofty goal of all---to walk a 5k walk for Paint it Pink for breast cancer on Sept 21st. the 16 year anniversary of the death of my brother.
7. read more and spend less time online.
8. Find things to do outside of the house when I have no one to do it with, just go and get involved in activiites, maybe I will make a new friend.
9. lift weights, ride my bike and do other in home workouts as often as possible, at least one of these daily.
10. Lose 10 lbs by my birthday, the last day of Sept.
Now that one is lofty as well, but, I had set the goal to lose 20 lbs back in July and it isnt going to happen. So, I will actually at this point be happy with a 5 lb loss.
And finally, find myself again. Stop depending on others to be there for me because they have proven they will not be.
Find what works for me once again. And finally buckle down and make a decision about my future with relationship and try to see the bigger picture.
And continue to spark and thank Sp friends for always being there to read my long boring blogs and offer kind words and encouragement.

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IAMBIZI 9/1/2013 9:47PM

    I am sorry that you broke your foot and that it is taking so long to heal. ARe you taking magnesium with calcium? I still take 5,000 of vit d3 due to a low level when I had it checked. your number should be around 50.
I wish you much luck in your journey. HOpe you can see your therapist to help you work thru your issues. maybe couples counseling would help?

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MOMMA48 9/1/2013 9:30PM

    emoticon What a super heartfelt blog, hun! You've had your ups and downs, but you're standing straight and tall--and that's what is so important. Keep emoticon and go for those goals, hun! You can do it and I thank you for sharing a super blog that really adds the motivation for us all to keep going toward our goals and wishes!

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CAPECODBABE 9/1/2013 6:49PM

    I'm sorry things have been such a bummer lately,

But you have the right idea using Sept 1 as emoticon

Don't try and do everything all at once,

but keep pushing.

I'd love to read a happy blog from you!

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BARBANNA 9/1/2013 4:15PM

    Glad you are recharged and ready for action! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HWNHMMBRD 9/1/2013 4:04PM

    emoticon Sorry that you have so many difficult challenges. emoticon for those goals, it sound like you have a plan.

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BRENDA_G50 9/1/2013 1:46PM

    You can add me as one of your Spark Friends if you would like too. I found your blog very interesting as I could relate to a lot of what was going on. Whereas you like to walk by yourself, I don't really like to (not in this area at least). I was REAL interested in a walking group where I live. I found it on one of the SP groups that I belong to. I don't know if they decided to do it or cancel it (I haven't heard anything more about it). So, here I am back at square one.

On the brighter side, we both need to emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Sorry to hear things have been so difficult. Sounds like you have a plan in place to get you where you want to be, and that's half the battle!

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RAYCOMAR 9/1/2013 12:34PM

    Looks like you have your act together. Wishing you continued success into the "New Year" Keep up the great work!

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OBX-CC 9/1/2013 11:49AM


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NEPTUNE1939 9/1/2013 11:48AM

    Great goals, keep walking. For myself strength works well for me. Muscle supports our efforts while excess fat destroys our body and too often our will to get rid of it. I just declare WAR on FAT and the foods that aide the enemy.

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and the day just got better

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trying to be positive. But its been a negative minus a negative day.
Went to run some errands, thinking I might go on to the festival, hot hot day, sun beaming down.
I stop for gas and decide to ride around the ballpark where I walk, just maybe out of habit, when across the sky comes some of the blackest clouds..rain, wind, lightening.
I sat in my car to wait it out and it passed pretty quickly, but driving back out the same road I drove in on, there were downed tree limbs, still falling branches.
I just drove home in defeat.
And I cleaned out the refridgerator, hoping to go grocery shopping tonight, no such luck.
Honey was too tired after working all day.
Story of my life.
The day has just been depressing and lonely and tomorrow will be as well.
I accept it.
I havent overdone it as for eating today, but the choices once again were not the best, peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and dinner.
That is all I have had today, and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.
No fruits, no veggies and no walking.
I am sick of being depressed and making horrible food choices.
I am just tired.

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NYARAMULA 9/1/2013 12:43PM


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CAPECODBABE 8/31/2013 10:10PM

    Tomorrow is a new month, a fresh start!

Hopefully you will be able to look on the bright side of things!

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GYPSYROVER 8/31/2013 8:44PM

    emoticon I am so sorry your day was not what you had hoped for! It made me sad to read your words because I have felt the same and recognized the feelings! Don't be lonely - even if you are just chatting on this site to some of us, it is better than feeling sad alone! Please let me know if you need an ear! emoticon


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the same old blog

Friday, August 30, 2013

Today begins a new experiment for me. I wont go into detail about it right now, but I will post my findings later on.
I will just say it involves matters concerning self truths and finding out if my hunches are right.
Today was another bad food day for me.
I start out good, but the evening wears on and I find myself snacking and making unhealthy choices.
As stated in my last blog, I need so badly to cut out these terrible habits and get myself lined out.
I havent gotten on the scale in about a week, and I dont want to.
At last weigh in I was still holding steady, no gain, but this week I am almost expecting a gain.
If there is no gain it will be a mystery to me.
Well no need in dwelling on what went wrong today, and focus on how to make better choices from this point on.
I send out best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and safe weekend.
It is the saddest time for me, the weekend.
I anticipate another lonely one and have made no plans to do anything, despite the area having many events going on.
Thats just become another bad habit, sitting home alone feeling sorry for myself.
There is always walking.

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FRENCHSEAMS 8/31/2013 10:12AM

    It is not to go late to decide to go to one of the many events you know......


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JUST_BRENDA 8/31/2013 7:31AM

    Just because you "blew it" one day doesn't mean that you can't start the next. Pick yourself up and move on. You are a resilient woman! You only lose if you quit, and you won't quit!

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JANDLP 8/30/2013 9:22PM

    Tomorrow is a brand new day! Start it off on a positive note......go for a long walk.....take in the scenery......the fresh'll do you some good.

Try to put things into perspective.......think of how your life should be......and what you want the most......set the goal.....this is your life!

You can do it......just stay positive......


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the bluest day, which day was that?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I am in a rather blue mood, again. So, I hope this blog isnt riddled with sadness or depressing.
Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me. It is this time of year.
A year ago, I was riding high, losing weight like a boss, hanging out with friends every weekend, and had met one of the coolest friends I will ever know.
A year later, yesterday I seen that friend, passed by my house, was driving pretty slow.
I sat on my front porch and watched as they drove by and wondered what was on their mind?
Did they also remember it was this time last year we met and became fast friends, hung out, walked together? Talked and chatted for hours and hours??
And then.....At Christmas it all changed, no returned calls, no returned texts, no returned messages.
No hanging out.
Just one day I am told "I can no longer be your friend and please just dont contact me".
And so, i never did and never did learn what I had done or what wrong had occurred or if it was just them.
But honestly that wasnt even what had me feeling blue yesterday at all, that occurred much later in the afternoon.
I was already in a funk.
See, I am what is known as the "class clown"...or the funny girl, the one who sends out quirky texts and posts amusing memes on her Facebook and the walls of friends.
I woke up yesterday realizing, its Saturday, its in the 80's and its beautiful late summer day.
And I couldnt have bought a friend with a winning lottery ticket.
All my friends, and the so called ones as well, were off doing other things with other people.
As is always the case.
Bristol for the races.
I understand they have lives and I wasnt even angry at them about going out and enjoying themselves.
I just feel like Im tired of being the Monday thru Friday friend and on weekends spending all my time alone.
Honey had to work, as usual, and even if he hadnt, we would not have gone anywhere.
We do not go out and have fun. He has no concept of how to have fun or unwind or relax.
We would have done exactly what I did alone, sat, in the same room, watching tv, alone.
This is the case.
I decided to go for a drive and thought about a walk, but even though I was all alone and no one to hang out with and nothing to do, I didnt walk, because...."i spent an hour straightening my hair and didnt want to mess it up"!!!
What an idiotic excuse.
Had I walked I probably would have released and let go of some of the resentment and anger and confusion and whatever else it was that was eating my insides out yesterday.
Maybe I will get that walk in today.
At Lowes and Walmart most likely.
I really really really need a life. I really need a job. That was my goal and here I am still not working.
This so called job, sitting with the elderly lady. It is no job. For the first 3 weeks, I was working 4 days a week, and in the last 4 weeks, I have worked 3 times.
I thought about going back to school, but honestly, I cannot concentrate on anything long enough to stick with it.
Reading books, I used to be happy to sit and read for hours and hours, now I start the first chapter and I lose interest immediately.
Even reading every part of the newspaper is trying for me.
I really need to take a break from social networking, sorry SP. But I do.
I did finally however connect with my friend S....he has it really hard right now too.
He is out on bond, ok, for those who dont know that story, all I can suggest is read some of my blogs from around june of last year or may to june of this year.
His dad is bad off in the hospital, was just taken off of the ventilator a few days ago and is just now beginning to be able to walk around.
But even with all that going on, his neice told him I had called looking for him earlier and he called me, driving on his way to the hospital to see his dad, and we talked about 20 minutes.
My mood lifted a little and I felt like there is at least one person out there who does want me in their life and want me to be in good health.
I have to learn that these so called friends arent really friends afterall, I mean, I am ok for a lunch once or twice a month, for 35 minutes, then its FB or the occasional text.
I am going to make a goal right now.
1. Spend less time on social media.
2. walk more
3. dont count on anyone else to provide me with entertainment or activities
4. read more
5. find a part time, hopefully NIGHT TIME job where I will stay busy
6. spend more time on my mental/emotional health, ie. get back into counseling
And, put the past behind me. I know that is impossible to do, I know we all say we will or can but it is impossible.
It is just not feasible that we can just forget, people or places or conversations or feelings.
I have had friends come and go from my life many times over the last 30 plus years.
Why is this one so different? I think, because there was no reasoning, there was one day, talking, hanging out everything is cool.
And the next, just flatline..................................
But as you can see, I am dealing with it quite well, lol, Its been 8 months since I have physically spoken to this person and yet, I cannot set fire to this and end it and just stop feeling like there is more to it than meets the eye.
But I am going to try, I really am.
I am going to be doing a year in review blog soon, yes I know it is August, but, I want to do a year in review because it was around a year ago I was really at the height of my weight loss and I want to take a look back at how much has changed or stayed the same.
While its early in the day, I am starting this day out in a blue mood as well, maybe its just the coming on of Autumn, maybe its the Nyquil I am still having to take to sleep thru this coughing.
Maybe its age, I will be turning 46 next month and I am depressed as hell over it!!!!
Or maybe I need more fiber in my diet.
Hoping to get out of the house some today and see the sunlight and try to find some happiness.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    I can relate with you on a lot of this.

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JUST_BRENDA 8/25/2013 8:28PM

    I'm sorry to hear about your sadness. It sounds like you have some good ideas on how to combat it. You're right that social networking is not an adequate substitute for real friends. I know I have times when I'm down too, or lonely. I have lots of distractions right now with the kids, but I wonder how empty my life will be after they leave.
Hang in there, Val!

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PATTYKLAVER 8/25/2013 12:45PM

    Maybe the full moon this week brought our down moods on. I am feeling the same as you - not wanting to do things, knowing I must, knowing I need to socialize and really needing a good friend. I don't have a plan of attack - if you can find or come up with one, just send me a note. If you feel the need to talk to someone and get some feedback - I can do that!

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DOGMOMMA2THREE 8/25/2013 11:51AM

    Just remember "it's their problem"! I have struggled with this as well when friends and family walk away and I always wondered "what did I do now". Most likely, you didn't do a thing.

Are you on medication for your depression? I'm not an expert but it sounds like it isn't working, if you are. I've been where you are right now.



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SUZIPAM1 8/25/2013 9:21AM

    i want to be your friend emoticon im lonely too

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