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rain again, but so what

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

didnt do much of anything today, went down to the local pharmacy to see if they had any knee braces, they didnt.
looked online, but cant decide to order one or not..i mean if i do and in a few days my knee is better, i have a knee brace i cant use.
i have been cranky as all get out and eating like a fattening hog and cant seem to make myself understand that all the extra food is doing me no good, since i cannot exercise to burn it off.
i want to just understand why set backs like this occur when things are going good.


pain, pain go away

Sunday, June 06, 2010

i awoke around 7 this morning, with my leg killing me, they told me i had no broken bones, but it hurts as if i do, and they also said my acl wasnt torn...
that was all they could tell me without an mri, but, i plan on calling my doctor and the ortho who was on call friday night, first thing tomorrow morning and trying to get an mri set up...
they didnt give me anything for pain except an nsaid and its not helping...
luckily for me, i had darvocet already that my doc prescribed for my headaches...
its helping just a fraction...
i was so mean and hateful to bill this morning and i regret it, cuz hes been super good to help me...
i guess when u are in pain and theres no one else around, u take it out on those closest to you, even my little dog is keeping his distance from me...
they gave me a leg stabilizer, which for those who dont know, is just a big long brace that velcros onto your leg and keeps it from bending, but i cant wear it...
we have very narrow hallways here at home and its hard enuff getting from the living room to the bathroom, using crutches...
i am so angry at myself for not being more careful
my biggest fear is falling down in a public place, which i have done before, but had i known i was going to be hurting this bad, i would have taken the fall...
i think a wrist fracture wouldnt be this bad...
and i could have sued walmart and went to hawaii, just luck they would have video tape showing me tripping over my own two feet...
cant exercise, except for the bands, which i can use on my upper arms..
hope today speeds by and i can get my mri tomorrow and find out what is wrong.


will i ever walk again??

Saturday, June 05, 2010

i know those of you who do read my blogs, know i had talked about going to have my hair done, and yesterday i finally did, while in the chair, processing, my mom and sister, had already gotten finished and went next door to kmart.
the rains came, and hard, we had downpours, with lightening and thunder.
fortunately for me, by the time my hair was done, it had let up raining and we drove to walmart.
it started raining hard again before we could even get parked.
so we found a spot up close and parked and sat and waited out the rain, then once it let up we made a run for the door....big mistake.
i dont know if it was just that i was walking really fast trying to preserve my new do, or my new running sneakers which were supposed to stand up to weather conditions...or the deep water in the parking lot, or the slick loading zone by the front door of walmart, or a combo of all...but i felt my feet going in different directions, i felt myself beginning to slip and slide...luckily for me, i caught myself before i fell in the rain...but, as i was trying to regain my balance, i did something to my knee...
at first, it just felt like i had twisted it, and i went ahead in the store, but after about 15 minutes, i had to get off my leg, i was beginning to hurt and walking was becoming harder.
my sister had to drive us home and i was unable to get out and go into the grocery store....
i walked into the subway to get dinner to bring home and i was in pain by now...
so, bill being off work last night, ended up taking me to the er about 10 last night...toradol shots and xrays and 4 hours later, i was told i had no broken bones....but i do need an mri, i have to wear a brace and walk on crutches, which i just cant do, i am in pain and cant exercise and i am miserable...

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GENIEJENN 6/5/2010 11:12PM

    Hang in there. Just try to relax a little bit and take it easy. You'll be all healed up and walking again (maybe running) emoticon in no time. Take care of yourself in the meantime.

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the morning after....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

so here it is, the first morning, after my first night at home with my new cpap machine.
i put it on and laid down around 11:30 last night and i lay there listening to the hum, and trying to recall if i just breathed in or out and was all messed up.
so around 1230, i took it off, got online and vented...
then i went back put it back on, and finally i guess i fell asleep around 130 and slept until about 430, but not restful slumber, just hanging in there sleep.
i was very much aware of having this device clamped onto my face.
every little whiff of air that would come under the chin or around the eyes would wake me.
i will update on my progess or lack there of, but, i took it off around 430 and slept until 830 without it like i havent slept in days....


i am so, well, sleepy...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ok, who was the wise acre that came up with a sleep lab??? i would like to know, because, i for one, did very little sleeping.
i had to go for this study last night, and study, i say, i learned one thing, i didnt sleep well.
first they place all these pads all in your hair...with glue or sticky gel of some kind and run two down your gown or sleep shirt and down thru your pants...pjs, shorts, whatever u happen to be wearing....
then they hook u up to about 30 wires, more or less and tape one to the end of your finger.
then they tell u to do lots of tricks..i wanted to go on letterman and see if i could win on stupid human tricks.
blink, look this way then that way....
cough, snore, hold your breath, move your feet.
once all that is done, they tell u goodnight and happy sleeping.
how i did last night will determine if i have to go back tonight or not, and i am crossing my fingers that i do not....
but i bet i do.
i didnt sleep at all, well i dozed, then i woke up then i dozed then i woke up, turning over was a job in itself, trying not to pull loose the wires.
if i go back tonight i have to wear a cpap mask...that should be super loads of fun.

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MUFFINSKI 5/18/2010 11:34AM

    Wow, that sure does not sound like fun, but thank you for sharing the information. I always wondered what sort of things they did at those sleep studies. You see the colleges ask for voluteers quite often. Now I know not to go!
Hope it helps in your case!

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PARKERB2 5/18/2010 9:34AM

    It should be worth all the trouble if the doctors can figure out why your not sleeping and if you need help to get a good nights sleep. So hang in there. emoticon

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