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the morning after....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

so here it is, the first morning, after my first night at home with my new cpap machine.
i put it on and laid down around 11:30 last night and i lay there listening to the hum, and trying to recall if i just breathed in or out and was all messed up.
so around 1230, i took it off, got online and vented...
then i went back put it back on, and finally i guess i fell asleep around 130 and slept until about 430, but not restful slumber, just hanging in there sleep.
i was very much aware of having this device clamped onto my face.
every little whiff of air that would come under the chin or around the eyes would wake me.
i will update on my progess or lack there of, but, i took it off around 430 and slept until 830 without it like i havent slept in days....


i am so, well, sleepy...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ok, who was the wise acre that came up with a sleep lab??? i would like to know, because, i for one, did very little sleeping.
i had to go for this study last night, and study, i say, i learned one thing, i didnt sleep well.
first they place all these pads all in your hair...with glue or sticky gel of some kind and run two down your gown or sleep shirt and down thru your pants...pjs, shorts, whatever u happen to be wearing....
then they hook u up to about 30 wires, more or less and tape one to the end of your finger.
then they tell u to do lots of tricks..i wanted to go on letterman and see if i could win on stupid human tricks.
blink, look this way then that way....
cough, snore, hold your breath, move your feet.
once all that is done, they tell u goodnight and happy sleeping.
how i did last night will determine if i have to go back tonight or not, and i am crossing my fingers that i do not....
but i bet i do.
i didnt sleep at all, well i dozed, then i woke up then i dozed then i woke up, turning over was a job in itself, trying not to pull loose the wires.
if i go back tonight i have to wear a cpap mask...that should be super loads of fun.

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MUFFINSKI 5/18/2010 11:34AM

    Wow, that sure does not sound like fun, but thank you for sharing the information. I always wondered what sort of things they did at those sleep studies. You see the colleges ask for voluteers quite often. Now I know not to go!
Hope it helps in your case!

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PARKERB2 5/18/2010 9:34AM

    It should be worth all the trouble if the doctors can figure out why your not sleeping and if you need help to get a good nights sleep. So hang in there. emoticon

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mothers little helper

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tomorrow night on 20/20, on ABC, there is going to be a story about moms with alcohol or drug addictions. This got me to thinking about our vices, and wondering how many of you out there view your weight as a disorder? I guess we have sympathy for drug addicts and alcoholics, We even give a little room to cheating men by saying the have a sex addiction. But we, the overweight, do we have an addiction, or are we just fat and lazy?
They call it rehab when you go to get help with an addiction, but if you go to get help with losing weight, they call it a fat farm.
I never thought that I ate to hide my feelings, or to help get me thru a difficult situation. I dont hide behind closed doors at night and shove cookies in my mouth. I guess I have always thought my problem was just fast food and not exercising. Do we have addictions? And I am sure some do, but is it recognized by the public?
Well that said, I havent walked or worked out in 3 days when I had my nephew here, but hes back home now and this evening, I have to get back into my routine. I was up 1 lb on the scale this morning.

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KDLYNB 5/1/2010 12:37AM

    Very interesting thoughts. A lot of people don't think of food as a vice like a cigarette or bottle of whiskey is. But it can be a filler for the "hole" inside someone.

Thank you for sharing this.

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MUFFINSKI 4/29/2010 2:07PM

    Oh gosh, yes! You know, if you beat an alcohol or drug addiction, you can never use those substances again, but we with food addictions have to learn to eat all over again. We can't just stay away from food. I think it is harder for us to see our skinny friends and children wolf down the fried chicken and know that that is something we cannot indulge in.
By the way, I haven't walked in days either. I've been using the rainy weather as my excuse.

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rainy days and mondays

Monday, April 26, 2010

doesn anyone remember that song..."rainy days and mondays, always get me down"?...well i wouldnt say im down, just tired, i didnt sleep well last night, had to get up and be someplace at 10 this morning, had a mcdonalds cappacino, came home, tried to nap, the phone kept ringing, have to babysit the next 2 days and nights, which totally throws off my routine, and dont have a clue when im going to get around to cleaning my house, oh and its rained here all day.
but i dont mind the rain so much, i have always loved the rain.
had a good day food wise, had a mcmuffin for breakfast, forgot to tell them no cheese, but i ate it anyway.
want to go take a long hot shower and put on my jammies and chill, but have my 5 year old nephew coming later, so, im kinda blah today

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WHITEANGEL4 4/26/2010 5:39PM

    Well, it will all pass and you will be back to normal routine. I also love the rain, as long as I can be in and not getting soaked emoticon

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its over and it was good

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well friends, for those of you who follow me, You know I have been dreading this day, I had to go back to the doctor today and as I wrote yesterday, I was simply dreading it.
I woke up early and got up and fixed my coffee, took my dog out and then got ready to go, I just knew my bp would be up, but I checked it before leaving home and it was 109/78...which is very good for me, especially on a doctors day, because I have white coat syndrome.
Anyway, I had to wait an hour in the waiting room, and was starting to get very nervous, dread was creeping in slowly.
I felt my face was beginning to flush, which is a sure sign my bp is creeping up.
I felt tension in the back of my neck and felt one of those headaches coming on.
But before I had time to get any more worried, I was called back and they weighed me, I had lost 9 lbs in 6weeks....I could have done better, but I was happy it was a loss and not a gain.
My bp was taken and it was 139/ had creeped up a little but not in the danger zone for me.
The doc came in with a smile on his face and told me I was a player..he has a slight accent so I thought he first said..."playa"...I started to say play on playa, but thought better of it, he meant I was playing the game of losing weight and sticking with the program.
He said I hope I am saying that right.
I got the gist of it.
He told me he was proud of me, he said I could have lost a little more, but he was happy and that I was doing good.
I was so relieved, the moment I had been dreading was finally over and I could leave that office with a smile on my face and be glad for that one victory.
But I go back on May 27th, which is only a few days away from my June 1st challenge weigh in, lose 20 lbs by June 1st, so I will know how I am going to do in that challenge ahead of time.
Good Luck to all and to all my friends who sent well wishes, Thank you.....

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BRAVEONE92 4/23/2010 10:48PM

    Val, I think that is fantastic! Congratulations. I am proud of you.


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BREEZY-LOU 4/22/2010 8:18PM

    9lbs is fantastic. I haven't lost 9lbs since I had my last baby! Good job!

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BUGGYS 4/22/2010 7:34PM

    Good for you...I always dread going to see my doc, too and know she is only out for my health and not to slam me...she seems to know what to say to me and I feel okay when I am with her but as I am driving home, I feel so bad because I didn't lose the weight she wanted me to...this time I will...approval from our doctors do mean alot! emoticon

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PCASAS4802 4/22/2010 6:26PM

    Saw your blog on my friend feed and thought I'd check it out. Congrats on the weight loss. Nine pounds is nothing to sneeze at. Keep up the good work! Glad your appointment went well - I get nervous going to the doctor. They always say that those in the medical field make the worst patients, and in my case, I guess it's true. I'm working on changing that, though! Again, congrats!!!!! emoticon

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DEKEKIM1 4/22/2010 6:01PM

    Yeah! I'm so glad it went well. I know how you were dreading it! Way to take care of yourself!!!


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GAILRUU 4/22/2010 4:09PM

    It is always nice to hear encouragement from our doctors!

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MUFFINSKI 4/22/2010 3:50PM

    Hooray for good news! Wow! Amazing how a bit of approval from our doctors can really spark up some fresh motivation! Keep going strong, I am hopful for you!

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JAMIEW3700 4/22/2010 3:44PM

    Thanks for the comment on my sparkpage. I dont think the skin surgeries are covered here either:( I live in ontario, canada. THe funny thing is that for those that are `100 lbs overweight and have the gastric bypass (which is covered) they also get the skin surgery covered; everyone else has to pay; a friend of mine just paid about $8000 for a total body lift!!

No doubt I`ll need drastic skin surgery,, my arms are sagging beyond belief. I knew it wouldnt be pretty but i am horrified at what 60lbs has done!
LOoks like you are doing great, keep it up!!

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