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sparky will be laid to rest.....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bill went up on our land and dug Sparky's little grave yesterday evening. I had planned to bury him tomorrow morning in the sunlight, but, its supposed to rain tonight, so, Bill is coming home from work an hour early this evening, so we can lay our baby to rest.
He will be missed beyond belief. I picked out a nice place, I plan to make a little flower garden over him as soon as I can, and until then, I will cover his grave with big river rocks, and make sure the ground settles and nothing can get to him, like wild animals, because the place where I am laying him is undeveloped right now, its woodsy......But I made sure Bill dug the grave deep and we have him in a little coffin.
I plan to go today and get some flowers and a grave marker of some kind to memorialize him.

People are called pet owners, but I never felt like I owned him or that he was a pet.
He came to be my baby. He owned me, or at least he owned my heart. I believe life is energy and we get energy from the lives we are with each day.
I was with this baby everyday of my life, give or take 3 or 4 days when I went on vacation or had to leave him with my mom when I had knee surgery.
Every day for 9 years. He fed my energy and kept me alive just a little more.
I do believe a part of me died with him, as he took with him just a little bit of my energy, a little piece of my heart as well.
Just the way the passing of any loved one. I know in time I will begin to think of him less often. And the pain of losing him will be outweighed by the knowledge that his pain is gone.
Just as any sick person we say they are out of pain.
I guess maybe we dont realize their energy passes into us a little when they die and we take on some of that pain.
I would gladly have taken all his pain.
But I will remember Saturday, he didnt seem to be in much pain, he was playful and that is what I will hold onto.
Yesterday I said I would blog more about how this all came about and the lessons I took from it.
First, my dog had never had any health issues that I was aware of until this past July, he had begun having trouble using the bathroom and I noticed he was bulgiing around his anus.
I took him to the vet and they said he had a hernia. The vet did surgery on him and told me that it wasnt a sure fire cure for the problem and that about 80 percent of the time the hernia comes back.
Well, Sparky did ok for about 4 months, around November he began showing signs that he was having bowel trouble again....back to the vet, they said give stool softerners, wasnt until around December that I notced the swelling again.
Same thing, keep soft food and laxatives. So anyway, the hernia had shifted, I was told to the other side, most likely they said it had obstructed his bowels, he had been having trouble peeing and they said his prostate could be swollen as well.
By the end everything was obstructed by the hernia and he had not defecated, so he was unable to digest food, up it came, and they explained he was losing blood flow to all the organs, and had probably reached his stomach and would eventually just suffocate.
I knew Sunday was the worst, I seen it in his little eyes and felt it when I picked him dad always said a dog knew when its time had come and would crawl off someplace to die.
Sparky tried so much to crawl behind the couch and behind the tv all day Sunday, I knew he didnt want me to see him die.
So, I did what I knew had to be done, I just wish the vet had been in Sunday so his little life could have gone out with less pain.
I know the vet told me he had lost feeling but I think maybe she told me that to help ease my pain.
Next blog will be about the lesson I took away from this.....Thanks to all friends who said nice words and offered condolences.

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CEKER9 1/26/2012 2:16AM


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    emoticon emoticon

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DEBBIEANNE1124 1/25/2012 11:42AM


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LENKA763 1/25/2012 9:20AM


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SHIRLMIDD 1/25/2012 7:48AM

    So sorry to hear of your loss. We had to have our beloved yellow lab Lucy put to sleep because of illness 18 months ago & the pain I felt was heart wrenching----& this is coming from a nurse who had seen death many times. I think I was so cut up as she was so trusting of us-even to the end & at first I felt I had let her down, but as time has passed I know she is in a better place. She's still with us in a little box on the top of the bookcase! Scarlett, a black lab, is now living with us but she is very different in personality (bar the yearning looks for food that ALL labs have). Lucy set the trend for us to open our hearts to giving a home to another pet which brings us much joy & laughter. What more can anyone want?
Best Wishes
Shirley. emoticon

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long, sad, ending to my dogs little life

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friday, my little dog Sparky was once again having trouble going to the bathroom, but, with some stool softeners and lots of water, by evening, he seemed to be feeling better and by Saturday, the swelling around the hernia had gone down to normal, he was eating and having bowel movements. And seemed to be feeling ok. Some of you who have read my blogs might recall that he had had surgery in July, I will blog more next time about the back history on that......
Sunday, he was in distress all day, whimpering and crying and moaning and panting. But still drinking water, which I always took as a positive sign, because when he wouldnt drink was when I worried.
But he didnt attempt to eat at all and threw up the food he had eaten on Sat. I knew Sunday that the end was near for him.
I had cried for him each time he cried out cause I could do nothing but hold him and try to make him comfortable.
Of course, living where we do, there are no vets open on Sunday, and emergencies seem to be for large animals such as horses giving birth, or something like that.
By late Sunday night, he was having trouble even walking to the water bowl. And when I got up at 4 am yesterday, he was just so lethargic, he tried to raise up and stand, but he had lost use of his back legs, I thought it had to be the hernia.
We arrived at the vets around 815 am and I knew when I carried him inside I would not be bringing a live dog back.
I thought I had reserved myself to that decision.
The vet came in and saw the shape he was in, she assessed that the hernia had cut off blood flow in the whole back area, the way she explained it was that he was slowly being paralyzed from the backend up, is probably why he couldnt keep food down.
She said there was a surgery available but not here and I would have to take him to Tennessee and that it was not a guarantee.
I told her, I cant stand to see him suffer another minute.
A little back history.....whenever I would get upset or cry or raise my voice, Sparky would always jump up on my lap and put his little nose right up into my ear, It was like he could hear my heart beating or my bp raising and he would nudge me and wag his tail until I petted him and calmed down.
So, when I began to cry in the room while talking to the vet, he tried as hard as he could to scoot across the exam table over to me, he looked right at me, like he was saying dont cry.
I calmed myself down and composed myself and when the vet left the room to get the paperwork.....
I pulled him over to me and put my mouth right up to his ear and whispered to him that it was ok, that I would be ok and that he would be out of pain in a few minutes....I told him what a good boy he was and how brave he was and how much love he had given me for 9 years.
He laid his little head down on the cold metal table and relaxed....He knew it was time.
They asked if I wanted to sit by him while they injected him, but, I chose to let that be my last look at him.
I kissed his little head and told him I loved him and went to the waiting room.
Maybe 5 mins later they brought him out to me in a cardboard box, they had wrapped him in his little fleece plaid blanket.
My dad and brother in law built him a litte wooden coffin out of red cherry wood and we wrapped him in his favorite blanket and we went to our land we plan to soon move to and picked out a spot, its in an opening of trees so sunlight can come in for flowers to grow and its under a tree so it wont be too hot.
I hate to take him there and leave him, because it was never his home.
This has been his home since he was just a few months old. But I know this isnt my land, I rent here and I know when I move I cant bare to dig him up and move he will lay to rest there under the tree and it will be only 30 or 40 yards from where I will be living and can see his little grave whenever I need comfort.
He was given to my son as a gift for his high sch graduation in 2003 by his then girlfriend....he was a mix of chihuahua and pomeranian an he had a look to him that not too many dogs have.
No one could ever figure out his breed, he was black and white so they named him Sparkplug, of course, we chose to call him Sparky.
He was a faithful companion, a good watch dog, and loved everyone he met and was loved by everyone he met.
Delivery men would come to the door thinking they would drop off a package and run back to their trucks and end up in a game of fetch with one of his toys because he brought one of his little toys to each and every person who came to the door.
He loved to steal socks and hide them in his bed, I have found a weeks worth of socks hidden inside his covers.
I have so many good memories of my little buddy.
I will never forget him and I just will go on thinking that Saturday was his last day. Not Sunday of pain and desperation, but Saturday, running thru the yard to see the neighbors dog on the other side of the fence and being happy.
I hope no one ever has to go thru the hurt and heartbreak I did yesterday. I have lost pets but not like this, he lived in my home, he slept at my feet, he was there when I got up and there when I went to bed, he was there to bring me a toy to play or to just listen when I had something to say.
I know its going to take a normal grieving process and in time I will learn to heal and move on, but it is going to be a long hard road. I will never have another dog, I will never give my heart and soul to one to be broken again....He will be only one ever.
Remind me to blog tomorrow about one more lesson I learned in all of involves health issues.
Thanks for reading

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ROCHELLE62 1/25/2012 12:32AM

    You released him with love. What more could any of us want for ourselves?

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SOFT_VAL67 1/24/2012 10:05PM

    thanks to each of you for the wonderful sentiment, i am planning on journaling daily about him, each time a memory comes up i plan to record it and print it out for my son and for my keepsake book....he was so blessed, when i think of the dogs dying along side the roads or hit by cars or other tragic lives that some live, i am so thankful he chose me as his friend.

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BRENDABUNNY 1/24/2012 4:46PM

    My heart goes out to you just 2 weeks ago we had to put our boy(momo)of 10 yrs down it was the hardest thing its like losing a family member..I still sit here and cry cause I miss him so much he was such an awesome dog I could write a book about him.
When it was time we went to the vet and we told momo he would be outta pain soon,my husband held him and I petted his head and ears telling him how much we loved him and what a good boy he was as the vet administered the shots,it was a matter of 10 seconds and he was peacefully asleep and outta pain,were still in so much pain and my heart so goes out to you.
Our vet sent us a sympathy card that says they all go to rainbow bridge to play with all their friends,and they are happy and out of pain and then one day while running and playing all the sudden he stops and turns around and he sees "YOU" and turns and runs as fast as his legs will carry him and jumps in your arms and licks your face and we once again feel that soft gentle head we loved to pet...I am so sorry for your loss too! BIG BIG emoticon emoticon

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A_WISE_WOMAN 1/24/2012 4:39PM

  I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

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CEKER9 1/24/2012 4:17PM

    My tears are flowing from understanding and love... knowing from personal experience how our fur family can have such an impact in our life! My heart goes out to you and know that all the memories you have of Sparky will come back to comfort you!
emoticon emoticon

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DEBBIEANNE1124 1/24/2012 3:08PM

    I'm sorry for the loss of Sparky.
You loved him a lot.


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    He is precious! I am so sorry.
We just lost our cat of 13 i'm right there grieving with you.

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NATNOEL 1/24/2012 7:49AM

    Oh my God Val, I am so so sorry.....I am sitting here sobbing reading your blog. I can just imagine how bad you feel. It sounds like he had a happy life, he was lucky he had someone who loved him so much.

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 1/24/2012 6:52AM

    Sorry for your loss!! He'll always be with you!

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COOPAH 1/24/2012 6:28AM

    Awwh so sorry for your loss /comfort

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    So sorry, +Mark

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dog poo for christmas, its a good thing

Friday, December 23, 2011

here it is, not yet seven am, on a friday morning, one day before christmas....and, well, im up, and i guess i shouldnt complain because i got up to take sparky out when i heard him whining and yes, he did have a bowel movement, so that is a good reason to get up.....wishing he was paper trained.
two christmas wishes have come true for me, sparky is pooping again and the colts won, again!!!
so, if i get nothing else for christmas, i will be happy anyway....well, ok, maybe some sleep would be nice.
when i blogged last night, i had planned to discuss more about the trip to the mall in johnson city, tenn
i got up at 6 am tuesday and got in the shower and had honey up and ready to go by 8, it only took us an hour to get the first 25 miles out of the way, as i had factored into my plans, see, honey, as i knew he would had to stop at the nearest store and buy an energy drink....then the next store was for gas
and since, they had no air hose the next place we came to was to check the air in the we are on our way
and it takes about 2 hours roughly to drive there.....
so by the time we pull into the parking lot, i am stiff from sitting so long and glad to be out of the car...the walking wasnt so bad, cause everything is pretty close
but i went into every shoe store in that mall and area surrounding it....and couldnt find the vans my son wanted and so, i end up coming back home and getting him a similar brand....
we had an ok day, enjoyed the rare treat of a different coffee blend than we have around here, i wasnt really all that tired from the walking
but when we got back home that night i was worn out and aching all over and i had so much pain in my right side around my ribs....
i have no idea what caused that pain, only it was so bad that night laying in bed, everytime i breathed in deep it hurt so much....
but its been days now and i am just so tired, weary kind of tired, christmas is really taking a toll on me physically this year and i know that is my own fault for not keeping up my regular walking and weight lifting routine, i have myself to thank and i will keep this blog as a reminder of just how very tired i have been
and i put off having my hair done til the last minute so, i guess that is a disappointment, but also my fault....
i really do wish each of you a merry christmas, happy hanuaka, kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate, celebrate in good health...

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CEKER9 12/24/2011 2:29AM

    Happy things are looking up for you! Just be kind to yourself until Christmas is past. It has definitely taken a toll on me too... I just know that it's going to be so and know that after Christmas is over things will get better!!!

Merry Christmas!

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NATNOEL 12/23/2011 7:17AM

    I remember the Christmas right before I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was so tired and my whole body hurt so much, but it was the pain in my ribs that drove me to the doctor. Xrays showed nothing, then a bunch of other doctors, ended up being told it was fibromyalgia. I wonder if that is what is going on with you?
I am happy your dog is better. I hope you have a nice Christmas.

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lets be careful in here.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ok, lately it seems I have been getting some very strange friend requests on Facebook, and a little un-sought after attention here as well.
I dont know if someone is simply trying to hack my account or what.
I cant figure out why they would want to, I have no banking business or credit card information to steal online.
I dont know what the deal is.
But for a few weeks now I have been getting friend requests, mostly on Facebook from men who seem to be foreigners, mostly African or Middle Eastern.
They have names that sound made up, and their pages seem made up as well, only one of them had a mutual friend and shes not one I am really close friends with, and when I asked her about it, she never did answer me.
I guess I have denied around 5 requests, at least.
I have gone in and reset my privacy settings to nearly being closed off from anyone altogether, have set my pics to friends only and some not even friends can see.
I just cant figure it out, I have what is supposed to be decent anti-virus protection on my computer.
I have no intention of friending any of these ppl and am considering beginning reporting them to FB, even though that seems a bit rash at this point, as only one of them have actually sent me a message, the others just the friend requests, still, if there is something strange going on, I think its better to be safe than sorry.
I do not play any games on FB, or anywhere online, my SP page is not linked, nor is my yahoo mail account and I rarely ever go on Myspace now.
So, this has to be hackers, cause I am not out there on any forums where anyone can see my page, etc.
Has me a little worried.
The only strange thing going on here on SP, is that I had a guy who I guess wanted more in the way of conversation than just about diet and exercise.
While he never did come right out and say anything inappropriate, he kept hinting about "flirting" with me. And seemed to be fishing for me to flirt with him.
He very well may read this, as I think he added me.
I will probably go in and clean out my SP friends list the same way I did FB.
He had very little on his page, no pictures, and didnt seem to want to discuss anything about the mutual group he said we belonged to.
Any other ladies had this problem?
I had the one guy a few months back who wanted to exchange pictures we would take of ourselves standing nude in front of a mirror...."first thing in the morning".....haha, can anyone guess what he meant?
I did report that guy to SP, as he kept sending me requests for pics and when I went to look at his page, the only group he belonged to was the LOOK GOOD NAKED group, which SP said was a real group, however, when I typed it into the search I could not find it.
Why is it that people cant get online and just discuss issues that they want or need to share with others, without someone taking it the wrong way and assuming everyone else online is looking for a hook up or whatever????
So, for my real friends on here and I do have several that I follow their blogs and they mine, I will probably be making my page a little more private, discussing less personal issues in my blogs and maybe even removing some of my pics for awhile.
Just until I feel like some of the nonsense has passed.
I hope everyone is safe online and take it from me, be careful about being too nice or sharing too much info.
I really never thought I did, but I guess I must have given someone the wrong idea or I just exude animal magnetism, even "mouse magnetism"....hehe

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NATNOEL 10/27/2011 10:40AM

    I am so glad I am not on facebook, I worry about my daughter being so involved in it. I do not blame you for being concerned. Nothing like that nude photo guy, what a riot, has happened to me. Nor have I heard about it happening. I guess it is just you that attracts the

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TISHTOES 10/26/2011 10:14PM

    You just have to be careful. Sorry this happened to you. I regularly get emails from people trying to get money sent but the typos and grammar are so bad that I know it is fraud. Most of them I don't even open.

Today, at work, I actually received a phone call from someone saying he was from Microsoft, checking out some viruses on our computer. He was very difficult to understand (foreigner) so I asked to speak to someone else. He came back with the "senior supervisor" who wasn't much easier to understand. They wanted me to push certain keys on my computer and read what it says to them. I told them I wasn't authorized to do that and to give me their phone number so I could call them back. They actually gave me a phone number. I called Microsoft and they do no such thing. The phone number wasn't listed (I check and I suspect it was a cell phone. The background was very noisy with other people. The area code turned out to be New Jersey. Anyway, glad I was on to them before I did anything.

I used to get a lot of emails for enhancing body parts I don't even have! My spam filter takes care of most of that now.

Comment edited on: 10/26/2011 10:15:50 PM

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KIMBERLYSWEET 10/26/2011 9:50PM

    OMG Val,Where do I begin.This blog should be mine.I've had the same problem with FB and I've went so far as to find out exactly what these ppl want.There's a huge ring of ppl- foreigners,That is not only on FB but has infiltrated yahoo messenger,my space and other sites.The person that's contacted me on FB told me that she was extremely sick with stage 4 cancer and wanted me to distribute some funds for her to needy ppl,to make this very long story short it all boils down to contacting her person in Africa who owns a bank to have 50,000,000 deposited into MY account,when i told her that I couldn't give this info,she replied"GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS"(just like this she typed back).OHH,I so wanted to call the police but instead I see everyday where she and these other ppl are making friends daily on FB and I'm wondering just which 1 is gonna be duked by these ppl in Switzerland,Dominican Republic,Zimbabwe,etc.I used to get these emails a long time ago from foreigners and it took an act of congress to stop it.Is her name Maryam Collins?

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my big hurry up and give up!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If there is one thing I like about fall and the approaching colder weather, it is the fact that I can wear big bulky long sweaters and cardigans and long shirts.
To cover my big fat disgusting stomach and body. And, even then, I still cant find clothes to really fit. I am thinking of seriously buying me some African dresses, I dont know what they are called, but the big moo moo type dresses, or maybe a burka.

I am so fed up, I really wish SP would allow a cussing fit on here.
I have some choice words for myself and for my non existent success.
I am just fed up.
I cant get ahead for getting falling back.
I cant win for losing.
I look like waddle waddle weeble wobble and I am ready to just be one of those people you see on Dr. Oz or Geraldo reruns, the 900 lb person who hasnt left the couch in 6 years.
I cant see anything good over the horizon.

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LOSINGLINNDY 10/26/2011 1:49AM

    Some days I feel the same way. I want to cover the jiggly arms with those long sleeve shirts and sweaters. The stomach too. Wish I could get myself back on track.

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