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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I know we should be proud to be free citizens of a free country.
But when I see stuff like I am seeing on tv, about the possibility that social security checks might not go out next month.
And its all due to the fact that the right and left are all a bunch of hateful, uptight, never worked a day in their rich, daddy handed it all to me, I went to Harvard or Yale lives.
My father and my father in law, both labored and I do mean, real back breaking, life threatening, body aching, lungs full of coal dust, underground coal miners.
And now, to see them and others being treated as pawns in the games of the chess players!!!!
Makes me ask where our pride went.
We pay more attention to what dress Lindsay Lohan wore to court, than we pay to healthcare.
I have a friend on Facebook, who had this article about how Obama lied about his mom having breast cancer and not having health insurance.
And that he was trying to shove his plan down our throats.
I told her, be glad if you have health insurance and thank God that you arent one of the ones struggling and suffering and going sick or injured because they do not.

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GRAMMACATHY 7/14/2011 1:58AM

    emoticon post

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QUESTFORLULU 7/13/2011 4:39PM

    you tell 'em sista!

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RMEADOWSAPRN 7/13/2011 3:47PM

  The country is a mess, I agree. And politicians do not deserve the quirks and benefits that they have been given. But, bottom line, the politicians are doing what their constituents tell them they want. What constituents want in their own states impact the country in ways that the individual states don't always consider. So if we want change, bombard our Senator's and Representative's offices with telephone calls. Get friends and relatives to do the same. Make your voice heard! The input of the constituents impact their voting record. That is politics, and that is not so evil. :o)

Healthcare is a mess because society is a mess and welfare needs to be reformed. There are too many individuals on disability that do not deserve it, which drains our social security and keeps those who seriously need disability benefits from getting them.

Pre-existing conditions is the most horrible clause in healthcare. It helps no one. Illness worsens without proper care, leading to higher cost care, which drives healthcare costs up to compensate for those who cannot pay for their care, and everyone eats the cost in the end. (Except those who don't pay taxes.) However, every able bodied individual should be obligated to caring for themselves, obtaining health insurance (which should not include pre-existing conditions and should be affordable) and also be responsible for the consequences of not taking good care of themselves. Social responsibility is a very touchy subject.

Far left, far right, whatever. I am a healthcare provider that takes care of people from all walks of life, right, left and in the middle. I think that people are generally hard working but if given and easy way out will take it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the easy way out sometimes hurts the masses. emoticon

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SOPKAMANJU 7/12/2011 6:44PM


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where is my diving board?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I hear that train a comin'....No, wait, that is just thunder.
We have had some pretty heavy rain storms, lightening and thunder here in East Ky this afternoon.
The power went out for a long time and I decided it would be a good time to get in a work out, do the hand weights if nothing else, haha, say what you will about a good sweat.
But not when its 90 degrees and no air moving, I quit after a few minutes.
So, today was a bust in the exercise dept.
Another dreaded doctors appt tomorrow.....I at least hope I am not questioned about my personal, internet, dating, or any other part of my private life.
I have just about had it with ALL doctors anyway.
I am for sure going to start looking for a new one since my doctor seems to have just given up on being a care giver and more of a insurance administration flunky.
So, this appt I have tomorrow isnt with her, its with the doctor that is supposed to help my back pain.
We will see. I already have a bad feeling about this.
But, this weekend, hopefully, a pool will magically appear in my yard and water will already be in it.
Or, it could just be a mirage.

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    Um, I think Dr's are required to ask some personal questions, to check on our stress level. After all it's becoming a huge issue associated with missing work, chronic pain, ect. Good for you for going though, please take care of yourself! emoticon That's your pool chair for when you get one.

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PRINCESS1959 6/9/2011 7:25PM

    We can dream emoticon

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the cherry on top

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

First I just want to say, one day, when I am bored or have alot of time on my hands, I am going to sit down here and go to each of my friends pages and catch up, and send comments to you all.
Or, at least to the ones I try to keep in contact with.
Today was an ok day. I had a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, pass....I had a nice big grilled chicken salad with lots of fresh veggies and fruits, pass....And for a snack, I had a banana split!!! FAIL...?
But, once I calculated my calories, I didnt go over by much, 165 I think.
So, that is it for the day!
Thanks honey.....he fixed himself one and so, fixed me one by default....without thinking I guess. I didnt have to eat it, but I did and it was good and I will pay for it.
I have heard from friends who live nearby that they have had downpours of rain this evening, but none at my house yet.
I just might go out and sit in the yard and wait for it, its been so very hot.
I am getting ready to do my weights....maybe burn off a small portion of that treat...and maybe tomorrow, walk.....
walk walk walk walk walk, yes, maybe if I keep telling myself enough times I will do it.
Have a nice night.

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BASBONBON 6/7/2011 8:11PM

    You made me think of the 3 banana splits I would have a day before I had my gastric bypass. I thought I'd never get to eat another one so I gorged out. LOL You will work it off, and you are right, walk, walk, walk and walk.

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Hot again this week. I just stayed home all day. I have done pretty good on my calories and food, but not so well on the exercise.
Or lack of exercise.
The night isnt over. Think I will dust off the exercise bike and weights.
Back has hurt about all day.
Wishing I had a swimming pool, you know the kind you can really swim in.


A Total Mulligan!!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Today, a total Mulligan!!!!
So, as some of you, who read my blog often know, I have been waiting for a month now to hear some news about a surgical procedure I was planning to have.
So, on April 28th, I last spoke to the doctors office and they told me they had everything they needed and would submit it to the insurance company and wait.
I made a special call on that day to make sure, because I was going to my family doctor the next day and told them if they had something they needed I could get it while I was there.
So, today, After an already aggravating incident at the pharmacy, I will write more on this....I came home and made the call to see what was going on.
I was told that my family doctor still had a paper they were waiting for her to sign and send back!!!!!
So, I made a rather un friendly call to my family doctor, which I had to do anyway, due to the incident at the pharmacy....Only to be told, she was out of the office until, either Wednesday, I was told by the first person I spoke to....Or, Monday, according to the second person, I was transferred to......But, around 5 pm, I guess near time for them to go home for the day, the nurse called and told me that she had "found" the paper they were referring to, after one person told me they had no idea what I was talking about, and the second person told me that only the doctor could sign it.....
and so, the nurse, says its been taken care of, hmmmm, I will find out tomorrow when I make yet another long distance call and get the run around from them again......
As for the incident at the pharmacy, I go to pick up my refills only to find out one of them wasnt in the bag, so I go inside and hand them my bottle that clearly shows I have one refill left.....only to be told it was a mistake on their part and I didnt actually have a refill.....?????????????
Incompetence? or lies? or deceit?
With today's abuse of prescription drugs I was left with my jaw on the floor....Had I known this, I would have gone back to my doctor or at least called her to see if she could refill this over the phone, since it was just the one medication.
Buttttttt NOOOOOOOOO, I was under the belief, based on my pharmacies ineptitude, that I was good til the first of July.
So, now my doc is out til whenever, I am still not sure which day, and I cant get that refill from the nurse, of course.
What a hectic day.
I didnt overeat, the only thing positive about today, and, one more positive thing, concerning doctors, as if I have had any good news in that dept lately, for those who read my blog awhile back about the nutty male nurse practitioner that I had seen at the clinic......the one who asked about my personal life, and made comments about my being able to "get a man"....if I only lost some weight.....Well, I found out today that he is GONE!!!!
Apparently, he failed to inform them of my decision not to come back, because they had sent a paper letting me know I had missed my last appointment????
Funny, since I had not even been told I had one.
I called to find out about this and I said I will come back to the clinic if I dont have to see that weirdo, and she told me he no longer works there....I said that is a good thing.
And that, I hope in some small way, I had something to do with that, since I did inform the office manager of my thoughts about his behavior....that was a great thing.
And that and my son might have gotten a job, maybe, possibily....But not the job I would have hoped he would get.
But I am withholding my comments and concerns, I told him last month to stand on his own and make his own mistakes and live with them and so I have to stick to my guns.
I really, really wanted to pull into Mcdonalds drive thru, but I didnt....I also wanted to pull into the drive thru at the liquor store....But I didnt do that either.
I am however, going to give the pharmacist a piece of my mind tomorrow!!!!!

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TEDDYTEDDY 6/9/2011 7:08AM

    It's nice to know I am not the only one fed up with my primary doctor. We had a runaround regarding when I asked to have an extra 2 days off from work (doctor's note is required if we are out more than 3 days). The doctor did sign the paper properly when asked a second time but no one let me know the papers approved more time off so I returned to work before I really felt well (this ball was dropped by doctor's office and the HR dept where I work)....sigh....what can a person do? I am trying my darndest to "stay well enough to work." emoticon

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