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Monday, June 06, 2011

Hot again this week. I just stayed home all day. I have done pretty good on my calories and food, but not so well on the exercise.
Or lack of exercise.
The night isnt over. Think I will dust off the exercise bike and weights.
Back has hurt about all day.
Wishing I had a swimming pool, you know the kind you can really swim in.


A Total Mulligan!!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Today, a total Mulligan!!!!
So, as some of you, who read my blog often know, I have been waiting for a month now to hear some news about a surgical procedure I was planning to have.
So, on April 28th, I last spoke to the doctors office and they told me they had everything they needed and would submit it to the insurance company and wait.
I made a special call on that day to make sure, because I was going to my family doctor the next day and told them if they had something they needed I could get it while I was there.
So, today, After an already aggravating incident at the pharmacy, I will write more on this....I came home and made the call to see what was going on.
I was told that my family doctor still had a paper they were waiting for her to sign and send back!!!!!
So, I made a rather un friendly call to my family doctor, which I had to do anyway, due to the incident at the pharmacy....Only to be told, she was out of the office until, either Wednesday, I was told by the first person I spoke to....Or, Monday, according to the second person, I was transferred to......But, around 5 pm, I guess near time for them to go home for the day, the nurse called and told me that she had "found" the paper they were referring to, after one person told me they had no idea what I was talking about, and the second person told me that only the doctor could sign it.....
and so, the nurse, says its been taken care of, hmmmm, I will find out tomorrow when I make yet another long distance call and get the run around from them again......
As for the incident at the pharmacy, I go to pick up my refills only to find out one of them wasnt in the bag, so I go inside and hand them my bottle that clearly shows I have one refill left.....only to be told it was a mistake on their part and I didnt actually have a refill.....?????????????
Incompetence? or lies? or deceit?
With today's abuse of prescription drugs I was left with my jaw on the floor....Had I known this, I would have gone back to my doctor or at least called her to see if she could refill this over the phone, since it was just the one medication.
Buttttttt NOOOOOOOOO, I was under the belief, based on my pharmacies ineptitude, that I was good til the first of July.
So, now my doc is out til whenever, I am still not sure which day, and I cant get that refill from the nurse, of course.
What a hectic day.
I didnt overeat, the only thing positive about today, and, one more positive thing, concerning doctors, as if I have had any good news in that dept lately, for those who read my blog awhile back about the nutty male nurse practitioner that I had seen at the clinic......the one who asked about my personal life, and made comments about my being able to "get a man"....if I only lost some weight.....Well, I found out today that he is GONE!!!!
Apparently, he failed to inform them of my decision not to come back, because they had sent a paper letting me know I had missed my last appointment????
Funny, since I had not even been told I had one.
I called to find out about this and I said I will come back to the clinic if I dont have to see that weirdo, and she told me he no longer works there....I said that is a good thing.
And that, I hope in some small way, I had something to do with that, since I did inform the office manager of my thoughts about his behavior....that was a great thing.
And that and my son might have gotten a job, maybe, possibily....But not the job I would have hoped he would get.
But I am withholding my comments and concerns, I told him last month to stand on his own and make his own mistakes and live with them and so I have to stick to my guns.
I really, really wanted to pull into Mcdonalds drive thru, but I didnt....I also wanted to pull into the drive thru at the liquor store....But I didnt do that either.
I am however, going to give the pharmacist a piece of my mind tomorrow!!!!!

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TEDDYTEDDY 6/9/2011 7:08AM

    It's nice to know I am not the only one fed up with my primary doctor. We had a runaround regarding when I asked to have an extra 2 days off from work (doctor's note is required if we are out more than 3 days). The doctor did sign the paper properly when asked a second time but no one let me know the papers approved more time off so I returned to work before I really felt well (this ball was dropped by doctor's office and the HR dept where I work)....sigh....what can a person do? I am trying my darndest to "stay well enough to work." emoticon

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another hot one

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

took my car out for a drive today, the ac is working, however, i live in a very small town, so, by the time you make a stop at the bank and then drive over to the post office and then to the dollar store and then stop for bread, all in such a small area, its start and stop and the ac never really gets a chance to get going, you drive home, 5 miles from town and the ac is just getting cool when you arrive home.
but at least i think im hoping fingers are crossed, excuse my lack of punctuation tonight....that my ac will hold up....hope i didnt just jinx it.
shopping tomorrow, gotta pick up some color for my sister in law to do my hair on friday, yippppeeee
blonde highlights here i come
gotta lose some weight, gotta gotta gotta work out
hope all of you had a good day
in the words of the fonz, stay cool

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MICKEYD4 6/2/2011 9:35AM


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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have had my 6 year old nephew the last 2 days.
Shooooo, is all I have to say about that.
I am pretty tired and the house is a wreck, dishes waiting, laundry really waiting.
I know, its only been days that we were complaining about the rain and how cool it was.
The last few days have been well into the 90's and supposed to stay that way.
My brother took my car to have the ac worked on and its blasting out pretty cold air right now.
But, with this car, I have learned to never get my hopes up to high.
I have had it worked on each summer for the last 3 summers.
And after a few weeks, it messes up again.
But heres hoping I can make it thru the hottest part of the summer anyway.
Not really planning any long trips, which is a real shame, cause this summer will be 5 since we have gone away.
I really could use a week on the beach.

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CIVPRO1 5/31/2011 11:20PM

    I could use some time on the beach too! Hope you have a great day!

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who'll lend a hand

Friday, May 27, 2011

Big weekend ahead....Well, no fun plans. WORK WORK WORK.....Getting some land cleared, trees and brush cut, a ditch dug, a very very long ditch.
So, maybe a good workout, and its supposed to be around 95 the next few days.
I just really hope some help shows up.
But I wont hold my breath, it seems when they need something from you, they are knocking down walls, but when you need them, well, you know the story.
My dog seems to be getting better, he isnt straining and pushing so much.
Seems to be eating, I wish he would drink more water.
And maybe I should lead by example.
Hope for all of you to have a nice, warm, sunny and safe weekend.

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CIVPRO1 5/28/2011 12:26AM

    My father once told me you know who your friends are if they will show up to help you move! Basically the same situation for you!

Good luck? on the work ahead!

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ANGELSANDYBABY 5/27/2011 10:28PM

    That doesn't sound like a fun weekend..bleh! LOL!
I don't have a lot planned myself...Sunday is my children's graduation and then out to eat after that...That's about all I have going on.
I'm glad your dog is getting better.
Take care..And have a great weekend, too!

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