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hope on the horizon

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well, good news to report, Sparky had a bowel movement. He actually had a couple, now he is still straining a little and is still not feeling great.
Gets winded from straining, but the stool is alot softer and seems to be getting easier for him.
I am hoping by tomorrow with another dulcolax and some pumpkin mixed into his food, he will be doing alot better.
I have to find a better quality higher fiber dog food and the vet said it would even be ok to mix some tasteless fiberplus or metamucil in his food once in a while just to keep things moving.
I had an ok day, stressed from worrying about my dog but feeling a little better.
My son seems to be finally getting some life lessons, or so he says.
He went to the unemployment office yesterday, since his employer is being a total waste of space and not letting him have any hours.
He will hear something soon and even went and took a test to go back to school.
And today he had a job interview.
I guess taking a stand back and forcing him to see that life doesnt owe him anything but he has to take steps to get what he wants is working.
I hope he is being honest about these things and I hope he does return to college and gets any job at this point.
So, the Memorial Day holiday is upon us and its hard to imagine doing any kind of fun activities with all the death and destruction going on across the mid west and south.
More storms are predicted and I am hoping they pass quietly.
Gotta really get back to exercising more regularly.....I really, really do.

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MICKEYD4 5/27/2011 2:12AM

    emoticon emoticon

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just tired today

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gonna run and watch the biggest loser, had to take my dog back to the vet, he is still not able to have a bowel movement, but is making progress, he has nothing much in his stomach to digest, he finally ate hoping the meds they gave him will help.
i hate seeing him in this shape.
praying for the people of missouri and seems like more tornadoes and storms coming.
have been up since 6, and am pretty worn out.

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CIVPRO1 5/25/2011 1:39AM

    Hope your dog gets better. Get some rest!

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my little baby

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My dog is sick. I had to take him to the vet today, he tries to go to the bathroom and he cant, so he just strains and pushes, and then as soon as I bring him back inside, he wants me to take him out again.
So, as I always do, today, when I brought him inside, I cleaned him with his little wet wipes and he was bloody.
Freaked me out, so I loaded him in the car and drove to the vet.
They took a sample and checked his stomach. The vet said he isnt constipated because his stomach is soft.
So, he said it could be worms, or it could be a bacterial infection. or some other parasite.
So, they gave me medicine to give him for the next week.
And told me to keep watching him to see if he is able to go or not.
I feel so bad for the little guy, he just lays around like hes so tired.
Makes me think about how humans can complain with pain or whatever is bothering us, and we do alot more than others might want to hear sometimes.
But animals cant tell us what is wrong.
So that was pretty much my whole day. I am tired and havent exercised in days.
I have to really get my butt back in gear.

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MICKEYD4 5/19/2011 12:22PM

    hope he starts feeling better soon.

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LOSINGLINNDY 5/19/2011 1:19AM


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CIVPRO1 5/19/2011 1:15AM

    my dogs are my best buddies. I hope your baby gets well soon.

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    Oh, the poor sweetie...
I hope he is better soon.

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im mad im angry im ticked off

Monday, May 16, 2011

this whole entire weekend has been crappy!
im pissed off at my son because hes a 26 year old with his head stuck at age 15....he thinks life is all about roasting tires on his car and partying with his friends and reliving his high school glory days....and im sick of all the crap ive had to put up with and im sick of everything and dont care who knows it anymore

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LITTLETEAPOT17 5/17/2011 1:33PM

Talking and/or writing about it is the best thing you can do! Scream it out if you have to. We are here for you anytime. Also, it's very therapeutic to actually speak the words out loud to someone.

Sometimes people can process it better and come up with solutions when they actually say them out loud! Whether writing or talking about it--get it out! Good for you!


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ANGELSANDYBABY 5/17/2011 11:26AM

    I'm so sorry...
I hope things get better.

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DR1939 5/17/2011 8:42AM


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CIVPRO1 5/17/2011 3:40AM

    Venting is good!


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LOSINGLINNDY 5/17/2011 2:01AM

    Oopen the vent valve and let it rip. You deserve it.

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    Blog on, woman! That's what it's here for! emoticon emoticon

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sleep? what is that?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My new favorite salad dressing, Kens French with Applewood smoked bacon.
It is not low cal, its 140 calories for 2 tbsps. But soooo worth it, it is sweet and I love it.
But only occasionally at that calorie range.
Anyway, I decided not to go to the doctor today. I figured that there wasnt a whole lot she could do for me. Prescribe me something for my throat. So, I went to the grocery store and stopped off at the liquor store and picked up some jack daniels and honey for hot toddies.
It was good enough for grandma!!!
haha.....Am planning to take a good hot shower later, maybe fire up the vaporizer and drink a hot toddie before bed, maybe I will finally sleep.
I think since Tuesday I have slept all of about 6 hours.
I dont know what is up with that....last night it was just so hot, I woke up at 230 after about 2 hours of sleep, I got up.
Maybe too much on my mind. It has been 2 weeks today since I got all my medical info turned in to my doctors to submit to the insurance company concerning my approval for surgery.
And, still no answer back. I am worried the cardiologist is going to hold me up.
I have got to get my air conditioner fixed in my car.
Another hot day like today....I cant take too many hot days in that car.
Hope each of you had a nice day, hope the weather is nice where you are and all is well.

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CIVPRO1 5/15/2011 12:26AM

    Hope you are feeling better, I hate dealing with insurance companies, hope you have more success than I have.

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MICKEYD4 5/13/2011 12:39AM

    emoticon your air conditioner isn't working in your car. and when anything is submit to an insurance company for approval you know they take their sweet time.

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