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very short, tiny even

Thursday, May 05, 2011

A nice day here today. Got some cleaning done. Emptied out some drawers and storage boxes.
Not much else to report today. My back is hurting and I am going to take a hot shower and use my shiatsu massaging back pad for awhile.
I hope each of you had a nice day and stuck it out.

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CIVPRO1 5/6/2011 2:17AM

    Take it easy with your back!

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my action---an OVER-reaction? Feedback please????

Friday, April 29, 2011

The following blog is an exchange of emails I had first thing this morning....I log onto SP, and have mail, its from someone I dont recognize, but being that its SP, I think ok, it will be I respond.
Now, As soon I get the first reply I am leary, but I go on...and right away I feel uncomfortable, thinking something isnt right.
I think I was right. So, after this exchange, I report this to SP...This is word for word the emails, however, I did delete part of his name, just to keep from being accused of anything myself, but if anyone wants to know, in case they themselves want to be on the watch for this person, just private mail me and I will give you the name.
So ladies can be on the lookout, So here it is you decide how you would have reacted.

From: _GUY
Date: 4/29/2011 - 12:37 AM
Subject: need buddy/supprt
Message: Do you offer support more one on one for others? I am a newbie and need to have some accountability.

---------- SOFT_VAL67 wrote: ----------
I dont know how much support I can be, but I am willing to help any way.
I struggle myself each day, but, I try to stay positive and help others who are struggling.
---------- _GUY wrote: ----------
I would like someone that I can email when i have issues, or maybe daily with my weight or something. Would also like to share my "weight loss" pics i take in the mirror most mornings.
I am not sure what your comfort level is or what you are willing to do, just let me know. I can do all the same for you. The biggest thing is to overcome your fear of what your body looks like to others. So sharing pics with people you will not see personaly is a great step.

---------- SOFT_VAL67 wrote: ----------
you found me where???
on what group do you belong?
---------- _GUY wrote: ----------
not sure, i was on alot of them last night. I am only a member of the look better naked group.

To: _GUY
From: SOFT_VAL67
Date: 4/29/2011 - 9:55 AM
Subject: RE: support
Message: Ok, well I dont belong to that group, am I being punked? or are you for real? But good luck to you, I would never put naked pictures of myself on here or anyplace else online.
But whatever floats your boat.
this is my message to them-(SP)---(> (i received a message from this I GUY, and thought at first he was > just wanting a friend to help out with his weight and health issues...but, > i am not so sure...may be innocent but thought it warranted sending to be > checked out, thanks)-----------------------------------

Here is their reply back to me----
(He's on a SparkTeam called "Look Better Naked". I think that's what he was referring to. I think this message is okay, but if you see anything further from him that seems inappropriate, please report it and we'll check it out.)
So, I guess my question is, did I do the right thing? Were my feelings about this on the mark? After I responded that I wouldnt put pics of myself on here, he never responded back.
I do think this was someone being inappropriate. I wonder how far he would have gone had I kept it going? And, I wonder when SP would have felt it warranted looking into?????
People have to beware of online predators, not just young kids.
But everyone. A friend of mine recently came home to find someone had tried to break into her back door. She really believes it was because she and her daughter had both posted on Facebook that they were off on a shopping trip and that her hubby was working.
Someone not on my friends list recently posted a comment on my page, and while it was probably a friend of a friend, it wasnt anything bad, but I felt like my business was too out there, so I went in and reset my settings to private to friends only and also made most of my pics private.
But, back to the matter of this person. His page was private, if I clicked on it, it was private, yet he was able to contact me, I would like to see SP change settings so that if one doesnt make their page available, at least to those they email, then at least have the emails go thru a moderator of some sort.
I know that is asking alot. But I am not on here looking for a hook up nor am I on here wanting to look at some naked strangers.
I dont really know if SP looked into this guy, I rather hope they did, to see if he was sending these emails to others.
But, do you all think I did the right thing or over-reacted....and am I currently over-reacting???
I mean if the guys page was available to view, I would at least have some info to go on, so he can see me and my page....and yet right now I still dont have a clue who he is or where he saw me.
I feel kinda creeped out.
Like I said, if anyone especially ladies want to know his name, just message me and I will put it up so you can be aware.

Other than that, I had an ok day. The weather was good here finally, no rain and even a little sun.
I had a nice Subway dinner.
And watched some of the wedding.
Too bad the news outlets focused SOOOOOO much attention on might not have been that bad, had it not been for the tornados that devasted a good part of the South....I think the death toll is estimated at around 315 or so.
I think the "news" could have covered that more and given the wedding a sideline.
But thats just me.
Have a nice, CREEP free night.

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GRAMMACATHY 5/5/2011 1:55AM

    I have had a couple of experiences over the last three years. I think you did the right thing. Hopefully, it was just a misunderstanding and he will get it figured out and come into line with SP protocol. If not, he will be blocked soon.

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JLPEASE 5/2/2011 9:43PM

    I think you did the right thing. That sounds really inappropriate to me. I would definitely be "creeped out". Thanks for the heads-up about this person.

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DR1939 4/30/2011 10:25AM

    In any situation where you feel uncomfortable it is always better to report it or to get some help. It is much better to be embarrassed than to be harmed mentally or physically.

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CIVPRO1 4/30/2011 6:07AM

    I think you did the right thing.

That is the one thing I have always liked about this site, that the "conversation" was normal and was on topics that we all care about (health/weight loss). I always try to be very careful on what I post on here, being a male, as I don't ever want there to be any confusion. I always hope that I help motivate people the way you (and many on SP) do for me!

Never be afraid to listen to your guts/instincts. They are normally right on the mark.

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CHEFKATLEANER 4/29/2011 10:39PM

    I don't think you overreacted at all! I think his request was completely inappropriate. If he should happen to respond back to you, tell him that if that's what he's looking for, then he should go to the "Intimate" section on Lavalife. *lol*

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MAMAG476 4/29/2011 10:24PM

    I would feel the same way. They think they are untouchable in front of a key board. He knew how he was coming across. Shame on him for making you feel that way. He must not have any women in his life because I am pretty sure he wouldnt want someone talking to his mom or sister like that.

Comment edited on: 4/29/2011 10:26:28 PM

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FENWAYGIRL18 4/29/2011 10:19PM

    i'm with u , i think it was inappropriate......
thanks for sharing!

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this is the send button

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i was going to post about hypochondriacs, but i found out today the person is going for several more tests this week, and so, i think i will hold out a little longer.
its a shame with the rising cost of healthcare and the fact that so many dont have any, that some people abuse their health coverage having totally unnecessary tests and going to doctor after doctor.
do these people really want to be sick?
i think the person i am talking about does it mostly to get out of the house.
such a shame.
i was all psyched to watch this new show called "the voice" tonight and about 5 mins into it, the channel froze up, maybe they will air it later if it comes back on.
i went so over my calorie count today, i cant even count that high, i cant even see the top from here......
but, what can ya do, ya cant unring a bell.
so, i, myself am still dealing with pain in the neck doctors.
i have been on the phone for 2 days trying to get the office staff at my doctors office to fax one test result to the surgeons office.
this is what is holding me up?
this, i am going to probably go there tomorrow and grab my file, copy it on the xerox machine and then fax it to the office and show them how its done!!!!!
but wouldnt that be crazy, to show them that what has taken them 2 days and still havent done, can be accomplished in a matter of 3 minutes.
well, hope you all excuse my lack of proper grammar and punctuation tonight, i am just in a mood and in a hurry
so hope you each have a nice night.
i will try so much harder tomorrow!!!

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CIVPRO1 4/27/2011 1:19AM

    It will all get worked out.

I hate going to doctors, I don't know why, I think because they may find something! Unfortunately, many medical tests are done because of attorneys, something I am not proud of. (being one)

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powdered sugar leaves a trail

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i was so ready to turn in early tonight when i realized i hadnt blogged yet.
tomorrow is a big day for me.
i will find out the real (hopefully) results of my stress test.
i plan on going and asking for them. not the doctors report but my actual stress test and echo if it means i have to sign for my whole chart.
why do doctors try to keep our medical records from us.???
i recently had to get my chart from a doctor i had stopped going to, and there was alot of test results, films, etc, missing.
why do they not want us to see these things?
could it be they dont want us to find out they havent been totally honest with us?
or am i paranoid?
it rained here all day and i do mean rained.
i am growing know, like a duck!!!
hope to see clearer sunny days ahead for the weekend....its the 36th, or is it 37th, annual Hillbilly Days Festival in Pikeville, Ky.....
a tradition held every april to raise money for the shriners childrens hospitals, theres a carnival, food, food and more food and music and walking your legs off and more music and booths of all sorts to buy from.
its a wonderful celebration and people come from all over the united states and other countries to help raise money to help these poor children...and the shriners.
i hope we get one nice day at least.
you can look it up at is a live feed and maybe you will see me there walking around haha, i will hide my funnel cake....oh wait, i wont be eating funnel cake, no, i wont!!!!!

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RONSIMPSONJR 4/13/2011 4:32AM

    sound sorta like our Court Days .. have fun !!

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CIVPRO1 4/12/2011 11:54PM

    The Hillbilly Days sound fun. (dont think you are paranoid)

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guess thats the cowgirl in me

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I spent the bigger part of the day dealing with trying to purchase tickets online to see Tim Mcgraw.
Not that I am the biggest country music fan in the world, I can take it or leave it. And Tim Mcgraw is one of those I can take or leave.
But he is coming to our little corner of the world in May and since there really isnt alot else to do around here....I thought why the heck not...!?!
So, I purchased tickets, now my best friend, I think, she thought it was just gonna be us girls...A kind of girls night out thing, but honey decided he wanted to go.
I am still not so sure he wanted to see Tim Mcgraw anymore than I did, but he maybe wanted to spend some time out of the house as well, and since he works such long hard hours....I thought why the heck not!?!
So, now its me, my best friend and my honey and 1 extra ticket, since she said her man probably woudnt want to go, and since hes dealing with some serious health issues, shes probably right.
So, I will either give the ticket to my son, or sell it.
Now on with the rest of my day.
Had to get out in this dreary dreary wet and wetter day and I didnt care for that too much.
We are told we will see some snow in the air as well as the rain that I dont think has stopped since maybe December or something, at least it feels that way.
I just want to sit out in my front yard and feel the sun on my face and really feel the heat from it.
Til I have to get up and come inside and cool down.
I want to play horseshoes in the back yard and walk, and go swimming and drink cold lemonaide or tea and complain about the bees and ants and wear shorts and go barefoot.
And no, I didnt follow my diet today.
I didnt drift too far off course, but enough that I have to reckon with it.
I need to get that worked out before time to put on those shorts because right now I am sure they would be way too tight.
Hope everyone had a nice day.

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CIVPRO1 4/1/2011 1:14AM

    Woke up this morning to bitter cold, almost winter like here. But the sun has come out and hopefully will get back to Spring.

I like country music. Right now I am listening to Toby Keith a lot. One of his songs "Not as good as I once was"

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