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Friday, October 17, 2014

My back started hurting this afternoon, it is the kind of pain, in my lower left side over my hip that reminds me of a kidney infection.
Could be where I just added magnesium?
Or, it might be where I am not drinking enough water?
I am trying to get in my water, never had a problem before.
I am going to add some cranberry juice over the next few days and keep a watch on it to see if it gets worse or better.
I used to get these kidney infections not long after my son was born, and would have to be put in the hospital a few times due to them hurting so bad.
It has been years since i had one and I hope this isnt one.
I had such a good day yesterday, despite the rain and today was good too, it was nice and sunny out and I walked and stayed outside as much as possible trying to soak up what sun I could.
I hope for the next few days to be able to walk as well.
The darkness and drearieness of last weeks continuous rain was enough for me.
I know I have to try to deal with the coming winter, but I am hoping it stays away a while longer.

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GORDON66 10/18/2014 5:38PM

  I hope your back is feeling better!!!



emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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the scale is my arch nemesis!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Update on the scale.
It wasnt as bad as I feared. It still wasnt good news for me. I havent lost an ounce.
Keep in mind, I reminded myself, that I just went on a mini vaca and had lots of creamy ooey gooey coffees and a big pretzel. and pizza!!
But still, that was one day, not weeks and months worth of walking and eating healthy and staying under calories.
I am more frustrated upon talking to a friend yesterday who says she has lost 22 pounds in a month by following a 1600 calorie daily diet.
I am like what gives????
I am eating basically the same, probably less most days, yesterday I think I didnt even bust the 1300 mark.
And, I walk every other day, yes, here the last week I havent, because it has freakin rained every day.
But I drink my water, take my vitamins, get my sleep, and eat no junk, no cookies, no soda, no fast food.
What is going on with me people?????
Why cant I get that durn scale to move???
My frustration is strong, but not as strong as my determination!!!
I will not give up and go back!!
But I need to try something new.
It is time to PIVOT!!!!

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MIMI_ROAR 10/16/2014 7:11PM

    You are doing such a great job don't give up you got this


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GORDON66 10/16/2014 8:43AM

  If someone lost 22 pounds in one month, a lot of would have something to do with the tide going out. As long as you're eating right and getting regular exercise, you'll be just fine.



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SNS1968 10/16/2014 7:51AM


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sometimes you just have to do it

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I know one idea here on SP is to not focus SO much on the scale.
But I have let the scale go for to long.
Tomorrow is weigh in day for me and I know already the numbers will not be in my favor.
But I have made my peace with that.
I have to get on the scale in order to get my mind back in the right place.
So, I will figure out how off track I have allowed myself to go and find the right place to jump back in.

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ARRREAGLES 10/13/2014 10:30AM

    That number is just a number. Not a measure of your success or failure, not a measure of how off or on track you are. Just a number. You're right to get back on. You're right to take action and do what you need to do to feel great about yourself, but don't let the number be your arbiter. Don't let it be your judge. In the end, you are better for having said "let's step on it" and "let's do things differently" -- I'm sure you'll succeed for these decisions alone are winning. Look around and see how many have not said this. Trust that you've done more than most, and are going to more again.Congrats and good for you!

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GORDON66 10/12/2014 10:45PM

  Never give up! emoticon emoticon



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MIMI_ROAR 10/12/2014 7:50PM

    emoticon emoticon

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TRAVELGO 10/12/2014 7:44PM

  Good for you!!

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the big d.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I joined a group on Facebook that is dedicated to learning more about Vitamin D.
I really have learned alot in the week or so since I have been following it. I never knew the first thing about magnesium being needed when taking vitamin d.
I have to wonder why my doctor never discussed this with me?
Probably because she herself didnt know either.
We have this hospital in our little town, which touts itself as the hospital of the year. And they have been boasting this title for many years now.
I call it the dark tower of death. As they have added floors and a big eyesore of a parking garage in front and its all black.
I just wonder how much healthier our locals might be if they had spent half that money on bringing in new doctors and practitioners.
For example, last week I decided, after a second bout, with a sore throat, that it is time to have my tonsils out.
I was supposed to have had this surgery as a teenager, and for some reason my parents backed out.
I was supposed to have had it 3 years ago, and I backed out.
I just didnt feel the doctor was right for me.
I arrived in his office to discuss the surgery and instead, I got to see the nurse, who set up a film for me to watch about having your tonsils out.
The film appeared to be made for children and also, seemed to have been made in the 60s or 70s.
The surgeon spent zero time discussing with me what to expect, etc.
So, here I find myself once again needing to get this over with and I have had to make an appointment with a doctor at another hospital over an hour away.
Also, I found myself searching for an endocrinologist, and while there is ONE associated with this hospital, I have been warned against him by several friends.
Their complaints-----little contact with the doctor himself, not being explained in detail about their test results, impersonal staff.

See, most of you are probably saying, why not just call another doctor.
It seems that in any specialty, such as endocrinology or ENT, there is only one available in our town.
If there are more than two, they are still both associated with this hospital, which has more or less eliminated competition.
It is an hour and up to three hours drive to the next hospitals.
But I have found an ENT that I hear good things about, I am still searching for the endo.
The way the hospital has taken over all the local doctors offices, you cannot even call the doctors office up to speak to someone in their office now, you have to call the hospital and they connect you with scheduling.
I hate this new system and feel like we are living under communist health care system.
So, I find it has become necessary to either put off these appointments or travel up to 2 hours for an appointment.
For this hospital system to sing its own praises and give itself so many kudos, they sure spend little time or effort on improving things for the patients.
You would think in this area, where there seems to be a high rate of obesity and diabetes, we would have more than one endocrinologist.
Most people around here dont even know what that is and they go to their family doctor for diabetes care.
I wonder how many people are walking around with illnesses that have been misdiagnosed.
I know I have.
I went to the eye doctor maybe 3 years ago and was told I have chronic dry eye and was prescribed lubricating eyedrops. Which within maybe two months, my insurance stopped paying for.
So. Come to find out, my dry eyes are a result of my low vitamin d.
Which brings us back to the beginning of this blog.
I have learned so much about how low vitamin d can adversely affect ones health.
I now suspect many of my health issues are related.
Everything from a lack of weight loss to aches and pains....probably from low magnesium, which vitamin d depletes in the body.
I never knew that.
Dry hair, dry skin, dry eyes. tooth and gum issues, I had two back teeth pulled months before being diagnosed with low D.
I am glad to have been diagnosed, as my orthopeadist told me at the time, when I broke my foot, due to low vitamin d, that breaking my foot could have really saved my life in the long run.
As, I would have suffered heart disease, diabetes, and many other health issues, and never would have been tested for low vitamin d.
So, as we are entering fall and winter I have not seen real sunshine in about 5 days.
Rain, overcast, dark and dreary days.
I have increased my d and added magnesium.
Soaking my feet at night in epsom salt and baking soda, which I have learned can help the body absorb the magnesium more quickly.
I need sun, so I am going to get the artificial kind, from the tanning bed.
Does this really help??? The jury is still out on that, but I know it does make me feel better.
And I just hope the rain moves out in the next few days so I can get back to walking.
The walking dead, my all time favorite tv show, returns tomorrow night, so I am in Superbowl mode, lol.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Get your veggies and take your vitamins and find your sunshine where you can.

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GORDON66 10/11/2014 6:06PM

  Since I'm in the Midwest, sunshine is going to start being limited pretty soon, but it's bright and sunny today. I'm enjoying it!!!




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FORZACHANDMATT 10/11/2014 10:12AM

    VIT D is so important and more people should be talking about it - it's great you are taking a proactive approach to it - as you say, it's related to sooo many things!

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not down and out, just bent a little

Thursday, October 09, 2014

It seems I have taken a break from SP. I hadnt posted in about a week and it really wasnt planned.
I went out of town for a few days and then came home to housework and trying to catch up on bills and doing errands.
Excuses, I am not really trying to make.
I really just took a short unintended break.
I have been focusing on my vitamin d and doing some reading, trying to find out if magnesium is something I need to add to my daily routine.
Having joined a vitamin d defincieny support group, I have been learning alot about magnesiums role in aiding vitamin d.
I also read it might help with the numbness and tingling feeling I have in my foot.
However, I have read some who are against it.
So, I just try to do as much reading as I can before I discuss it with my doctor at my next visit.
But its getting colder here and have had to turn the heat on, this morning on my walk, I had to wear my hoodie for the first time and soon I will have to get my boggan and gloves out as well.
I just hope I can walk as much as possible before snow keeps me inside.
Then I will just have to focus on the ellipitcal and weights.
Which is a good thing as well.

I do dread the winter, and alot of it has to do with the weather and how it interferes with walking, but alot of it is my vitamin definency issues.
My feet and lower legs stay so cold all of the time, I have to get some fuzzy socks and sweat pants before much longer.
Honey is still laid off from work and has been making good use of his time by cutting trees and clearing brush and briar bushes around the property.
Hopefully getting as much away from the yard and driveway before full winter.
Wishing he would go back to work soon, I need to really get caught up on bills and I need a new phone, some new glasses and my hair did.
I guess you dont realize the money you spend on the extras until you are only able to spend on the necessities and right now it is getting to the point that its food vs. paying the bills.
Good thing I dont eat alot.

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ARRREAGLES 10/9/2014 3:29PM

    I happen to love the wintertime, but largely because I think it's that chrysalis stage before we re-emerge in spring as new people. It's a period of thought and consideration, and I think there is some really cool value in that.

Even so, I know how the cold weather and darker days can mentally wear on you. So keep your head up, keep coming here to share your story, and we'll all support you.

hope things simplify for you a bit.

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ONTHEPATH2 10/9/2014 11:56AM

    I'm thinking it is time to haul out the warm wooly stuff - even though I hate to do it! The cold is upon us, like it or not. Freezing temps forecasted here tonight. I'm with you, I'd rather walk outside. In fact I do it until the snow flies, I just bundle up in layers!

Hang in there and keep your chin up. Hugs!


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CHRIMSONFYRE 10/9/2014 11:26AM

    Sounds like a lot on your plate right now. I don't much look forward to cold weather either, but it probably does not get as cold where I live in the South, I'm kind of a wuss because I've always lived in the south.

Hope things start looking up for you, keep positive!

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