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shes back

Friday, December 26, 2014

I have missed SP. And I really didnt even realize it had been so long since I had sparked. I guess due to the holidays and having been busy. But just to let everyone know, I havent veered too far off track.
I have continued to walk, not as much as I had been, due to cold and wind and rain, but I am walking as often as possible.
I did veer somewhat off course with my eating. But have been trying to stay self aware.
Have gained about 3 pounds overall and am determined not go go any higher.
So, I decided its time to make SP a part of my regular daily routine.
And time to get back to working out more and eating healthier.
After struggling on the walking track yesterday, short of breath early on, due to having eaten too much over the previous 2 days, I decided its time to be more mindful of the foods I eat and for the next few days its going to mostly be liquid type foods.
Hope everyone had a good holiday.

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EMMACORY 12/26/2014 3:38PM

    Positive actions that will add to positive results. Good for you! emoticon

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take those old records off the shelf, and not just music records.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

On January 27th, save any unforseen circumstances, I am going to Charleston, WVA to see Bob Seger.
Yes, I know, he is old time rock and roll, but that kinda music just soothes my soul!!
So, I decided, I need a new outfit to wear.
I have several shirts hanging in my closet that are still the taddest bit tight around the belly.
Why can I not lose this gut??
But I am going to focus over the next 7 weeks on my stomach.
I am going to do squats, crunches, sit ups, whatever other exercise I can to tone and tighten, well, ok, stop laughing, my belly.
I ordered a pair of jeans in a size 18!!!

After having lost a grand total, to date.....(and keep in mind, I had lost 70, and have gained some back), but I currently stand at 56 pounds lost. You would think my sizes would have gone down alot more.
But no, not that much.
I have gone down 1 bra size.
I have gone down 3 shirt sizes.
and I have gone down 4 jean sizes.
So, right now, the 18s that are hanging in my closet, are wearable, but somewhat tight and so I hope before the concert to be able to wear an 18 comfortably and not worry about sitting down lol.
So, I ordered a pair of jeans in black, boot cut, because I plan to wear my boots, but I may end up tucking.
And a gray shirt i have hanging in my closet that is a size 16, that is somewhat snug around the belly.
But it will be cold weather so I have a nice gray sweater to wear over.
I want to look good and I plan to buy and add some dark burgandy or purple color add in to my hair.
The group I am going with arent necessarily good friends, but women I have known for years.
I hope to lose these 10 to 12 lbs I have set as a goal before the date and hope my shirt fits!!!

In other news, we had to take our 2007 ford truck, which we bought used in May of this year, back to the dealership this week, due to loud rattling and missing.
After 5 days and having the warranty company send out an inspector to check it, they determined it needs a new motor altogether.
So, we have been without the truck a week and are looking at possibly 2 weeks before we get it back.
This dealership, which consists of 4 car lots in our county, has NO loaners.
But they are working on getting us one.
I vote for a corvette or mustang, lol, my luck it will be junk.
My son messaged me last night and told me he had joined the YMCA in his new hometown of Huntington, WVA.
I was very happy to hear this, as he himself has been struggling with his weight and health.
He has been clean and in NA for nearly 4 years now, but he and his friends tend to eat out alot and I think he is learning that trading one bad habit or addiction for another is just as unhealthy.
I hope he gets to come home at Christmas, even if there wont be much of anything under the tree this year.
This, with the job layoff and bills and moving expenses and vehicle expenses, etc, is going to be one of the poorest years for Santa Claus at our house in years.
Hopefully we can get back on track in this coming year and the possiblity of a new, better paying job for Honey will come to pass in the next few weeks.
I want to go to the walking track right now so bad I cant stand it, but looking out my window at the wind blowing hard thru the trees and the damp ground from an early morning rain and the gray clouds hanging overhead, I am beginning to doubt this is going to happen today.

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SPARKYFLOWER 12/6/2014 10:47AM

    I love Bob Seger . When my Husband and I got married, I had 3 children from a previous marriage and we let them pick our wedding song. They picked 'Old Time Rock and Roll' by Bob Seger. It bring a tear to me eye. You brought back precious memories. emoticon emoticon

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SWEETNEEY 12/6/2014 9:52AM

    Love that you are planning to look awesome for the concert, no matter what size you are. I don't wait to live life while I'm trying to lose weight.

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no break

Thursday, December 04, 2014

I am sorry to all my Spark friends.
I promise I havent forgotten about you. and I am sorry I havent been blogging and tracking. But I have stayed on track as well as I could.
Walking when the weather allows me and noticing how badly I need to focus more on toning and lifting, so the cold rainy days have at least allowed me that.
I dont know really why I have neglected my Spark.
I get the emails and I plan to come on and check in, but didnt realize it had been 2 weeks since I had blogged.

Thru the Thanksgiving holiday, I did overindulge and I felt horrible.
But thankfully and miraculously, I didnt gain any thru it.
I have maintained.
Which in itself isnt that great at all because I have really been trying to lose.
I set new goals often, and then forget them.
I hate setting goals for specific dates or reasons, like birthdays etc.
But I did set a small one for January 27th and I sit here realizing at least 2 weeks have passed on that goal with no real progress being made.
I guess the progress is the maintaining, but right now that isnt good enough.
I am not using the winter cold, the rain and fog and dampness and wet walking track as excuses.
and I am not using the holiday as an excuse either.
It is up to me to do this and allowing myself to give in to these bad thoughts is also on me.
One good thing about this year will be that my family has decided not to do the big traditional Christmas dinner this year.
My sister has to work Christmas day, so we plan to do a little evening meal the night before.
But even that is up to me, what i put on my plate, what I put into my mouth is on me.
So, I can choose badly or choose good health.
And keep sparking.

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CAPECODBABE 12/4/2014 6:27PM

    You sound like you are still motivated, and doing better than I am - I gained almost 2 lbs over the Thanksgiving holiday!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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day one of the no sun too wet to walk drizzly dark miserable yet oddly optimistic winter.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I have decided to try try try and then try some more to be optimistic and not allow nasty bad thoughts to consume me this winter.
As the days are going to be long and boring and cold and wet and I know my days of walking will be fewer and farther between.
Saturday I babysat and it was just way too cold to have a little one outdoors, so no walk,
Yesterday I did make it to the track, but only for about 25 minutes before the rain set in, light sprinkles at first, I pushed on another 3 or 4 laps before the track and myself began to get too wet for comfort.
Today I have done weight workout and am getting ready to do an afternoon rep on the ellipitcal.
Have stayed out of the kitchen, with the exception of a good omelet with spinach and tomatoes for breakfast.
I cannot even believe it is ONLY 1135 am and the rest of the day to go.
There is only so much house work one can do and watching Netflix or tv.
I cannot sit still.
I do not have to run unless I know I cannot run and then I want to leave this house more than anything.
I am hoping to catch up on some reading and maybe sleep if nothing else.
I do not want to become a lazy slug this winter and I know that sitting around will draw the sleepies and then I will do nothing.
I may even do another workout later in the afternoon.
Wed and Thursday they say the rain will let up so maybe a walk each day will be possible.

What I really need to focus on is my stomach.
Doing leg raises this morning, i noticed how much I really need to start toning the tummy.
I have trouble getting down in the floor due to my knee, it doesnt seem to want to let me back I need to focus on some type of tummy toning that involves standing.
Any suggestions are welcomed.
So it begins, the long winter of my discontent and while trying to remain positive, I can see the darkness blocking out the sun.
Still I try.

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CAPECODBABE 11/17/2014 6:56PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
We have had rain all day here, at least it's still in the 60s.

Looks like you have a positive attitude, and that's half the battle!

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GORDON66 11/17/2014 2:26PM

  You can sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor. Lay back with your arms crossed over your chest and use your abdominals to sit up. While on your back, push your lower back down to engage your abs. Fun stuff!!! You can also do standing push ups at your kitchen counter. To keep your body in a straight line, you have to use your stomach muscles. If you have a stability ball, you can do sit ups on it too.



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optimistic with cold fingers

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Seen the doctor yesterday and had my vitamin d checked. along with cholesterol and some others.
Should have my results tomorrow.
My weight was about what I thought it would be.
Disappointed that it wasnt less but it is ok.
The winter has finally arrived and today it was bitter cold.
I went to the track to walk and my fingers froze thru my mittens. I walked about 20 minutes until I could no longer feel them and decided to warm up in my car with the heater on.
So, I guess aside from the possible warm day here and there, it is time to face facts winter is here.
Buy warmer gloves, boggan and walking pants that come down to the ankles!!!
But as long as the roads are clear and the track isnt slick, I will try to walk as much as I can.
But I have gotten my stair stepper out of mothballs and have my stretch bands and weights handy.
I cannot and will not allow myself to use the cold weather to keep me down.
I have been suffering this SAD depression and I know that I have to make sure to get my sleep, take my vitamins, eat healthy and exercise.
Hopefully this winter wont be as bad nor as long as the last one.

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GORDON66 11/14/2014 9:16AM

  Stay warm!!!



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