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by gods own hand...with pics....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yesterday was a great day.
My honey and I spent it in the beautiful Breaks Interstate Park, that borders Ky/Va.
Only a few miles from home, this is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth.
I have the pics to prove it.

The only downfall to the day was the fact that I totally loved the hot fudge cake they had at the buffet.
But, we wont delve too deep into that.
We walked all around the park and we have decided that until the weather gets too cold, we are going to start going as much as we can and walking.
There are many trails to hike and overlooks.
I will put the pics up on my homepage and you can see what a beautiful place it is.
I have to get back on a more stricter regimen as for eating and exercising.
But today has been a good day so far.
I do dread my weight watcher weigh in on Thursday, but I am going to just take it as it comes and see where I am.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and hope you all have a lovely week.

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GRAMMACATHY 10/26/2010 6:51PM

    Stunning picture. Reminds me a bit of the coast range near here. You get better Fall color though.

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Happy New Year, yes, you read right.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some of you may be thinking, "has this woman totally lost it"..."it isnt New Years yet"...
But, I assure you, I am totally sane.
Maybe more so than I have been in awhile.
For you see, I have decided that this is going to be the New Year for me.
Thursday, Sept 30, will be my 43rd birthday.
And, since I so love the fall, I have decided that from now on this is when I will celebrate, not my birthday, but my new year.
It is a time of renewing my commitment to my weight loss program.
A time of renewing my goals of getting healthy.
I think I lost sight of what was important in all of this, ME.....
I was so totally focused on food and on losing weight that when I didnt lose I got all down about it, and just said screw it, and ate what I wanted.
And after hurting my leg in June, I have had a hard time getting back into physical fitness.
I all but stopped walking.
And doing my weight lifting less and less.
But this is a new year, and as we all do at the new year, we make a resolution to change.
But, this isnt going to be like that, I am not going to say, I will lose weight, I am simply going to say, I will strive to work toward getting healthy.
Taking off pounds is going to just be icing on the cake.
The low calorie cake of course!!!!
I am going to commit to exercise every single day, even when I feel like crud, I will pick up my 5 lb dumbbells and lift. If only for 2 minutes.
Just to keep it in my mind.
I love the fall of the year.
Right now the rain is falling outside and we needed it here so bad, the grass was totally drying out and the creeks were all but dry.
So many ppl hate the rain and look at it as a hinderance, but not me....I love the sound of it falling, I love watching the ripples of the puddles as the water falls into them.
I love the coolness in the air, and how the grass smells after it rains.
I would rather be out walking with my umbrella in a mist of rain, than on the hottest day of summer.
Yes, it is a time for renewal.
I think I will begin putting the bird seed out now, for it wont be long before the weather turns cold.
I love it.

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CRAUDI 9/26/2010 12:31PM

    Haha, happy new year! Good luck in this new year of change!!

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why does water do this to me?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Does anyone else have this problem? Sometimes, when I drink water, I feel very very tired and sleepy.
And other times, I feel rejuvenated?
Could I be dehydrated and not know it?
I drink my water everyday. So, what could it be.
It is the oddest thing.
Whenever I need to feel a burst of energy, I down a bottle of water.
It isnt like a rush, or even like I am awake, like caffeine might do.
Maybe I really am not getting enough water.
This day was supposed to be a day to recoup from the stressful day of yesterday, But alas, it wasnt.
Dealing with those in government offices can be a real fun time, especially those in vehicle tax and registration....
Those guys are the best. (she said dripping with sarcasm)....
Hope all of you have a good weekend and stay on track....Dont let the bedbugs bite and keep it between the lines, etc.

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DEE107 9/25/2010 12:13PM

    hmmm I would check with the doctor good luck

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LOSINGLINNDY 9/25/2010 12:17AM

    Are you sure it is the water making you tired and sleepy? Consider what else you are doing, not doing, eating or drinking. Being dehydrated can make you feel that way. Good luck in getting this figured out.

Hugs, Gaylinn

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yikes!!! i hate mieces to pieces

Friday, September 17, 2010

so today i go outside and am sitting on the porch waiting for my dog to explore the yard, looking for the perfect place to do his business....and i notice the leaves moving by honeys mustang wheel, now the mustang has been parked for awhile, due to some little minor brake problem, honey hasnt yet had the time to, anyway, i stand up and walk to the steps and look closer and i see the leaves move again, and as im looking, i see a mouse run up the tire of the car....and under the hood....oh no, here we go again.

about a year or so ago, the car started acting funny....and so he worked on it, still couldnt find the problem until one day he gets to looking and sees the wiring looks as if its been eaten away...gnawed...what??
so, he takes it to the local garage, a guy you can totally trust and he tells him, must be something eating at the wiring, the entire wiring harness had to be replaced.
so he sits outside on the porch late one evening and lo and behold, the mice show up and run up under the hood of the car.
so here it is again, what makes them do that? does anyone out there have a clue???
my car is parked right next to it and yet, as far as i know, i have never had one get into my car, at least i hope not, cuz i hate them suckers and if i were driving and one ran out on me, i would jump out the door of the car leaving it to go on its own.....

so today has been an ok day, i did break over folks and have some pepsi, the first soda i had drank in weeks and weeks.....
did ok food wise, i did have a chocolate chip muffin, but in my defense, it was fiber one.
i hope everyone out there has a lovely weekend and i wanted to thank everyone who weighed in on my last blog about bariatric surgery, i am still in the process of deciding...but got some great feedback.


the fall, and the reaping....

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The fall is here. September is here now....A few weeks ago, I was ready for this day...I was going to beat it and I was going to overcome.
Now the fall is here, the fall of me.
I have failed.
And its time for the reaping.
I go back to the dreaded doctor on Thursday. I was supposed to go to him last, on July 6. But i had surgery on July 2.
I was unable to walk without help, and was still using crutches and couldnt drive.
And since he was going out of town for his vacation, this week was as soon as they could get me in.
I was happy with that, that gave me a full 2 months to lose the amount of weight I need to lose. And I have pissed the time away!!!!
I think I have not only, NOT lost the weight I should have lost, but I think I am right back at the weight I was when I was last in his office in June.
I guess I will have to face the music.

I had not been able to exercise much beyond lifting weights, as my knee surgeon and physical therapist had not released me to go back to walking until mid August.
They put me on the treadmill at 8 minutes. 2 times a week and that was it.
I have to just man up and get back on track, and whatever he says to me, I guess he is right, I cant argue with him, I am the one who fowled it all up......
I dread the day and yet, I will be so glad when its finally over.
At least I am admitting that the fall was my own doing and its time to pick myself up off the ground, clean up my sorry ass and get back to work!!!!

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TRAMA534 9/7/2010 10:10PM


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JHADZHIA 9/7/2010 8:48PM

    Surgical recovery time sucks. All you can do when you are limited in exercise is watch those calories like a hawk!!! I have had to learn to do this for sure. You have to pretty much set the Fitness Tracker to zero exercise, then you will see an accurate calorie range you need to stay in. I had to learn that little tidbit. I very important lesson.
I hope you can recover soon and get back fully into it. I get antsy when I can't do my exercise.
Wish you all the best!!

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