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Support System

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why can family not be as supportive as friends? Maybe it is because I have awesome close friends that are extremely supportive and not judgmental. Where as my family, I know they love me, but they do not always feel supportive of my decisions. I have been struggling with finding real employment and a job that I enjoy. I have attempted going back for a masters but that failed majorly (Probably for more reasons than that was not the right choice). Now I am being pushed back into graduate school by my family because I haven't found the right "real" job yet. It is all stressful. Why is it so hard to realize that life is not like the board game with pre-determined great jobs and stops, it is a wild, wandering journey that sometimes comes with a lot of dead-ends. The stress is not helping with the weight loss because it is another thing on my mind and causes more mood swings that attack my willpower. I must keep repeating my new motto: Tomorrow is a new day, make choices to make it better.


Ah-ha Moment

Monday, May 12, 2014

This past weekend I got a new "toy," a fitbit flex because I recently lost my SAT and didn't want to lose momentum while I had the willpower. So while I am still trying to figure out all the details of the fitbit and their website, I thought about joining so community groups. As a scroll through the list, I see a group for 100+ to lose group, I started to join it automatically. Then I was hit with an Ah-ha moment. I realized that my goal weight was not 100 pounds away. A big smile popped onto my face after that. Small progress changes! :)


Slipping, Not Stopping

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have been bad this past weekish. It has been a gradual slide backwards though. It started with not closely tracking on the weekends when going home. Then it was breaking my routine of up at 5:30 to get in some strength exercises and yoga before work so I would be loose for the 30 day shred. Then I started using the excuse of having a painful blister on my heel so tennis shoes were out. But really all of those were just excuses. I am nit sure why I let myself fall for them when I was so excited for my mini goal that was totally attainable a week and a half ago. It was to lose the last 6 pounds. I would be out of 200, hopefully forever. But instead of focusing on it, I backslide, so that yesterday at the doctor was 3 pounds heavier than before. Grrrr... But I only have myself to blame. Oh, well tomorrow is a new day and almost a new month. So I am setting myself a new challenge (inspired by one of my non-SP friends) for the month of May I am going to walk at least 100 miles. So with that as my challenge/goal those pounds will hopefully melt right off and by Memorial Weekend will be onderland for me.

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859320 5/2/2014 12:42AM

    there are "Walk away the pounds" by Leslie Sansone on YOUTUBE that you can do in the house and bare foot if you have too. Just thought you might be interested while your blisters heal. emoticon

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144AUTUMN 4/29/2014 9:47PM

  You can do it!!

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Mini Goal

Monday, April 14, 2014

I have realized that I am horrible about keeping up blogging. It is not because I don't have things to rant about but because somethings I rant about a better for my handwritten journal and then I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day to try and write a blog on top of that, especially one that sounds the least bit eloquent. That is in the past though. I am starting a new goal for summer. It is to write one blog entry at least a week. But as of right now I will just do a brief overview since these topics seems to be what my mind is focusing on lately so I am sure to blog more about them later. My life is upheaval on account that I am living between two places working (not my dream job) and I got rejected from graduate school. I am not completely sure if I really even want to go to graduate school but it seems like everyone is pushing me that way. I am slowly still working on losing but I miss having my gym membership at the hospital as I did before. Well that is all the time I have this morning, I need to go get some strength training in and start my morning routine since today is an early work day.

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MUSIC123JJ 4/14/2014 6:55AM

    I look forward to reading your blogs

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Diet Unrest

Saturday, January 04, 2014

I don't consider myself on a diet. I am trying to change my lifestyle. I find it troubling that this time of year everyone is trying to diet. I believe that diets to lose weight do not work. Yes, you can lose weight on them but once you stop dieting then 90% if not more people gain back the weight they lost if not more. I was talking to my grandmother about her new diet. It consisted of eating only certain things for only 17 days then move on. The once you lose the weight you want to, the book she id getting this diet from was like it is okay to eat healthy during the week and then splurge on weekends. This sounds like a bad idea. While it is okay to splurge once in a while if you plan on splurging on the weekends it will counteract the healthy eating during the week. Plus she hasn't really talked about adding much exercise. I am curious to read the book so that I can laugh at it. I wanted to try and tell her about sparkpeople but she is so not good with computers and her cellphone that I am not sure she would understand completely about how to track.


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