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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The holidays are a great time to try and restart a new lifestyle and lose weight. But here I go again. I have been slipping the last month of more. I reached a plateau of bouncing between 209-215. It was frustrating and It lasted for about a month and I couldn't bust it. So then I let it slip. I stopped tracking as much and not watching my portions. But with the holidays coming and all the fattening food that means at all the parties even if my brother (college athlete and exercise nut) may kill me with trying to train with him.

My plan as of now (before college break starts)
Saturday & Sunday - Long dog walks & jessica smith video
Monday - Jog/elipitcal & home strength exercise
Tuesday - home strength exercise & zumba
Wednesday - zumba & jessica smith video
Thursday - eliptical/jog & home strength exercise
Friday- home strength exercise & short dog jog

Then during brother's Christmas break the plan will include daily c25k training and starting January 1st a friend are challenging each other to complete the whole 30 Day Shred.

Non-scale goals:
1. Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes.
2. Do 100 push-ups and 10 full sit-ups.
3. Complete the full 30 Day Shred as intended.
4. Be able to keep up with brother

200 (Down 10lbs): Vessyl or Intelligent Water Bottle
190 (Down 20lbs): New Digital Scale
180 (Down 30lbs): New Dress
170 (Down 40lbs): New shoes
160 (Down 50lbs): Jawbone Up
150 (Down 60lbs): New swimsuit
140 (Down 70lbs): New book
130 (Goal Weight): Party

Starting weight - 213lbs 11/12/14
Next Target weight - 200lbs by 1/1/15
End Goal weight - 130lbs

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BERGBA7 11/11/2014 10:28AM

    wohooo! That is very ambitious but I love it! GO! One step at a time and you will get there!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

I have stumbled yet again. I have stopped going to zumba. I am only walking the dogs the minimum amount. This is proof that if one part of your life is unbalanced and not satisfying you it will eventually seep into the rest of your life. I was doing well with the weight loss. I was feeling good. I was making smart food choices. But I was failing in the choices of life about my job. I am still wallowing in a pit of indecision about it. I am not sure what I want to be when I grow up but the problem is I am now grown up with no idea what I am going to make a career out of. My family wants me to be currently enrolled in graduate school to get certified to teach. I am not sure if teaching is 100% what I want to do. It seems like a waste to pay for grad school to find out that you don't like teaching. I have been subbing but it mostly makes me confused on the subject then helps. But while I have all the subbing confusion going on with trying to sub with three different sub pools, I also am in the family business as a "part-time" employee in the next town over. All this complication of living in two different towns, with two different types of demanding jobs makes it hard to figure out what I want to do or leave time to act it out. With my brain constantly preoccupied with the job/career situation, I have not been focusing on my health as much as I have need to. This has culminated in a weekend that I have completely binged. Now I am feeling the guilt of not smart choice. I feel sluggish, and depressed and wishing my mind would stop fighting over the career path. I desire clarity in what I want to do as a career. I want to be able to focus on me again in getting healthy.


Fall Season

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Here it goes again. One of my favorite times of the season and the beginning of the holiday season!!! It is also the worst food eating time of the year. Especially in the South. Every time I go to the store, everyone's carts are loaded down with fattening food. It does not help making healthy choices when that is all that is around when you go places. So far I have not been too bad. These next two weekends will be tricky. I will be going tailgating and to a college football game. Then the next weekend I am hanging out with one of my friends that is not a huge fan of healthy eating. So while we will be doing a 5k it may be counter productive. I am still excited for some cooler weather to be able to workout after work without heat stroke.

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MSFROGGIE 9/11/2014 8:00AM

    Enjoy the tailgating parties!!

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PURPLEPEONY 9/11/2014 2:22AM


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ZRIE014 9/11/2014 12:16AM

  wish you the best

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 9/10/2014 11:49PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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The view from the plateau vista

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Plateaus. They are annoying little buggers in weightloss. I can't seem to shake the 211-213 flip. It seems to be staying either one or the other depending on water intake. There are times this plateau makes me want to scream in frustration. But this plateau has a pretty good view because while the rest of my life is topsy-turvy. I have come to realize that this plateau is not a horrible thing. I have come to appreciate my one of my best friends who is on this journey with me for pushing me but no judgement. I am more aware of my binges and their triggers. I may have plateaued but I still have lost about 30 pounds, which is an accomplishment because it seems to be staying off even when I backslide a bit.

More is to come with a review of my fitbit but sleep is needed for my 5am wog session.

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PURPLEPEONY 8/7/2014 1:50AM

    emoticon emoticon

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DJ4HEALTH 8/5/2014 11:46PM

    emoticon emoticon Have you heard of HIIT Workout? That might be something that you may want to look into to see if that would help you past this plateau

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Support System

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why can family not be as supportive as friends? Maybe it is because I have awesome close friends that are extremely supportive and not judgmental. Where as my family, I know they love me, but they do not always feel supportive of my decisions. I have been struggling with finding real employment and a job that I enjoy. I have attempted going back for a masters but that failed majorly (Probably for more reasons than that was not the right choice). Now I am being pushed back into graduate school by my family because I haven't found the right "real" job yet. It is all stressful. Why is it so hard to realize that life is not like the board game with pre-determined great jobs and stops, it is a wild, wandering journey that sometimes comes with a lot of dead-ends. The stress is not helping with the weight loss because it is another thing on my mind and causes more mood swings that attack my willpower. I must keep repeating my new motto: Tomorrow is a new day, make choices to make it better.


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