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Living A Dream--One of Many

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When I was just a toddler, my hometown landscape changed forever. In a matter on months nearly 50 years ago the skyline was altered to display a new shiny monument known world-wide as The Gateway Arch.

Because I left St. Louis before coming into adulthood, I had a dream to return to my hometown and work for one of the many businesses that overlooked this massive symbol of westward expansion. As determination prevailed, I did return home permanently just over 20 years ago .

The first employment position I secured was with a law firm in the Metropolitan Square Building, the tallest office building in the St. Louis skyline. I was grateful to see phase one of my dream realized, though I didn't realize it at that time. I never took it for granted and reflected several times when looking out the window of that high-rise at such a rich historical significance of the Arch. St. Louis, after all, is the starting point for many of Americans who settled the Louisiana Purchase Territory so many years ago.

After working for a few other well-known local employers, I am now experiencing phase two of this dream. In my present position, I now work literally in the shadows of the Gateway Arch on the only plot of land that has never changed hands in the 200 year history of the City of St. Louis. For the past 4 years, I come to this river-view setting and sit at a desk plugging away at routine administrative duties. I'm only here three days a week, and at first I did take it for granted. Now I see it all so differently.

Because of SparkPeople and my new-found motivation to "get up and get moving," I now get outside to walk the Gateway Arch Trail that goes around this monumental national treasure. [The Fitness Maps feature allows me to get exact distance and log duration so I know the calories I burn each time I make my journey.]

Each time I make the routine journey along my Fitness Map, I see new happenings and listen to busy river traffic. Several times I've paused a the request of tourists to snap a photo. Today I saw a family picnicking in the fresh-cut lawn, a couple bus loads of senior tourists marveling at the size of the Arch, elementary school children playing chase in the grass, business professionals pausing for lunch on a bench, and many walkers and joggers using their lunch hour to get in precious minutes of fitness. There were a few cargo barges carrying grain, I suppose, down river. Even the historic paddle boat had a load of tourist passengers making it's way with the current of the mighty Mississippi River.

All the time I was reminding myself "Don't take these gifts for granted. You are living your dream."

I am blessed. Thank you!


Spring Cleaning in Our House

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New attitudes prevail and as we spring clean, we are also purging. The things we no longer fit into are going into the garage sale. We are even down-sizing, so to speak, the household by simplifying decor.

If we do not sell it, then off to our chosen charities...

The St. Agatha Center is a food pantry and assistance program for the less fortunate. They have a grand Christmas party each year for their more than 175 client families. They can take all the holiday decorations, even a Christmas tree, and reallocate it to those in need of assistance. They also take small furniture and appliances to help the former homeless in getting set-up in an apartment.

All our adult clothes go to the ScholarShop because of the great work that they do to make strides in education and scholarships for the less fortunate.

Very worthy, noble causes all. Whatever you choose to share your abundance of riches--time, talent, or treasures--do so so with a loving and understanding heart. For one day you may be asking a community outreach program for aid yourself.


Loving the Wii Fit SparkTeam Challenge

Monday, April 16, 2012

Not every time do I accept a team challenge on the SparkPeople message boards. Since I'm new to using my Wii Fit for exercise, I decided to try this challenge. Now it's forcing me to do some of the games and activities which I've avoided thus far.

In doing the Day 1 challenges, I'm pleasantly pleased with my performance. Yoga was not one of the areas I had ventured in the past and I did remarkable well for a beginner. (Wii Fit told me so, anyway!)

So, tomorrow is Day 2 and I'm embracing this week's challenges with my whole heart -- and body -- with the eyes on the prize. Not only for a chance to win a SparkGoodie, but also for a better ME!


Taking a Day Off Felt GOOD

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yesterday I took a day off from all my regular fitness routine and it felt good. Don't get me wrong, I still put in 90 minutes of bowling with my family so I did log some activity.

This week I've been working so hard to maintain, that I not only needed a physical but a mental day off.

Maybe tomorrow I'll regret it, but today I'm grateful for having spent more time with my family on a bowling outing.


Missed Opportunity... NOT

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I don't regret not putting in more time on the Wii Fit Plus tonight. I spent the evening with my two favorite people watching videos.

Tomorrow is another day and I'll rise before my family to get in my 30-45 minute workout then start my day! Woohoo!


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