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It's So Easy...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

to do my fitness routine or workout the first thing in the morning.

Quiet, uninterrupted "me time" when no one else is up gives me the house all to myself. That alone allows me to push myself further and burn more calories.

Plus, when I sleep in my workout clothes -- which I often do -- shaves a few moments off my prep time. That way I can stay in bed a few more minutes.

After all, I am a morning person. Now I rise and shine to the beat of a cardio workout!


Making Progress

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Since February, every Wednesday I've been walking the same 1.65 miles -- according to Fitness Maps -- along the Gateway Arch Trail that overlooks the St. Louis Riverfront. It's beautiful, scenic walk with many tourists enjoying the sights and sounds of our river city.

At first I was pleased with myself that I was just getting out from behind my office desk once a week for some exercise during my 9+ hour workday. (The other two days I work are shorter so I can't take a lunch break.) Now it's become more of a weekly challenge for me as I try to best my performance from week to week.

Today was a GREAT day in that I beat my personal best time on this same trail. It only took me 28 minutes to make the walk. I shaved 2 minutes off the same walk just one week ago! Woohoo!

emoticon to me!


At my Best

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today: I was truly at my BEST...

I rate my SparkPeople days by the total SparkPoints I earn through the usual channels. When I get in all my activity points, it really makes a difference in my totals -- as you can imagine.

Well, today I earned 123 SparkPoints! This is a personal best!!!

Cheers to me! Here's to more days like today!


Easter Vices

Sunday, April 08, 2012

There are a few things I can't pass up on Easter... Most of them involve chocolate.

Of course, I don't waste my calories on the cheap stuff. Oh, no, I am a hold out for the traditional French Silk Chocolate Cream Pie, Merb's Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs, and Chocolate-covered Strawberries. I pass on the other inferior chocolates from the grocery candy aisle, including the solid chocolate bunny!

Thank goodness this day is OVER. Tomorrow is another day and a new attitude, I mean, nutrition menu! Wahoo!!


Good, Better, Best

Saturday, March 31, 2012

How I keep motivated early in the SparkPeople game is to make sure that my SparkPoints goals are met. I have decided to categorize my daily SparkPoints achievements as "Good, Better, Best" ...

Good = 50-74 Total SparkPoints
Better = 75-99 Total SparkPoints
Best = 100+Total SparkPoints

Of course, I can't rely on my Daily Login Spin because that varies from day to day; the most I ever achieved, as I recall, is 10 points. However, on the Bonus Spin I've earned 20 and 25 points on a couple occasions. Woohoo!

The easy part is reading the emails, checking out as many articles as allowed, meeting my team challenges and huddling on my SparkTeams like most of us. I also record EVERYTHING I eat in my Nutrition for a guaranteed 10 SparkPoints each day. Where I soar in this personal challenge is achieving a GREAT fitness day. (aka reaching the maximum points allowed for Cardio and Other Exercises). It's really not that hard when I make the time.

Now that I'm into a daily fitness mind set, I'll keep reaching to achieve GREAT-ness in my personal daily SparkPoints challenge. The other goals will eventually catch up!


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