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☼I Did It! -50lbs with SparkPeople!☼

Friday, October 07, 2011

I thought that I would be more formal, motivational, thought provoking by the time this day would roll around, IF, it were ever to roll around. Yet, here it is and I am still me. Well, that's unfair; I am so much more improved for this journey. I'd love to give you something eloquent to wrap around your soul and ignite your inner spirit, but, I'm a homeschooling mother to five children that is expecting her mother and father in-law over for Canadian Thanksgiving sleepover tomorrow night and I was not expecting today for my goal to be met. There is no time for eloquence, please allow me to share some highlights of my journey to this goal...


35 weeks ago I began my second attempt with SparkPeople after a health scare. I was passing out from pain while driving and falling asleep at the table in the middle of the day. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was schooling my children at home and carrying a ridiculous volunteer workload and I hit burnout. Migraines were out of control to where I was getting two a week and I was anemic. These triggered a severe depression. I became suicidal. I sought help at health care institution that focused on sabotaging my faith system instead of equipping our family to cope and manage. My SparkFriends were there to help me transition in that time of utter defeat. I was humiliated to have to reach out for mental health help only to be attacked for my faith. SparkPeople helped me through depression. I found a specialist for the migraines and when they were managed I was able to begin to focus on other aspects of my journey. While I took care of my mental and physical pain I focused on blogging the negative thoughts outside of myself and accepted the the positive influence of friends here. I realized that I had ZERO weight loss support in my immediate family and although that devastated me I learned early on that I could do this for no one and no one could do this for me. I was my own responsibility.

V/Blogging was one of the key tools of my success. It was not the healthy food (save your self-righteous indignation for someone else), and not exercise. This tool allowed me to reach out to compassionate people. People that understood my heartache, my self-loathing, self-rejection, self-abuse, twisted self-image, struggles, aspirations.....and the list goes on. Otherwise my dreams would've NEVER came to fruition without the words, thoughts and visits of my friends.

I learned that to have friends I have to be friendly. If I'm lonely...chances are so is my SparkFriend(s) and I gotta get out there and make SparkTown sparkly!

Water has changed my life. I was only drinking a cup a day when I began. I can gauge a great weight loss week to how well I've been hydrating myself. I aim to drink 9-10 cups of water a day.
TIP: Before I eat in the morning I try to drink 2 cups...then before every meal a cup to curb over eating.

The Nutrion Tracker...Wow, I hate and love it. I hate that it told me the truth, but, it saved my life. I was doubling if not tripling my calories. I had no concept of proper portions. I now measure everything and may have to for a loooong time, but, I am worth it.
TIP: I do not use dinner plates EVER. I use a sandwich goal is for my stomach to not be bigger that that sandwich plate then why would I choose a larger plate at meal time? It works!

I had berated myself for not having formal exercise like all the other women do with their Zumba, and Pilates and "XYZ" classes and felt I would have no success unless I had a class of each once a week. I had Dance Party Friday right here on SparkPeople with LVNGMENOW (ROGUE_RUNNER) and any vlogger that wanted to play along. That usually resulted in informal activity for an entire evening once a week for my entire family. Then when Spring hit a fellow sparker would post his gardens and I got my gardening on. I dropped 6 lbs the first week I got out into my gardens. My SparkFriends reminded me that activity did not have to be 'formal' ~ just get active. SparkFriends are brilliant!!

What keeps mine burning is my faith. I have had to face so many fears.

*The first one was, "What if I let go of this protective layer of fat and I no longer have it as a shield, I could be raped again?" I had to speak truth harshly to myself...people of all sizes and all shapes are sexually abused...fat, or age will not protect you. If anything a slimmer, healthier you has more of a chance at being safe than a larger, slower, unconfident you." *My second fear was, "What do I do when people hate me for my success?" I hate being hated...I don't want anyone to be miserable because of me. Truth again is...people choose joy. To rejoice is a choice. If they are miserable it is their choice regardless of my success or failure.

This quote has been helping me with my fears and continuing on in this journey:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
By Marianne Williamson

I must go and reclaim my home from the dog and renegade children before Thanksgiving. This is going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving for me....

May God Bless you on your journey. If you're looking for a SparkFriend I'm glad to be her, please friend me. I would love to see you reach your dream!

I've met my -50lbs goal. My next goal is to see HEALTHY range in the next couple of weeks (by my birthday; October 29th) I promised to gift myself a HEALTHY body go from OBESE to healthy this year as a present to myself.....
[achieved my HEALTHY RANGE in time for my birthday, October 29th, 2011!!!)]

KEY: Don't Quit.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    This is a great blog, Liz! I just happened upon a link to it in an old post "cheer on this member" when you had a different name. The vlog link took me to the cartwheel post and then there was a link to this one. Glad I got to read this one. I didn't realize you'd come so far so recently. :) You maintain like a pro.. like you've always been lean and fit. :)

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JOY73YL 1/14/2012 2:38PM


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FITSMALLCLOTHES 11/21/2011 12:44PM

I have had migraines for thirty years. Once with pain straight for months, I was off work on FMLA. I have been on every med, tracked causes, and tried every palliative measure I could find. After reading Tolle books and listening to tapes of him a couple years, I stopped identifying with a disease, migraines, and went off all meds. I started dealing with what the present moment brings. If it gave discomfort, that was accepted and allowed to be, as it already was. Lately, I had some pain after holding my iPad for a long time. I looked up trigger points,

I have had great success, after acceptance, in relieving all kinds of head discomforts. Look up trigger points and read Tolle. emoticon

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DEMARIE26 11/14/2011 9:26PM

    I have steered away from reading the blog, no time again is the excuse but I am so happy I read this one, we are so alike it's frightening. Divine intervention I think happened this time, the Cartwheel did it, I use to do gymnastics and miss that feeling. I too had severe depression, the problem was the medication they insisted I take put on over 50 lbs in only a few months, now it's 1.5 years later and I am still struggling with about 30 lbs, it is discouraging and depressing and I can get lost in that again. Thank you for your honest post, I so need a friend like you, I am saving this blog into my favorites so I can read it over and over. I am so happy that you made it to the part of feeling good about yourself.

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MI-ELLKAYBEE 11/10/2011 11:34PM

    Thank God for bringing you into my life today, when I needed a miracle (and got a slight reprieve from a change I was dreading.) I have been praying for help one day at a time - and today God gave me seven days. My SparkPeople friends - and my journey on SparkPeople has been - and shall long remain - a highlight in my life. I hope tp get to know you better, so I added you as a friend. No one has the right or the "freedom" to attack your (our) Faith! God Bless you!

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MYLL_WOOD 11/10/2011 9:52PM

    Wow THANKYOU for being so inspiring. I have been going through the same issues, An it's so releaving to know I'm not the only one. You're awesome!

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NANHBH 11/10/2011 7:57PM

    Awesome story! Congratulations on your success. You are an inspiration to us all!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CLIFF800 11/10/2011 10:36AM

  Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go girl. In looking at the pictures you look so much more beautiful, and healthier , with the 50 lbs lost tucked away in the bag then when you were carrying it around with you daily.
Your commitment and sharing your experience certainly helps to keep me motivated as well.
Thanks for the inspiration, hope and commitment to help all of us spark people to get healthier and wiser as we work the steps daily.

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RIPSNORTER1 11/10/2011 7:00AM

  What an encouraging post! I got an email from Sparkpeople with your story on it today, and I'll say it was most encouraging and informative. I, too, am on a journey to lose weight. I needed to lose 55 lbs (from 239 to 184). Today I am 221. I got a boost from your post. Thank you!

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IHEARTGEE 11/10/2011 5:29AM

    What an absolutely amazing journey you have taken! I'm sorry that it started off in such a negative manner, especially with your faith being attacked - that should never happen to anyone. But you stayed strong and you've accomplished so much! I love that you say that journalling was your most important tool for success. I'd have to agree with you; the nutrition and exercise are tools, but it's the journals, blogs and support that actually keep me going.

Well done on a life changing achievement, and hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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SPDEWINA 11/10/2011 3:38AM

    You are fantastic!!!

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EMPTRS 10/17/2011 9:14PM

    WOW-AMAZING WORK!!! Congratulations and I am so proud of your accomplishments-not just weight loss-you are changing your life and your family's life!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DESERTFLOWERG 10/17/2011 11:34AM

    "Gift myself a healthy body." That says so much.

Report Inappropriate Comment
WILDFIREKRISTIN 10/16/2011 11:17PM

    Did I ever tell you how beautiful and powerful I feel you are? Well...if I didn't now I would like too! You are an amazing lady that shows power in her writing and her strength. I am so lucky to have you in my life! God bless you dear!

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JSTHIESS 10/16/2011 1:19PM

    Excellent blog! Just what i needed to hear today... and i think i'll take you up on that friend offer... i don't have support either except on SP.

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PURPLESPARK89 10/15/2011 8:24PM

    This was wonderful and inspiring, congratulations on reaching your goal!

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LADYVOLSFAN1954 10/15/2011 6:08PM

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Congratulations on your 50 + pound weight loss. Yes we have to do it for ourselves and there's a lot of emotional baggage that goes with the fat. You have do brilliantly! Your words are so true! I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful blessed day. Looking forward to hearing how your birthday is! Sending you hugs for a job well done! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOSTMOM1 10/15/2011 4:43PM

    Oh you brilliant, fantabulous woman! I love, love, love this blog. Thank you so much for sharing. Spark on, Brave Sparker!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MOMTO2TOO 10/13/2011 10:59PM

    NOT eloquent?!!! Wrong! I love what you shared and the way you shared it. Thank you. The quote from Marianne Williamson still has hold of my heart. I doubt I'll ever forget reading it.


Comment edited on: 10/13/2011 11:02:25 PM

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MICHELEBROWN5 10/13/2011 9:19PM

  I was moved and inspired by your blog. I am going to friend you, if that is okay.

Report Inappropriate Comment
ALIHIKES 10/13/2011 8:26PM

    Congratulations! Very wonderful blog. Like you, I find the positive reinforcement at SP and the participation in the comments very powerful tools! I didn't realize how much feeling that I had to perfect was holding me back from reaching my goals. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ECHAVEZ2 10/13/2011 4:20PM

    Wow! You hit it and touched me so well. It is the FEAR that is holding me back and I must get past them. This is a wonderful blog!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RANDOM00B 10/13/2011 3:45PM

    emoticon emoticon

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LIFECHANGE2012 10/13/2011 2:36PM

    Very powerful blog. thanks for sharing. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday soon!

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BEYOURBEST1 10/13/2011 2:04PM

    Congratulations on your success.
Great blog!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHANGING4LIFE 10/13/2011 12:44PM

    Thank you for sharing your story. I admire your honesty and your candidness.

And congratulations on your weight loss.


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PATTILYNN224 10/13/2011 12:23PM

    Thank you for sharing your story. You have inspired many and we are thankful. Happy Thanksgiving (belated).

Report Inappropriate Comment
SAFAYR3 10/13/2011 10:50AM

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! It was very uplifting and motivational!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FELICIA68 10/13/2011 10:46AM


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HAPPY_AS_IS 10/13/2011 10:20AM

    Congratulations!!! It sounds like you had a rough road and you conquered it. I am so happy for you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
THERESAMARIEM 10/13/2011 10:07AM

    Congrats on your goal!! I am just 1lb shy of my first weight loss goal, pre-pregnancy weight. I've worked so hard and I'm so eager to get there. I like your technique for the water. I will have to do that also. Just grab a bottle of water first thing in the morning and drink while getting ready and going to work. It would be a great start and will allow me to get the rest of the water in for the day. Congrats again!!!!

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LAURIE-RN 10/13/2011 9:04AM



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SURGENBERD 10/13/2011 7:43AM

  Kudos to you! emoticon

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BLACKBSE 10/13/2011 7:14AM


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MARYKMOVIN 10/12/2011 11:30PM

    Thank~you for sharing. That was just what I needed to hear. Congrats!
GOD is Good!! Shine on!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DIABETICVIP 10/12/2011 10:12PM

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SHRINKINMAMMA 10/12/2011 5:11PM

  Congratulations on your journey! Well written!

Report Inappropriate Comment
THUNDERNREIGN 10/12/2011 4:10PM

    Thank you for sharing in complete honesty of your journey. You are absolutely beautiful!

Bless you and your day
- Jenna

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CRISPYTINA1 10/12/2011 3:47PM

    emoticon Thanks for sharing!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GRAFFYGIRL 10/12/2011 2:03PM

    Congratulations and well done. Thank you for your inspiration and for so eloquently putting it all to words. emoticon

I am still working at it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SPEEDY143 10/12/2011 1:41PM

    Spot on emoticon emoticonon your success emoticontoo emoticon


Report Inappropriate Comment
DIANE- 10/12/2011 1:34PM

    congrats to you and thank you for the motivation. :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
SSJIGGER 10/12/2011 1:30PM

    Thank you for your entry - an insperation! Congrats and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GLMASHLEY 10/12/2011 12:10PM

    I love your words and they ring so close to my own. If diet and exercise were all it took, I would be the healthiest person on the planet. I know how to eat, I know how to be active, what has confounded me all along was the reason for my weight gain. Why did I put on this protective suit? I believe I have turned a corner and no longer need to be invisible and hidden behind this mask. It's ok to be seen and to shine. I can protect myself. Thanks for your lovely words and for the knowledge that I am not alone in this journey, there are others. We all deserve to shine. Shine on and congratulations on all of your success!

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DRAGONFLY79 10/12/2011 11:39AM

    Congratulations! And, I did find your words and ideas motivational, so Thank you!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANGTRIAGAIN 10/12/2011 11:13AM

    Congratulations and good job!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CAKEGIRL33 10/12/2011 10:42AM

  Thanks for your honesty about your journey and your testimony of faith. I am just getting started on my journey and my goal is also 50 pounds. Thanks for sharing your encouraging story.

Report Inappropriate Comment
BRAVEHEART4ME 10/12/2011 10:30AM

  Great blog! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 10/12/2011 10:26AM

    Congratulations on your success, that's fantastic!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NURSE333 10/12/2011 10:04AM

    Great post

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☼ means this is me chillaxin'...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Just a Tuesday visit; stop by if you feel like chillaxin' 'shop talk' today.

Breaking out in song was spontaneous...I have NO clue why. If I actually stopped to think about it I would not sing EVER for you. Especially with the likes of FITWHIT on here...did you hear her singing on her vlog?!! I LOVED that!!!!

Listen to her and give your ears a chance to forgive you for having listened to me ;)

The quiz that Bobby brought home from work...
Pick the shape that you feel you would be if you were a shape....C'mon, have some fun!!!

Follow this link if you like the questionnaire sorta thang... or explanations behind the shape stuff...

Go ahead guess which one I am....

Hubby is a rectangle or a square

There is a new Batman in the works...this is the trailer:

This is the drawing I did when I was 13 that haunts me...thanks, MA!

Know what...I'll add some other art my mama has hanging at her place that I took on my sons's SD card on his Nintendo XL...why not?!

and a dill plant thingy

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MKPRINCESS007 11/2/2011 7:27PM

    I am a BOX. What a surprise! NOT. :) Thanks for your art! You have real, real, real talent!


Report Inappropriate Comment
SNOWANGELDIVA 11/2/2011 6:29PM

    SUE~ Thank you!
ASRMOM ~ me thinks you may be squiggly LOL!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SUECHRIS50 11/2/2011 6:09PM

    Girl you could make money at artwork!!Love ya silly girl!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ASRMOM 11/2/2011 5:46PM

    I love you being you! No idea what shape I'm in. I started to think about it, as asked a question by the DD, looked at the screen and clicked the link (didn't read it again, and of course I had forgotten to pick on--I mean who could stick on topic after discussing the aerodynamics of imaginary people riding a Lego train with an ejection seat?) So I clicked the button and was like, oh, ah! Look at the way the shapes change shape and color. Didn't learn anything about myself-but it was fascinating!

Maybe I'm easily distracted today?

Report Inappropriate Comment
SNOWANGELDIVA 11/2/2011 5:39PM

    TWLIGHT~ K...that is dangerous! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    I'm a squiggle to... surprise..

Report Inappropriate Comment
DAWNFIRE72 10/9/2011 12:46PM

    You are a very talented artist I think your Mom should be proud of your work.

I took the questionnaire thingy and I am a Box + Squiggle and the description of that personality type is dead on for me. Thanks for sharing.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SEMBEREVE78 10/8/2011 9:04PM

    Im a CIRCLE! (Makes sense to me!) Also, I loved the dill plant art!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LENKA763 10/5/2011 3:38PM

    i'm a combination of a circle and a squiggle..

which i think is pretty true

thanks for sharing
and making me smile!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SNOWANGELDIVA 10/5/2011 2:09PM

    Crystle~Muhaha! We are KIN!!!

Teresa~"SsSHhh Important!" didn't work, but, it was fun to say...and may indeed be repeated! BATMAN doing his noble thing - so very droolable!

Jess~ emoticon Thank you!

Jean~ emoticonThat you are a kitty person, I am not shocked! Thank you for saying so about my art. emoticon

Tea~ Thanks, Sis... emoticon emoticon

Melly~ emoticonI had fun! I'm thinking I need my OWN Alfred! I know what you're sayin' about the Joker - he did sooo very well on his acting in that part... emoticon Circles are AWESOME!!! Check out smiley guy!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NAVYMOM133 10/5/2011 12:06PM

    This was FUN! Let's see. Very nice artwork! Is that a sisters portrait? I love that one!!
I have to go with Batman, too, though I hear where you're coming from with Alfred... nothing like a total sounding-board kind of guy who has everything ready for you, hands you your cool gadgets, straightens your outfit and wishes you luck! And Heath Ledger was just amazing as the Joker - what a mess drugs makes of lives... sigh...
Funny Keanu Reeves story, loving your matrix background.
emoticon emoticon emoticon "... ah, no. That is not Jesus."

I am a circle!! I did the test twice, got slightly different questions and remained a circle. I'm ok with circledom!!!

Glad you're feeling a tad better, just saw your status....

Report Inappropriate Comment
MNOT2THICK 10/4/2011 10:28PM

    FYI- Circle in the house. emoticonI do have half-timers.

Just when my awe is at its peak, you up the anty. Beautiful artwork my talented one. The Lord has blessed you with many gifts!!

Comment edited on: 10/5/2011 3:53:11 PM

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JEANUT 10/4/2011 9:51PM

    Oh my, you are very talented. No wonder your mother wants your art up... I would too.

Fav. person from Batman? LOL cat woman... yes I know she was a villain but people like Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt did a very good job playing her.

Report Inappropriate Comment

    emoticon You have such a great personality! I hope you feel better soon, darlin!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BAILEE_GRAVES 10/4/2011 5:45PM

    I love....."SSSHHHH SSSHHHH SSSHHHHHH IMPORTANT!!" I think we should now start every vlog with that sentence!

Bless you Lizzy girl. You are a bright ray of sunshine in my day!!

Favorite Batman character....BATMAN! *swoon*

Report Inappropriate Comment
CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 10/4/2011 5:30PM

    Cool artwork.

I had to laugh about the exlax. My hubby and I have a joke when he is torturing me. I like to remind him who cooks his food. emoticon

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Let's NOT add coffee and say we did..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

on the upswing *ZING!ZING!!*
YES, it has something to do with my man FINALLY making his way home.
YES, it has something to do with putting my plans for building an Ark on hold and actually getting outside!
So what!
I owned Drama Mama months ago and part of this lovely package is that my life impacts me...a lot!
I LOVE my life I would rather breath the darkest days then sigh an uneventful existence.
Life is for living.
I LOVE that I have a hubby that acts like he's 75. It balances my inner 12 year old.
I LOVE that I have 5 children....I have someone to wear out and keep my A.D.D> entertained.
I LOVE that I got a camera of my very own after years of not having one!!!
I LOVE that my clothes come from consignment. They're only going to change with the seasons anyway and I NEED the next XBOX 360 Shoot 'Em Up game....or really I HAFTA get me that Glo-In-The-Dark yarn. I mean. HAFTA!! I'm going to make my best friend a complete layette in it and NOT tell her. That way when she lays her baby to bed at night and her baby glows it will TOTALLY MESS HER UP!!!.
It'll mess her up good because she loves life A LOT more than me cuz she's on baby #9!
I LOVE how my kids convinced me to stay up and watch Mentalist on CTV last night. Oh, Patrick Jane you are sooooo brilliant.
I LOVE that I know myself well enough that if my hair straightener fritzes I will go mental. Same with the the Moroccon Oil...if Sarah uses that as body lotion and I have to go through another bad hair week again until 'pay day', I will love that I know myself enough now that I know those things may send me to the Loonie Bin.
I LOVE that my daughter acts all 'cool' in public but is really Strawberry Shortcake.
I LOVE my ankles. Hello friends...thank you for not hiding anymore!
I LOVE that my piano has wheels. It made it easy for me (and Bruno Mars) to move.
I LOVE that SparkGuy visited Cheri on her SparkPage yesterday and I got to eavesdrop...I felt like I was Celebrity was like I was spotting Justin Beiber.....okay....not him, but, you get the idea!!!!
I LOVE this place!

I LOVE how LOVE multiplies!

I really need coffee...

SO. the link for the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom work stuff for my JK :

We're working on the Lapbook.

Some random photos cuz I'm high on life!
My 13 yo John & I (Yes, he is strangling me)

My 12 yo Kate & I (Wanting to hunt down her doggie...somewhere out there....)

My 7 yo David & I in front of the SUNFLOWERS!

My 6 yo Jojo & I in front of my lovely Morning Glories and Teki Torches.

My 3yo Sarah with Cruzer. I had her too wound up climbing the indoor 'Tree' and everytime we hugged she was flopping all over the place and her head was missing from, no me in the photo. Oh, I think we're OKAY with that. I don't think we're suffering.

My doggie and his ridiculous amount of kisses. I mean ridiculous!

Hope you have a wonderful Weekend if I don't get in tomorrow. I hope I do, but, I have a feeling we're focusing on Katie's room while her Daddy is at work the next two days. That way when he is home we won't wake him up.
emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SEMBEREVE78 10/8/2011 9:18PM

    My boyfriend is from Morocco and he's the one who first told me about Argan Oil.

Report Inappropriate Comment
REBECCAMA 9/30/2011 11:40AM

  Haha.. great attitude, but never forget the coffee. :-)

Report Inappropriate Comment
NAVYMOM133 9/30/2011 9:48AM

    How did I miss this one?? Too busy saying I love your crochet work and I live near Bernat Mills, I suspect! HA!

I love this blog and vlog!! I love you have an inner 12-year-old, and that your hubby is your perfect compliment. I also love that you don't even need caffeine to be so happy that he's home.

This also answered my question about your status. Hehehe... yep, I'm sure 5 kids are having a grand old time with Shih Tzu. My sister has one and whenever she says "Shih Tzu", I respond with my sneeze response: "Bless you!" If only she started with "Ah, ahhhhhh AHHHH..... ShihTzu!
Have a wonderful weekend!! Melly

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JENNYBAKER247 9/30/2011 8:56AM

    This is beautiful! I love it! Your pictures are wonderful, and you all just glow with love and happiness. Woo Hoo!!! What a fun house and a fun family! Way to Go!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
GOCYCLE 9/29/2011 10:59PM

    I can feel the love! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
HEY_STEVE 9/29/2011 8:03PM

    Love the blog, love the pictures, love your attitude!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MNOT2THICK 9/29/2011 2:26PM

    I love the crazy (cute in you)
I love the way you love your family
I love the way you care
I love your sense of humor
I love the way you think
I love the way you share
ah shucks, I just love you and your family

Report Inappropriate Comment
JUST2SWEET 9/29/2011 1:18PM

    Thank you Liz for sharing your life and family with us here at SP you are a ray of sunshine and always make me smile...

Report Inappropriate Comment
MALKS_ARIA 9/29/2011 9:38AM

    soooo ADD!!! But that's you, and makes me smile!!

Such a great Gratitude list!!!!

Have a great *weekend*


Report Inappropriate Comment
LENKA763 9/28/2011 11:26PM

    I LOVE that you are my Sparkfriend
I LOVE the blogs and vlogs you make
I LOVE how you make me smile
I LOVE that you share your family and your garden
I LOVE that you express your feelings

and more

Report Inappropriate Comment
CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 9/28/2011 8:08PM

    LOVED the pictures Liz. What a full and blessed life. The kiddos are precious. You rock too. emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEXASFILLY 9/28/2011 7:13PM

    Aww~ what a beautiful family! Nice lookin' dog, too! Hey, I gotta agree with the SP gang~ and Shannon said it best, "We love everything about you!" *hugs* Love you bunches, sunshine~ *hugs* BB~

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANEWBETHSTL 9/28/2011 7:00PM

    I LOVE YOU! emoticon

I am so very glad you are having so much fun with that new camera. it's nice to see lots of pics of your little ones and of you also Sweetie!

You are


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ECLIPSED 9/28/2011 6:35PM

    Another blog that just makes me smile :) Your children are beautiful and they are lucky to have such a good mom.

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JOYFULMOMTO5 9/28/2011 5:57PM

    Can I just say "ditto" to what IAMBLESSED said!!!
and add.....
I LOVE your sassy shirt!!!! emoticon

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SHASSYSUE2 9/28/2011 5:56PM

    We just LOVE everything about you!!!! HUGS!! Shannon

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I*AM*BLESSED 9/28/2011 4:32PM

    I LOVE that you are high on life
I LOVE the blogs and vlogs you make
I LOVE how you crack me up :)
I LOVE that you share your family
I LOVE that you share your feelings
I LOVE that you are so smart
I LOVE that you mention my name ;)
I LOVE that you are my friend!

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Crochet Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Night is my CROCHET NIGHT!!!
Crochet keeps those hands busy like no body's business!

Here are some recent projects that have rescued my hips from chocolate landing on them....

Icicle Ornament:
Done in BERNAT Handicrafter cotton~'Holidays Prints 5mm (US H/8)

Link to free PDF pattern:

Tonight I'm hoping to bring my daughter into her youth group meeting and instead of driving back home just to turn around and pick her back up I've begun a project for the Pastor's wife. Well, it's for their baby. We're new to the church and it's huge. Hubby told me the Pastor said that his wife was expecting their 5th and since I have five I thought it would be a sweet expression to make something for their bundle of joy. I hadn't met her and I just have seen the Pastor. He's kinda short. To me... I mean, I hang out with giant men all day. This guy barely meets 5ft8. So, I assumed his wife wouldn't be a giant. Then Sunday my hubby pointed them out. Well, as I looked over she incorrectly assumed I was eyeballing her man and gave me the glare-down. She spent the remainder of the service with one arm tossed over the back of the pew with open radar on me. She had her biznotch on. I LOVED it. I am fierce about my man and I adore loyalty as a character quality. I think we are going to get along w*o*n*d*e*r*f*u*l*l*y. Well, as soon as she isn't threatened by the 5ft9, blue-eyed, blond bombshell. Ya, I'll own it...I go all out on Sunday, cuz, I am with MY MAN!
Getting back to the layette I'm making her baby...I don't know if I'm making it the right size. I've made a 'Take-Me-Home' size, but, I'm not sure if it might be too small. My perspective may be off because in my imagination the Pastor's wife is now Gigantor and can take me in a single sweep of her pinkie finger and may indeed be birthing an elephant.
I may make a second larger layette and feign generosity but it's really a guise of fear of making the wrong size and being crushed for insulting her. She scares me. I love it. Muhahaha.

I made it in the sparkle yarn (shock, I know) with a 4mm (G) from patterns I found on Susan L. Kraus' FREE site:

I adjusted the cuff on the hat and booties. I didn't want as many rows, but, other than that I followed the pattern pretty closely. As, I mentioned. I don't know what gender they're expecting and since I'm going to have to build a rapport with my *new friend*, I'm not going to get to as many questions without being suspected of much, so, I'll play nice and keep it neutral with the sparkley white.
She's feisty. I know we'd be good friends. Alas, I know what I was like with my 5th...I needed SERIOUS T.L.C.

One last pic before I go back to studies with my children...
the infamous blanket that I've been working on for my his mommy's request...

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NAVYMOM133 9/28/2011 8:54PM

    Beautiful work. These things will be cherished, I'm sure.
Hey, I live one town over from Bernat Mills! There was a large fire at the mill. I guess I don't know what happened afterward. Assignment for me!

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ECLIPSED 9/28/2011 6:24PM

    *sigh* I wish I had the patience to do that kind of stuff. My mom tried to teach me when I was is high school and all I ever made were big long snakes. Your things are beautiful and between them and you, the pastor's wife will surely love you!
But I did make my son a "tie" blanket last weekend :)

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MNOT2THICK 9/28/2011 2:55PM

    They are adorable! So teeny tiny emoticon I think you will be fine. There was a lot of talent, thought, and time in your gift. I know she will appreciate it.

Love the blanket too. I need to get back to hooking. I feel like I am missing out.

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SHASSYSUE2 9/28/2011 12:29PM

    I love them!!! Don't worry Liz, when the Pastor's wife gets to know you, she will love you, how could she not!!! I also crochet, and I love to make baby blankets the most. I just have not had a baby to make one for lately. The last one I made I barely got a thank you and it was over Facebook, after I had to ask her if she got it from her Mother, who is one of my best friends. She is expecting her second child and I have decided to forgo making another one... What I really need to do, is get busy on making lap blankets, for our local Hospice, I know that they would be truly appreciated there.... HUGS!! Shannon

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I*AM*BLESSED 9/28/2011 11:24AM pretty. Very nice job!

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JOANN1212 9/28/2011 10:48AM


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Camo Girl

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aesop Fable~
A RAVEN saw a Swan and desired to secure for himself the same beautiful plumage. Supposing that the Swan’s splendid white color arose from his washing in the water in which he swam, the Raven left the altars in the neighborhood where he picked up his living, and took up residence in the lakes and pools. But cleansing his feathers as often as he would, he could not change their color, while through want of food he perished.

2 Peter 1:5
And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;

Teaching with stories...

This is how I'm going to teach myself to not be Camo Girl in public or with people who I fear will reject the 'real' me.

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DXP6028 9/29/2011 4:32PM

    I felt your pain as you talked about your fear. Don't worry, let yourself go little by little; isn't that how you also lost the weight?

Anyone worth being around will embrace the real you.

God does his best work when we are self doubting. Just believe!

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TEXASFILLY 9/27/2011 8:30PM

    emoticonI'm sorry for what you went through, sweetie. You are a courageous woman who I admire immensely. Keep the faith~ emoticonBB~

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ECLIPSED 9/26/2011 6:16PM

    I'm glad to know the real you, at least the part you let me know. It's a little like the previews of a movie, seeing all the good parts :) I'd love to see your whole movie and really get to know you. The part of you I know is amazing, shine on Lizzie.

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MNOT2THICK 9/26/2011 4:07PM

    OMGoodness, we really are related through the father.

Same here sweetie, I was hurt in college and later. Major defense mechanisms. I stopped being as friendly, affectionate, outgoing, and playful. I basically stopped being who God created me to be.

Awesome blog and lots to learn and think about. I am with you when it comes to the Word. The sermons always hits home and do not have to be exactly what the pastor is trying to get across. God is truly amazing!

Way to be organized, yo!! (Loving your "crafty corner", yarn collection emoticon)

I love the you in you. I love your spirit, sense of fun. Girl, you know I love me some Liz.

Always be yourself, you are so special. Show the world the wonderful person you are!!!! Those who love you will rejoice in it and those who do not will leave you alone, win-win (forgive me Lord)!!!! emoticon

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NAVYMOM133 9/26/2011 9:48AM

    So many different lessons, wrapped up in the fable, the story of the judge's sentencing and your own story.
We have to be able to appreciate good and true, then recognize it in ourselves, finally LIVE TRUE to ourselves.
I am sorry you were hurt. Self-preservation is a strong mechanism; your sister's words must have sounded amazing to you. YOU are coming back, the real YOU. And the ones closest to you are seeing it happen... all at YOUR pace.
We all have a similar look to those looking in: emoticon
Be the emoticon with the emoticon emoticon emoticon
Don't forget your emoticon

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 9/25/2011 11:35PM

    Good evening Liz. emoticon One of the strongest words that has had the most impact on my life were when God told me, "Be real". That was about 14 years ago. Talk about a scary word. No facade, no bushel to hide under and my own flawed self glaringly out there for the world to see. Be you Liz. You are amazing.

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