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I will own you yet Monday...

Monday, July 11, 2011

I wasn't going to weigh-in cuz I knew I wouldn't like my results.
D@mn you oreo.
Well I can't blame the oreo.
D@mn you oreo AND stress!!!

Way to own it Liz! *Self high five*

I was soooo close to 170ville sooo close! Ya, it's 4 lbs, but...but....butt....BUTT....I gotta leave this computer screen and move my BUTT.

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ECLIPSED 7/16/2011 3:51PM

    You're right on track!

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ME_FIRST 7/12/2011 7:30PM

    Your actual line on the graph and the goal line are practically on target. In fact, some weeks you're ahead of goal. Way to rock it! You'll be in the 170s very very soon. Keep up the fantastic work.


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HANKENSTEIN 7/12/2011 3:14PM

    Liz, you are an inspiration. Every day.

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 7/12/2011 11:12AM


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SHASSYSUE2 7/11/2011 10:28PM

    I can feel your pain, I am 2 pounds away from my 25 pound mark, and I have hit a roadblock. I really need to buckle down and just do it!!! We will do it together!!!! HUGS!! Shannon

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KANSASCHICA 7/11/2011 8:46PM

    Oh my Liz!! YOur doing AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work! Your kicking booty baby!! WOOT WOOT!!! Muah!

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MNOT2THICK 7/11/2011 8:27PM

    You are doing great Liz. Life is all about ups and down butt the downs are going to win!!!!!! emoticon

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KITKATSGRACE 7/11/2011 6:56PM

    This is a funny way of putting it... Congratulations on your weight loss, there is no stopping you now.


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ANEWBETHSTL 7/11/2011 12:00PM

    You WILL get to 170-ville!!! And we are going to do a "Happy Dance" when you get there too!! emoticon

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SUNNYBUNNY112 7/11/2011 11:53AM

    Hang in there, can do this :)

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 7/11/2011 9:43AM


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POOKASLUAGH 7/11/2011 9:31AM

    I know that feeling! When four little pounds just get in your way...

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SANDERSON83 7/11/2011 9:25AM

    No worries! You can do it!

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I*AM*BLESSED 7/11/2011 9:24AM

    You're gettin' there girl.... emoticon

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Timeless Road Trip (w Lots of Pics and Smiles)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

"The story behind Balaís Museum is almost as colourful as any story that L.M. Montgomery wrote. In July, 1990, Jack and Linda Hutton honeymooned in P.E.I. Days after returning to Bala, they saw a letter from Dr. Mary Rubio, L.M. Montgomeryís official biographer, which told them that LMM had based one of her best books, "The Blue Castle", upon a little-known Bala holiday in 1922."

My husband's Surprise Road Trip was to Bala where L.M. Montgomery vacationed and based her book, "The Blue Castle". Specifically our road trip was to the home where she spent her two weeks that this couple privately turned into a museum. It was magnificent. Largely because Linda Jackson-Hutton a former school teacher poured her heart, soul and passion for Anne of Green Gables into it and it shows.

Here are some pictures...

Linda getting the children into period costumes..

A picture of our youngest four in the wagon that Matthew brought Anne home to Green Gables in....

Sarah~"Anne" and Katie into the Raspberry Cordial....

Jojo...OH!! Just a little, the place opens in the afternoon and we ate (unwisely) beforehand and Jojo lead the pack with a double helping of.....ROOT-BEER FLOATS. Guess who was hyper-active...ya. *sigh*. My tip: Don't do that before going into a museum...

Sarah~"Anne" in the rocking chair.

Linda showing the kids that milk used to come in bottles.

Drama Dave...

Mr. Hutton is a huge fan of the monarchy and even though 'technically' the Queen is our Queen she is ornamental (not to be too brutish about the fact). None-the-less, when he found out our daughter's name was Kate he referred to Kate as "Duchess" for the remainder of the tour. My daughter owned it and still is. Katy Perry was cool for a season, but, the Duchess of Cambridge has won over my 12 year old (Thank God!).

I never knew about, "The Blue Castle" and it being based in Bala. I had no idea about a museum there. When Bobby declared surprise road trip I honestly thought we were off to go look at bark samples...which really sucks, sorry, it does. Imagine my utter delight when I found out this was in existence. I always dreamed of going to P.E.I, but, I'm not making major travel a priority in my life...I made raising and schooling five children the priority. I will tell you today was a dream come true.

I love books. I order them online in bulk. Today I got myself the book about the beginnings of the museum and I purchased, "The Blue Castle". I plan on rekindling my love for Lucy and sharing it with my Duchess.

I had a marvelous time, I was in awe that my daughter was enthralled with everything Anne. I've been keeping Lucy to myself thinking that she was some fad that would perish...shame on me. Some things are just timeless...

Here is my Kate~"Anne"...

Our house was built in 1891 and has Green Gabled roofing...I'm thinking we need to name our little home, "Green Gables".

ps. I had no idea about the road trip and we ended up using my hubby's dell phone for photos, so, this is an apology of sorts that you are getting amateur photos, BUT, at the same time they turned out really cool with that Time Elapse Effect don't you think? It all worked out in the end!

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MNOT2THICK 7/11/2011 8:30PM

    That looked like such a fun, memorable trip. I hope you all had a great time. Loved the pics, so sweet. JoJo, adorable!


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SUNNYBUNNY112 7/11/2011 11:51AM

    Love the pics! aww...

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JUSFOLK 7/11/2011 12:07AM

    Looks like a so-fun outing! Love those sepia shots:)

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LENKA763 7/10/2011 11:14PM


I'm glad you enjoy it.

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LYRICCA 7/10/2011 2:42PM


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I*AM*BLESSED 7/10/2011 12:35PM

    Great adventure....beautiful pictures, my dear!

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KANSASCHICA 7/10/2011 11:53AM

    WOW!! Awesome! The photos are amazing! Gorgeous family Lizzie...just gorgeous!

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BLUEJEAN47 7/10/2011 10:01AM

    Hi Sweet Angel....Just wanted to pop in here to thank you for the absolutely beautiful beautiful comment you left at my "recovery site" lol..(about Dorcas)...TY so much....your support thru this time was such a gentle blessing and I---again---will never forget it. But,this blog also was such an unexpected blessing! What a fantastically beautiful family you have! And what an awesome surprise! Your children look adorable and your honey must be just that-a real honey! How sweet to make all of this happen! Hugs to you,my friend. Luv ya!!! emoticon

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HANKENSTEIN 7/10/2011 7:16AM

    See? Little Miss Surprise Ruiner wannabe? LOL.

Awesome. The Rev Croc does rock!

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ECLIPSED 7/10/2011 6:41AM

    Looks like it was a pretty good surprise! The kids looks adorable in their period costumes :) Glad you had such a good time and your "Duchess" rivals the real one :)

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LIFEGENESIS 7/9/2011 11:22PM

    SO COOOL! Jealous!

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ANEWBETHSTL 7/9/2011 10:53PM

    What a wonderful Suprise road trip! I love all of your pictures!! Looks like you all had a blast!!

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MKPRINCESS007 7/9/2011 10:28PM

    Wow, Lizzy! This is wonderful! :) What a wonderful surprise that your family blessed you with today! They were so right..........."you will love it" and you did! Great pics and even better wonderful memories for a lifetime!


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KITKATSGRACE 7/9/2011 10:07PM

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!!

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 7/9/2011 9:59PM

    Awesome photos and what a fun surprise trip. emoticon

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Road Trip Tease!!!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Oh ya, you'll LOVE it!
If y'all love red heads!

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KANSASCHICA 7/11/2011 10:38PM

    I love redheads!!! I do I do!! I died my hair Auburn my senior year..okay our whole volleyball team did in the hotel at State (we got into so much trouble from our coach)I don't look good as a redhead...I look so very pale!!
So I cheated and looked at all of the pics from your trip then watched this. So I wasn't mad at you for holding out on us...I love your hair so so much!! You have such an awesome shaped makes me jealous a little bit (alot!) Your a beauty Liz!! And so so funny! The narcolepsy face...priceless lol!!

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SUNNYBUNNY112 7/10/2011 8:21PM

    OH my gosh, I love Anne of Green Gables...MEAGAN FOLLOWS...oh, my are you remember the movie HOCKEY NIGHT? I watched it everyday, it had Meagan in it...she was like my hero...anyway
I LOVE red heads...
they are cool...yup yup :)

my hair was auburn

Comment edited on: 7/10/2011 8:22:24 PM

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 7/9/2011 6:04PM

    Auburn is my favorite color. I used to dye my hair that color all the time. Used to drive my mama crazy. emoticon

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ANEWBETHSTL 7/9/2011 6:03PM

    SNOW....You are sooo mean! emoticon

You tease!!! emoticon

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HANKENSTEIN 7/9/2011 5:13PM

    Who doesn't LOVE red heads?

Did you make him the cherry cake?

So, you are a surprise ruiner? Oh, Liz. Let it happen.

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To-Do List...Ignore This ~ I did

Thursday, July 07, 2011

This was my agenda:
"K..on the agenda (never going to happen....I make the list only to torture myself, BUT, here we go):
#1.getting rid of the Mosquito Brothel (lust hurts)
That's the weeds in garden beds that I haven't gotten to..

#2.Peeling Layer 5 wallpaper from Katie's wall and

#3. was laundry but we had the plumbing explode in the basement....which really should be #1, BUT I am ignoring it mostly because I can and I choose to. :D Bobby will kill me on Friday but, that's Friday...the way I see it I have two days to LIVE IT UP BABY! and that'll teach him for being a superman.

Those were the ones on the agenda...but the sun does something with my ADD and I chose option #4...Wait? There is no option #4? There is now!!!

I did #4 "stole" my nieghbour's hosta's one she's been trying to give me for a while....I really hafta stop making lists they don't work with my ADD laughs at lists....kind of a menacing laugh..."muhahaha-like" laugh. It's really rude and patronizing, but, I forget about it pretty quickly. In order to accommodate the hosta I had to tackle #1 the Mosquito Brothel sooo I kinda got something on the list...sorta accomplished.

I loved my day bouncing from one thing to the next...I did not like my appetite, but, I figure the calories out and the calories in all balanced out...I doubt that I lost anything today, BUT, I had a blast. My Katie followed me around and was my personal comedian ALL day. I'm chalking that up to Tummy Crunches...cuz my belly is sore from laughing!

I get an electronic email for adults with ADD (it's awesome...perfect blurb type writing that keeps my attention) and I read this little joke in it and loved it because this is MY LIFE!!

How many people with ADD does it take to screw in a lightbulb?? Oh, donít know, letís go ride bikes!!! haaaaaaa.....Yes, it is one of those days...

I wanted to include a photo of what - I can't remember....I ended up spending the last three hours looking at silly stuff...It's tough when hubby is gone all week. I married him cuz I like him with me!
Anyway, these are the nonsensical things that have been entertaining...not all of them, but, some...G'Nite friends.

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KANSASCHICA 7/11/2011 10:42PM

    This was fun!! lol I love you girlie!! You are a hoot!! Love the pics! My fave...dogs allowed lol!

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MKPRINCESS007 7/8/2011 10:13PM

    This was a fun blog......loved all the fun stuff you put here! I also enjoyed your sounds to me like you are making progress! I don't believe you are really ignoring your list! :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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CHRISTINCOTA86 7/8/2011 5:42PM

    Although I believe myself to be somewhat ADD (self-diagnosed, of course), I am most definitely also a list-maker. I love lists. When I'm stressed, I list.

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SUNNYBUNNY112 7/7/2011 9:09PM

    Sometimes you just need one of those days....
Let it BE today...
start back wit da list tomorrow...
Love the pics!
I love pics!!!
Love you chica emoticon

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NINJA_SMOO 7/7/2011 4:40PM

  Love the pictures :)

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    I love the way you make a list. :) Thanks for the giggles and hope you have a great day!

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MNOT2THICK 7/7/2011 11:54AM

    Ohhh you rock. So funny, punny and witty. I luved it and the purty picz that fallowed. emoticon
Liz, I may have ADD myself becuz that sounds like my day everyday. Make a list, check it thrice and do wverything else!! emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/7/2011 11:59:54 AM

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SANDERSON83 7/7/2011 10:49AM

    LOL this blog made my day!

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 7/7/2011 10:42AM

    Good morning Liz. Hope you have a super day today. I am with you on list. I forgo the list and just jump into what I feel like that day. Less failure that way. emoticon

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ASRMOM 7/7/2011 9:09AM

    Love the blog! I too have lists, and consider too much of my success to be in them. I'm nearly jealous of your ability to just LIVE. (I've heard I have that too....have to make sure that gets on my list....)

I especially live the bottle cap pic. So true.

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I*AM*BLESSED 7/7/2011 8:49AM

    I agree with the King! And I L.O.V.E. the pics you are sooooooooooooo amazing....


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HANKENSTEIN 7/7/2011 8:26AM

    Liz, you have an Erma Bombeck quality to you that is so darned enjoyable and loveable, it makes me want to come up there and grab the Nurse Non Practitioner from a month ago by an ear lobe and have her come see what an amazing lady she dissed.

Comment edited on: 7/7/2011 8:26:45 AM

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PATTILYNN224 7/7/2011 8:20AM

    OK. I love this blog. lol

I especially love the ADD joke about the lightbulb. I can't wait to tell my husband (he has ADD too). I also stole a copy of your Einstein quote to put in my employee newsletter. It's wonderful.

I hope you never stop blogging. Your posts are wonderful!!
Hope you have a extraordinary day!! You bring sunshine with you when you write. Thanks for that!

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I'm a Streaker!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 2 Streaker!
I've shed 36 lbs the "Old Fashioned Way" and now that I have energy and confidence I'm ready to incorporate some planned physical activity.

Link to LIFEGENESIS' Vlog where she shares her streak...

Special thanks to my friend Teresa that put a copy of the Spark into my eager hands AND was supportive with my first desire to start a streak...way back when...thanks for hanging on!!!

Reminder why it's good for me personally.....

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MNOT2THICK 7/6/2011 12:14PM

    I missed the best part. Dang. Keep streaking beautiful. You are getting better every day. emoticon emoticon

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MALKS_ARIA 7/5/2011 10:22PM

    Wooohooo!!! Streak it baby....

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RIPLEIGH_MICH 7/5/2011 10:22PM

    Streak, streak, streak!!!

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HANKENSTEIN 7/5/2011 10:05PM

    Liz, I love how you start with sinister laughter.
Abhorence is a great word.
You have shed almost 40 pounds because of YOU with help from sparkpeople. YOU did it, and you have been rocking the doing.
The smurfs have never been better behaved, but I have a princess that needs to get with the program. She slept for two days, through all kinds of princessly duties. Suggestions?
Gardening is physical activity.
Chasing kids around is physical activity.
And finally, streaking would surely make your neighbor stop complaining about your dang fence. He'd invite you to dinner!

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JEANUT 7/5/2011 9:11PM

    I so enjoyed listening to this blog
the joy in your voice was wonderful to hear.
Congrats on both your joy and your wt. loss

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SUNNYBUNNY112 7/5/2011 7:53PM

    So Happy to see you so Happy! Love ya sista :) Congrats on your worked hard, be proud! Keep up the energy and enthusiasm and you will streakin all over Canada...although that might get a lil cold in the winter :)

Keep it up!!!

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    LIFEGENESIS~ Spark Streaker Sisters is AWESOMENESS!!! Thank you for being YOU!!
I*AM*BLESSED~Mom, last night David saw that I called you, "Mom and was confused cuz you don't look like, 'Nana', or, 'Nagyi' and I told them the story of how you became Queen and Hank King and I am really a Princess and Kat is my sister and I am Keeper of the Smurfs....David is thrilled with this World and wants to be a Sparker when he grows up, and Katie (12) has figured you missed out on 12 birthdays, and Christmases and her birth and figures a $600 check would suffice, but, she'll take a laptop to soothe the sting of the years of absence. I love my Sparkfamily and whats more so do my children... LOL!!!!
LINTPICKER~Know what's next? Art...I'm painting Katie's room, but, I have plans on an acrylic Orchid for my sister's birthday mid-July...I'll take a picture when I complete it. It will not be to your expertise, but, I know you'd appreciate the process.
CRYSTLE~I thought that title would give you a giggle...
SANDERSON83~I forgot how good gardening has been to me. When I first got out into it this year...I lost 4 pounds (or was it 6?) in that first busy week. I guess that's what I can get into tomorrow..YIPPEE!!!
OL!! I was singing, "They call HER the streak, Boogety booety.." to this tune when I was typing the title LOVE this song!!! RAY is awesome! I'm playing it now for the kiddies as I type...

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DRAWNTHISWAY 7/5/2011 5:32PM

    can't see the word streaker without thinking of this song
Uu7w-YM congrats on your streak. May you continue to have success and be blessed!

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SANDERSON83 7/5/2011 5:18PM

    YAY for WEIGHT LOSS!! Gardening is REALLY hard work....totally counts as a workout!

Keep us posted on your streak.

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 7/5/2011 5:05PM

    emoticon Here's to streakin' emoticon

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LINTPICKER 7/5/2011 3:57PM

    You are so funny! Congrats on the weight and the streaking!

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I*AM*BLESSED 7/5/2011 3:02PM

    So happy for you, you STREAKER you! Congrats on losing the lbs the old fashioned way! emoticon

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LIFEGENESIS 7/5/2011 2:57PM

    OHMIGOSH! You are tooooo cute!

WOOOO HOOOOOO for your two day streak! I KNOW you can keep it up! I am SOOOO proud of you! I know how much you don't like physical activity at the moment - that is SOOOO great that you are working on it now! WOOT!

Hey....just got a new definition for the SSS.

Spark Streaker Sisters!


Congrats on your 40 pounds too! That is really impressive! ((HUGS))



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