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Hi Wenesday

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Adam found out that Chris is going out on a date with Adam's enemy from elementary school. He was sooooooo mad. We are looking forward to Adam spending some time with Mike Friday. I hope it helps. So food is really good. Eggs with low fat cheddar and broccoli for breakfast. Salmon salad for lunch. I had a great Zumba class last night. I stood next to a great dancer that really inspired me to push myself a bit. I am noticing I can do more in class these days. Yay! I think I"m going to a Zumba Gold training in May! Baby steps are paying off! I'd like to be teaching at senior centers by fall. Summer can be spent getting my routine set up. Yay! I did get somethings done today despite myself. It took me a while to get myself going but I'm getting things accomplished. I'm feeling stronger and with the healthy choices I feel a bit like the good healthy me I was feeling before my injury! Yay! Hope my Sparkies are doing well!

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BLACKROSE_222 4/26/2012 12:34PM

    Hooray! HUGS!

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TWEETYKC00 4/25/2012 1:43PM

    Glad to hear you're doing better, you go girl! I hope things get better for Adam, hugs.

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Quiet Monday

Monday, April 23, 2012

So I usually have one of these days during my period. Today is it. I didn't shower until 11:30. Wow... I sat on the couch watching anything and everything I've dared and just vegged. I didn't binge. So score on that. I'm really going to work on the binging. I noticed last night as we hung out watching movies how Joe and Adam just sat. I think when I get bored the first thing I want to do is munch. I'm so impressed by them. The healthy relationship they have with food. I envy that. I will work on that. Sitting with feelings is not very good for me. I'm a work in progress. I will work on this. The work outs have been awesome!!!! I am rocking my classes. I feel stronger with them. I'm able to do more than I did. I still am very very careful. So I had eggs and low fat cheddar for breakfast. Yogurt for snack. Salmon salad for lunch. I need to get some groceries. I will do that in about a half hour. The weekend was nice. Quiet but nice. We met Mike out for a drink Saturday night. He said he wants to talk to Adam a bit about the break up. Adam talked about not having that spark with Chris. Mike says there is something about crushing on a straight person. That spark doesn't usually happen with another gay guy. Maybe something bout wanting something you can't have...? Anyway, Mike wants him not to judge relationships by that feeling. It's something he won't get from his relationship...I don't know about this. I can't relate to it. I'm not sure if it's the best advise for Adam but I trust Mike. We will see. Have a great day.

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TWEETYKC00 4/23/2012 2:44PM

    Great job not binging, you're really making progress. I have those days too. Sometimes you swear you are surrounded by food and have no other choice, but you have to fight it! I'm sure Mike is trying to help Adam, I hope it works well.

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VENISEW1 4/23/2012 1:29PM

    binged myself last night on cheese balls & chips but today I am doing much better so far. Hope you feel better soon! Take care emoticon emoticon

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KAILYNSTAR 4/23/2012 1:12PM

    That's strange to me too. I wouldn't think that a person wouldn't have spark between them in some way. Huh. Maybe Mike never had spark with someone, but that doesn't mean that hasn't happened to other gay couples.

Sorry you're feeling that funk. Tomorrow will be better.

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Day of speaking while I blog :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy that today is Friday! Yay! Feeeling better. Joe and I will be hanging today. Food was good yesterday. My stomach is feeling better. Today is day of silence. It's a day to acknoledge those whom are homosexual and feel they need to be silent about it because of prejudice and bullying. Those in support of the cause wear red and in school students are allowed not to speak during the entire school day. Adam came out at school this week last year. So this was a very important day for us. What a difference a year makes. We are doing so great now. My Sparkies whom carried me through this year will always be so special in my heart. So today our family will wear red and a place in my heart will always be with my Sparkies :). Thank you so much!

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CASEYTALK 4/21/2012 8:48PM

    Sorry I learned about it a day late or I'd have worn red, too!

Not sure I could keep silent a whole day, though.

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MYOWNHERO 4/20/2012 3:28PM

    Have a great day...give Adam a super big hug from everyone at SP! I love hearing stories about our strong, brave young people :D

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KAILYNSTAR 4/20/2012 1:30PM

    I never heard of this day. It's a wonderful idea.

Have a nice, peaceful day, knowing that we will be thinking of you and your family and others too.


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TWEETYKC00 4/20/2012 11:05AM

    I am so glad this is being done, it's about time, right?

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HIPPIECHIC68 4/20/2012 9:19AM

    Have a wonderfully silent day, my friend!

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Hi Thursday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So today was fine. I went for a walk with a friend this morning. I had eggs with spinach, cheddar and tomatoes. I went to lunch with my sister inlaw and friend. I had a salad and minestrone soup. Yum. I'm doing laundry. I also got my nails done....Nice!!! Josh has a percussion thing at the junior high tonight. I hope my friends have a great day.

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TWEETYKC00 4/19/2012 9:09PM

    I bet your nails look great! Enjoy yourself. Sounds like you're getting back on track with your food again.

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Hey Wenesday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi! Already Wenesday. Wow. So I'm gonna buy some new sneakers tomorrow. I hope that will help with my foot. It hasn't felt so great. I don't know if the walking and dancing are too much. We will see. Adam got one of the male leads in the local musical production of Legally Blonde :)... He is Warner. He is sooooo happy. I'm sooooo proud of him. He is quite talented. I'm doing better with food but my body is still so off. I feel extremely bloated and uncomfortable. We will see. It's only been a couple days. Adam saw his therapist today. I'll talk to him about it tonight.

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TWEETYKC00 4/18/2012 8:19PM

    I hope your foot feels better and the new shoes help. Good going Adam!

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LTMURPHY7 4/18/2012 5:10PM


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LTMURPHY7 4/18/2012 4:46PM


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