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Here is Monday

Monday, August 08, 2011

Stumbling through a Monday. I brought the kids to summer camp and had breakfast with mom. Omlette with tomatoes and ham. It's difficult to see her aging. I know this happens it just not easy. We are trying to navigate through a new relationship we find ourselves in. We are doing our best but I know its going to be yet another process in life. This grown up stuff is for the birds. Anyway, enough of the pity party. I'm working on chores today. Ugggg. I found out today my therapist needs to reschedule our appt. We were supposed to meet up tomorrow. I have so much to talk to her about. She won't be able to get back to me for at least a couple weeks. Ugggg. Thank God for Spark and prayer. I will be working on my routine today. I"m a bit discouraged with it today but tomorrow I will be working with an instructor to get some choreography. That should help. No popcorn at the movies again!!!! They had candy and I didn't indulge. Yeah me! I think I may try on my size 8 shorts today. Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated! Have a great day!!

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HARTKITTY 8/9/2011 3:20AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Awesome, you go girl!!!

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ANNESYLVIA 8/8/2011 5:09PM

    Well, I read your status feed so I know you are in your size 8's!!! emoticon
So you are getting closer to maintenance terrific! I can hardly wait to me you there!

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 8/8/2011 12:26PM

    I hope it becomes a good day. Doing chores instead of eating is awesome.

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12GIFJ24 8/8/2011 11:53AM

  You have a good week.

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Wow ...good sleep!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I missed church today and slept until 10am!!!!! Wow! Good for me :). Joe was out playing basketball and brought me home the papaer and a starbucks soy latte. Yum. He brought them to me in bed with a yummy Chobani yogurt with black cherries. What an awesome morning! I didn't get out of bed until after 11am! I know right? I feel quite blessed. We went out for Mexican with Mike. I had pulled jerk pork with salsa and lettuce. I also had a prickily pear margarita. A staple at this awesome little mexican joint. :) We went to the mall and the kids went to see Crazy Stupid Love and Joe, MIKe and I went to see Friends with Benifits. It was a trial run to see if the boys could see it. Ummmm.... absolutely not. Quite inappropriate but much better than I thought it would be. Nice movie. Now we are home hanging. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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ANNESYLVIA 8/8/2011 5:05PM

    At 10am I was just finishing up my Zumba class. I think we both had a good morning. We both got what we needed.

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    You my girl were spoiled spiled spoiled today! GOTTA LOVE IT!

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MRDPOLING 8/7/2011 8:42PM

    Wow! That kind of sleep/morning sounds wonderful!

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TWEETYKC00 8/7/2011 8:21PM

    wow, sleeping in and breakfast in bed, how lucky are you? i hope your evening goes as well as your morning.

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JOAN_HEO 8/7/2011 8:05PM

    That sounds like a fantastic day!!! I really like that sleeping until 10 thing! Perfect kind of Sunday!

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HI Sparkies...

Saturday, August 06, 2011

So we had a fun night! We went to the movies last night and ran into Miranda Cosgrove. She is a big celebrity on the Nickelodien Channnel and a recording artist. The kids were obviously thrilled and awe struck :). She was so nice to take pictures with them and moved on to her movie. How fun. Adam saw smurfs. He thought it was great. Josh saw Planet of the Apes. He thought it was ok. We say Change up. Ehhhh... it was better than ok but no Horrible Bosses or definitely not Bridesmaids. Ryan Renolds is my man (he wasn't chosen as People's Sexiest Man Alive for no reason :) It was extremely over the top in places that didn't even need to exsist. Oh well. The eye candy was worth it :). We had fun with family and friends. I rocked the lack of popcorn!!!! Yeah that's right. I was awesome. We went to the movies with my sister inlaw and her family. She wanted popcorn and they brought Reese's Pieces. She really was being a popcorn pusher. I call her my sugar dealer. :) She is also extremely skinny. Very annoying actually. But I perservered! I said no and then no and then no again. Yeah! Thats right! I'm awesome. So I feel very light and healthy this morning. Not heavy, bloated and guily like I did the night before. Score! I'm going to a bridal shower today. Food choices will be awful. I'll eat something before I leave so I'm not too tempted. Have a great day!

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KEKEIKO 8/6/2011 10:24AM

    WTG with saying no repeatedly. emoticon

Strength to you on behaving at the bridal shower food table.

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HIPPIECHIC68 8/6/2011 9:28AM

    Have a wonderful day!! Glad last night went so well at the movie with the popcorn from the sugar pusher, lol!

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HI Friday!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Pretty relaxing day today. Yesturday was nice but a bit to relaxing for my taste. Josh was bored pretty quick. I did some reading and working on my routine. I was writing and looking choreography up online for almost two hours. My brain was a bit fried. Today I'll take what I wrote up and practice it. That will be a good workout. Joe is playing golf around 3pm so I'll start then. I had Yummy chicken teriyaki for dinner with chinese veggies. Not bad but then indulged in some popcorn at the movies. I was really craving it. I need to watch myself the next few days. I know my routine. The sugars start creeping in innocently enough. Then seemingly unexectedly I'm in an all out binge of sugar... I'm in such an awesome place weight wise I will not let this happen. I will be ultra aware of what I'm putting into my body. A few good days and I should be back on track. Consistency is key! We watched Captain America last night. Hmmm ... He is such a hottie but the movie was pretty mediocre with a not so great ending. I give it C+. Josh really wanted to see it so there you go. :) I'd walk on water for that kid so this was a pretty easy consession. :) Joe and I are going to see Change Up tonight. I can't wait. We are going with some great friends. I'm looking forward to catching up with them. Adam is going to see Smurfs with some girlfriends :). Josh is going to see Planet of the Apes with his cousin. Yes, I know we should own stock in something movie related. Actually the stock market are dirty words right now :( ... Oh well. That is our splurge. We love them. I will not...I repeat will not eat popcorn tonight!!!!! I'll make sure to have a very late dinner so I'm not still hungry when we get there. Have a great day friends! I just read my blog back and I realized something important...I probably want to indulge in popcorn because Joe needs to see a cardiologist after the results of his stress test. They found a prominense near where his diaphram is. They said it could just be how his body is made but they need to make sure with further tests. Ugggggg. I'm sure he is fine. I'm assuming everything is fine but my subconscious is sending me to the sugar. I will keep Sparking and blogging. I"m always amazed how my blogs open my eyes. Thank God and Spark.

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HARTKITTY 8/6/2011 7:20AM

    This has been quite a year for you, emoticon on how much you have accomplished Please know that I am holding Joe in prayer.

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SIMPLE_IS_BEST 8/5/2011 4:48PM

    I hope Joe is fine, he probably is. We're all born with oddities, I bet that's all it is.

Enjoy your weekend!

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TWEETYKC00 8/5/2011 10:32AM

    I hope you can enjoy yourself today and get everything done that you want. If you're really craving sweets, can you try something like fruit until the cravings pas so you can be healthy and still get the sweet taste. I'm sure everything will work out fine for Joe. Hugs

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Wow! what a day yesturday...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Yesterday's blog was so full!!!! Of great stuff! I was the taxi driver the rest of the afternoon and we went to dinner with Tori and her family. The dad is our friend whom has lymphoma. He looks great!!! I'm so happy he is rocking on. It was a year ago July 28th that he ended up in the hospital for a month. We were really concerned we would never see him walk out of there. After a year of serious earth shattering treatments he is in remission and doing great. Of course taking this day by day still but we are so happy to be able to spend fun time hanging out laughing and joking together. We went for barbeque and I had pulled pork and 2 side salads. Yum. We went for awesome fro yo. Dairy free yogurt and a little mango, kiwi, strawberry, a few chocolate chips, a couple m &m's, and a big drizzle of chocolate syrup. I don't care! Lots of celebrating! Amazing job opportunity followed by great catch up with long time friends. I don't have a Zumba class today but I will work on my routine. Definitely! I had fat free greek yogurt for breakfast. A handful of almonds. Yum. I'm making a salmon salad for lunch. I'm taking Josh and his friend to see Captain America tonight while Adam is seeing Crazy Stupid Love with his friends. I brought Joe to the dr. this morning for the results of his stress test. They want him to see a cardiologist. The said that it could just be his body and where his diaphram is positioned but there seems to be a prominence? Hmmmm... I'm glad he will be looked at by a specialist. Our doctor doesn't let things go so I"m glad its being looked at seriously. I really would like him eating healthier. If this ends up being nothing I'm glad it has him looking at food differently. He had two sides of fries with dinner last night if that gives you any idea. I'll keep you updated.


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