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My eating is bad

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wow hanging out with the trigger foods this weekend. I'm just pulling them all out. Bagels, cookies crackers. Holy cow just going for it. I did have an awesome work out on Thursday. Omg loved it. I am going to the gym this morning. I'm just overwhelmed by my food choices. Completely off the mark. I had one and half cookies for breakfast. I'm Sparking like crazy. Messageboards, articles, I know I'm not tracking but would you want to if you were doing what I am doing.

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OLDERTWIN1 2/27/2011 8:52AM

    That sounds like me.....but I always have good intentions in the morning when I am making out my meal plan for the day ...then half way into the day it gets all screwed up....and I am hating myself at the end of the day, cause I didn't have the will power to just say NO and eat the right foods instead....I can't even lose 5 pounds this time...what is wrong with me???? I have lost 20 in the past and felt GRrrrr-ate !!! but now, I am more frustrated then ever!! I have got to get back on the ball and stick to my meal plans every day no matter what I am doing, where I am at, or how I am feeling at that time..... You go girl....I am with U 100%.....maybe together keeping an eye on one-another we can lose some more!!!

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KAILYNSTAR 2/26/2011 9:32AM

    No, I wouldn't. How about not tracking on Spark and just writing down on a little journal for a while. Then when you are ready to start finding out just how many calories you're putting in. Use the tracker.

As hard as this seems, don't buy the bagels, cookies and stuff. I go to the store and I think to myself, next time. I'm not perfect, but I have found that if those temptations aren't in the house, I have to find something else to eat.

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Once again inspired by friends

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well friends you did it again! I came to Spark this morning to blog and just felt like I was going to whine through the entire blog. I thought no one wants to read my complaints again. So I decided to check out the blogs my friends have posted. I started smiling almost immediately. :) My friends have a way of bringing me out of my little world and help me focus on the big picture. I thank you all for that. Now I'm not saying there won't ever be a whine here or there and am glad to see a bit of it on your blogs. I think its necessary to be honest so we can help ourselves throught the tough stuff. But I feel sometimes stuck in the mess of life instead of moving forward. So thank you again!

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ANDERSONH98 2/24/2011 8:46AM

  Friends are the best!!!

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Busy day yesturday

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow, saw my therapist yesturday, brought Adam to his, he had his first practice with the new band he is in. Adam would like Mike to be with us when we tell Josh. I told my husband and he thinks maybe he should tell Josh himself. I'm kinda confused by this. I'm going to ask Mike about it. My parents will be away for a couple weeks so this is a good time to get this out. It will give Josh time to adjust before my conservative parents are around alot. Adam's therapist says how great he is doing and I'm so glad. I still have moments. I feel better about my eating the past few days. I'm grateful for this. Thanks for being here.


Hi friends!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I had a very nice day yesturday. I went to Vermont with my great friend and the boys. I love that even though they are teenagers they still love our little traditions. Drove to Manchester, had favorite sandwich at Zoey's resturant, drove to Arlington for amazing fudge at the Village Peddler and headed home to watch a movie with their favorite honorary aunt :). Now I know what your thinking. Those were not good food choices but they were great foods for the soul. I had a very busy day today and ate very healthy in the process. Have a great night!

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KAKIPOPUP 2/23/2011 7:32AM

    If you have 2 loaves, sell 1 and with the dole,
buy hyacinths to feed the soul -

~ Musharish-Ud-Din Sadi

Feeding the soul is as important as feeding the body-

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Ok officially making bad choices

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spark friends, here I am admitting to you and myself that I am absolutely off the wagon. I've seen myself slide these bad choices in and now I'm here. I'm in that bad place I thought once again that I would never be in again. I think I was so worried about Adam that I couldn't admit where I was headed. Now Adam seems in a great place and here I find myself binging on Tostitos chips and salsa for breakfast. We watched the Daytona 500 yesturday and always have a million snacks around. I indulged yesturday and woke up wanting to fly downstairs to eat the leftovers before anyone could throw them out. So here I am wallowing in my own mess I've created. I know one day at a time. I know it's just a setback. I know I have to just get back up and do the work. Right now I feel like a loser. I feel like I can't even manage my own life. I plan on going to the gym tonight. We are going to Vermont today so that will keep me out of the pantry. I did throw out whatever was left after my binge.

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VBPARROTHEAD 2/21/2011 11:58AM

  If I am downstairs there are days when I will turn the house upside down looking for "something", "anything" that is weet or savory, depnding on my mood, that is unhealthy. Usually I don't find much, whic is a good thing, but sometimes, there is just the thing that I shouldn't have and I binge. So, you have one more person that has the same addiction. Glad you got rid of the "bad" stuff. No get on the healthy horse and ride it to a long life!

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HIPPIECHIC68 2/21/2011 10:26AM

    I know for me, I have to get to the emotional part of why I am bingeing. After doing a lot of 'inside' work, the urge to binge does just fall away, have to remain aware of what is going on inside of your body. Be willing to experience the emotions, good or bad, and not stuff them back inside with food. AND...when the binge monster creeps in, you can take control and beat the binge.

I would love to have all the junk out of the house, too, but I have realized it is not the food that has the problem, it is me. No one else in the house has the need to eat a whole package of cookies or chips, just me... The food is not evil, we just have to learn to find our triggers and how to calm them.

I hope this helps, you can look at a few of my journaling blogs to see if there is anything you can glean from them, if you'd like...

Peace, love and light

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IMBRENDAB 2/21/2011 9:50AM

    I am right there with you! I don't know what the deal is. If it is IN my house....I seek it out. Don't you wish we could just magically take the cravings away?

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JANRTEACH 2/21/2011 9:42AM

    I so totally understand!! Eat more protein and get rid of the snacks somehow. I can not have one cookie in the house EVER or I just eat all of them. Salsa of course isn't bad for you. Could you put it on raw vegetables or something? I thought I was the only one who just can't control what I'm doing.

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