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Monday, June 03, 2013

a carton of ice cream....yup. Accountability alert. I have to blog this. Now I feel like crap. I feel sick to my stomach. I'm so disappointed in me. I will take a moment. I feel so guilty. I just feel bad. So bad. I did some gardening. I have been so stressed. Worried. Stressed. Ugggg....I will drink water. I will move on after I record this guilt in my head and spark so maybe I won't do it again.

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KEKEIKO 6/3/2013 5:26PM

    Gosh, I hope you enjoyed it when you ate it! emoticon

Damage is done (for me too). The best we can do is put it behind and move on. Do an extra hour workout and maybe that will help you feel better.

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MIRAGE727 6/3/2013 1:03PM

    Find a healthy solution to stress release and lose the recurring trend!

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BROADBRUSH 6/3/2013 12:39PM

    i hear you - i never used to like ice cream - but in the past two years i find i CANNOT have it in my freezer. let's move on - we all fall, but we get up and go ahead.
you know how lousy you feel - MAKE YOURSELF A POSTER at your worst, and put in where the offending goodies live -
better yet - don't buy it - but be sure you have something in its place.
i make fruit slush, and freeze in popsical holders.
guilt is not productive - KNOWLEDGE and REMINDERS -
you can do it. BB emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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time to blog

Sunday, June 02, 2013

I've been up since 4:30am....uggggg. Last night was Adam's junior prom! Wow! He went with his good friend Ellen. We just love her. They looked so gorgeous together! I came down this morning and ate ice cream...:( Bummer. Breathe. Having a moment over here. I'll do better. I guess I"ll figure it out. Breathe.

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  get over it...don't condemn yourself, just get back up and do the right stuff emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TWEETYKC00 6/2/2013 12:58PM

    OK, time to keep you away from the freezer if you will be eating ice cream in the morning! lol I am glad that Adam went to the prom so he could have a good time. Now if we can just get you going in the right direction again, right?

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not blogging much

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

...but tracking everything!!!! So that's good right? I'm very focused on health over here. Even when I have moments I track. I'm very proud of this. It's really about health for me. I don't seem to care lately if I see single digits in clothes ever again. I'm being good to my body and that's it! Life seems pretty good the past few days here. The past few months though have been extremely stressful. Usually I would blog about it but this time I just couldn't. I was here to work on tracking and that seemed to do the job. I hope things will even out but until then I'll take it one day at a time...and with alot of Zumba ;)....

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TWEETYKC00 5/29/2013 7:12PM

    Keep on going and try to do the best you can! Enjoy your Zumba.

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ANNESYLVIA 5/29/2013 6:48PM

    Good for you! Blogging is suppose to help you let go of the negative stuff, talk about the positive and get supportive and motivating feedback. However, if it becomes stressful or becomes a barrier then let it go!

emoticon Anne emoticon

P.S. I have not blog in months...just not into it anymore. emoticon

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NEWTEXDEBBIE 5/29/2013 9:10AM

    Sounds to me like you have it together! emoticon

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SULLYL28 5/29/2013 9:00AM


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Monday yuck...

Monday, May 13, 2013

stomach issues today...and yesterday. Adam had it last week. :( I do not make good food choices when I'm not feeling well. I swear I only want comfort food when I'm sick....ugggg. I will do better. Plus, my IBS is acting up. So that doesn't help. I'm drinking my water. That's good. I will go to Zumba tonight.

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ELISADENK 5/13/2013 9:16PM

    Yeah... I make terrible food choices too. What I'm learning is that it really doesn't help. Also to eat smaller portions.


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MOMMY445 5/13/2013 8:29PM

    hope you feel better soon. take care.

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TWEETYKC00 5/13/2013 7:42PM

    Hugs, I hope your tummy troubles get better.

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TXTOAD9970 5/13/2013 4:44PM

    Sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you get better soon!

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MARGARITTM 5/13/2013 2:39PM

    Water zumba all good

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Number of calories I consumed yesterday!!!!! Wow!!!! That is honesty! This logging in is tough....I know exactly why this day happened but the actual number is alarming. Wow!!!! Today will be back to normal. I'm going to Zumba today. Yay! I'll do some gardening. That will expend some energy ...and calories :). I've been amazing with food lately so I'll catch myself a break and move on. Very busy here but all good stuff. Joe had 4 days off and we had such a great long weekend! Long walks and light lunches outside in this perfect beautiful weather. is good! So today is a new day and I will do better.

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SHIRAZSOLLY 5/8/2013 8:23PM

    There was a time when I used to eat like that nearly every day... but I also worked it off. It is VERY hard to work off that kind of consumption, as I am finding out now. (Sigh)

I hope it was a wonderful gourmet meal that you enjoyed to the fullest. 5 courses, a bottle of champagne.

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TWEETYKC00 5/8/2013 6:00PM

    Wow, what the heck was that!

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ANNESYLVIA 5/8/2013 5:52PM

    I am glad you got past the number of happens. Today is a new day.

That four day weekend did you sound real happy.

hugs, Anne

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LADYJ6942 5/8/2013 9:07AM

    That is alot, sounds like one of my off days. Glad you got some extra time with DH. Enjoy

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