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Weekly Confession -- Week of June 30th, 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2007

End of the week, time for confessions, right?

Well ... I *only* got in a little over 10K calories burned this week, so that was a disappointment (*grin*). I didn't get to weigh in today, was rushing too much to get back to my other errands ... but in terms of the feel and fit test, hey ... all my clothes are still TOO BIG, so ... let's say the weight was a wash this week.

Hanging with the kids today at the amusement park, I fell off my diet plan ... had 2x 1/4 lb chili dogs , cheese sticks, hot wings, a few french fries, etc ... topped it off with ice cream earlier in the day ... and last 6 Cini-Minis from Cinnabon washed down with whole milk. But all in all, it was a good day ... and a good week.

This coming week, having the holiday right in the middle, it will be a light week for the gym ... I think a good goal for the week is to not GAIN any weight, forget losing any. I will target at least 5 workout days between Sunday and Saturday, so that should keep me on track.

But the week of July 14th ... be looking for the Return of the Cardio King ... making a run for the elusive 12K calorie weekly burn, ha!

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KEEKEEWASH1972 7/1/2007 11:33PM

    Hey there Snikwad, only 5845 calories for me this week!!! YES, way more than 4500, so what do you think about that, ha!!! PLUS the scale moved BIG TIME. Thanks for making this little competition fun ... wow, I burned more calories in a week than I probably used to do in a month. Enjoy the holiday week ... I'll be ready for the week following ... 6000 calories will me my minimum goal. You targeting 12K, we'll have to see about that.

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DYMONDY2K 7/1/2007 8:49PM

    Damn! You beat me again! I wound up with over 7000 burned this week. I think it might be a personal best. As for your splurge, as hard as you've been working, you deserve it. Think of it as Glycogen packing..yeah thats it!

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Running Out Of Gas On The Road To Slackerville

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Okay ... so we've established that we all know what DOES work in our quest for increased health, fitness and well-being ... well, let's go over what DOES NOT work, mos def!!!

According to Spark and multiple other sites ... I need to eat around 3500 calories per day at my exercise level (Lies they tell, right?). So, to lose weight, I should eat NO LESS than 2500 calories per day (More lies?!? It's a conspiracy!!!). I'm pretty sure now that those are NOT lies ... and I found out why the hard way.

My thinking was ... hey, 2500 calories "seems" like too much eating for me. Not that I wasn't losing weight, cause I am. But, I decided in my infinite wisdom to try and cut out yet ANOTHER 500 calories per day from my diet. Maintain eating 2000 (or less) calories per day this week AND keep my exercise level the same.

So, starting Sunday ... I stayed right at 2000 calories each day, while burning alot more. By my calculations, I ate 8000 calories between Sunday and Wednesday ... while burning 7000 at the gym alone. Can you see where this is going???

I had read what happens to a person if you completely expend your glycogen stores in the bloodstream, muscles and liver. How you risk passing out? How unpleasant it is? Not that I was trying to "see for myself", but Wednesday night ... I did.

I thought that me adding in a small cup of ice cream (and a fruit cup) from Chick-Fil-La for lunch would compensate for all the activity that I had planned for yesterday evening (but still stay right at 2000 calories right)? Not! When I could finally drag myself in the house from my evening workouts ... all I could do was scavenge my kitchen ... desperately looking for something ... ANYTHING ... with sugar in it. Me being smart, everything in my kitchen is sugar-free, right? Ha, I turned down the peanut butter cups because they have too much fat, wow!

So, after much debate (I had to calculate the better 'cookie' choice: a) the sugar free oreo's b) the sugar free cream sandwiches or c) the sugar free oatmeal cookies, duh) ... I grabbed a handful of sugar free oatmeal cookies (they had the most fiber, wow) and a 32oz gatorade ... collapsed in my living room floor and proceed to try to muster the strength to force the snacks down ... strength being required for chewing. Thankfully, about 2hrs later, I felt better (with the extra 850 calories raging through my system) ... though not much better.

So, today was a "gas up" day ... come to think of it, I need to fill up my car too. Anyway, I had the benefit of having Wendy's for lunch ... double cheese combo w/ fries (first time in months) AND chili ... then an afternoon snack of a Baby Ruth candy bar, a bag of potato chips and some milk. A whopping 4000+ calories today.

So, yes ... now, I'm back to feeling like my old self ... hummmm, in that case, time to head to the gym!!! But yeah, let's stick to at least 2500 calories per day from now on, cool?

"He who controls others may be powerful ... but he who has mastered himself is mightier still" - Lao Tzu

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SUPERCUTE 6/29/2007 4:55PM

    I completely understand the episode you had because I had one too over a year ago and gained everything back and a LOT more. However, my snacks weren't sugar-free, lol. I hope you're feleling better!

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KEEKEEWASH1972 6/29/2007 11:10AM

    My goodness ... I'm glad you shared this. I would have never thought about this but it does make sense. I wonder if the same kinda thing was happening to me the other day after I had gone to the gym twice a day a couple days in a row? At least you know what to do from now on, be careful ... we can't have you not being able to workout. Ha!

And I did check your MEAL LOG for yesterday, hello?!?!? Baby Ruth candy bars, potato chips, cheeseburgers, cookies?!?! So, this is the benefit of burning 10000 calories a week in the gym ... eating like that and still losing weight? Just kidding, I know it was a one time thing, since you were trying to recover ... but it made me want a Baby Ruth so bad.

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DYMONDY2K 6/28/2007 11:51PM

    I've also been trying something a bit different to see how it works. I am cycling weeks. one a maintenance week where I still watch what I eat but add a few more calories and kinda slow down my exercising. Then the next week rev it up, tighten the calorie belt and do two-a-days. So far its been working, I've gone 5 days and I'm almost at 6000 calories burned for the week. I'll probably come in closer to 7000. I weight in this saturday and I want to see if I can continue with the weight loss I saw at my last weigh in.

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AKILA31 6/28/2007 11:35PM

    After that episode, I'm glad you are feeling like yourself again. I do know what it's like to have "sugar cravings" although, my sugar craving are/were more along the lines of sugar addict. If there was a Sugar Addicts Anonymous, my husband would do an intervention and send me away!
I must say I'm jealous you were able to enjoy Wendy's today(I love Wendy's they have the best fries). Even though I'm jealous I did learn today that I can eat at a fast food restaurant(I had McDonald's today) and make good choices!

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D710DANCE 6/28/2007 10:33PM

    Wow! What an eye-opener on getting enough fuel to maintain these machines that we call bodies. On another note, rest is equally important. You know I'm dedicated to working out intensely 7 days a week. Well, Tuesday and Wednesday night I was unable to make it to the gym so I had to exercise both days at home....very light workouts for only 45 mins. each day. When I returned to the gym tonight I had an awesome workout. So, now I'm planning to take more rest days and I will definitely keep my engine fueled-up.

Thanks for sharing this!

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    As a person who knows what not taking sufficient calories in can do when you're burning calories off at the rate you are doing, I can understand being wiped out. Recently, my metabolism has gone through the roof; I have been burning just over 10,000 calories per week according to my fitness tracker, taking in almost 3,000 calories per day, and still have not felt that I was getting enough food to compensate for what my body wanted. Because of the pain arising from all of that, I have had to cut all my exercises other than walking until I can see a doctor. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well, and back to your usual intake amount, as that does have an effect on how you handle your activities, especially for an active person.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Okay it's Sunday ... time to get back to moving ... start setting some goals for the week ... since I'm not one to continue "resting on my laurels" wasting away with an IV drip of hot fudge and carmel oozing into my veins. Already been to the gym once today ... let's go for another session tonight ... get the week off to a 2k calorie start.

Let's target 9K+ calories burned (2 lbs of body fat) during cardio sessions for me only because I want to start getting in more strength training this week ... if possible ... and keep my meals to 2500 calories or below per day.

I got on the scale today and it said 188.4lbs ... so I think it's time for another "official" weigh-in ... how about Saturday June 30th ... weight target 187lbs or below, good? But yes, I am pumped about the 188.4lbs ... I've blown through my Sept. 1st goal weight of 189lbs ... 2+ months early.

I'm impressed at my own effort to date ... focusing my mind and body towards the accomplishment of my goals ... and to finding my center has been very good for me.

So ... let's hear from you ... what's your plan/goal for the week?

"He who controls others may be powerful ... but he who has mastered himself is mightier still" - Lao Tzu

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DYMONDY2K 6/25/2007 1:00AM

    I sent you mine! Nowhere near as aggressive as yours..well I guess I might hit 6K this week in burned calories. My official weigh-in is this saturday the 30th, first thing in the morning. I'm hoping for another 3-4 lbs but we'll see!

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KEEKEEWASH1972 6/24/2007 6:42PM

    Okay, I'm not challenging YOU this week, cool? I'm not calling you out. I'm only gonna try to keep up with you and challenge MYSELF.

I WILL get my 4500 calories THIS WEEK! Yes, I'm writing that check and it will NOT BOUNCE this week. Plus, I'm targeting weighing in at 123lbs Saturday right now I'm 124.5lbs.

And I already started this week strong too ... Imagine me spending 60 minutes at the gym on a Sunday??? Wow!!!

So how's that?

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REVENGE of The SLACKER -- 8k+ Cardio Calories

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ah yes, it was a wonderful week indeed, me playing the slacker role of course. Not having to keep such a hectic pace with my workout schedule in reckless pursuit of winning this mysterious "cardio challenge" ... the rewards of such are still undetermined. The 1am cleaning crew at the gym probably missed me ... or chalked me up as being another one of those people to "start off blazing" ... only to flame out 2 weeks into their "new lifestyle". And ooohhhhhh, being able to relax and rest at night, without being so absolutely tired to every aching bone (and muscle) in my body. Not hearing co-workers commenting, "Hey dude, you look like you were up all night?". Thinking ... "No, actually I was up all night AND all morning ... at the gym at that !". And let's not mention ... taking a rest from having to EAT like I'm sitting at the Kansas City Chief's Training Table ... each and every meal fueling the NEXT workout to come ... and QUICKLY they did come.

Yes, taking a break from all that was good for the soul, ha!

Now of course, at least one Spark-Newbie thought that me having a "light week" meant that I would spend all my time relaxing on my couch ... letting my muscles atrophy while gorging myself on Ring Dings and Ho Hos ... not daring to even LOOK in the direction of the gym for fear of pulling a muscle. Now I won't say who this person is (that would be rude), but they allegedly wear 20 pearls ... which I'm guessing is only SLIGHTLY less than the number of calories THEY burned this week? But I guess with one being so engaged in running-off-at-the-mouth, one wouldn't have much time OR energy left for any OTHER type running ... would one, huh?

So yes, on my "off" week, I admit it ... I only got 8K+ calories burned ... but I did resist my favorite 3-scoop 1,000 calorie frozen custard treat 3 TIMES this week ... that's another 3K calories NOT EATEN. That's gotta count for something, no?

"He who controls others may be powerful ... but he who has mastered himself is mightier still" - Lao Tzu

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KEEKEEWASH1972 6/24/2007 6:20PM

    Okay I guess I deserved SOME of that ... but not all of it. I told you I was just PLAYING with you dang!

Anyway, no I DIDN'T meet my goal that I signed up for ... but I DID get 3700 calories burned this week (way more than 20 THANK YOU). Considering that I normally would only do MAYBE 500 calories in a week, I deserve a pat on the back for THAT effort. And like you keep saying ... I do only weigh a buck and a quarter so take that into consideration and show some love from now on.

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D710DANCE 6/23/2007 3:22PM

    Even with taking a much needed rest, you are still Cardio King! You continue to inspire me to push the intensity of my workouts....THANK YOU! Congrats on being disciplined enough to resist those 3 scoops of frozen custard--the reward will pay off on the scales.

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21000+ Calories in 2 Weeks ... Sleep for 24hrs Straight Now?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

10,840 calories burned this week ... 10,950 last week ... I for one am taking A BREAK from the Cardio Challenge.

The past few days have been brutal ... and today was the worst of all ... I think every muscle and joint in my body is sore. The good kind of sore, but sore still.

But what did I learn from this? That I have not been working out anywhere NEAR my LIMIT all the other times I have hit the gym ... how many of us do? If it was not for EGO pushing me, would I have kept up that pace? Much less, me racing up out of bed at 5am ... to work out early enough in the morning to have time to recover during the day to work out AGAIN in the afternoon, wow! Plenty of times it was just being "mad" that I even accepted this challenge that kept me pumping away on that elliptical machine past 30 minutes, ha!

So, taking a break from the 10K+ goal will feel good next week, especially taking tomorrow off for Father's Day, yea me ... I feel like I can sleep for 2 days at least. Alas, my "normal" goal of 6000 calories burned per week ... well, it just does not seem like such a big number anymore.

And I do wonder ... what story will my next weigh in tell?

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VIBRANTHING1 6/21/2007 12:59PM

    All I can say is WOW! I think you deserve a little rest :)

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DYMONDY2K 6/18/2007 1:36AM

    LOL I'm not even sure a machine could keep up with him! I do know what you mean though about pushing yourself. I'm not in the gym as long but I can't dilly-dally when I'm doing cardio. I have to constantly push myself to beat old records for miles, time etc. I believe its called high intensity!

Congrats and take a well earned rest!!

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EVERSHRINKING 6/17/2007 9:36PM

    what can i say besides "damn you're a machine"!! Keep it are my motivation!

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ADF227 6/17/2007 6:51PM

    Wow your training is hard core!! At this rate you are losing ten pounds a week or so, yes? Keep up the good work!!

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KEEKEEWASH1972 6/17/2007 12:38AM

    Okay, I gotta admit that I barely know what to say other than, CONGRATULATIONS! Not that I was doubting you (ha!) but I was following along during the week thinking hows this 10K calories gonna happen? Something else happened this week unexpectedly I might add. Yes, I pushed myself trying to keep up with you (which I didn't). I started the week working out thinking all the while my little 40 minute work-out was doing something burning all of 270 calories, sometimes 300 in a day. Then here you go with your little comment about me not being able to 'keep up' with the BIG DOGS since, as you put it, I "barely weigh a buck and a quarter" soaking wet. Oh yeah, I'm gonna prove that wrong, right? So with something to prove I did 75 minutes today and 800 calories, HA! (little ole me what do you say to THAT) I would have NEVER thought that I could do that much or that I needed to work out like that. Didnt get my 4500 for the week but I did get 3500. Wish now I had started off the week working harder. As a consolation prize I finally lost some pounds.

So I'm READY for the next calorie burn challenge ... rest up cause you will need it!

... those damn Alpha's :)

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IMENOUGH 6/16/2007 8:56PM

    Wow! I thought your blog title was a joke but you really are doing your thing!! I'm amazed! The most I've burned in a week is 6500 calories and by the time I made it to Friday, my body was screaming for mercy. I applaud your commitment and congratulations on your weightloss.

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