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Need your help!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My school is a finalist in our local tv station's Manic Monday contest. Please go to
and vote for New Town High School.

In terms of an update... things have been ok with me. I haven't been on SP in a VERY long time. I started teaching in Sept and it's been CRAZY! I haven't been to the gym since the end of the summer and am just trying to figure out how to bathe and do laundry regularly. But slowly I'm working things out and hopefully things will quiet down a little. Now I know why there aren't many people who are dual certified in high school math and special ed:) It's hard being a general educator and special educator at the same time, but I love my kids so it's worth it. Ttyl and thanks for voting!!!

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SNEVIL1 11/17/2009 4:12PM

    Thanks! Right now we are slipping behind... problem is- most of the kids I teach don't have internet at home emoticon

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KIMMY844 11/17/2009 2:53PM

    I voted!!! Good luck! emoticon

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CTOLBERT2 11/17/2009 11:15AM

    Hey Sara Dee,

Fran and I voted this morning. Hope you guys win.
emoticon emoticon

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BELG64 11/16/2009 9:45PM

    just went and voted! Good luck, it is a close race.

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JUDI_CUTIE 11/16/2009 7:43PM

    Hi Sara! I went and voted. It's neck and neck! Good luck! Judi

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Vacation Planning

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So I'm done teaching summer school this Friday and then Saturday I leave for vacation for a week. I got a condo near the beach in Delaware and am very excited. I posted a question on the message board asking for ideas on what I should bring in terms of food.

My vacations have usually consisted of my bf and i sitting in the hotel room doing absolutely nothing for days besides eating out and watching tv. I want this vacation to be different and go out and do some things. I'm making it a goal to go for walks in the morning and try to swim (although the bf doesn't do public pools/oceans... so it's really hard to drag myself out there and swim alone). He expressed an interest in "doing something" this vacation, so maybe we'll go do puttputt or something. He is in the process of starting a business with someone, so I doubt we'll get to go shopping, but I'm just trying to come up with a game plan so I don't ruin my progress with my one week of freedom before I do new teacher orientations and back to school meetings.

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    Hi! Just wanted to stop by to let you know that you are an inspiration. I think you are doing a great job and therefore, you have accomplished such a great success. I am working on changing my mindset and I think I am doing fine at the moment. But, deffinetly I still have a LOT of work to do (need to avoid nite cravings). Congrats on your wonderful results!

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KRIBBY101 8/6/2009 6:52PM


See if there is a place that rents bikes-- you can go for a bike ride and see the area from a different angle!

Also, you should (I bet you already do) print out a few workouts from sp and then do them on the beach.

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ANGE2207 8/6/2009 8:34AM

    fiber one bars and luna bars are great for me, along w apples or whatever fruit. easy to pack and you can eat one before dinner to curb the appetite. (unless of course there are crabs involved and then you just make up for it the next day emoticon)

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SNEVIL1 8/5/2009 10:50AM

    Yeah... i'm in a similar situation, but slightly different. my boyfriend is a big guy, so he can eat A LOT. skimpy portions are difficult when he's downing 12 biscuits in one sitting. lol. we might not have internet access, but i do have internet on my phone so i can try to look up restaurant information. ive been doing SP for a year, so im a lot better at judging things. thanks for teh water tip. i will definitely drink a lot of water. i snack a lot anyways, so i'm going to try to plan ahead for that as well. thanks everyone for the great advice. i feel more in control already.

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MEGKRAMER 8/5/2009 10:38AM

    Vacation is hard. I'm kind of going through the same thing right now. My husband is very skinny and eats whatever he wants. That's kind of how I got into this situation haha. Are you going to have internet access? If so, and you and your best friend are going to go out to dinner check the menu online ahead of time. Pick out something to eat it and track it. That way you know you're staying within your ranges. If you don't have the internet then use your judgment. Portion control is key if you're eating something not so healthful, but try and make good choices when you eat out.
Also, go to the store and buy snacks and stuff that you eat here at home that will keep you fuller longer so you're not as likely to over indulge.
And my number one piece of advice... DRINK YOUR WATER!! Over the weekends and on vacation I never do and end up 3 pounds heavier on Monday than I was on Friday. I drink all my water and am back down by Tuesday/Wednesday, but still!!!
I hope you have a really great time. I'm going the the Outter Banks on the 16th so when you get back tell me what works!!
And remember to have some fun!!!

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SPEECHIED 8/5/2009 10:24AM

    Most definitely get out and see some of Delaware! Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for ideas and local attractions! You have worked hard and now it's time to enjoy your vacation! Have fun! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ROCKYCPA 8/5/2009 7:49AM

    Sounds like you have a plan - walking on the beach is great exercise. I did it on my vacation and really felt it. If you have to go by yourself then do it. My DH went with me, yours probably will want to as well. Start out with a short walk and then go longer.

Have a great vacation and keep up the good work.

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    Hello! Your vacation sounds like fun. Don't spend the whole time worrying about undoing your progress. Just do the best you can and enjoy yourself. Try to take some healthy snacks and foods with you that you enjoy and if you are eating something that's not the best for you (and most people do on vacation) then just worry about portion control. If you check on the internet you might be able to find some local activities to do while you're there that are fun and don't cost much either. Have a good time!


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Why me- update

Sunday, August 02, 2009

So I had a fantastic weekend. I went to a dinner cruise with my bf and his family on Saturday around the Inner Harbor. It was absolutely wonderful. We went to breakfast today followed by an afternoon movie. I get home to my apartment to find that the maintenance ppl left an invoice. They came on saturday and said the problem was the ppl upstairs spilled water and their caulk was old. They replaced the caulk on the toilet and tub and told them to be more careful. WELLLLLLLLLLLLL my bathroom is covered with water and there is an enormous hole in my ceiling. Also, water is now leaking from several places rather than just one and my entire apartment smells like mold. I keep gagging the smell is so thick. What a great way to ruin my weekend:(

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SNEVIL1 8/3/2009 8:41PM

    so after several more phone calls and voicemails the maintenance guy came back. he's not sure what the problem is, but he brought someone else for a second opinion. they went back upstairs to the apartment above me and apparently their floor is wet again. i guess the guy upstairs is just spilling water everywhere. wtf??? they said he's an idiot and wasn't trying to let them in the other day when they came. they said they found the problem and they will fix it tomorrow. once the ceiling dries they are going to have the contractors come to fix my ceiling. cross your fingers. hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. right now i can't even use my toilet without water pouring in my head:(

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GRAYGRANNY 8/2/2009 8:36PM

    I think they need to come up with something better than that for you.........hope you get it staightened out soon.....perhaps if you were to bring in the health dept on it since there is a mold issue

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JUDI_CUTIE 8/2/2009 8:33PM

    Oh No! You did not need that or deserve that! I hope it all gets fixed soon!!!

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SPEECHIED 8/2/2009 8:25PM

    Nightmare! Hang in there, somebody's gonna have to fix that!

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WACHSC 8/2/2009 8:25PM

    OUCH! That is not a pleasant welcome home. I hope they are able to get things cleaned up for you in speedy fashion. I pray your week will get better.

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Why Me!?

Friday, July 31, 2009

I am quite upset. there is water pouring into my bathroom from the ceiling vent from the apt upstairs. i called maint. last night and he said he can't do anything about it now because he has several ppl without A/C and not enough maint. ppl to work on all of the apts. Ok... i understand that. So i have a bucket in my bathroom. WELLLL NOW there is water pouring into my bedroom where the window meets the frame. there is a hole that looked like it needed more puddy and water from the rain is now pouring into my bedroom. So i have my trash can set up there. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? SO WTF am I supposed to do? They are ignoring my calls because they have bigger problems, but give me a freaking break. If water keeps pouring into my apartment I am going to have mold issues or the ceiling is going to cave in. I give up.

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GRAYGRANNY 7/31/2009 4:18PM

    Gee girl, hope you get everything took care of and SOON.....will be sending prayers out to you

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SNEVIL1 7/31/2009 4:15PM

    thanks. the maint guy called me last night so i left a msg on his cell. i also submitted a formal request on their website, took pictures, and emailed the person in charge of answering the emails from their website listing my concerns. if they refuse to fix it i will gladly suggest getting a private plumber that they can pay for. lol. it's just bad because i looked in the bathroom and now there are bubbles under the paint and the calk line where the ceiling meets the wall is wet with bubbles. greeeeeaaaaaat. oh well. i have renters insurance so we'll figure it out. just really not what i want to deal with right now. im trying to leave on vacation on the 8th for a week:(

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MACMOM4 7/31/2009 4:06PM

    Wow, that is awful. Do you have a tenants advocate in your area? I know our city and county both have offices to deal with these types of issues. If you do, call 'em. Also, you might try a local TV or newspaper "consumer helper" person. Good luck, you poor thing.

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EDUCGRAD 7/31/2009 3:54PM

    I'd stay on them.Hubby has had to do that before and type up a letter and if concern wasn't addressed in (you list when you want it done by) or you will report them to HUD!
Big hugs.Hope this is solved Soon!! emoticon

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Little Daily Successes

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So I've decided that progress is about little daily successes adding up. Today I was feeling particularly blah. My womanly gift has bestowed herself upon me this week and I just felt kind of run down. After work I ran some errands and then took a nice nap. When I got up I went on the computer a little bit and thought I should go to the gym. Then my bf called and said he was coming over. He said I could go to the gym and he'd be here when I got back. Well I got all dressed and was about to walk out the door when he arrived. Ahhh! Now I don't want to go to the gym. However, I ripped myself from the couch and went to the gym anyways. This is a BIG thing for me. We both work and are back and forth between two houses, so I enjoy my time with him. However, I feel better that I spent an hour at the gym... especially since a big chunk of my early evening was spent napping. Fighting little battles and overcoming little obstacles will add up in the end:)

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EDUCGRAD 7/31/2009 4:20PM

    Way to go!!Proud of you! emoticon

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RACINGSLUG 7/30/2009 3:41PM

    Oh, that's no small feat when you've been bestowed with ''The Gift.'' I am definitely feeling that right now... congratulations for doing the healthy thing! You should be proud. emoticon

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RACINGSLUG 7/30/2009 3:41PM

    Oops, sorry for the accidental triple post...

Comment edited on: 7/30/2009 3:42:36 PM

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RACINGSLUG 7/30/2009 3:41PM

    Oops, sorry for the accidental triple post...

Comment edited on: 7/30/2009 3:42:22 PM

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ALICIA0099 7/29/2009 10:33PM

    GOOD JOB! :D

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