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1 Year Anniversary!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So it is just about my one year anniversary with SP!! So much has happened in the last year. When I started I was just under 200 lbs. Today I am 156. I was from being obese (according to BMI) to being in the healthy BMI range. There were a few ups and downs over the year, but I have stayed in a pretty good range. The lowest individual daily weight I had was 149.8 in March, but that was a one time thing. There were a few days that I was in the 152's. So basically I've been able to stay within a 5 lb window, which I don't think is too extremely bad. Since last summer I've completed student teaching, graduated, and have a job. I am teaching summer school, which is going fabulously! I have gotten several emails and letters from parents thanking me for being a "great" teacher and about all the difference I've made with their students. What a positive thing to hear! I go back to school on the 24th for the fall and am very excited. Summer school is over on the 7th and then it's on vacation for a week. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Very much needed lol. In the past year I have gotten more consistent with my exercising and have better control over my food. I have a favorite spinning class and pretty much completed the C25k program. Although I did not compete in the 5k and triathlon I signed up for, it will come eventually. Atleast I made the step by signing up (and paying for them! lol). I have realized that I can do anything and have made tremendous progress. Since I've started I've lost about 5-6 inches in my hips, 8-9 inches in my waist, 1-2 inches in my neck, and about 10 inches in my stomach. Last summer when I bought my dresses for a wedding I was going to I got a size 18... now I am a pretty consistent size 10 in most things. I still have a ways to go if I am going to get back to the size 7 I was in high school, but I feel I am making considerable progress. I have adopting a healthy lifestyle without trying to "diet". I try to make good choices, but still enjoy going out every once in a while. I am able to control portions better and take little steps versus eatting grass for a month and then just going back to where I started. SP has been an amazing journey and I am so glad that I've met the people I have. I know next year will be full of excitement and even more changes (mayyyyybe getting engaged. lol). Thank you to everyone and lets keep on truck'n.

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EDUCGRAD 7/31/2009 3:56PM

    Congrats!You have done amazing!!So happy for you about your job too! emoticon

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BELG64 7/29/2009 9:21AM

    Sara, you have done amazing, keep it up! emoticon

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ROCKYCPA 7/29/2009 8:03AM

    Congratulations on your achievement and 1 year anniversary. It is hard work but your dedication and desire to make the changes makes all the difference. Good luck in your 2nd year and keep up the good work.
emoticon emoticon

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SEKSUNSHINE 7/29/2009 7:11AM

    This is wonderful! It is so good that the parents communicate how you have helped their children. It means so much. Great job all the way around!! Have a great vacation!

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MONGO2TEN 7/29/2009 6:43AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Congratulations. I've found that in my maintenance phase, I need my support team more than ever. So keep doing what helped you lose in the first place.

Happy Anniversary!


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PRINCESSFEE 7/29/2009 6:41AM

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and your amazing progress!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AUNTYEMM 7/29/2009 6:28AM

    Congratulations! An amaazing job! I couldn't agree With you more, SP is a truly amazing place. I have made lifelong friends and the support is sometimes all I need to get through one more day. Keep up the good work. Don't worry about a dress size, your bady will tell you when you are at your optimum place.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wow... so I feel I've gotten pretty good at fighting temptations or being able to take one bite to satisfy the itch. However, this was before I met the Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty at Wendy's. I have never tasted anything so glorious. I even threw away all but 1 french fry that came with my chicken sandwich so I could spend some quality time with this amazing new friend of mine. I am here to think of a game plan so that this new gooey creation does not destroy my life. I've been going to my spinning class atleast once a week for the past month and a half. I LOVE the class and have made it a point to go atleast once. Things have been difficult with summer school, but this class has been a priority. I have started losing some weight again and have been better with my food. I am thinking that if I limit getting fast food to no more than once a week that would be a good start to try to fight this craving. I did crave these amazing Italian cold cut subs from a local italian market that are DEADLY. I made it a point to only do it once a week and now I don't get it at all because I don't NEED it anymore, you know? It's out of my system. I am adding a new page to my diet spreadsheet and it is going to be for tracking fast food. No more than one a week starting right now. Still a ways away from my goal. So now when I want to fill my once a week fast food quota i need to enter it in listing what I purchased and how many days its been since my last fast food purchase. We'll see how this goes, but I think it'll help keep me accountable and honest. Wish me luck!

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SNEVIL1 7/26/2009 7:25PM

    hopefully it'll go off of the menu soon. lol. the 3 inches of pure candy at the bottom of the cup haunts my dreams. lol

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RUNNER_TIFF_07 7/26/2009 2:28PM

    OMG, the Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty is FANTASTIC! I tried it one day as a splurge and it was like heaven :). It's okay to eat something not-so-good every now and then, just not everyday!

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New Car!!!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

So I bought a new car this weekend. Wow!!! I really am an adult now:) lol. It's a 2009 Honda Fit. The color is blackberry pearl... it looks like a blue/purple. I LOVE it!!! I've never even had a car with AC. There is so much room in the back for my teacher stuff or even a bike! The back seats fold down or fold up.

I couldn't be happier.

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MYSHERIANN 7/5/2009 1:00PM

    You GOOOO GIRL! Work it! Have fun and drive SAFE!

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SNEVIL1 7/4/2009 11:30PM

    Thanks!!! It is kind of nice because it feels like I am driving slower in the new car. It is forcing me to really drive like I should. In the past all of my cars have been very sporty and pretty quick, so in this one I drive responsibly. I am also much more aware of how I am driving because I backed into something in the old car. I absolutely cannot hit anything in this car. I'm very excited:) It's nice to have something nice for a change. I've never had a car with AC or anything. It's incredible. I really feel special and like an adult. I didn't know people actually had nice stuff like this lol

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FITKAT2010 7/4/2009 9:47PM

    Wow! What a beauty.

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TRISTANH 7/4/2009 8:19PM

    Congrats! Looks great!

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LASHARINK 7/4/2009 7:56PM

    Congratulations - nice car!! Drive safely!!

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KATRESAG 7/4/2009 6:17PM

    WooHooo!! WTG!! Enjoy that new car! It's always nice to get something new!! emoticon

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June Goal Assessment--- July Goals

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

So Iíve almost survived my first week of teaching summer schoolÖ It has been a doozy. Iíve never been so busy in my life. Today I was up at 5, out the door at 5:50, at my school at 6:30, kids were there at 7:45, kids left at 12:45, staff meeting at 1, I was finished grading my papers and entering them into the online system so I could leave my school and eat some lunch at 4:30, finally done planning for tomorrow at 9:30, shower and ready for bed at 10. I have literally been working for 15 hours straight (minus the time I was sitting in traffic driving too and from my school). I am exhausted, but my kids are great. I have a wonderful class and things are going well. Iím very excited about my lessons and the kids are responding well. This has been a really great experience and is preparing me well for my teaching assignment next year.

Here is how I have assessed myself in terms of my June goals.

~FITNESS GOALS- My goal was to go to the gym an average of 4 times per week (so I said a total of 17 times for the month of June). I went to the gym 14 times, so that is an 82% or a B for that goal. I think for this being the first month of me being a member at the gym and starting teaching 14 times wasnít too bad. I made a conscious effort to schedule it in and even went to that spinning class (which Iím hoping to do again tomorrow if I donít collapse before then lol). I feel like the gym is a part of me and Iím happy/comfortable there. I think I have made a lot of progress with this goalÖ especially because starting the end of Jan I kind of stopped working out.

~APARTMENT GOALS- My goal was to be completely unpacked by the end of June. I am not completely unpacked, but my dining room table is put together and pretty much most everything is put away. There are 2-3 boxes still in my living room/dining room area that have large pots and pans and other misc stuff. I am hoping to be able to afford one of those wire racks that I can put in my kitchen so I can use that as a panty/storage place for my large kitchen items. I have A LOT of kitchen stuff. People just give me George Formans, rice makers, blenders, bamboo steamers, etc. I have so many Pampered Chef items and other misc stuff that just has nowhere to go in a 1 bedroom apartment. So I would give myself a B in this category. It is not completely finished, but itís not too bad.

~NUTRITION GOALS- My goal was to stop drinking soda again and switch back to water. I was also going to try to make healthier decisions and get back on track with my food intake. I feel that I have accomplished this. I am drinking so much water and am carrying around a large water bottle with me. I havenít drank soda (even at restaurants) and am making better food decisions. If Iím with people that are doing fast food then I will get a snack wrapper or some other choice that isnít as bad as other menu items. I got icecream with my sister once this month, but overall I feel I am doing pretty well. I would give myself a B+. It could always be better and I am not as strict as I was when I first started, but I think compared to last month I am doing very well. My snacks for when Iím sitting in traffic consist of apple cubes, grapes, cheese cubes, peaches, a banana, 100 calorie packs, etc. Other than an occasional slice of pizza or icecream with a friend I have been doing pretty well.

~LIFE GOALS- My life goals were to have my first week of summer school planned and be as prepared as possible. I wanted to have an idea of how I was going to arrange my room and have my materials prepared. I feel that I did accomplish this and have earned an A in this category. I finished my last lesson for this week today and I also created a 2 day emergency substitute lesson plan that I was not aware that I had to have this week. Everyday I have gotten all of my grading done and entered into the system so that the parents can see the assignments and their childís grade online that day. I read the IEPís of the 4 that receive services and have started communication with parents. Everyday of teaching, so far, has gone extremely smoothly because of my intense preparation. I have all of my materials and handouts for that day in a separate file folder so in the morning I just grab the folder and lay out my materials. I have copied and hole punched everything ahead of time so our class time is spent as efficiently as possible. Every time an administrator has come in to observe my class my students have been quiet and working diligently on their assignmentsÖ they are wonderful kids, but I also think that their behavior is somewhat attributed to my planning. There is never awkward down time where I am stumbling around trying to remember what I wanted to do next. Although the materials Iíve been making have been EXTREMELY time consuming, I think the kids have really enjoyed them and the novelty/silliness has made 5 hours of high school math somewhat ďfunĒ.

So overall I feel this month went well. Next month I have the same goal of going to the gym 17 timesÖ but with teaching summer school Mon-Fri I have high doubts that Iíll be able to go that frequently. It has been taking me around 5 hours to plan a dayís lesson and create all of the materialsÖ so as soon as I finish teaching I work until I go to sleep. I will keep it as a goal, but will not be disappointed if the realities of this job interfere with that goal slightly. I want to continue to make healthy choices in terms of my food intake and continue to resist the temptation to do fast food. Especially with me running around and working so much, it is difficult to not get fast food. I want to continue to plan ahead and pack myself water and healthy snacks. For the month of July I am going to put my apartment goal on hold because honestly unpacking isnít really the most important thing in my life right now. Iíd rather focus on teaching and trying to get in exercising. My life goal is to continue to stay ahead with my planning and also not slack off with this online professional development course I am taking. It is getting REALLY difficult to read the articles and critique all of these websites with everything else that I am doing, but I need to make sure that I get my work done for that as well.

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KRIBBY101 7/5/2009 7:08AM

    Good goals! Good assessing strategy! I like this! It is very teacheresque! :)

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Fishing Trip

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So I went with part of my family deep sea fishing today! It was so much fun. I can tell that I've been working out... I wouldn't have been able to reel in those huge fish before. I had to get up at 2:30AM!!! Let's just say when I came home I DEF needed a nap!!!! I didn't get to the gym today, but I am going to try to make it to that spinning class in the morning. We'll see. It was a nice experience.

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SNEVIL1 6/27/2009 8:41PM

    i caught 4 (2 at once, 1, and 1). I don't think there are dolphins where we are. I'm by the chesapeake bay in md. i don't know much about the habitats of dolphins but i've never seen one.

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FITKAT2010 6/27/2009 8:26PM

    Nice pics!

My mom and dad use to deep sea dive. It is a workout to be sure.

Did you catch anything? Did dolphins come by the boat? To me I loved watching the dolphins.

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