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pole dancing class

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So tonight i tried pole dancing for the first time ever with a friend who has taught dance for around 27 years, but just had a baby recently. so i was feeling pretty good when we got there. we got there early enough where we got a spot and everyone seemed nice. we changed our clothes and went into the room. i found out that all of the poles had been taken except for one in the very front next to the instructor. this started stressing me out a bit. i do NOT like being in the front for ANYTHING... especially my first time attempting to pole dance. but i didnt have a choice so there i went. the instructor was nice. she was friendly and had a good sense of humor. she started off right away saying the names of moves and starting what i would describe as part of a routine. i didnt know the names of what she was doing, but tried copying her moves. the pace of the class was pretty quick. the rest of the people in the class didn't talk or really interact at all. everyone just kind of watched her and did what she did. at the end of the class we put all of our moves together with the lights off and the disco ball on and did a routine. when i left i wasn't exactly feeling great, so time for some honesty. they had told us on the phone that you should wear shorts so i had bought some spandex mid length "running/biking" style shorts. i could definitely feel that i wasn't very comfortable in these shorts. i frequently stopped during class to pull them down over my thighs. a lot of the other girls were wearing capris like i usually wear, so i think ill wear those next time. in the beginner pole class we don't go high up on the pole or anything crazy so your legs don't really need to stick to the pole... so capris are ok. i think if my outfit was different id feel a little better. i also noticed that i was the heaviest girl there. i felt pretty fat and awkward. i felt uncoordinated and not very flexible. i couldn't bend over as far as everyone else and was feeling kind of ugly when i left. but when i was thinking about it when i was driving home i started realizing that my thoughts were pretty irrational. no one else was worried about me. no one was giving me bad looks or making comments. the instructor wasn't intimidating and it was a pretty good atmosphere. i need to get over myself and stop the negative talk in my head. i need to feel better about myself and be ok with where i am at this moment. old sara would've never taken a group class. old sara would've gotten really upset when she had to be up front and old sara would've quit. i do not want to quit. ive realized that following along with group fitness class moves is difficult for me. i an a very visual learner. i learn by seeing things on paper. in auditory style classes i learned how to take very accurate/fast notes so that i could learn it by reading my notes and seeing it on the page. this is not possible in a pole dancing class lol. it is challenging for me to watch what she is doing and mimic it with my body... then i forget the names of the moves and where all of the parts of my body are supposed to be at that time to repeat it. however, i am guessing that i could've been a lot worse. i am hard on myself and i was comparing myself to others, but i feel like from a 3rd party perspective it probably wasn't that bad. i can feel that i definitely worked my muscles (especially my butt, back, arms, and abs). i would like to go back and keep taking her class. i am hoping that in the level 1 class the moves are the same, just maybe done in a different sequence. i am hoping that if i can keep taking this class over and over eventually i will get better and will start remembering the moves. i think i can do it. in level 2 they start going completely off the ground and doing more advanced moves. it definitely looks challenging and requires more upper body strength. the classes go up to level 5. it would be easy to quit, but if i want to look better isn't this the way to do get there?? zumba will help with the cardio and yoga should help me get more flexible. the pole dancing should help with flexibility and strength/toning. overall i think this should be a pretty good system and i enjoy the variety... so we shall see. it was definitely a wake up to feel so bad after the class. i havent felt like that for a while, but it was a learning experience. now that i have recognized it i think i can move forward and grow from it. i am proud that i went to the class and proud that i am going to keep pushing. i am glad that i feel sore muscles and know that i worked hard and pushed myself. i am taking everything one day at a time:)

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SNEVIL1 6/28/2012 2:39PM

    thanks for all of the encouragement. i always feel better after i SP blog:) ive mapped out a schedule of all the possible classes i could take each day of the week, so i'm definitely trying to keep up with everything. tomorrow i might try the pole dancing class with a different teacher, or i might wait until sunday to stay with the same instructor. i haven't decided yet.

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JAMIELOGICAL 6/28/2012 12:25PM

    I think the impressive thing about this blog was after you started feeling bad about yourself, you said "next time I go I think I'll wear my capris". I LOVE that despite all your negative feelings and self-talk, there was no doubt that there would be a next time!

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OMMAMA7 6/28/2012 10:19AM

    bravo! that is AWESOME that you stopped that negative thinking habit and started looking at things logically and objectively. That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment in my opinion. I think it sounds like a great plan and you should be proud of yourself. Have fun!

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MUSOLF6 6/28/2012 6:34AM


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RBETYOURASS 6/28/2012 12:21AM

    New things are always awkward at first. It sounds like the interest is there esp feeling the effects in your muscles has to count for something!
Keep on pushing on girl!

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HDHAWK 6/27/2012 11:17PM

    Good for you! I know I wouldn't have felt comfortable in the front or the back! It's great exercise and sounds like fun. Go for it!

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why i am losing weight

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I was thinking about why i want to be thin and healthy... here's the list i came up with...

Some of these things ive already noticed and others are goals for the future

-Being able to jump
-Not having to wear a bra
-more sex (and feel better about myself during)
-Look better in clothes
-have more Energy
-be able to go on fun athletic dates (like walking around the city, horse riding, site seeing, etc. In 8 yrs we've never been able to do these things!)
-Participate in races (5k done. 10k and half marathon in the future)
-wear heels
-Compliments (i loooove compliments lol)
-Confidence seeing ppl from past
-Better teacher (wont sit at my desk as much)
-pools and bathing suits
-take risks (trying new things and letting go a little bit... not being a control freak)
-not care about other opinions
-feel good about urself
-students wont look at my old pictures and say what happened
-Be included in what friends do/activities they do
-Hit on by a stranger (this happens to my bf and friends allll the time, but never to me... yet lol)
-wear sexy clothes
-Thighs wont touch
-the look he gives me when im dressed up to go out like his breath was taken away and hes completely stunned
-enjoy fitness classes (i used to avoid them completely)
-Maybe dance in public (i.e. weddings, bars, clubs). I never dance anywhere. I feel dumb and like i look crazy. Id like to let go and try dancing when im out.
-not being embarrassed at the doctors office
-being able to see my feet
-liking my hands
-hip bones

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JAMIELOGICAL 6/28/2012 9:24AM

    Those are some great reasons and I'm sure you have many many more.

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 6/27/2012 7:32PM

    Great, honest and completely achievable list!

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MUSOLF6 6/27/2012 6:37PM

    emoticon I hear you.....

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LDRICHEL 6/27/2012 4:19PM

    yes yes and yes

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CONFIDENTLY_FIT 6/27/2012 1:45PM

    Sounds like a great list:)

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TWINZMOM7 6/27/2012 1:37PM

  Go get it girl! You are awesome!

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THE_NEW_MELISSA 6/27/2012 1:06PM

    Great list! All very doable! You got this!

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zumba experience

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So today was my first time doing zumba. I went with a friend who teaches dance and has been dancing for around 27 yrs but she just had a baby so she isnt as intense as she was before lol. It was fun.... definitely different than anything ive ever done. The instructor was a shorter, slightly heavy, Hispanic gay man lol. I was expecting verbal instructions from the instructor but he didnt speak once. My friend said its supposed to be like a dance party so they dont speak. Everyone just watches him and does it. I have to say it was out offl my comfort zone to jump around and look like a lost idiot lol, but it waa fun. I have never done a line dance at a club or bar (like the cupid shuffle or the wobble) even though i know all the moves. Ive just never felt comf letting go and being vulnerable to being judged by others... but today was fun. There were women of all ages and one very large man. One girl knew most of the moves, but most everyone else was lost like me lol. I jumped, kicked, shook my butt, vibrated, and did something that was supposed to look like salsa dancing lol. Sometimes i was going the wrong way but who cares. At one point the instructor came off the stage and split the room in half. Then had us dance at each other like the dance off in the freddy prince jr movie from the 90s called shes all that. Lol. It was nuts. I definitely have never jumped that much in my life. It felt good to be able to hop back and forth from foot to foot like a boxer warming up. Being heavier before u never really were completely off the ground at one time. It felt nice. We are trying pole dancing tomorrow and then yoga. That should be fun. I feel like my spine and back is connected with a broomstick so rolling my back and being sexy is probably going to be awkward and funny tomorrow but im excited. I cant wait to be long, lean, and toned... as well as stronger than ive ever been. Ill keep u updayed.

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THE_NEW_MELISSA 6/27/2012 10:44AM

    I went to zumba last night too! I had been there once before about a year and a half ago. I love it, but it's hard to keep up! I'm sure I look like a complete idiot, but I don't care. I just decided to have fun and go with it. Burned some good calories and I'm feeling it today! Score!

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JAMIELOGICAL 6/27/2012 9:22AM

    You are so much braver than I! I tried Zumba on my Wii in the privacy of my own home and I was STILL horribly embarrassed doing it. I refused to let my husband even come to that entire floor of the house!

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MUSOLF6 6/27/2012 6:41AM


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My first 5k!

Monday, June 25, 2012

So yesterday I ran my first 5k at 8am. It was the Baltimore Women's Classic. I had to bartend that evening, so I was too tired yesterday to post all of the pics... so here you go.

I finished 1685th out of 2770 people. I was 110 out of 160 for the 20-24 year olds. My time was 40:06.

My fastest 3 mile time was 38 mins.
mile 1- 12:20
mile 2- 12:42
mile 3- 12:56

The race route had 2 hills and here were my split times.
mile 1- 12:21
mile 2- 12:45
mile 3- 12:31

I am glad that I was able to increase my pace a little bit. My next 5k is the end of July, so hopefully I can get down into the 30's. I don't think there are hills on the next 5k. I jogged up the first hill and then walked quickly for a little bit. My jogs were faster than my normal rate, so I needed some quick recovery walks throughout the race. I ran VERY fast at the finish line. The people at the finish line were surprised and were yelling things at me lol. "Uh oh! There she goes!". lol. I probably looked like a crazy person. I zoomed past everyone at the end, but probably looked like death was upon me. They took pictures during the race, so I am waiting for them to be posted. I will post them on SP once I find them.

Thanks to my WONDERFUL sparkfriends who ran with me in their respective states:) MOM2IAN and LDRICHEL! SPARKL3 also ran for me.

MOM2IAN ran the whole time... even though she hates running lol.

JENG83 also ran in the actual race here in MD. She got 35:45 and was 284 out of 465 for her group! Woohoo!

It was really great feeling so supported. I was nervous to do such a big race for my first one and I don't like doing things on my own the first time I do something. It was a big risk for me, but it felt so good having positive texts. I felt very special and like there was an event that was "all about me". As silly as it sounds that an event with 3,000 people would be all about me, I feel like I usually am going to other people's events and activities to support them, but have never really had anything that was "mine" that people supported ME on. It felt great! I was very proud of myself and glad that I accomplished it. I can't wait to keep going and pushing myself. I feel like I am starting to be able to say that I am a runner. It was so nice during the race to hear the positive things people along the route were yelling at to know that I had friends supporting me. There were a few time that i felt kind of emotional and probably could've gotten teary if I wanted... but thought they might call for help if they saw me bawling running down the street (what is this? the PMS 5k?? ). HAHAHA!

One of the bib pins got wrapped up in my shirt. I finally had to cut it out. HAHAHA!

Went out with a friend for sushi the night before my race. Here was my outfit

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RBETYOURASS 6/27/2012 12:13PM

I love love love the virtual running partners idea!
BTW you ARE a runner!
Great job and keep running!

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LDRICHEL 6/26/2012 10:22AM

    Wow...that is the biggest 5k I've ever seen!!! I've only done 3 and none of them have had more than 50 people. Ha! I suspect this will change with the Color Run next month.

Way to go, girl!!!! Can't wait to kill the 10k with you in September!

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JAMIELOGICAL 6/26/2012 9:18AM

    Yay!!! I will never forget what it felt like to finish my first 5k. I cried shamelessly. You must feel so proud and amazing! You are a real runner now!

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MUSOLF6 6/26/2012 8:23AM


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OMMAMA7 6/25/2012 11:06PM

    Awesome - congrats!

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SPARKL3 6/25/2012 8:39PM

    You did such a emoticon job!!! So very happy for you!!

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 6/25/2012 8:05PM

You are emoticon!
And you are a runner!

It was all about you!!

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271 lbs lost!

Friday, June 22, 2012

So I was reflecting on my journey since I started SP in 2008 (7/26/08) after JAMIELOGICAL posted a blog on her total amount of weight lost. My weigh-in's have been off and on during that time, but overall I have gained 245.4 lbs and lost 271.4 lbs. I am 41 lbs down from where I started this February, but only 26 lbs different from where I was when I started so long ago. This is pretty shocking information. This is going to be my last time losing weight. I am going to stick with it and keep it off this time. I can't keep going through losing and gaining the same weight over and over again. That can't be good for your body!

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EDUCGRAD 6/25/2012 10:16AM

    Way to go on your weight loss,keep up the great work emoticon

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MUSOLF6 6/23/2012 8:48AM

    emoticon emoticon

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JAMIELOGICAL 6/23/2012 8:19AM

    Wow. I guess the good news for both of us is that we are still here and working and the scale's moving in the right direction again!

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