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check up

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ive been pretty busy the past few dayd. Sat I worked, sun i had a bday party to go to after i met with girls from my grad class, yesterday and today i worked on my project/presentation due tom, tonight grad class... im proud that i woke up early today and yest to work on my project. Wish i cldve walked instead, but this needed to come first. Wed is my last class for the hard class and the easy class has a few more weeks.i am staying in my ranges and i look forward to working out after class.



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So yesterday I went to the gym before work and then last night my boyfriend and I went to the gym and did weights. I have a field trip today to Washington DC. So I am looking forward to being able to walk around a lot. Because I went to the gym twice yesterday and I am walking all day today I still count this as not breaking my AM exercising streak (plus when we finished the gym last night it was around midnight, which is still techincally the morning lol). Last night at the gym was awesome. I really avoid strength training. I don't like it and it is difficult for me, so I and drawn more towards cardio. However, my boyfriend was a great motivator last night. We had the gym to ourselves most of the night, which was nice because I could try the things he was having me do and push myself without feeling embarrassed. I also tried free weights for the first time in my life. This was after I had done all of the weight machines, so my body had a very difficult time. However, he was very patient with me and kept pushing me. I pushed myself harder than I ever have before. I am still a little disappointed with my performance, but he said I did better than he was expecting, so that's good. I really need to go once a week with him and do that again. We were at the gym for 2.5 hours. It was really nice being able to hang out and spend time together in an athletic environment. It is also a very different kind of connection to do weight lifting with someone that you've been dating since hs. On one hand you feel a little vulnerable, but on the other it's really nice to share in that way.

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LADYBUGLEX 4/24/2012 9:07AM

    I enjoy working out with my bf, too. He's more into strength training than I am and I tend to focus on cardio, so we often swap tips and he's really pushed me into strength training and using weights and vice versa. It's nice to have that time together doing something you both like!

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new perspective

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So when those weight loss pill commercials come on tv i ask myself how much money wld i be willing to spend on a magic pill that would instantly transform me to exactly how i want to be with no side effects... i wld probably spend at least $1000. Unfortunately no pill exists. However, this makes me also ask myself if i am willing to spend that much money then i shld at the very least be willing and capable of drinking only water and work out before school each day. That sacrifice seems much less than the amount of money i wld spend so what is the difference. Just a thought..


Lost 5.4 lbs!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So on Friday I was 191.6, Saturday I was 190, and today I am 186.2! I am a little skeptical about losing 5.4 lbs in 2 days. I am expecting that there will be a slight increase in the next few days because that seems like too much weight. I worked out every morning Mon-Fri and haven't worked out this weekend yet. I burned a little less than 2000 calories this week. This is about twice as much as I used to burn. I have stayed within my calorie ranges every day. I am guessing that maybe that working out is catching up to me and I am seeing bigger weight loss, but over 5 lbs just seems like a lot. Either way I am embracing everything and continuing to do what I am doing.

Yesterday I went to a very large mall in the area and had lunch at my friend's restaurant. I had a portobello panini. After that we went shopping for a few hours. I bought A LOT of new work out clothes. I also bought some more tops, jeans, and two pairs of shoes.

Afterwards, my boyfriend and I went to applebees. I had their cabernet sirloin on the weight watchers menu (460 calories including the potatoes and broccoli).

Then we met back up with my friend and her boyfriend and went to the bar area in downtown Baltimore. I wore my new skirt and shoes. The first picture was from the dressing room and the second picture is with my friend.

Update... after i posted this i went thru my closet at gdads house and got rid of 2.5 bags of ugly or too big clothes. I feel very cleansed. I am ready to welcome my new body and my new fashion sense. Its nice seeing ur old life leave in bags.

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HDHAWK 4/22/2012 6:52PM

    Buy what makes you feel good no matter what size you are. I finally started doing that too instead of waiting until I lose the weight and feeling crappy in the meantime. Congrats on the weight loss!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

So I successfully worked out before work every morning this week! Today a teacher was talking to me about a student before I was able to get out there, so it was only a 37 min walk/jog... however, I went 3.1 miles! That's huge for me! Yesterday I did an hour and went over 4 miles! That's my max. Since I am now burning 2,000 calories a week my ranges went up. Woohoo! I was feeling pretty cute and lean this morning, so I took two pics. Here they are. Have an awesome weekend!


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