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For everyone who feels stupid running....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I was upset to hear that some people who have just started the C25k program feel stupid running and that other people are looking at them like "what are you doing running." Here's what I have to say about that... run loud, run proud. who cares what other people think. EVERYONE has issues. the prettiest girl could be throwing up or shooting up (i've known both of those kinds of people). people who are that negative are sadly going to judge you wherever you are. would you rather have them judging you outside running or while you're sitting on the couch with a bag of hoho's? i run for me. not you.... me. if you want to look at me that bad maybe i'll start running inside in a track and sell admission tickets and make some money off of nosy people. you can gladly watch me run with the purchase of a ticket. lol. dont worry about the looks or the comments. get healthy for YOU. if you only knew all the issues those seemingly "perfect" people go through. husbands cheating, drug addictions, etc. even doctors and brilliant people have kids who commit suicide, sneak out, etc. everyone has issues. no one has the right to make you feel less like a person. anyone who isn't applauding your efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle is covering up for their own insecurities... b/c deep down they are hiding their own issues. you're awesome. you're healthy. you're beautiful. would they have the courage to walk a day in your shoes?? they don't even have the courage to walk in their own shoes because they feel the need to give you a look. the running club is not a roller coaster with a height or weight limit. all that's required is determination. you can do it! Run, baby, run:)

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RUNNER_TIFF_07 12/31/2008 10:57PM

    You are SO right! At first I was nervous about what I would look like running, but you know what? I don't care anymore! I look at other runners and think what a GREAT thing they're doing for their bodies, so why wouldn't I want to do the same! Thanks for the post :).

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Pushing Through!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wow. So I completed Week 4, Day 1 of the C25k program and I feel great! It consists of a 5 min warm up then jog for 3 mins, walk for 90 sec, jog for 5 mins, walk for 2.5 mins, jog for 3 mins, walk for 90 sec, and then jog for 5 mins. I always walk at the end to make it a total of 30 mins... but today I decided to keep walking for another 30 mins for a total of an hour workout. I went for 3.74 miles (the most I've done since I've started the program). I made sure to really pace myself and focus on actually jogging during those parts versus running. I reduced my normal jogging speed from around 5.3 mph to 4.9. I just wanted to complete it and I DID! It was hard, but it's really mental. Unless my legs snap in half or I fall off the treadmill my legs are going to keep moving. They'll only stop if I choose to stop them. Not an option. I am going to finish this program and run my race in March. I can't believe I actually ran for 5 mins straight, twice. The program has really started to step up and I'm stepping up with it. I've been working hard and pushing myself like never before. You can do anything! Just don't quit!

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FITAT50 12/28/2008 5:52PM

    You are doing great! I also keep walking on the treadmill to get in an hour, it really helps to get those 10,000 steps in. And it's ok to slow your pace as long as you're not walking during the running segments. Keep up the great work!

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I feel great!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So for the first time in my life I really feel excellent. I have energy, I'm less stressed, I feel good about myself, my clothes fit better (or are too big), and I can find clothes in normal stores! I actually look forward to working out now. I didn't know that was even possible! People actually like working out? Definitely! I can run at the gym and not feel stupid when people walk in. I don't fight with food and I truly feel in control. It is up to me whether I would like ONE slice of pizza or not, and if I choose to add then into my tracker than I have the power just to have one slice. I never had that before. I am in control of food... it doesn't control me. I am able to control portions and really be aware of everything that enters my mouth, but yet I am not hungry. It is a great feeling. I feel good about my workout routine and I am sticking with it. It's the first time I've actually had a workout routine! I lost 4.2 lbs this week and am very excited about that. Even in my busy schedule I am able to find 15-30 mins a day to do some sort of exercise rather than trying to stress myself out by doing cardio for over an hour on the weekends. This truly has been a lifestyle change and I'm loving it!!!!


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SNEVIL1 12/22/2008 12:31AM

    Thanks! I had a great exercise day. I did the C25k program (total of 30 mins), then I walked for another 30 mins on a higher incline on the treadmill. It was a pretty nice day and not too too cold, so I decided to go outside and go for a walk. It was about 2 miles (40 mins). Around my apt is very hilly, but the walk wasn't killing me like it was when I walked to work twice in July. Even after working out so much and having the highest number of steps that I've ever had (14226), my legs aren't that tired. I could still walk more (if it wasn't 12:31 in the morning. lol). I can really tell my body is at a better place than it was a few months ago. Hopefully this progress stays on track and I'll reach my overall goal in march.

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KER2DREAM 12/21/2008 7:38PM

    Great job! Sounds like you are making a lot of progress, congrats with all your success!!

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SNEVIL1 12/21/2008 1:33PM

    Thanks! I really do feel successful. 09 is going to be a fabulous year! I'm hoping to reach my weight loss goal by March. I'm running my 5k in March. I graduate in May and then will start being a "real" teacher in August. So many exciting changes in the near future!

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BRANDI87 12/21/2008 12:28PM

    That is totally awesome! You truly are making remarkable progress!! Keep up the good work. The feeling of success and progress is soo much better than a slice of pizza. Happy Holidays and hope 2009 is a great year for you!!!

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My First 5k!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So I just signed up for my first 5k in March. I'm VERY excited!!! I'm should have the C25K program completed at the beginning of January, so that should give me some time to really make sure I can do the race. Wish me luck!!!

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SNEVIL1 12/21/2008 11:26AM

    Thnaks! I can't wait:)

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ZORAHGAIL 12/17/2008 3:22PM

    You'll have so much fun! Woohoo! Wishing you much success w/ the training program.

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How do you find ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I am VERY busy and have juggled a lot as my college career is coming to a close (multiple jobs, over a full-load of classes, student teaching/internship, etc.) I used to make excuses that I didn't have time to exercise, but lately I've really been able to fit it in. And you know what?? I've found that making a little time here or there has really helped me not to feel as stressed and given me more energy to be productive. The spark videos are perfect when you don't have time. You ALWAYS have 10 minutes. You probably spend more than 10 minutes total in the bathroom each day. 10 minutes is nothing. I've also just started this Couch to 5k program that is AWESOME!

It is so easy to follow and really quite doable. Today I walked to the gym at my apartment (2 mins), did a 5 minute warm up walk, and then ran for 60 sec and walked for 90 sec (back and forth for a total of 20 mins), and then did a 5 minute cooldown walk. Bam, done, back at my apartment. I was more tired, more stressed, and busier when I wasn't exercising than now that I am. Now, don't get me wrong, I really want to be exercising more. Somedays it doesn't get in and I was defnintely burning more calories a week over the summer... but there's always a little room for something. Something is better than nothing, you have to start somewhere. No more negative thoughts and excuses. You can do it:)

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ANGELICASONGS 12/4/2008 6:17PM

    Hey!!!! first off I loveeeeee C25K!!! It really is a good running program. I haven't gotten past week 5, so I'm going to start over and work my way back up to week 5 and hopefully pass it this time!!! Plus if you have an ipod...there's a podcast for it I usually get on the treadmill and do it then too. School can be stressful but you're right. Most of the time you can fit something in. I only have 15 credits(5 classes) and no job this term(a first for me) and I still felt like I didn't have time to do everything! So I made sure I walked to class instead of taking the bus around campus. That gave me and extra 40min a day just walking to and from class. I think it just takes planning which is one of the hardest parts. You have to figure out when to sacrifice and what, and then you actually had to do it. But it sounds like you have your plan down!!!! hahahaaa Best wishes and have a great weekend!

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SNEVIL1 12/3/2008 6:39PM

    I agree, SUMITH2008. Last year i was working over 60 hrs a week and taking 5 classes. DEFINITELY not exercising. It almost killed me. This semester I cut down my hours and didn't take on so much. I leave "me time" and also try to fit in exercise. Having a busy schedule is difficult, because yes you could theoretically drop out of your classes and become unemployed... but now you are no longer getting the degree you've been working towards and can't support yourself so you can eat, have shelter, etc. There has to be a balance. Last year I was not balanced and I was working too much. I am struggling more financially this year since i"m not working as much, but I'm glad that important things, like exercise, aren't being missed. It's hard. You just have to look at priorities and do the best you can.

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SUMITH2008 12/3/2008 6:34PM

    I break my exercise routine to different parts of the day. A busy schedule, is usually your own doing right? You have the option and the choice to work more or work less. It all depends, on how you want to live your life and what your life style is like. Then its not to hard to make time =)

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