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Things have changed a lot since December..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In my December entry I was struggling because I was overwhelmed because of my new job, well now my shifts have been cut down a lot which creates a lot of room for boredom. I have also been notified that my job will end at the end of March because the place of business is closing. I will soon be unemployed after only be employed for a short 5 months, learning most everything from scratch, and being lulled in to a false sense of security (after 3 months of unemployment).

So now I am looking for a new job. The plus is that I have more time to concentrate on improving my healthy lifestyle, the negative is that job searching is just a tad soul-destroying, and not having a fixed routine takes a toll on your motivation and self esteem. Especially since my partner is also unemployed at the same time, so we are both home.

But we are doing well, we have started juicing, and eating more fish, fruits and veggies.
Although exercise for me has been non existent for nearly two months (minus one spin class a week).

My fitbit fund has come to a halt at half way, mostly because I can't justify buying one until one of us gets a stable job again. My calories have been in the 2000s and fluctuate a lot, so my new short term goal (starting today) is to get 5 days in a row with 1500 calories or less. I know I can do this because I have done quite well in the past at consistently keeping my calories at bay.

Things that will improve my likelyhood of success:
Improving my sleeping schedule- and therefore my eating schedule (REALLY struggling with this)
Eating protein at every meal
Eating enough fibre - fruits and veg
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day
Tracking calories as I go- saving for treats- especially on valentines day
Calculating recipes in advance

So wish me luck! I am not going to get upset at myself if I fail, any improvement is better then none, and I can always try again.

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TRACYLYNN853 2/13/2013 11:39PM


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MAJONES1225 2/13/2013 11:33PM

    Great attitude.

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KIMBERLY19732 2/13/2013 11:27PM

    Good Luck! You can do it!!!!

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Reasons I eat when I am not hungry..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am an emotional eater, more then I think I ever realized, my fiance jokes that I am addicted to food. I can be a healthy eater, I love fruits and veggies, and all kinds healthy grains, meat/alternatives, and dairy. I love to eat in season and cook healthy, flavorful meals but I have a problem with eating sugar and carbs to cope with my emotions. ALL emotions. A lot of the time when I over eat for emotional reasons I can't tell when I am hungry any more.
Here is a list of emotions I use food to deal with:

Procrastination : "I will just take a break for a snack" or ".. maybe I am hungry"..
Boredom: Thinking up ways to fill the time (tea and snack, etc)
Anger: Eating mindlessly while ranting
Guilt/Shame: "I have already ruined the day anyway.."
Celebration (happiness)- holidays, birthdays, parties
Stress/worry/anxiety: Food makes things temporarily better.

I can't believe how long this list is.
I often think that as soon as a period of intense emotion ends I will be more successful at living a healthy lifestyle. Except now I am realizing that life is emotional and that will never cease. There will be periods of depression and boredom (current unemployment) or stress (a busy job) and guilt (no one is perfect) and sadness (sh*t happens). Anger is normal, and I happen to have an anxiety disorder.. so there's that. There are always going to be holidays (Valentines, Easter, Christmas- which lasts like a month-, Halloween, not to mention- Superbowl, pot lucks, my birthday, everyone elses birthdays, bbqs, staff meeting treats, parties, gifts etc!!). Those moments might pass each year but they are reoccurring and if I don't learn to achieve a balance between healthy living and enjoying treats and coping with my feelings in other ways, I will have to face the fact that I will never achieve my healthy living goals and weight loss.

There, now I said it, time to finally act on it with a positive attitude.

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PROUD-GRANDMA 2/13/2013 11:16PM

    Balance is key.

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Challenges, changes and hangups..

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last month I started a new job, I have been working days and some of the changes in my routines are creating challenges and hangups for me in my attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


1. At work there is a lot of baking and gifts of sweets in the staff room that I havent been resisting.
2. At work it is difficult to remember to bring my water bottle with me and drink so I have not been reaching my 8 glasses a day anymore, in fact i am averaging 3 glasses- 5 if I am lucky.
3. I am too tired to exercise when I get home, and have not been doing any on the weekends.

I have been very exhausted from my new routine, going to bed early and getting up early. I have been moody, stressed and insecure. I have been worried that I wont be able to live up to standards at work or adjust quickly enough or that people will not like me.
I have been overeating/binging on carbs and sweets because they feel comforting to eat. Afterwards I feel a lot of guilt but do not curb my bad habits.
Lastly Christmas is coming and food is overflowing, and although I feel fortunate, I dont want to over do it. It is very difficult for me to say no since it feels impolite, and it is even harder to throw out leftover and not snack while baking for others.

1. Add an extra incentive for my fitbit jar: get one extra ball from abstaining for sweets from bake days and goodies in the staff room.
2. Bring my water bottle around with me at work, it is a hassle but staying hydrated will help my energy, moods and eating in moderation.
3. Consider doing light exercise in the morning.

I hope this works otherwise I will never be able to achieve my goal of 100+ pompoms to purchase a fitbit.

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HEARTPROCLAIMS 12/16/2012 3:11AM

    I can totally relate to your obstacles.

I, too, struggle with the office goodies. It's been really tough to avoid them!

When I get home, I'm so busy with taking care of my son that by the time I get to eat dinner I'm exhausted and just want to get to bed.

Drinking a lot of water is a big help. I take a 32oz water bottle with me to work and try to fill it up twice. Usually when I'm bored I'll take a walk to the water cooler. If anything, it's a nice distraction.

If you can, exercise in the morning might be the best. Before I had my son, working on in the AM was ideal because even if I ended up having a long and tiring day, at least my exercise was done! Less guilt for flopping on the couch.

Good luck with reaching your goals!

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Fit bit challenge progress

Friday, November 16, 2012

Well I have been working on this challenge for 10 days now and I have earned 21 dollars.
I have been using pom poms to signify one dollar each and I put them in a big ol' cookie jar, it is really fun and motivational. I have three "dollars" available to earn everyday:
1 for drinking 8 glasses of water
1 for exercising
1 for eating within my calorie limit

I average 2 a day, since I am usually not successful at all 3, but some days I am! I have been checking my reports here and I see real progress! My calories have steadily decreased and are more steady, rather then peaking and falling all the time.

I still have a long way to go towards the 100 balls (dollars) but 21 is a start! Really looking forward to that fitbit!



Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I have decided that I would really like to have a Fitbit One but don't want to just go out and buy something that I may not use very often. So I decided to make a project out of it and use the Fitbit as a reward.

The plan is to use a jar with the picture of the Fitbit on it, and for everytime I drink 8 glasses of water, stay within my calorie limit, or exercise I put 1 dollar in my jar. I might use pompoms, with the 3 different colours, one for each type of success and that way I dont have to take out coins.

That gives me the potential for 3 dollars a day, the fitbit is 100 dollars (plus shipping)- 100/3, the means if I earned the whole 3 everyday it would take 33 days. I dont think it is realistic to think I will succeed everyday so it could take up to 2 months..

I think I will make my goal to get it by the new year (Jan.1st)!
Exciting! I will keep you all posted on how I do.

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SCCRSTTR2 11/16/2012 9:36PM

    I think I may take this. Once I get into my house I will start "earning" my fitbit. I've wanted one for a while but I couldn't justify the expense now I can! Thanks

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MOLLZ007 11/7/2012 8:54PM

    Sounds like a great way to motivate yourself! I just got my fitbit in the mail today and I am still figuring it out but so far it is awesome!

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6BALLMAN 11/7/2012 1:12PM

    You have time to save up...I pre-ordered mine a month ago and it has not shipped yet. Good luck with your program!!

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DIBANANA 11/7/2012 8:47AM

  I bought the fitbit zip and am very happy so far. I put it on as soon as I wake up.

Your reward goal is a good idea. Good luck

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MZKYND 11/7/2012 8:13AM

    What a novel idea!! I have been thinking of getting a fitbit too, cost has been my main issue, I like using it as a reward :)

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NANCYRUBIO 11/7/2012 8:11AM

    Sounds like you have made up your own program--good going!

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