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Need to keep going!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I have tried to change my lifestyle to be more healthy for many years- probably about 10
and I am only 23.. I am only now becoming familiar with the patterns that keep developing and
the reasons my progress stops. I go into funks, that I dont get out of for at least a year!!
I don't really notice, I have difficulty starting but I make progress with tracking my calories,
changing my eating habits, and creating new habits - like a better sleeping pattern, and creating time for exercise. I feel really proud of myself, and although it is challenging I make head way because I am putting all of my energy and commitment into these changes!

Then I start feeling annoyed and stressed about the changes, it gets harder and harder to
keep going and maybe I "cheat" a little. Like having some unhealthy snacks, eating empty or unbalanced calories instead of a healthy meal, really going crazy on the weekends with baking and most of all skipping workouts.

At first there is some excuse, like I am really tired, or I am in a bad mood (angry, sad depressed etc), "everyone needs a day of rest" or my partner will see me work out, or it is cold or rainy outside, or I am too busy today. And the worst is when I am sick for a few days. It is so easy to let my calories go sky high, and drop my exercise routine all together after a few days of not following any plan.

Then before I know it I stop thinking of my plan and carry on not even remembering my goals.
That's why I love that quote "A year from now you'll wish you had of started today". It is so true!

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SCRAPPINPOLLY 10/30/2012 11:33AM

    I love that quote and try to remember that daily.

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The No S

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am using the main principle in the No S "diet" to keep myself on track. It is very straight forward and I look at it as a daily exercise in moderation.

Each weekday there are no:

Except you can look forward to having S's sometimes on S days-
Saturday, Sunday and special days (holidays, sick days)

I have been successful for two days so far. Although I am not following it exactly. If I get really hungry I will eat a piece of fruit and veggies, which he doesn't recommend, but I think is a good way to eat more fibre.

The system is all about concreting healthy habits of moderation and eliminating excess so that treats are treats again and you can bring more balance into your diet without making a judgment call on everything you eat. It doesn't deprive you because on the weekend you can treat yourself, and you are more likely to stick to it because it has no "forbidden" or complicated rules. The best think is there are no guilty pleasures, no "good foods" or "bad foods", just foods.

It works with exercise and it builds a foundation for you to learn about your eating choices and portion control since you know how much you need to eat in order to stay full until your next meal (without overdoing it and feeling sick). After a week of cleaner eating you're less likely to bulk up on the S's since you may notice they have an adverse effect when you overeat them. Besides you spend more time deciding what you would like to have most on the weekend and enjoy it more since you earned it and you doing overindulge in it all the time.

In this way I hope to enjoy food more (not deprive myself completely) and obsess over it less. And lose weight at a moderate pace. Using this diet may mean I will lose weight at a slow pace but I don't mind, since I am more likely to stick to it and maintain my changes over time.

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OOLALA53 10/17/2012 8:33PM

    Your snacks may fade over time, as many have found after awhile. The most important reason cited for not eating even healthy food for snacks is that a person may then eat less lighter food like freggies at meals, reasoning that they had already gotten healthy stuff in, and this will defeat some of the built-in moderation. However, there is nothing to say you can't ease into the habits, and if you find that you still stay honest, so much the better.

I'm adding a thread on what I'm going to report now, but I thought I'd put it here, too, just for added support. A 1991 Gallup poll commissioned by American Health magazine found that weight losers who had lost at least 10% of their weight and kept it off for at least 3 years reported that the two most common strategies used where cutting out snacks and desserts, and cutting down overall. The least-used strategies were commercial weight loss groups, special foods, and diet books. Yay for No S.

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I am back (and still fat)!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last time I wrote here was in 2009. Somethings have changed since then in my life. I graduated uni, went on a 2 month trip to Europe which I just finished, and moved to Quebec, where I am now moving into a new place and trying to find a job, figure out services etc.
Before the move I had ups and downs in NS, times where my fiancé and I were frequenting the gym and spending time outdoors. I even completed 3 spin classes while there before moving here.

On my trip to Europe I defiantly splurged and ate whatever I wanted, which is why I went, to eat new cuisine, so I dont regret that. Especially since I was doing lots of exercise on the trip, I felt great anyway. Now I am back home, and havent gotten into the healthy habits I desire like going to the gym or running around my block.

Last I checked (3months ago) I was 145lbs, I havent checked what weight I am at now.
What I am struggling with at this point in my life is a lack of follow through with exercise and also pretty powerful sugar addictions. My dilemma is that I really enjoy cooking and baking comfort foods , and I dont want to stop making them or enjoying them completely. And I dont think I should have to. So I need to come up with some sort of sensible eating plan where I am not controlled by food but havent totally deprived myself from it either.

I hope that when I get settled in a bit more here in the next week or two I will become accustomed to healthy habits and learn about the fitness opportunities that I can afford here.
My best options are usually fitness courses, but all of them seem to have already started so I will have to look into it. I would like to start spinning again for example. I also plan to get my clothes sorted out and unpacked so that I can get outside and exercise, hopefully with my fiancé in the near-by park.

Starting today I am going to start tracking my calories, just to see how much I am on average over eating, and I am not going to tell my fiancé because he hates it when I do this.


My life now and bad habits!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well the last few months have been pretty stressful since I started a new job 12-18 hours a week, I volunteer to run a humanitarian organization helping a refugee adjust to Halifax , and of course trying to do well in 4 courses! Then there's the traveling back and forth from Quebec to NS that my boyfriend and I do for quick visits and late night chats that I so enjoy but really regret when morning rolls around. Then there's the overall missing him, and difficulties that come with a long distance relationship.
Between classes, night shifts, planning events, papers, exams and crises that seem to pop up so often I usually feel overwhelmed with a constant sense of failure in something or other! To cope I have a bad habit of binge eating sweets. I am a VERY emotional eater. I eat when I'm sad, bored and angry. As absurd as that sounds eating chocolate gets me through things at least temporarily. After of course it gives me a stomach ache and makes me embarrassed and guilty.
I have also recently began eating meat after 4 years of being ( a large) vegetarian. I did so because I thought it might help stomach issues I was having but it hasn't, I think it must be stress.
At the moment I eat a diet of fruit, sweets, bread, cereal, diary and lunch meat. Anything fast!
I love to cook, but my kitchen ends up such a mess and I'm so tired when I get home I don't get organized to cook a healthy dinner often.
Exercise right now is none existent, I keep telling myself that I will go to the gym when things die down, but now they have and I still have not gone. I just feel sick and lazy! I miss my energy from the summer. My sleep patterns at the moment dont help with late nights and sleepy days not becoming productive until the afternoon.

Anyway stress has been my major obstacle but the way I see it is what's one more thing? I need to do something for myself and a healthy lifestyle is important for the improvment of my attitude and quality of life. After a binge of 2 kinder eggs and one toblerone that were meant for Christmas stockings I can see there are problems that need to be addressed. And now is the perfect day to face this new challenge since in 5 days I will be home without school, work or volunteering!

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MACKANDME 12/10/2009 6:42PM

    I like your user name.

I know just what you mean. Today I came to work unprepared and so far have had 2 diet cokes (which I normally avoid) and 2 packets of nuts from the vending machine. That's a lot of fat!

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