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Working to be fit with FITBIT ONE

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just received my fitbit one. Never believed in Pedometers as their accuracy has always been suspect, but then I never had a really good advanced model. Thanks to my daughter and her husband for this early Christmas gift. It has come at such a necessary time for me. I am struggling with my weight and general fitness. I think this is the "spark" I need to stay motivated and move slowly and successfully forward. Who would have thought such a small device is so complex. This comes from a guy who thought the transister radio was the top of electronic evolution.

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IOWAGRAMMA 12/22/2012 9:53AM

    Keep us updated on the Fitbit One and how you like it. I'm considering it, as a personal gift to me, but haven't taken the plunge yet. Best, Jeannie

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IMSOOZEEQ 12/22/2012 2:08AM

    I got mine last week. It was an early Christmas gift from my son. I love it. It motivates me to get up throughout the day. That is why I wanted it. I like seeing the flower grow as I add more and more steps!

Good luck!

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JILL313 12/22/2012 1:47AM

    Getting a FitBit was high on my list of things to buy for myself. . .but I just bought myself a printer with a copier and fax. A FitBit and a Kindle is on my wish list for the coming year. I've heard such good things about them and gave up on using my Omron as it is so inaccurate and not really very helpful. I also want to get as healthy as possible to enjoy my Senior years to the Max. I need to increase my exercise this coming year as I haven't been as consistent with it as I need to be. They are in the process of building a state of the art Fitness Center just a few miles from my house and I'm hoping to take an aquatics fitness class there as soon as it opens up. Be sure and write down some mini doable goals and post them up in a few places where you'll be sure to read them daily. I'm wishing you great Weight Loss success this coming up year. You've made a wise decision in getting fit as it's never too late. I know you're going to stick with Spark and feel so happy and good that you did. Happy Sparking new friend.

Jill emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SPUNKYDUCKY 12/22/2012 12:46AM

    Glad you like your fitbit - I forgot to put mine on today but I have been wearing it most of the time.

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GUITARWOMAN 12/21/2012 1:49PM

    I am completely enamoured of my One, having traded up from basic.

I have an iPhone 5, it syncs to the phone, it sysncs to my computer desktop, it syncs to sparkpeople......

Nerd heaven for me. A major improvement in design from the basic and ultra.

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ARIABOO10 12/21/2012 12:05AM


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SAINTBERNARD6 12/20/2012 11:56PM


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BOOKAPHILE 12/20/2012 11:32PM

    I really like my fitbit One. It HAS motivated me to move more. I think you'll find yourself walking more, too. Keep us posted on your progress. Best Wishes!

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 12/20/2012 10:59PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ITSMATT 12/20/2012 10:56PM

    I'll be interested to hear what you think about it. I've considered purchasing one of these at some point.

Make it a great day!

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Monday Monday

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remember the song by the Mamma's and Poppas? I sure do; as it was one of my favorites. "Monday Monday cant stand that day. " Me either. It seems like every Monday I am starting my diet. It would feel good to make it to Tuesday and still be on the diet. Excuses, I have plenty of them: I cant do it today because it is too hot outside, I can start tomorrow after i have a tiny" piece of dessert, None knows I started, No one knows I quit! I just have to gain the mind set to do it and not be blaming anyone situation or person. Isn't that really it. I am the only one who can do this life style change. It will benefit me and in the long run my family. What can they do, just encourage me as they have in the past. I know I will need encouragement rom Spark members as I have read the words of encouragement and success. I"ve witnessed and can see what words of encouragement can do for each of us struggling just by reading the spark comments after a blog entry. Success stories like my daughter are like stairs being put in front of me to help keep me on the path. Maybe these can do the same for you. One of the movies my wife loved, fhey told the patient to take "baby steps", That is how I am going to get started, I need to lose 100 pounds but I am going to take them five at a time, so i can see some success and maybe not have to hear Monday Monday unless I have the album playing on the old 8 track or my IPOD.

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SPUNKYDUCKY 8/2/2011 11:23PM

    I like the idea of taking it 5 lbs at a time - I think that is the greatest key to success.

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New Meds

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am finally trying to get answers about the numerous kidney stones i have been producing, Average 2 a week since about christmas. Between that and my knees it has not been a good winter nor spring. After switching my meds and getting on the new rooutine, I have a new complaint. The meds I need to take have a slight problem with some of the perscribees. I am one of them. My ankles are quite swollen, at least for me. Put on five pounds in the last couple of day (in my feet). Anyway I hope you have as good a doctor as I have. She responded immediately to my call to her office and gave me suggestions as to how to resolve the problem since on my new regimine I can not go back to the old high blood pressure medicine. I have not had any additional salt in my diet, which is huge for me. I grew up a saltaholic and always salted even if I had not tasted the food. It got so bad I even salted hotdogs before I ate them. Can not use no salt substitute because of the potassium. I am receiving added potassium to halt the production of the stones. i am sure with the spark recipes I will be able to be successful without too many more stumbling blocks. (SALT).Always follow doctors instructions, included in this is the need to keep your doctor informed of what is going on with you. A doctor cannot make a good diagnosis without your full cooperation. Believe me they have heard it all and if they haven't they probably need to hear it to evaluate you successfully. There will always be stumbling blocks along our path to healthy living. If my daughter can do it and be as successful as she is with life threatening situations getting in her the way, I can put up with swollen feet. I have got to learn to take a day at a time and celebrate the small successes to get to the big successes.

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SPUNKYDUCKY 6/16/2010 8:38PM

    Oh, buggers. I am sorry to hear that the calcium channel blocker is giving you leg swelling. I was on one a long time ago and couldn't tolerate it because my legs got so swollen. I hope that she gave you some ideas of relief.

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Trout Pond

Monday, May 10, 2010

I spent the afternoon at Coopers Rock Trout Pond. The day was sunny and somewhat breezy. Not so cool you would need a jacket but enough you did need a long sleeve shirt. There were already three people fishing when I arrived and no one had caught a fish. Sure enough as soon as i got settled in the fellow to my left caught a golden trout. 30 minutes later the man to his left caught a golden. I thought this was going to be a Golden day. Not to be. After four hours and zero hits I packed it up. Saw just three more fish caught . A lone Drake Mallard flew in and entertained us for a short while, flew off and then returned to paddle around. he was still there as I parted. To far for a good photo. Maybe next time.

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SPUNKYDUCKY 5/11/2010 4:20PM

    Don't lose hope - those fish are out there waiting to be caught!

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Red Salamander

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On my first day off I decided to walk in Coopers Rock exploring the new growth, lookin for Deer sign, and mainly trying to find some Morel mushrooms. I started at the Trout Pond; talking to the few fishermen who lined its banks. I was only told of three fish being caught in several hours, so I was glad my decision was to walk and not fish. The weather was about 70 degrees and being this early in the spring the bug count was zero, at least the kind we usually mind. Walking up an old deer trail on my way to the top of that mountain, I found an incredible amount of new growth. The forest was indeed very busy ensuring its inhabitants would not be easily seen while they raised their young. Acorns, which we need tools to crack, were bursting at the seams and throwing roots to the ground. Much needed to replace the many trees we lost during our "severe" winter storms. We had had plenty of rain the past two days so the creeks were now streams and rapids appeared where once minnows played. Birds were filling the air with their chorus as they knew if they waited till nightfall it would be drowned out by the tree frogs and "peepers".
I had been walking on and off deer trails for about two hours when I got a rude awakening. I took a tumble after my feet became tangled in thorny briars trying to make their presence known. They succeeded! It made me realize hhow vulnerable a 63 yewar old can be, especially one whose knees aren't what they used to be. Anyway I took my bruised ego and decided it was best to find a log to sit down on. I found one by a large rock which had several smaller rocks stacked on top of it as though to signal me this was a good spot. I sat taking a short breather. Movement at my feet brought me out of my self imposed daldrum (after realizing I could have hurt myself and no one would know where I had gone walking or even that I had). I knelt down and moved a leaf and there was a salamander. An orange one with about six spots. Having never seen one, I took out the small camera I had and took a couple of pictures. My daughter found it to be a Red Salamander. She checked on the computer when I told her about it. With my spirits high on the new discovery I continued on my way but this time I was headed back. I could hear the water as it rumbled over the rocks in the stream bed. When I got down to the stream there was again evidence of new plant growth in the form of fiddlerferns. I believe this is the name for the fern leaf as it attempts to unroll from the stem. Pondering how to cross this fast moving stream without getting too wet I continued downstream. Luckily for me the college had erected a small bridge of downed logs and small boards. Fifteen minutes later I was back at the pond. All fishermen had left. It was similiarto owning your own small lake. The only other residents were the song birds and the hawk coasting on the air currents trying to find its dinner. Time expired was 4 hour 19 minutes.

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SMOKINGUN 5/9/2010 9:35PM

    Very pictureque! Sounds like an absolutely lovely day in the woods! Glad that you got to become acquainted with a new creature of the forest.

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