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slippin backwards

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I allowed myself to go in the opposite direction from what I had going. Now I have to get back on track so I can truly enjoy the summer and the small trips i will take. I am fortunate I work three days on and then have three days off so I will be able to take little vacations in the immediate area. Plan on a good fishing trip up to one of the great lakes to enjoy a charter boat excursion. It looks like it would be fun and maybe my luck would change. Haven't caught anything around the home area. I was even fishing at a trout pond and they came and stocked. Never got a bite. I really want to catch a trout just to say I have plus it looks like fun. Any one else tried a charter on the great lakes?

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SPUNKYDUCKY 5/2/2010 11:54AM

    I know it is hard to slip backwards because I have done it so many times. Sometimes a fresh start is what you need to get yourself going. Now that spring is here you can be as active as you want to be without the snowy limitations. Try setting a small goal with a time window and think about how to get there. It will happen.

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REMUS55 5/1/2010 10:03PM

  You'll get back on the forward track, no worries. No never tried a charter but it does sounds like fun. Haven't been fishing in a long while. So if you go catch one for me.

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Cherry Blossom Festival

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Had a great time going to Washington DC and getting to experience the beauty of the Cherry trees in full bloom. I had never been to DC and wanted especially to see this yearly natural beautification of our landscape. I wanted to see the other national treasures as well. I walked for approximately five hours just taking photos and being amazed at the sights. Need to go back again as it is not something to be truly appreciated on one visit. Hope all of you had a nice day. It was sunny and mid 70's when I was there. Somehow I imagined just a few people would have the same idea I had. Was i ever wrong. Nice to see the throngs of families out enjoying and experiencing the wealth of history in our nations capitol.
Easter is today, so I hope all of you are enjoying the nice weather and appreciating all we have. Take time to reflect on what you are doing and the reasons for taking the direction you have chosen. Be happy with what you have and greatful not to have what others possess.

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SPUNKYDUCKY 4/26/2010 2:39PM

    I can't wait to see your pictures! I am glad that you had such a memorable day :)

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    I haven't been to DC in the spring. Will have to put that on my list!

Thanks for sharing your happy, healthy day with us.


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About time!

Monday, February 08, 2010

I think I am entitled to set realistic goals and expectations. I know what I need to do and I can say I am motivated by my daughter to have the successes she has experienced. She is very happy with life, with herself and I am entitled to that same feeling. I am the only one who can do this no matter how much encouragement I get from others. I do get a lot of it and it is much appreciated. I am joining a health center for a couple of good reasons. I need the appropriate equipment to work out on, as I do not have the best knees and it is harder for me to walk then others. They have a pool so I have no excuse to have not exercised since there is no weight bearing when you are in the pool. And I need to find people of my age who have similiar interests and the bigger benefit would be the new friends I could make. Next week I am looking forward to going to Harrisburg, PA to visit the deer classic. Always wanted to attend one of these but never made the time. I work hard and am entitled to go to fun things such as that and one of my employees husbands is taking me. He is an avid hunter as I am. He is much more successul then I but I have some pretty neat pictures from the areas I have been hunting. I just take my time and go. As you may be able to tell I can make up excuses with the best of them as to why I haven't stayed steady on Spark. Believe it or not a Pizza got me off track and I am reboarding the train. I do not want to wear 2x clothes and have to pay more because they are BIG. I want to be able to walk easier, and I know I can if I am not carrying this extra weight. If you have lost 5 or 10 pounds go to the grocery store and carry a bag of sugar equal to the weight loss while you shop and you will see what I mean. Nope I do not need that and I have reconviced myself of that fact. I am entitled to fulfill the aspiration of feeling fit and not getting out of breath when I so climb up the stairs.

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SPUNKYDUCKY 2/8/2010 11:24PM

    Very nice, and honest blog! Good for you! Glad that you are going to go to the deer classic and I am excited that you are going to work out at the new gym! You absolutely deserve everything above and more!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks for the comments after my blog on setting a destination I was going to "walk to" with the added mileage from my daily walks. It was suggested to find a location I want to visit and once I have achieved those miles in my walks, go and visit that place. Now why didn't I think of that? Now the hard part will be to set a realistic location to go Trippin" to once my mileage adds up. Too often I think we set goals so lofty they are hard to if not impossible to achieve. While Sparkin I want to be able to have the small successes to make the larger ones I at first deemed impossible (and thus easier to use as an excuse to quit), that much more obtainable. We all should set goals that are obtainable but nothing wrong with having the "dream" goal which just might be obtainable in the distant future. I am enthused by the encouragement given by family, friends,Spark participants and the good endorphins we all get from participating in the Spark Challenge we have set for ourselves.

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SPUNKYDUCKY 9/11/2009 12:37AM

    Love the travelling duck! Ducks rock!
On destinations, here are a few to consider: Washington DC (not too far but a totally new place with lots to do); if you wanted to take a shorter walk to get "warmed up" you could consider Deep Creek Maryland or Pittsburgh.

Thanks for the positive comments on my page. Today was actually a rough day. Stress = craving. I did ok though.

Love you,

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new goal to walk to!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I decided to a page from my wifes diary when she was alive. She always totaled her walks and then at the end of the year we would tell people which town equaled the distance from our house she had walked. I will have to set a town I want to walk to and then track it as I walk.


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SPUNKYDUCKY 8/26/2009 1:33AM

    Maybe make it a place you want to visit and once you have "walked" there -go there for real!

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MERRIKATE 8/25/2009 10:47PM

    What a great idea! Even neater if I treat myself to a trip to that place once I've made the miles ... hmmm, there's a thought.

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DAISYBELL6 8/25/2009 9:54PM

    I like that idea!


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