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New You Workout

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm pretty happy with my weight right now, although I've gained weight since I reached my goal last year. That's because I've kept my BMI around 20 and my body fat around 13.7, per the scale I have at home. The body fat measure at work with the electronic gizmo comes in lower than the scale each month, sometimes much lower. Two months ago it was 2.8%, and I suggested it couldn't be correct. We ran it again and it came in at 3.0%. It's only been above 10% once, and that was one of the first measures last year.

So I'm in the "New You" workout to get some variety in my exercise routines, especially since the weather isn't always cooperative and the days are still pretty short for a working single parent to find outdoor exercise time.

I'm starting the bootcamp at:

135.8 lbs
13.8 body fat
30.5 waist
33.5 hips
38 chest
16.25 neck

If the weight goes up, but the other numbers stay good, I'll be happy.


Too much?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I reached my goal weight before the Swimsuit Challenge started, but my nutrition goals didn't change. Now I get messages that I have exceeded my weekly goal for minutes or for calories burned.

When I updated my exercise goals to say that I'd burn 800 calories a week, it only gave me an additional 60 calories or so a day to eat. That's not even a banana!

All that said, my weight has remained steady the last three weeks, so whatever calculations the site's tools are using are valid. I just wish that when I'd lost the weight, I'd have been able to continue the exercise at that "losing ten pounds" rate but end the caloric intake restriction.

One of the best things about getting involved with came from my son. His PE class in high school is weight training. He's 16 years old and healthy. And he asked me (!) how to get a trim belly. Not that he needs any trimming, but I'm sure glad that he would think I'd know. Two months ago he wouldn't have thought that.