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Oahu here I come!

Monday, March 18, 2013

More good news! I was really missing my family and the other day my Mom called and said she was feeling like going to Hawaii was I?. I said "That's funny, I was feeling like going to CA. But I guess if you live in CA, Hawaii is the dream get away. I just miss you guys and the beach." And she said "No, you don't understand, I am going to Hawaii and am inviting you to go stay in the time share with us. Patch and Carlie are welcome but they would need to buy their own air fair."


SWEET! I am going to Oahu. I would have rescheduled anything to go. May 3-10 I'll be in Oahu. Patch and Carlie have to work and thought I need family alone time anyway. My sister, Mom and I will have a good time (and anyone else they bring)

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SEASONS_CHANGE_ 3/22/2013 6:09AM

    Lucky, lucky, lucky!

Have a safe trip and take a bunch of pictures.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    It sounds wonderful!! A dream holiday. Enjoy!

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FUZZIEBEAR3 3/18/2013 9:45AM

    Wow, wonderful! Have a great time, and take lots of pictures!! emoticon emoticon

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PYNETREE 3/18/2013 8:35AM

    Sounds like a Dream vacation!

Go! emoticon Enjoy! emoticon

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ALICIA214 3/18/2013 12:20AM


Have fun. emoticon emoticon

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JIMDAB 3/18/2013 12:19AM


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JO88BAKO 3/18/2013 12:11AM

    Have a great time, fun!!

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Health Update and some pics

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Since my last post I had some really good doctor's appointments. I wrote about it on my desertfoodlover blog over at
3/health-update.html but to sum it up, I am still 229, and my A1C is down to 5.6 plus cholesterol was normal. Tomorrow I finally have the dentist appointment I've been needing. I suspect they will find several cavities (because my old dentist had before health plan changed) and set a 2nd appointment to take care of those. I hope that is all that's needed.

I have been working on a new loom knit cap design. Here are some photos as I have worked through various prototypes. I almost have it down! I suspect the next one will be perfect because I now know how I want to make the brim, and I have the rest of the cap down.

1st Attempt:

2nd Attempt:

3rd Attempt in a different colorway:

I'll be making the brim a bit deeper so it pokes out in front more, but overall I really like the shape of the hat, the way the edges lay down and don't roll, and the way the brim is shaped and sized other than the depth of the brim. Plus I made the most recent one out of my favorite colorway "Lakeside" which matches the colors of clothes I've been whittling down to as I move towards 33 items of clothing for the next 3 months. Won't really need warm hats, but there are still occasional cold nights, or times I go somewhere with AC that I can use a cap like this that doesn't cover my ears. Plus once I get it sorted out, I might put the pattern for sale on ravelry since a lot of people have said they like it.

Also, I just found out I am one of 3 who are receiving scholarships to attend the Men's Knitting Retreat in Greenwich, NY in May 2013. I am VERY excited about that and really looking forward to being around other men who knit, learning from them, and having an east coast get away. Should be a blast!

So all in all I'm doing well. Just taking it one day at a time for the most part. Every Sunday I try to blog on too which is where you can find out more about Project 333 that I'm gearing up to participate in and some other things.

Hope all here are doing well!


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SMBRYCE1 3/18/2013 12:04AM

    thanks all!

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HEALTHIERKEN 3/12/2013 2:30PM

    Great good-news blog! Congrats on your scholarship to the Knitter's event. Fun times ahead for you : )

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ALISHAB3 3/12/2013 11:46AM

    Thats a beautiful cap. Wow. I had no idea there was a men's knitting group, I will have to pass that along to my guy friends.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 3/12/2013 10:34AM

    It sounds like you are doing great health-wise. /good job on getting to the dentist as it is really important to our health.

I love the hats. So cool that you have been given a scholarship for it. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun at the retreat.

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Busy offline

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I have been so busy offline, that I have been neglecting my spark posts and blogs. I am going to work those in more often... or my intention is to work them in more often. For today, a brief update.

I have gotten back down to 229. I was up 4 pounds for some reason ...possibly stress eatin around the time I had to cancel my xmas trip to see the folks because my wife's Dad died. We visited him in hospice the 22nd & 23rd, came home the night of the 24th, had xmas breakfast the 25th and exchanged gifts then she went back because he'd taken a turn for the worse, and he died as she walked in the door. It was horrible and I was pretty stressed out while supporting her. It was the first time I met her Dad too, which was weird, but that's not why I was there. At his memorial, I met her mom for the first time. (I know that sounds weird, but as a man who happens to be transgender, and them being strict catholics who have a currently transphobic pope as their church leader, I am not their favorite hubby. They've never met me, but the mom swears she hates me and refused to ride in the same car with me. She did however have a nice brunch with all of us before hand, and seemed to warm up to me during the wake when I took an elderly uncle with demensia and Parkinsons under my wing. I love uncle Hal. he will never remember me, but I love him all the same. I made sure he was getting opportunities to tell all his stories about when he worked on the Apollo mission, because that's crystal clear like it was yesterday, but he can't remember the age of his grandkids or that he already asked me about where I got my cane made every other time we'd met that day. That's OK with me, I told him the same story several times, and then introduced him to someone he didn't remember (but was related to) and asked if they'd heard about the apollo mission. Off he went on his stories, and he was happy. Reminded me of my grandmother with alzheimer's. Sweetest guy I'd ever met, but apparently he can have a temper. I never saw it tho.

Rambling... anyway the whole experience was a bit stressful and there was very little healthy food offered anywhere. I drank green smoothies (my new breakfast staple) every time I was home twice a day to make up for all the crap I knew I was eating at Dennys and wakes and circle K or what have you on the road. But I still gained 4 pounds.

Now you may say, 4 pounds is not much. That's true, butI was concerned that I was going back up a yoyo, and I don't want that. So I buckled down and made sure I was eating healthy portions and frequencies and food choices, and WHALLAH! 229 has returned. I did not make my goal of losing 225 yet, but perhaps in the next month I will. If I do, I have decided to reward myself with a skein of Alpaca yarn which I will be loom knitting into an owl hat for myself. Not a hat that looks like an owl, although I can make those, but a hat with cables that weave into the pattern of owls. They are super cute and it may take me a while to perfect, but I want one :) It reminds me of my grandmother. I won't be able to wear it much till next winter, but that's OK.

I have a show this weekend or rather an Art Bazaar so I will be bringing out some of my paintings, screen prints, and all my yarn creations. Wish me luck!

Back to keeping track of what I eat and drink, and later I will do a blog post about my green smoothy explorations. I am currently on a rhubarb pie kick :) YUM

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PHEBESS 2/3/2013 5:43PM

    That sounds like a stressful period - a death in the family is always tough. My sympathies, and just hang in there, things will slowly get back to normal.

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    I am so sorry about the loss of your wife's father. It's a very difficult time and I'm sure even more stressful by the family problem.

Regarding her family's nonacceptance though - My MIL's best friend is a devout Catholic as is my father and they are both in their 80s. Either one of them would have accepted you in their lives as part of the family. The pope is just a man. He isn't God and many Catholics are aware of this. They live their lives according to the Golden Rule and respect and love their fellow men and women because everyone of us is related - we are brothers and sisters. It's ridiculous to decide you don't like someone based on their sexual orientation. Hopefully her family will come around because it's a terrible position to put your child in. Completely selfish not to love people as they are and not how you want them to be.

I think you were really nice about this and patient and you made lemonade out of lemons. I admire you for standing by your mate in what must have been a very difficult situation. Uncle Hal sounds delightful though.

Congratulations on the weight loss. Remarkable when not being able to have control over the food situation. And good luck at the art bazaar.

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DESERTJULZ 2/1/2013 3:03PM

    Glad you were able to take those 4 pounds back off! My sympathy to you and your family. It is so stressful to lose a parent.

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General Health and Life Update

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello my spark friends! I am sorry that I haven't logged in in 19 days. Bad Sean, no biscuit! LOL

I thought I had better log in. I am considering joining the biggest loser challenge on the Wii Fit group here on spark people. I posted a question, and if the answer works for me, I will go for it. I will probably participate either way, but if the answer doesn't work I am not sure how to succeed at the challenge. We will see.

I lost another 10 pounds since I last logged in! Actually it may be more than that, I haven't weighed in on the Wii fit in a week. Time to do that again. My pants are all falling off, so I'm giving away my 46's to a guy who just lost weight and is now wearing 46's. Hooray for pants karma LOL I will tell him to pay it forward, when he gets down to a 44, give someone his 46's and we can have a traveling brotherhood of the pants LOL

My Fasting blood sugar has been about 103 in the mornings lately, except the last 2 days, and I had a higher carb dinner and no healthy snack before bed on those 2 days, so I will go back to my healthy before bed snacks and emphasize the need for low carb dinners to my partners. I was just happy Patch was making warm food :)

I have been knitting hats for people who live on the streets, and so many people are interested that I started a FB group called Knitting it Forward, and we are knitting together from afar, and sometimes in person, then donating the hats to places that serve the local homeless population.

People liked my hats so much they started begging me to knit them one and offering me money. Since it costs me money to buy yarn to Knit it Forward with, I accepted a couple orders. Now I have more orders than I can complete in several sittings. SO I will be busily knitting for the rest of the year :) I am really enjoying it. I use a round loom with removable pegs. It's great fun. We also have people who crochet, plarn, and knit with needles. If you're interested in getting involved in Knitting it Forward, please join us on Facebook! Here is the link:

And if you would like to see what I've knit so far check out my Peace Full Creations here:

I added a photo of me and my knitting loom to my Spark People Page on the lower left. In it I am at Market on the MOve, where I volunteer each month as photographer, and sell my art aka Peace Full Creations.

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SMBRYCE1 12/18/2012 9:56PM

    thanks all :) And looking forward to you joining Knitting it Forward M2C

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DESERTJULZ 12/18/2012 8:37AM

    Congrats on the continued weight loss and welcome back to Spark.

Cool about the knit hats. I've seen your fb photos, did not realize they were a donation! Very cool. Or should I say very warm? ;)

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MORTICIAADDAMS 12/17/2012 7:03PM

    Loved the blog. Especially paying the pants forward and the hats! I loved the blue one and the pig one.

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MOM2ACAT 12/17/2012 5:10PM

    I will check out your group! I make hats on Knifty Knitter looms and I have donated them to our cancer resource center for chemo patients and baby hats to our local hospital for newborns. I like the idea of distributing them to the homeless also.

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Dietician Meeting #3

Monday, November 19, 2012

Remember, everything's different from person to person. There's no magic formula

That said, my FBG is always the highest number of my day. So we discussed what IS a healthy snack before bed, she gave me a few examples, and a specific formula to try out.
15 g carbs 7g protein = good before bed snack
Some examples:
A tennis ball sized apple and a spoonful of nut butter or a piece of cheese

This week's goals:
*Keep an offline food journal document what I eat when and track the trend of how late I eat a snack before bed and is there something that consistently brings the #s down in the morning. Plus write down when I exercise and how does it impact my BG.

Metformin. Talk to my Endo about maybe trying to just take a full dose in the morning, and half a dose at night and see if that helps the nausea and the FBG

Next dietician appointment 2 weeks (1 PM Monday Dec 3)

PLanning my meals only went so far. We still didn't follow it well. Carlie told me however to tell her the days I plan to cook dinner, and she'll plan her day better so she'll be hungry to eat with e when she comes home. Because a big part of it was that I got tired of making meals and then having the turned down.

A friend shared his favorite butternut squash recipe with me, and I'm making it for thanksgiving along with some pumpkin dinner rolls (Shaped like actual pumpkins)

Ducks Butternut squash soup

Stuff you will need
3 cups of cleaned chopped Butternut Squash
3 and a half cups of water
1 handfull of dried cranberrys
two good pinches of salt
three shakes of pepper
and a tiny pinch of cayanne pepper. (for oomph)

Put everything into a nice size pot on the stove and bring everything to a nice rolling bubble
(enter in a good cakkle too for the heck of it..)
give everything a good stir to keep things even in the pot..

once you have a good harty boil going, pop a lid on your pot.
and turn the heat down to a nice simmer..Because now what you are doing is reducing the water
and letting everything get squishy..

At the buzzer ~
You want to check for mushieness. You squash is gunna look like mashed potatos. If so thats a good thing. because what you wanna do is take a big spoon or potato masher and mush everything up. Yes cranberrys too!

Give everything a good stir. (dont worry if its lumpy)

Turn off heat let it cool down..and enjoy!
Garlic bead or bread with a little olive oil is great addition.


I'll also be making these with slight modifications to make the higher in protein and fiber:
By Nicki Blake Chafetz in GOURMET BABYLON (Files) Edit Doc

2 packages active dry yeast (1/2 ounces) plus 1 teaspoon white sugar
1/4 cup lukewarm water
3/4 cup whole milk, scalded
1 cup canned pumpkin puree
1/3 cup light brown sugar
1/3 cup white sugar
6 tablespoons butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon salt
5 cups all-purpose flour
15-20 pecan halves, sliced into 3 vertical sections
1/4 cup melted butter, optional
Preheat oven 350F
Pour hot milk in a mixing bowl, add butter and stir to melt. Add sugars, pumpkin puree to the milk and combine well.
In a small bowl proof yeast in a lukewarm water with a teaspoon sugar. When it gets foamy add to the pumpkin mixture, and add the egg, mix well.
Add in flour gradually and mix with a wooden spoon until well combined. The dough will be sticky.
If using electric mixer, attach a dough hook and beat the mixture until the dough itself pulls from the side of the bowl.
Turn the dough out to a wooden board dusted with a little flour. Knead with hand for 1 minute. Form the dough into a ball shape, place in a greased bowl and cover with a cloth. Let it rise in a warm place until it doubles in volume, about 1 hr.
Punch the dough to deflate and knead it for a few seconds on a wooden board. Cut the dough in half. Cut each half into about 15 pieces.
Roll each piece into a ball shape with your hand. Flatten the piece with palm of your hand a little. Using a knife, give 8 cuts on the edge to mimic flower pedals but the leave center uncut.
Poke the center with your finger to give a deep indentation, and repeat the same procedure to all the other pieces.
Place them, 2" apart, on a baking pan lined with parchment paper or baking mat, and let them rise again to be doubled, about 45 minutes.
If the center indentation is not obvious, poke it again with your finger.
Brush with egg wash, if you wish, and bake for 9-12 minutes until the top gets slightly golden.
Insert pecan slices on top to mimic pumpkin stem.
Brush the rolls with melted butter or a little honey diluted with water to make it shine if you wish.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/21/2012 7:16PM

    The snack sounds perfect. I think the food journal is an excellent idea too.

I bet those pumpkin dinner rolls will be beautiful!

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NESARIAN 11/19/2012 5:13PM

    YOU are worth the effort it is taking to find your just right plan.

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DESERTJULZ 11/19/2012 3:00PM

    I'm simply impressed that you continue to work hard at getting the nutrition right. Some people would give up by now.

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