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my line!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My line, for forever and ever, has been 140. This was, of course, before i surpassed it. Once upon a time, when I was in the 130s, if I got near 140 I immediately cut back on the cals and revved up the physical activity. 140 was my line, I was NOT going to get there, I definitely would not go past it. Then, one day my pants did't fit, I felt sluggish and gross, and I looked in the mirror and was shocked and appalled. I got on the scale to see exactly how much damage I did and YIKES! 146. The worst part, it was a fat and flabby 146. I'd always been active so even when I was in the 130s it didn't look like it because there was quite a bit of muscle. Last year that wasn't the case at all, not only was I up to 146 but it had been several months since I'd done anything active so it was a rather large 146. blech!

That was the bad news. The good news is, I threw a little fit and blamed everyone around me, not wanting to witness another fit (actually not little at all) my friends rallied around me and have taken it upon themselves to get me back to a healthy weight. For the last 3 weeks we've been working out together 5 days a week (see 6 am) I've been logging my food, and 2 weeks ago I started weight watchers. Today, I weighed in at 140!!! I'm back at my line :D

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VICB57 2/17/2011 5:03PM

    Way to go!! And thanks for inspiring & motivating me!!

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    Happy Happy Day!!

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Points (WW)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Started Weight watchers yesterday... technically i weighed in last week but yesterday we got all our intro info and books and what not. I'm optimistic. It's a little weird the way they calculate the points, but i'm willing to try it. People swear by the program, and it does seem rather easy. I can do the workouts, it's the food i have so much trouble with. I LOVE to eat, and hate logging everything. on the one hand keeping track of every detail made me aware of how much i was eating, but it was tedious. subtracting points actually does seem a little easier. That and did I mention it was FREE! yeah our office is sponsoring anyone that wants to participate. So, points, weekly meetings and weigh ins. I'll let ya know how it goes. oh oh! i forgot, you get extra points when you work out! i like that part. Happy sparking everyone

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CATHYJR73 2/11/2011 3:01PM

    emoticonSounds emoticon emoticon

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Last month I set a fitness goal of 500 minutes, the only reason i actually reached it was because i spent several hours cleaning out the guest closet. Now, it wasn't passive cleaning, not by any stretch of the imagination. I was up and down the stairs a ton, taking things out to the dumpster (I nearly filled it up, yikes!) and then several trips into the attic. Not to mention I was also doing laundry. i only counted 3 hours of it though, it was actually closer to 5 but eh. where was i going with this.... oh right! Even with those 3 hours of cleaning "cardio" i just barely made my minutes so i'm repeating the goal for February.

And this time... I have support! if things keep going the way they have been for the last week or so i should double it! 2/2 did 45 minutes of Turbo fire, 2/3 30 minutes of Turbo fire, 2/4 20 minute sculpting vid 10 minute abs, Monday we walked/jogged for 30 min, yesterday did P90X... forgot what the video was called, but we did it for 40 minutes. That was February week 1. 175 minutes!



Wednesday, February 02, 2011

That's what time I have to get to the gym to get in a decent work out shower change and get to work on time. It helps that we have a gym, aerobics room and full locker room at my office. Even better I have the very BEST friends. 2 of them are still in school and the first class isn't till noon or something, the other one currently works part time in the evening and has very little going on during the day. The three of them have agreed to meet at 6am so we can work out as a team! It started with my friend Ron saying, lets go running, told him we'd have to start at 6am and he said ok. Then my roomie Liz said she'd join in, could we alternate in Turbofire? Then Ricky just joined in cause Ricky does that sometimes. Monday at 6am we met at the park and walked/jogged around till about 7. This morning we met at my office and did the turbofire video. Starting next monday we have a 6day/week plan. I'm so excited and still baffled by the support. Best friends EVER!

on a side note, it's literally freezing in Houston. Guy at work usually brings in McD's for breakfast but they'd lost power. haha, Thank God for small favors

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AOGOAE 2/2/2011 12:39PM

    It's nice to have a freeze every once in a while- it reminds you that it truly is winter. Last week it felt like Summer!
That is an amazing little group you have there- I hope it lasts for a good long time :)

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lose the tortilla

Monday, January 31, 2011

This morning at 6 am i met my friend at the park for a jog. well, he jogged. I mostly walked and then jogged the ends. Maybe i'll build up. either way, accountability is the key, had someone not been waiting for me, i'd have stayed asleep, i can always use the sleep. I did 4 laps went to the office cleaned up (we have a lovely locker room) and got to work. And then it happened, Allen showed up with tacos from whataburger. I love bacon and egg tacos, i sat there staring at it for a while. I couldn't in good conscience devour it the way i normally do. After all, what about all that hard work i'd just put in! also... i got on the scale after my shower and it said 142, this was disappointing cause just the other day it said 139. I was so excited about breaking that line, i think it lies. anyway! I have cereal in my gym bag, and milk in the fridge, but bacon and egg is soooo much better. So i put the contents in a bowl threw away the tortilla (after taking a bite, i'm still human afterall) pieced the bacon cause i don't like the fatty white stuff, and ate it with a little picante sauce. I have defeated the breakfast taco! It's gonna be a good day today.

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