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Stomach Shrinking?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Had my oatmeal for breakfast again, was gonna make waffles last night but just didn't get around to it. Anyway so had breakfast and here it is 12:10, I usually have lunch around 11:30, and I'm still not hungry. Not even close, in fact I'm still full. Now I know oats are filling, but wow... the only explanation I can figure is that my stomach is shrinking which isn't too far fetched. I mean since I've started tracking what I eat there's a lot less there, on account of the guilt. So yes, I think my stomach is shrinking.


Why didn't a go to AC repair school? I live in Houston TX, I could be rich right now! My AC is fixed now, I can move back upstairs and sleep on a mattress again. Now, let me clarify, the cost to repair was very reasonable, but reasonable is relative within the profession. I should have become an AC repairman, maybe it's not too late...

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KING*GET*FIT 7/23/2009 3:58PM

    You should still eat even if you aren't hungry. This takes a little getting use to.

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AOGOAE 7/23/2009 2:28PM

    hm, it normally takes quite a while for a stomach to shrink. but whatever the reason you aren't hungry, you should still eat! every 4 hours! keep your metabolism going! emoticon

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Never ever ever ever again!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Every Wednesday Bill brings McDonald's for breakfast, and every Wednesday I grab a Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuit and go to town. Today I logged it in my nutrition tracker, now I also did this last week, but I guess I just wasn't paying attention... 25grams of fat!!! really? It's not even that satisfying. Not to mention the 440 cal that came with it, and might I mention I immediately feel like I need a nap. No more, from now on it's a banana or yogurt and whatever I bring from home. I appreciate the effort Bill, but one biscuit that's been sitting under a heat lamp and was probably frozen last night just isn't worth it! Seriously! What was I thinking? My pancakes, waffles and muffins are way better tasting than that and they're healthy. Ugh. Lessons learned I guess... if only I'd looked at that last week, I could have saved myself the disappointment.

On a lighter note: I went swimming last night! Got to the pool, got in, did laps for about 30 minutes and though I could have kept going, I got out. I have this habit of going and going just because I can and then I burn out and don't want to do that activity again for another month. Not this time, I got out of the pool and already am looking forward to Thursday when I'll go back again. Doing Yoga today, must be careful though as the ankle is still a little swollen, much better than Monday though. I have to say this whole ankle thing is very disappointing, I'm finally looking forward to riding my bike but can't cause I'm still on the IR. This sucks.

Non - weight loss goals:
3 days strong and counting! And I must say my house is so much nicer to come home to. I'm not a dirty person, but I am SUCH a messy person. No more! I've only mandated that 5 minutes be dedicated to picking up, but once I get started I tend to keep going until I reach a natural stopping point. Doing wonders for the look of my house, except of course for the make-shift bed in my living room. Calling the AC guy today, finally found his number. I need to sleep on a mattress again!

Lunch: How insane! You know those loaded BBQ baked potatoes they have at baseball games? I have a modified version. I take mashed potatoes, top with the bbq pulled pork I had leftover and 1 slice of cheese. Well, I heated up the mashed potatoes and pork and then added the cheese and put the top back on the container, walked to my desk and when I took the top off the cheese had completely melted over the whole thing! It smelled amazing and looked SO indulgent. I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch, but as I logged it in I couldn't help but notice it was not only worth fewer calories but had less than half of the fat of my breakfast. That stupid biscuit sandwich continues to haunt me!

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KING*GET*FIT 7/23/2009 11:38AM

    You are learning and that is a hube part of the progress you are making.

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AOGOAE 7/22/2009 1:43PM

    I definitely have trouble sticking to just 5 minutes when I get started on picking up in the evenings. That sounds like a good thing, but I really need to go to bed... I started counting to 60 5 times, and doing one thing for 60s each. That means 60s worth of dishes, not clean the whole kitchen. 60s of picking up, 60s of laundry, 60s to clean the bathroom, etc. If it isn't done in 60s, stop and move on anyway! That way you don't end up organizing book shelves while the toilet looks like the public bathrooms at a train station.

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CARADAWN 7/22/2009 12:20PM

    I try my best not to eat at any place like McDonald's. It took me months to give up fast food and now I have only had it twice this year!! Any restaurant that has a mascot is one to stay away from emoticon

Congrats on the clean house - I am sure it is nice to come home to a non-messy home but I wouldn't know!

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RUSSIANMERMAID 7/22/2009 11:55AM

    I think there should be a theory that McDonald's is the root of all evil encased in a smiley box. emoticon I mean, it's just like eating a hot pocket, while you're eating it you keep thinking "Why am I eating this". emoticon

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Fruit Leathers!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

emoticon I love fruit leathers. When i was little my dad bought a dehydrator, we'd make apple chips, banana chips, and my very favorite - fruit leathers. Usually we'd just open a jar of applesauce and spread that in the tray. The other day I combined apples and strawberries, used my hand blender, and turned on the dehydrator. It's like fruit jerky. It gives my mouth something to do all day so I don't indulge in chips and whatever poison someone brought in from lunch.

Well... that lasted the morning anyway. It's now after lunch and I've finished my fruit leathers and consequently am eating a chocolate chip cookie from Jason's deli. I think i'll only eat half.

The ankle is doing MUCH better today, however I'm still mad at that umpire... this is clearly all his fault.

Was inspired by AOGOAE's healthy habits in her yearly update and decided I needed to replace some bad habits with much better ones. Non-weight loss habits although I bet they contribute to a healthier life style overall. They are to be done daily as follows:

1. Was ALL dishes before bedtime
2. Clean Cat box (it's really good litter so easy to forget)
3. Spend at least 5 minutes cleaning up after dinner (copied from AOGOAE, does NOT include dishes)
4. Take all shoes and clothes upstairs where they belong
5. Spend at least 20 minutes in Devotional/Study time


Once upon a time I used to say that I needed to drop some weight and people ask from where, say I was small/didn't need to lose weight etc. Now, they were only seeing what my clothes allowed them to see, but nevertheless perception was that I didn't need to lose weight.

In the last couple days the subject has come up and once again I've mentioned that I've put on quite a few pounds in the last year or so and really need to get rid of them. Much to my disappointment they've had encouraging remarks. Good luck, stay active, beware of the break room etc etc. Now I'm not complaining that my co-workers are being encouraging, but I was so hoping for the comments of old. This just reaffirms the sad fact that something has to change. Ugh!

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KING*GET*FIT 7/22/2009 11:47PM

    Great blog! We made fruit leather in the sun groing up!

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I was safe!

Monday, July 20, 2009

emoticon I hit it between 2nd and 3rd, should have been an easy out but the throw went way off the 1st baseman's glove, so I round first and head for second. I know I can't beat the throw but I also know she won't be able to get low enough to tag me in time so... I slide. Dominant foot first, as my right foot hits the bag my momentum throws me up and I 'stand' into her glove (still on the base of course!) I yell 'She didn't get me!' she yells 'I got you sweetie just not in time'... then blue calls 'out'. Naturally I start yelling at the umpire in a rage but he's got his head so far up his -you know what- it makes no difference. So now I've got a twisted right ankle, scraped up left leg, I'm covered in dirt AND I'm out. Yes, I'm harboring resentment.

This was all in the second game. I went on to play two more games. Unfortunately for me, because my right ankle was sore I favored my left leg for the last two games. I woke up Sunday morning and the golf ball in my ankle was small potatoes compared to the way my left quad was screaming. And then I played 2 games of Volleyball at 6 on Sunday!

Injuries and all, I'd still rather play sports than go no where on a treadmill.

And who knew grapes were so loaded with carbs? Good thing though, I needed em.

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KING*GET*FIT 7/22/2009 7:49PM

    Sorry about the bad call. I hope you had fun anyway.

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AZCUPCAKE 7/20/2009 11:21AM

    Hey, Superstar BallPlayer!
Loved this blog entry! You have real spunk, and I am proud of you for giving that umpire the what-for! Sorry to hear you got injured, though...take it easy today, and don't overdo. Even Derek Jeter has to have his downtime after a tough game. Remember, Tylenol, Advil or Aleve can be your friends in a pinch...!

You TOTALLY deserved those grapes you indulged in...a great snack, carbs be damned! You earned every grape you consumed! Hope you are off to a great start this week.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Well, I went over my calories and fat yesterday, actually I went over in fat grams 2 days in a row... I don't care though. Actually that's not true, I care and will be making a greater effort to stay in my range, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I stayed under 2000, and considering what I used to eat that's a vast improvement, so Yea ME!

Today started out well, had my mock cobbler for breakfast again, and then had a slowcooked pulled pork open faced sandwich at lunch. Only one half of the bun! Why do we need two buns anyway? so we can wrap our thumbs around it? Think about it, if there's so much on the sandwich that we need to squash it between our thumbs and extra piece of bread just to fit it in the 'pie hole' then maybe we should ease up on the contents of the sandwich. That's what I did, I cut a medium sized bolillo in half, halved it sandwich wise and only ate the top part with the pork and a little cheese. Looked up what a 'serving' of cheese was yesterday on the nutrition page and was a little embarrassed. I love cheese, but today I cut just enough so that I could taste it. Anyway, had that and some mashed potatoes.

Everything was going great until Albert (guy I work with) came back from lunch with a to-go container full of dim sum. I ate half an egg roll emoticon oh well!

Tonight I'll go home and have a salad I think... who am I kidding I'll probably open that box of greasy Chinese and go to town.

Slow Cooked BBQ Beef (I used pork):

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KING*GET*FIT 7/21/2009 2:45PM

    It takes a while to get the hang of things but you will.

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AZCUPCAKE 7/20/2009 11:27AM

    Thanks much for the link to the slow-cooked BBQ Beef recipe. I love recipes like this one, and will try it this week, as a matter of fact! I also agree with you about the necessity of TWO bun halves....why not just have one?! You really flipped on the light switch in my head regarding this calorie-saving hint. It seems like such an easy thing to do, too. Thanks for sharing!

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AZCUPCAKE 7/20/2009 11:25AM

    Thanks much for the link to the slow-cooked BBQ Beef recipe. I love recipes like this one, and will try it this week, as a matter of fact! I also agree with you about the necessity of TWO bun halves....why not just have one?! You really flipped on the light switch in my head regarding this calorie-saving hint. It seems like such an easy thing to do, too. Thanks for sharing!

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