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Stinky scale!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

I was right, that scale was off, and BOY was it. two weeks ago we went to the gym, got on their scale, it's one of those big medical deals with the black weights that you move over to that magic number. Well, it read 162. Good news/bad news: i'm still down from the 165 from last November, i have NOT however magically lost 11 lbs. Stinky locker room scale. it lied.
Over the next two weeks, despite being totally deflated because of the lies, Ron and I continued to go to the gym and i've been pretty good about logging my food. Not so good on the weekends, dangerous i know. I've been doing PT 3 times a week, for my knees. Which means lots of leg workouts. Until i get my knees strong again i can't safely do much in the way of cardio, so in the meantime i'm bulking up my legs. I told Ron that i'm resigned to the fact that the scale could potentially go up given all the muscle work i'm doing on my largest muscles. I only party believed that. Here we are though, weigh in day, at the gym. Same scale... 2 pounds lighter!!!

the truth is, when i start working out i want my old clothes to fit, like that day! I know that's silly, but can't they give me the benefit of the doubt. You know, work out 3x times a week and watch my intake and then week 2 my clothes fit, and if i fall off the wagon, well then they reserve the right to refuse to zip up... but as long as i'm on track they should fit. This is completely and totally reasonable in my head, albeit physically impossible. A girl can dream.

I will be happy with my 2lbs. with all the muscle i'm building it should start falling off much faster in the near future, right? RIGHT?!

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ACHANSO 3/6/2014 1:29PM

    Yes, I can feel your pain: scales can be very frustrating!! :) one morning I got on and off it several times and each time it read a different number. Right after another. I can't figure out why. I don't think the batteries are dead, otherwise I think it wouldn't show at all.
And even though I know I shouldn't, I let weight fluctuations on the scale frustrate me, too.
Hang in there! :)

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trustworthy scales

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

so, i meant to ask my friend liz for help, but i forgot. Here it is end of February and the last time i weighed in was November, that said, i asked her today. She immediately asked me what my starting weight was, i had no idea. I walked to the other building to get on the scale in the locker room and to my surprise it read 154... I got off and got on again: 154. Well ok, this is the number i reported back to Liz.
Generally speaking, dropping 11 pounds should be great news. Yes it's been almost 15 weeks (or something like that) but this is the thing. While i was more careful about what i took in and tried a little harder to get in that activity i wasn't REALLY trying. I hadn't tracked my food almost at all. and i'm failing miserably at the pedometer challenge with my husband. HE WINS EVERY WEEK!!! emoticon so i really did not trust the scale in the locker room. I guess we'll see, i have a doctors appt coming up (once i schedule it). and we'll be getting a scale for the house in a couple days.
For now, i'll be blissfully happy about my 11lbs, even if it isn't real.
in the future, Liz will ask me that tough question.

oh yeah, i've also extended my "need by" date to June 1st. We're going to the Cayman Islands for a wedding in June and i want a pretty new dress. Also, March 18th is impossible.


second verse, same as the first...

Friday, November 08, 2013

I'm Henry the 8th I am! no, i'm not. but i keep on singing the same old song over and over again. the difference is, i'm a little heavier each time i start the "2nd" verse. Weighng in at 166 LBS! ugh, when you're 5' 3 1/2" with a small frame this is horrible unacceptable, and dangerous i might add.

Ron and I are fat, we're happy, Very Happy, but fat. and we're not being good stewards of the bodies given to us by God. I started tracking my food again this week. Just two days in, but i had some how forgotten how dangerous certain foods were. Chinese takeout, while delicious is LOADED with salt and fat. Tortillas should only be eaten once a month, max twice, and NEVER EVER more than two on that day.

Lots of people pack on the pounds during the colder months, because of all the comfort food we're consuming, but i love soup. i mean, i REALLY love soup. could eat it every day. so i'm taking advantage of these winter months and i'm going to eat healthy soups and drop some of this weight.

My latest weigh in was 164 (down 2 lbs in a week) that was 3 weeks ago, i've been more careful and walking a lot more lately. anyway, i want to get down to wedding weight (125) by our 2nd anniversary. it's 20 weeks away. About 2lbs a week. I need a shorter goal. it appears i have commitment issues when it comes to my health. i think i'll ask my friend liz to weigh me in in 4 weeks. If i haven't dropped 8lbs i'll start handing over a food journal.

OH! Ron and I are competing for cash. :) we have pedometers. Whoever has the most steps at the end of the week gets an extra $5 added to their blow money (you dave ramsey people know what i'm talking about) This should help.

This is by far my most disjointed and random blog. maybe they'll get better as some of the extra fat stops clogging my brain.

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KELLIEBEAN 11/8/2013 11:18AM

    I'm a big fan of disjointed blogs.


Take it in baby steps every day. Take short walking breaks a couple times a day in addition to whatever workout you want to do.. rack up those steps.

There are plenty of short workout videos on spark, squeeze in a couple of those each day... keep the metabolism firing all day to burn calories while you are at rest.

Good luck on the step bet!!!


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Chef Ron.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I have the most AMAZING husband ever. He is really truly wonderful. I do almost all of the cooking in our house. I've been on my own for the last 12 years and so i needed to learn so i wouldn't starve/go broke. Actually, i really love to cook. I love feeding people. One of my fondest memories as a child is sitting in my grandma's kitchen soaking up all that she was doing. And (warning i'm about to toot my own horn) I'm pretty good at it. All other things domestic i'm absolutely terrible at, but cooking i've got. That said, until we were married Ron lived with his mom and she (or one of his 3 sisters) did the cooking so there wasn't need for him to learn. That's not to say he lacks ability, he has ability and can do some great things with a dessert recipe.

Have I mentioned He's an engineer? Engineers must measure and do everything in a scientific manner. It's quite comical. Ron - "Love, how much flour do I need?" Me " I don't know, maybe a couple handfuls? You'll know it when you see it" hehe, this drives him crazy.

About a month ago we went to a cooking class together, a sauce class to be exact. She gave us the 'recipe' for a basic sauce. You brown your protein, remove. Add some oil and your aromatics. Add your stock and reduce. Finish with butter (usually) and fresh herbs. No measurements, no real ingredients, just a blueprint for a basic sauce. I actually really appreciated that, and I think it helped Ron out of his comfort zone just a bit. He made Fish Piccata that night. Now, she did tell us what went into a piccata, but he executed it beautifully without a single measuring spoon!

Fast forward to last night. We were having dinner for 6. Me, Ron and 2 other couples. I asked him what he thought about doing roasted veggies and fish piccata? He liked it, then i asked if he would like to cook it. This he was less thrilled about, but was willing :) Did i mention he's wonderful? This is really a big deal! My darling husband, who rarely cooks, and has not recipe was willing to cook for a dinner party! Of course i was there by his side through the whole thing helping here and there, but the fish and sauce was ALL him! and it was OUTSTANDING!

No really. It was perfect. the fish was golden brown on the outside and flaky and white on the inside. And soooooooo delicious. (Tilapia in case you were wondering) Everyone raved.

He also made rice pudding for dessert, one of my favorites, and this time with a recipe lol.

I'm just so proud of him. Thanks for letting me brag on my second best blessing ever.
(The first is redemption from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)

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MSGO72 10/19/2012 4:05PM


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3016DEBRA 10/19/2012 1:58PM

  Lucky you!!! I divorced my engineer husband because he drove me insane with his perfectionisms.......(grrrrrrrr....
) but I managed to hang in there for 26 years! You got the one in a hundred good one's! emoticon emoticon

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DIET_FRIEND 10/19/2012 12:02PM

    I'm a foody too. I love to cook different and interesting dishes. It's not good for my waistline, but lately I've been trying to make things that ARE acceptable to my program. Food can be prepared healthily and tastily and eaten with gusto even when you are trying to release pounds. Happy cooking/sparking to you!

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wiggle it... just a little bit

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some of the things i didn't eat today:

Sausage and egg biscuit from Mc D's
Sugar Cookie
Pop chips
Italian sandwich

There are actually lots of things i didn't eat today, but these i'm particularly proud of. This morning one of the guys brought breakfast to the office, from Mc Donald's. I walked by the coffee room, could smell the sausage, but then i kept on walking. That's right! i kept on walking. Instead i toasted my cinnamon raisin bagel, topped it with peanut butter and sliced up a banana. It was delicious :)

After my work out, Fire45 - you Chalene followers now get the title, i was STARVING. I had a bag of pop chips (bar b q) in my gym bag, no i don't know why i put them in there, but i didn't eat that either. Instead i opted to wait until i got back to my building. There was a training thing going on and lots of leftover lunch. They catered fajitas. I didn't take ANY of it though! (i deserve a gold start for sure) Instead i grabbed a cup put some fruit in it and ate grapes, apples, and pineapple with my hands. I was really REALLY hungry. oh! and a quarter of a kiwi.

I made my way back up to my desk where i reheated my dinner leftovers (bypassing the Potbelly leftovers from yet another catered lunch) cedar plank salmon, quinoa and creamed spinach. I did grab 2 cookies, sugar and a chocolate chip oat cookie. I'm taking the sugar cookie home to hubby, i'm still debating if i should eat the chocolate chip cookie or the tapioca pudding snack that's still in the fridge.

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SLYNNK821 10/11/2012 5:56PM

i put back both cookies. the sugar cookie 1 COOKIE was 530 calories. I love that man way too much to encourage him to put that in his system.
and i also put the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (420 cal) back.
Tapioca pudding cup... Yummmmmm!

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BABY_GIRL69 10/11/2012 4:38PM

    Isn't it funny how we can opt out of certain foods & be okay with it...God bless, Dee

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