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Struggling with 'that' time of the month...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well today has been a really hard one for me. I woke up this morning with my regular monthly visitor. Ugh. As if losing weight and trying to be healthy weren't hard enough, now this. I swear I feel bigger than I did the 6.2 pounds (I lost) ago.

I never have weird cravings and have never been a fan of chocolate...I know shocking, a woman that doesn't like chocolate!!! If it makes it better, I am not a fan of ice cream either! My family thinks I am strange and give me a hard time about it. Anyway, I was saying that I am having a hard time getting motivated to exercise. I know I should force myself to but curling up on my bed sounds so much more comfortable. So as the day progresses, we will see if I get to my evening walk.

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    I can relate - TOM is hard on most of us.

Try - if you try you will feel better. Then if you don't walk you will know you at least tried.

Thank Goodness it doesn't last forever.


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