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Off to a good start

Friday, October 11, 2013

I started my vacation today. Thank goodness! I was starting to feel some major stress at work. Little things were getting on my nerves and I reached a point that I was afraid I might start snapping at people. That's not me. I don't like that when it happens and then I feel worse.

Day 1 started strong. A good night's sleep followed by a healthy, balanced breakfast. After that I washed all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, started the laundry and then got to the important stuff. 20 minutes Aerobics, 53 Kickboxing and cool down of 7 minute Stretch routine. Then since I still had enough energy I walked to the mailboxes- by way of the whole block! A nice little 20 minute jaunt. I then came home and cleaned the bathroom while finishing the laundry.

I feel very productive today. I hope it carries over to the rest of this week. I have a list of things I want to get done that I just don't have time for in the normal course of the work week. As long as I keep to it I think I'll be fine. I also set a 300 minute fitness goal (not counting the walks) and I put a good dent in it already emoticon

I'm feeling good, strong. I have a couple days off planned too, but I never take it off completely. I'm always aware of my choices- even the bad ones.

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PICKIE98 10/11/2013 6:25PM

    It seems like you finally reach that stressful breaking point and it is the weekend or if you are lucky, like you, you get a vacation..A bad day on vacation is still better than a good ay at work..

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eat more, lose more?

Sunday, October 06, 2013

It's been about a week and a half since I started looking at my calorie count. I've made little steps in raising my daily amounts while still being close to my WW daily points. I use my Activity Points earned more often now to make up for the difference. So far it seems to be helping. Since eating those extras I have seen small drops on the scale and a big lift in my energy every day. I don't feel like falling over exhausted every few hours.

Part of this process has been eating some foods that I haven't had in a long while. Processed foods like Betty Crocker potatoes (my boyfriend loves them) or tonight, Pillsbury biscuits. I have learned that I'm not missing them. At all. I find them to be odd tasting, if having any taste at all, and not worth the points or the lack of loss on the scale. I just don't like that stuff anymore.

I have also noticed over the last few weeks that my kickboxing just doesn't pack the punch it used to. Yup, pun totally intended :D I have to work much harder than the actual workout is to get my heart rate up and even then it's not up by as much as it should be. It gets into the moderate range but just barely. It used to be a good border on high level workout. This is good and bad. It means that my body and heart are stronger and healthier. That's what I want. It also means that I have to find something else to do. So, on to aerobics. A new workout pattern that I don't know means I'll have to work hard to keep up and learn the moves. That means it should get the ticker ticking faster. I also found some different kickboxing routines, the Walk Away the Pounds videos and several others on Youtube. I'll give them all a try.

I have 4 weeks to try to reach my birthday goal. 8 more pounds. I don't know if I'll make it or not. Either way it will go at some point. I just thought it would be good to do by then. Guess we will have to wait and see. I better not eat those darn biscuits again!

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    From what I'm gathering in your blog you really are doing an excellent job with your program. I commend you. Great job!

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I like blogging

Friday, October 04, 2013

I like blogging. I might not be good at it. I might not have anything relevant to say. I might not make any sense to anyone at all. But it helps me put my thoughts out there. I can type it all up and drop in on the page and sometimes it helps me see things a bit more clearly. I find it to be a helpful tool. Sometimes it's happy and helpful, sometimes just frustrations and obstacles and other times a cry for help.

So, why haven't I been doing it? I post on two sites and I have found on one of them there is guaranteed to be a lecture. No matter how positive, upbeat, successful, happy, inspiring, whatever, there is a lecture. And it's not just me. I have been quietly lurking behind the scenes, still participating and finding inspiration from my fellow health seekers on both sites. I see that same lecturer is doing the same thing to other people and I felt as bad for them as I had for me. Happy blog? Let me tell you how to be happier. Lost some weight? Here's why you could have lost more. It brings you down.

I felt bad. I felt like I was doing something wrong every time I posted. I must be right? Otherwise, why would there be a lecture. An indication that I'm not doing things well or right? The 'let me tell you what to do' on every single post was discouraging and made me not want to share.

That's over. I do know what I'm doing or I wouldn't be down over 75 pounds. I might not be at goal or a Lifetime Weight Watcher yet but I am still a SUCCESS! I work hard for results. I am aware of my choices-and they aren't always good ones- and don't need to be told that it's not enough when I am showing positive results. I will not let one person bring me down and keep me from sharing when I can help someone else. I like to share things that I learn because learning is the way to go. Knowledge is power and it leads to success. Knowing you are not alone, that others have felt what you feel, been where you are, struggled where you have struggled and give a pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on is simple support. We all need it. It is what can keep us going.

I have the knowledge. I learned it form those who shared openly, in articles, blogs, books, magazines, Weight Watchers and Sparkpeople. I have support in many forms in person, online, family and friends. I am going to join that wonderful group who shares what they have learned and helps others. I won't be chased away. I'm going to keep going and take as many with me on this path as I can.

Success is ours!

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NELLJONES 10/5/2013 8:40AM

    Being down 75 pounds sounds pretty good to me. Whatever you have learned, it is obviously working, and worth sharing.

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ZIGGY122 10/4/2013 6:45PM

    emoticon emoticon

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My toolbox

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I was talking to a friend today about how frustrated she is with her current weight. She has tried various methods to lose but always gets frustrated with plateaus and drops out. She has been a Weight Watcher, has joined several fitness classes, walks regularly, tries diets, programs and anything that is suggested to her. She grows tired of it when it is working slowly.

This made me start thinking about what has helped me to be successful and to stick with it, even through the slow parts. The more I thought about it the more I started seeing it as a box full of tools.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses that term. I've likely heard it before and it stuck in my subconscious. Now I have built a mental image of it to match.

In my mind's eye I see a large purple duffle-like bag bulging with tools. I have Weight Watchers, I have Sparkpeople and all the people associated with both. I have a supportive boyfriend at home and my family also. I use the internet to search for workouts, recipes and any other helpful hints. I started a Facebook page for my Weight Watchers group and picked up a Fitbit to be sure I am logging everything I can. I have Wii Fit and Exerbeat programs to workout with. Videos online and dvds.

The best tools that I use aren't any of these. It's me. I have determination. I have commitment. I have trust in myself. I believe I can and so I will.

I know it's hard to have those. I doubt. I get frustrated. I throw it out the window some days and eat bad stuff just because I'm frustrated. I sit on my backside for a whole day sometimes.

I start over the next morning. I get up and start my day with a healthy breakfast, go to work and find a way to get a little extra fitness in. I take the long way around to the water cooler. I side step at my workstation. I do an extra 10 minutes of kickboxing or walking or whatever.

I won't give up. I don't want to let my friend give up either. I hope I can give her some of the support that she needs. I have faith in her. I hope she learns to have faith in herself.

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NELLJONES 9/20/2013 8:03AM

    The most important tool in that toolbox is Patience, something most people lack.

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1STATEOFDENIAL 9/20/2013 4:23AM

    What can someone say to you to help you push through the rough moments? Is there any reminders you say to yourself to get you through the tough moments, such as "it took a long time to put it on, so it will take a long time to take it off"? Try sharing those with your friend. It might also help to ask her to call you when she's feeling frustrated; talking through it can sometimes help with the little speed bumps.

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CHERYL_ANNE 9/19/2013 8:22PM

    Here's to being supportive!

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haven't forgotten

Friday, September 13, 2013

A few time constrictions this week have side tracked me and kept me from adding my "moments" this week. I thought of them and mini-celebrated them each day I just didn't get a chance to jot them down.
Here is one for today. I work with a lovely bunch of ladies. They are fun, smart and hard workers. Most of the time. Sometimes they are not so cheerful- aren't we all? Seems the fits they were having about a change to procedure ended up being reported and because I work with them on the project I got feedback about being negative. I wasn't, and I didn't think it was as stressful as they did even though I agreed with them.
So after talking with the boss I wasn't happy. I told the ladies that I wouldn't be chatting anymore so as to avoid any future issues. I will likely hear about that next week but what do they want from me?

So what is my positive? That even after that stressful afternoon I came home and did an hour workout. I felt much better after (kickboxing and imagination can do wonders).

I think it's a good thing I am setting up the paperwork to use the fitness room so I can go in and fake hit stuff as needed!

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1STATEOFDENIAL 9/13/2013 7:06PM

    Sometimes we get lumped into a judgement about the people we are surrounded with. Could you sit down with your boss again next week and have another conversation? Calmly explain that while you weren't happy about the change, it was not your intention to be a part of the 'freak out'. Say that you considered your part over the weekend and you'd like to apologize for ____ (whatever your actual part was in it) and you will put your efforts into learning the new procedures without complaining. You might also ask if your boss/management will be open to feedback about the new procedure after you've been doing it for a few weeks. This way you'll be giving it an honest chance to see if it is better and you'll be able to see if management is interested in how it is really working or if they just want it done their way. It might also help change their perception about you to being a proactive employee who is interested in making things better instead of being one of the ladies who doesn't like change. It will separate you from the rest - which could be helpful should there be opportunities for advancement.

But let's be honest, management does make stupid decisions sometimes. If they're open to feedback it usually is better received after it's been tried instead of before. Sometimes they absolutely don't care if it works or not, they just want to feel important. The employees pay for the stupid mistakes, but the people who have the most patience and acceptance are those who have a better chance for advancement and/or rewards (should they be available). Office politics suck, huh? hehe

Exercise is often a great stress reliever. It releases hormones and endorphins that help lower physical pain and ease emotional pain and stress. If you're stressed but can't step away to exercise, learning some breathing techniques to calm your mind and body would help.

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