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December 28, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well - when I started this journey in August of 2009, I had an incentive to get my life and my health together. We were going on a cruise and I wanted to be "cruise ready!!". I reached that goal....and others that followed it. But somewhere along the line - I completely lost my focus. And it has been gone for at least two years.
AND - I'm up 30 of the 60 pounds I had lost....
But thanks to LIFE - I now have a new incentive for taking my life and my health back!!

My baby girl will be getting married sometime in 2014!!!
So - I will be getting myself back in order and finally making myself a priority again!!
Nothing like something fun and exciting to jump start changes!!

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AHJZABLU 1/1/2014 8:41PM

    My oldest daughter is getting married in March and there is nothing like a wedding to motivate weight loss. You can do it!

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MALEXANDER4 12/30/2013 7:32AM

    I knew that was what it was. So happy for you all. Now lets get you and me back on have a wedding to attend.

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GOTTALOOSE0122 12/30/2013 6:04AM

    Congratulations. Btw, that would have been my guess on your secret.

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JUNEBUG1944 12/29/2013 6:00PM

    Well this is better than a cruise! Woohoo! Congrats to Mo! Yup, this should be some great incentive! I wish you the best! emoticon

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KTLASERS 12/29/2013 3:44PM

    emoticon so sweet!

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SLIMPAM23 12/29/2013 3:33PM

    I'm the one with a camera in front of my face - I have REALLY chunked up!!

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Very Excited!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

I have a big secret!! I cannot tell it yet - but it involves our youngest child!! Additionally - said child is turning 25 on January 13th. Her boyfriend has decided to throw a surprise party for her...only he's decided to throw this party this weekend in order to throw her off since she wouldn't expect anything so early!! Her daddy and I wanted to do something heartfelt for her for her birthday, so we decided to go back to Paint and Pals to paint pictures for their new home.....See attached. I thought we did a great job!!

Dad did the Fleur de Lis. I did the wine bottles!!
I hope she love them!!

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JUNEBUG1944 12/28/2013 11:32AM

    She will love the pics! Enjoy the party and your secret...I bet I can guess! emoticon

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GOTTALOOSE0122 12/28/2013 10:49AM

    Can we guess the secret? Can't wait to hear it.

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CAKAROO 12/28/2013 8:40AM


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MALEXANDER4 12/28/2013 8:16AM

    I love those pics. She will love them. Can't wait to hear the secret.

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HARPIE 12/27/2013 11:33PM

  Cool pictures!

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Good Trip Gone Painfully Wrong!!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Yesterday I went on a day bus trip with my mother and several other folks in my area, to New Orleans. We were going to see the play Wicked. There aren't many people in the world that I would get up at the crack of dawn to spend the day a bus....full of strangers - but for my mom I sometimes make an exception!!
We got to Nawlins about 10:15 and the bus dropped us off in the French Quarter for some shopping/site seeing and lunch and the plan was to re-board the bus at 1:15 to go to the theater.
Every thing was great - had a nice lunch, did a little shopping and enjoyed the "unique" people that make New Orleans what it is!!
At 1:05 we were about 10 feet away from the bus when my mother - who at the age of 72 was perhaps wearing shoes with a little too much heal for her age and for the uneven streets of the Big Easy - stepped in a low spot----and down she went!!!
People on the street wanted to call the EMT's, she had twisted BOTH ankles and was in the street and feeling like she was going to pass out. But the lady in charge of the bus trip - had our AWESOME bus driver get her back on the bus instead. Well - after putting some ice on both feet and her head - she sort of rallied back and didn't want to go the hospital -- old hard headed people can be their own worst enemy. So - the bus took us to the theater with the hope that they would have a wheelchair and she could see the show and we'd hit the ER in our town when we got back.
The theater did have a wheelchair - but it couldn't get us to our seats and at this point there is no room in the handicapped section!!
We found ourselves watching the first half of Wicked on a fuzzy tv screen with little sound in the lobby of the theater!!
BOTH of her feet are beginning to really swell---SO--
Long story short - we call a cab and he takes her to Tulane Medical Center for XRays. The good news is that neither are actually broken - but both are badly sprained. One sprained ankle when you are older and live alone is a disaster...two is almost unmanageable and the pain was bad too.
AND - our bus has headed back to Daphne!!! Now we are homeless and carless in the BIG CITY!!
Anyway - the hospital staff called the closest nice hotel where they could meet our cab with a wheel chair and let us eat and wait while my husband made the 2.5 hour trip to retrieve us....we considered staying the night and having him get us on Sunday morning - but we were hot, smelly exhausted and of course didn't have a change of clothes. Strolling Canal Street shopping for them with a 72 year old who cannot bear her own weight pretty much ruled that out.
We got home about midnight last night.....and I'm pretty sure that my dear husband is going to start speaking to me again at any moment!!
And mom is going to spend the next few days rolling through her house in her desk chair and I will be playing nursemaid!!
Heaven help me this week - because I think my eating schedule, exercise schedule and even work schedule are all going to be complicated this week.
But I'm sure that someday we'll look back on this and laugh - but right now, I'm just going to wait and hope that maybe someday Wicked will be on DVD!!

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BAMAJAM 6/4/2013 10:20AM

  Oh--- What a terrible experience for you and especially for your dear mom. Yes, I would have done all of that for my sweet mom too--bless your heart! Get well wishes are sent to your mom, and tell your hubby that he was a champ to rescue you both!

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JUNEBUG1944 6/2/2013 5:20PM

    OMG! You poor dear! What a disaster! I hope your Mom is feeling better. I can't imagine her rolling aound on her chair....that must be difficult! You sure do lead an interesting life. I hope everything gets better..,,FAST! Good luck!

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MALEXANDER4 6/2/2013 2:15PM

    I'm so sorry that happened to you both, but I have to smile at your sense of humor over this. I know maybe right now you don't want to smile but I'm doing enough for both of us. lol. Glad mom is ok though.

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May 27, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Not only is it Memorial Day - And I, like everyone else, am grateful for those who protect my freedoms! But it is also the 25th Anniversary of the day I married my very best friend----
This picture - pretty much says it all about why I married this man----and how we started our life together.

He loved my son as much as he loved me!!
Josh's adoption ceremony was not long after our wedding!!!

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MALEXANDER4 5/28/2013 6:49AM

    I so love that pic.....congrats Pam. may you two have many more.

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CAKAROO 5/28/2013 6:13AM


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JUNEBUG1944 5/27/2013 11:03PM

    What a beautiful picture! Happy Anniversary, my friend! emoticon

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OFFICIALOLDY 5/27/2013 5:34PM

    What a terrific picture! Happy Anniversary! Today is also my daughter's 1st anniversary. Hope you two have a wonderful day!

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JUSTJOYCE911 5/27/2013 5:28PM


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Oh Happy Day!! 5/15/13

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This has NOTHING to do with healthy living...exactly!!
But today the most awesome thing happened and I wanted to put it in black and white!!
About a year and a half ago I lost my job of 12 took me a couple months but I got another job - and while I don't always think it's a perfect fit - IT PAYS THE BILLS!!
So - today - I was just meeting a deadline and putting a project to bed - much to my relief and this is what happened next!!
I work for a husband and wife electrical contractor team-----
My male boss came through the office about 11:15 and said - I'm taking everyone to Mobile for lunch!! What??? Lunch out in Mobile I'm thinking? And then my co-worker says - "Mobile - Do we have time for this?"
And the boss says - "Yep - sometimes you just have to take time for these things!! We are going to Mobile to the Bay Bears baseball game for lunch!!"
And that is exactly what we did. This was NOT a healthy lunch - we had chili dogs, french fries and sodas!! AND - we were losing the game when we left to head back over the bay to finish the work day - but NONE of that mattered. It was totally unexpected and so much fun - and we laughed like crazy!!
I had a really hard time starting over when I took this job - and today I really understood how blessed I was to have landed where I did. Everyone does NOT get this lucky and today was such a happy day - not just because we had a good time - but also because it was sort of an AHA moment for me!!
Just wanted to share that - tomorrow I will eat better!! I promise!!!!!

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CAKAROO 5/16/2013 7:33AM


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MALEXANDER4 5/16/2013 7:10AM

    Life sometimes throws us pun intended lol....but today you enjoyed one of them moments you may have never gotten back. Live enjoy and be blessed isn't that what it is all about.

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MOUNTAINS2CLIMB 5/15/2013 9:39PM

    How fun! Glad you had such a great time and glad you have such a great boss!!

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BILLETWIFE 5/15/2013 9:27PM

    Thanks for sharing. I am so glad you had a chance to enjoy your day.

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JUNEBUG1944 5/15/2013 9:24PM

    Oh Happy Day! Is right! What a great day and time. I am so happy you had such a wonderful time emoticon

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BEBOP4ME 5/15/2013 9:16PM

    What a neat story! I am glad you found a job where they take time to value you! emoticon

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DACHIESMOM 5/15/2013 9:07PM

    wow, how exciting to have such a wonderful boss. Sounds like you are definitely in the right place. Congratulations!!!

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BRIW1234 5/15/2013 9:05PM

    You are so very fortunate to have such an amazing boss. I am happy that you are in the job that you need to be. With support like will be fine in your goals. I am so very happy for you!!!!!

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