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Fighting the Remains of This Little Kangaroo Pouch

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Besides the scale, I'll know when I've lost the rest of these 20 remaining pounds by the disappearance of what I affectionately (sometimes not so much) term my kangaroo pouch. While it is very cute in Australia on the actual animals, not very cute around the middle of my body. (smiling) I am going to fight the lard that composes this pouch. Yes, it has gotten smaller with this year's hard work, but my body is so attached to it (literally!), that it doesn't want to let it go. I am determined.

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MSLZZY 10/14/2009 11:48PM

    Unique way of looking at it! I'm wiping away the tears!

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JCORYCMA 10/14/2009 9:56PM

    Kangaroo pouch! I like it! Hey when you figure out how to get rid of it -- pass the secret on to me! My hubby says it's loose skin, my niece says it's a muffin top. Honestly you wouldn't think you would need spanx when your a size 2!! Stubborn little devil!
emoticon Joanne

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    Good luck! You have come so far. I have no doubt that those last 20 lbs are almost history. Keep up the good work.


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MSSUNBUG 10/14/2009 4:06PM

    Those last pounds can feel really stuck on us, for sure! Good luck getting rid of that "kangaroo pouch." I'm certain you'll be able to shake it off eventually!

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ADDISADDICT 10/14/2009 2:16PM

    You've come a long way! Hang in there. Belly fat is the most stubborn. SP has a number of articles on foods that burn BF a bit faster ... if that's of any help. My BF goes the entire way around. Would that be considered a saggy inner tube? :D

Hope your day is good.

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YOOVIE 10/14/2009 1:31PM

    I know how you feel. I'm so over my love-handles.

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KIZIDOG 10/14/2009 12:51PM

    Jesse my friend you are so funny. I know you can get rid of that kangaroo pouch. Look how far you have come. Keep fighting. Star emoticon

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On this Date Last Year I Began This Adventure.Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian SP.Getting a SunLamp.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whew, that's a long headline! Guess I have a lot to say today. Yes, exactly one year ago today I began this adventure in eating better and learning how to take better care of myself in healthy ways - exercise, food, sleep, water, portions, etc. It's been quite a learning curve and I learned a lot - especially in the month of August when I tumbled hard and learned by my mistakes.

I feel a huge change today. Like a new commitment that I'll be kicking it up a notch. I've had these fleeting thoughts before, but this time it's different. It's like I've turned a corner and know that I'll be getting more disciplined and dedicated to this journey. That doesn't mean that the road will be easier. In many ways it will be, but in others it may be more difficult because now I expect more of myself. I have the tools to succeed and I expect myself to use them.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all of those sparkies living in Canada. I know I'm a day late, but better late than never. (smiling)

I've decided to get a sun lamp since we are going into the time change in a couple of weeks. I don't slump too badly, but I DO thrive on more sunlight. I'm in the process of researching the best item to get right now.

I've got a new Jillian Michaels double CD for beginners that I don't like. I'd be willing to give it to someone who may be going through a rough patch and may want it. It's a beginner's front and back couple of CD's.

I've been very lucky to find this website and make wonderful, supportive sparkfriends who've really pulled me out of some tough times. Too many to name, and afraid I'd forget someone. But you know who you are and thanks to each and every one of you.

Hooray, hooray for my first year and so many victories - large and small. Thanks for being here to celebrate with me.

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FAMILYTRADITION 10/13/2009 11:29PM

    Happy Anniversary!

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    emoticon emoticon Happy Anniversary! Keep up the great work.


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JCORYCMA 10/13/2009 9:38PM

    emoticon emoticon Congrats on the self-discovery!! It was hard for me to learn this but the journey really is more beneficial to us than the goal! You keep kicking it up a notch!! Best wishes, Spark Friend!

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MSLZZY 10/13/2009 7:27AM

    emoticon emoticon Congratulations!

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JLITT62 10/13/2009 5:22AM

    When I lived in VT I had a light thingee. It lasted a long time, but finally broke. I may just have to get myself a new one now that I'm in the northeast again, but they are expensive. I had the Happylite.

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HOKU-ALOHI 10/13/2009 4:01AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Aloha my friend!
So happy to read your wonderful blog!
Great accomplishment and so proud of you!
Here is some sunshine to help with the upcoming winter!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KNITTABLES 10/13/2009 1:22AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You are not a day late, today is thanksgiving.It still 10:20pm on Monday here where I am in BC.
Happy Sparking

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Day 3- I failed at Detoxing from Caffeine. Will have to try again someday soon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

There is no Day 3. I made it to the second day without coffee and felt so sick that I succumbed to a 1/3 of a small mug. Thank you for all of the supportive blogs. I feel like a heel for failing. Like a dependent little addict. But I'll try again soon. Maybe wean myself from this 1/3 amount.

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BOO-SHAY 10/13/2009 12:20AM

    Sometimes you just have to do it gradually. Most people who have a lot of caffine, and quit, usually have headaches and other symptoms. So don't give you, you've made progress it will just take time.

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FAMILYTRADITION 10/12/2009 10:08PM

    A THIRD of a cup of coffee, a small one at that...sometimes weaning is the way to go. Yeah you drank some caffeine, but don't make that a fail that ends all. You did such great things and you will only get better! Keep working on it, forgive yourself! I am very proud of you! One day at a time!

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 10/12/2009 11:12AM

    There is actually an easy way to get off caffeine. I've done it many times. I start making my coffee with more and more decaf and less and less caffeinated coffee each day. It takes about a week, but there is NO headache this way. Caffeine is one of those things that it is much better to taper off than to quit cold turkey.

After I'm down to just decaf coffee, it is not so important to me to drink coffee and I cut back on the amount. I used to drink a whole pot of real coffee every morning and cut back to nothing over time without a headache and without feeling deprived.

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RICH530 10/12/2009 10:59AM

    Are are not a failure!! You gave it a try. First off, I don't think 1/3 of a cup of coffee is all that bad. Secondly, I think the idea of weaning yourself off is a much better approach. Getting sick like that every time you try is not worth it!! You can do anything you put your mind to.
emoticon Lee

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LAPLOWGIRL 10/12/2009 6:21AM

    You can do it. It is great that you are down to 1/3 cup. I am down from 6-8 Diet Dr Peppers to 1 a day and am working on getting to 0. But, I still have withdrawals and headaches so I am taking it slowly but will be there soon I know. Keep up the good work.

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JLITT62 10/12/2009 5:27AM

    You are only a failure if you fail to try. Just keep trying!

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HOKU-ALOHI 10/12/2009 1:33AM

  emoticon emoticon
You are WINNING!!! You are drinking less coffee than you are used to. This is the step-by-step improvement and you are trusting the process. Good job! Eventually you will make it all the way, but seriously I know you were not thinking you'd run all the way up the mountain!

Keep going step-by-step. Each day you are doing it!
Never, never, never, never give up!
Just keep can do it!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Day 2- No Coffee (and a big ouchie of a headache)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday was tough. By noon, I was ready to go to sleep. You wouldn't think that the very small amount of coffee I've been drinking would matter that much (1/2 small mug a day). By late afternoon, I hadthe huge headache that accompanies this caffeine detox. Yes, I've been through this process before so I knew what to expect. Sleep was full of dreams where I felt my head hurting all night. I think today will be the final day of this, if I'm lucky. Next will come a variety of other things- tiredness, craving, etc. I'll cross those bridges when I come to them.

My major concern is that, in the absence of caffeine, I was more hungry. I'd read that caffeine curbs hunger, and I'm hoping this doesn't add yet another challenge to the pile. I do not need more hunger. (smiling)

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FAMILYTRADITION 10/11/2009 11:30PM

    All I can say is drink your water and'll get through this! And good for you for making positive changes!

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DARLENEK04 10/11/2009 5:18PM

It won't take long and you will be over the headache hump.
Hang in there.

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YOUSRAFR 10/11/2009 3:24PM

    for sure it s hard but i hope you are stronger , convince yourself that you can , I used to have one cup of coffee every day and about 10 cups of tea, now I am cured :) I only drink grean tea or herbal tea sugar free

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RICH530 10/11/2009 10:11AM

    Sorry about your headache and your restless night!! Good for you though! I only drink a small cup of coffee in the morning but I can't let that one go. Every time I have tried I have gotten physically ill. So I say... emoticon to you!! You can deal with whatever comes next if you get through this!!!
emoticon Lee

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JLITT62 10/11/2009 10:05AM

    Ouchie about the headache! You'll be better off in the end -- but I know you know that already. Maybe drink more other stuff to head off the munchies?

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MORGANSMOM52 10/11/2009 9:32AM

    ohhhhh my heart goes out to you. I've had that headache before......not fun.

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Day 1 - No Coffee

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've been through this before, and wow, am I in for days and days of migraine-like headaches! Even though I don't drink much coffee, I've decided that I really don't like a lot of things about it and that the slight energy-boost is not worth it. It's the only source of caffeine in my life and time to expunge it. Day 1 reminds me how much of this process is so much mental, as well as physical. What do I miss initially? The warmth of holding the cup while I do SP, etc. Yes, I do have herbal tea handy to still be able to do that. Fortunately, I do not like the taste of coffee any longer. Knowing I was going to do this, I purposely eliminated any condiments that would make it taste yummy. Like vanilla or similar. I got to the point where I'd be drinking it and wondering why I do this to myself when I just do not like the taste anymore. I know I'll make it through the day and then the headache will begin. Yikes. That's the hardest part.

As far as a raw diet, I've decided it's not for me. I will, however, add more raw stuff to my days and learn from some of the tips of that regimen.

Have a fun day, sparkfriends.

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HOKU-ALOHI 10/12/2009 12:41AM

  Hey SlimmerJesse!

With all the fast paced life here in San Diego, seems like for many, coffee is the norm. Although I am a non-coffee drinker I was still stuck with doing the morning Starbucks run for the Execs, on my way in to the office for Wednesday morning meetings.

I salute you on this healthy habit! I may not drink coffee, but I had a crutch for keeping up with the Execs. Depending how much ZIP I needed there was always Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or Mountain Dew. When I finally went cold turkey on these caffeinated drinks, I had headaches from the caffeine withdrawals for weeks. Plus there went my fake energy.

It feels good to be healthy, drinking the 8 cups of water daily, eating 3 servings fruit and 5 servings of vegetables lately. These along with the exercise have made me a new person. I have noticed these great changes with you as well. Love how we can plan and track it all with SP.

Lots of best wishes on your continued successes of health and thank you for sharing your stories in your inspirational blogs!

emoticon Congratulations! You have won the trophy for "Just say NO to Cuppa JOE!"

Aloha ~ Maya

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MSLZZY 10/10/2009 10:54PM

    I do drink coffee but much prefer tea-any flavor and herbal if it is available.
Sorry about the migraines.

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SURENDERISNOTME 10/10/2009 10:38PM

    I agree with you take all the stuff that makes it taste decent. I couldn't drink coffee any more either. Then again I don't drink coffee hardly any more. Depends on if I go out for breakfast then I will. I don't go out an do breakfast but 1 a month.


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JLITT62 10/10/2009 11:17AM

    I have never had coffee in my life. Or beer, for that matter. Never understood the need to have something you have to acquire a taste for. I do love wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea every morning (herbal or decaf, btw).

But I feel for you!

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BUBBLES1541 10/10/2009 10:53AM

    Way to go! I can't give up my coffee..... :(

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