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Jillian Advises How We Can Increase Our Energy With Our Mind

Friday, June 26, 2009

On her last Sunday radio show, Jillian discussed how we can boost our energy using some tips to change the way we think. I'll try to remember this as accurately as possible from my notes. First, she said to visualize. Not only positve results, but ourselves exercising. Says the mind responds as though we are actually doing the activity. Also, think premium thoughts, and that produces premium actions. If you think in a positive mode, you are bound to act in a positive direction. She advises to focus on solutions, not problems. And to use "tools" like music, books, etc. to boost our moods and ways of enhancing the quality of our thoughts. Finally, she really feels that meditation is important, concentrating on just being. Concentrate on your breath. All of this good advice, and I wish that I'd remember it all. Maybe little by little as time goes on?

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CAROL_ 6/26/2009 2:43PM

    Sounds great to me! Visualization is proven to work. I have visualization of myself at goal weight, on my "Tracking Other Goals". Never thought about visualizing myself exercising WHICH IS PROBABLY WHY I'VE HAD SUCH A HARD TIME GETTING STARTED IN EXERCISING.

Developing this daily habit is another Lifestyle Change.

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S_HANSEN 6/26/2009 7:01AM

    Yes, I believe she knows what she is talking about... while we exercise we also need to pay attention to what we are doing so that we get the results we are looking for. So many times I see people reading a book with doing the elliptical and not even thinking about what they are doing. that is not a good way to start out your exercise sessiion. We need to be intune with our bodies. When we are weight lifting we also need to put our mind where our muscle is. Thank you for sharing with us. Where do you live and what radio station is she on. I have never heard her on the radio. emoticonSondra

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MSTELZER 6/26/2009 3:19AM

    So true! Thanks for sharing this with us! I didn't hear this so I am glad you posted this!


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My Scale Has Betrayed Me (How Can I Ever Trust it Again?)(p.s. You were right SPfriends - batteries!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This past February, I got a great scale for my b'day. It's one of those that calculates BMI and whatever else. My other scale was good, but started to be "off" so I bonded with this new one. I've noticed some variation lately, but this morning was the last straw. Out of 10 consecutive times, I got six different readings! I thought I'd take the lowest which showed I've lost five lbs. (smiling) Major bummer on inaccuracy, so I dug out my old scale. YIKES! That one shows a 2 lb gain. So, I'm up a creek as to what to do about this new one. Maybe I'll just weigh multiple times and take the weight that comes up the most frequently? (Funny that I'd not even weighed myself from 1980 until Oct. 08 when I started this lifestyle change. For one thing, I never had to worry about weight. And for another, in the past couple of years when I started to gain, I was deluded and didn't bother with scales. When I finally got on it, I nearly croaked from shock. Now I can't believe that it matters so much.)

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CAROL_ 6/25/2009 5:49PM

    I betcha it's the battery.

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S_HANSEN 6/25/2009 4:16PM

    We do have odd relationships with our scales, don't we? Have you tried to change the batteries in the new one? That might help. Next time you go to the doctor get a reading on theirs and then see how far off yours is. Or you can use measurements instead to see how you are fairing. Hang in there, there has been many a time I have been tempted to throw mine out the window with the bath water!!!! emoticon emoticonSondra

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SKYEFYR 6/25/2009 12:30PM

  Could it be something as simple as your new scale needs a new battery? I can sometimes get multiple readings, but usually within a pound or so of each other. (Mainly because when it goes down I never really believe it's true and always double check.)

Give it another chance, and see about the battery thing. No reason to desert it just yet!

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SLCB1023 6/25/2009 11:50AM

    Instead of relying on your scale, how are your clothes fitting??? How do you feel today??? Do you take your body measurements?? Those are the true indicators of success. emoticon I certainly would love to pitch my scale too some days but realize it is just a scale and should not have control over my day's attitude. emoticon

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Happy 5- Month Sparkanniversary to Me

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes, today is my 5 month anniversary since coming to this terrific website. What have I learned/done? 1. Developing and reinforcing exercise and food tracking. 2. Learning from topics in articles and blogs. 3. Making new friends.
4. Maintaining a downward weight loss trend. 5. Reinforcing a healthy lifestyle by logging on daily and making me be accountable to myself and new lifestyle. I'm sure there are many others, but you get the drift. It's an anniversary worth celebrating. Hooray, hooray!

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S_HANSEN 6/24/2009 5:25PM

    Happy Anniversary to you! Good for you for all of those things that you have done or learned! Yeah! Keep up the great soul searching and the learning. In no time you will be at your goal. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonSondra

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RICH530 6/24/2009 7:46AM

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Glad to see you feel you have some so far!! keep up the great work!!
emoticon Lee

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GRAYGRANNY 6/24/2009 7:40AM

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CAROL_ 6/24/2009 1:44AM

    Is it 5 months since you started in Jan; or were you on Sparks before Jan and it's 5 years? Either way, congratulations!

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I Learn from Watching Others Doing Their Emotional Eating

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night, Kathy Griffen (My Life on the D List) was disappointed about not winning a Grammy. She immediately turned to food and I realized that this was another reminder and opportunity for me to reinforce what not to do with food. I could objectively see how we humans try to soothe our emotions with yummy stuff. But you know what? I could also see that she didn't enjoy it that much. I thought of the times when I've done the same thing and food really didn't taste that good in that situation. And, honestly? It does very little - or nothing - to alleviate the painful emotions.

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SLCB1023 6/25/2009 11:55AM

    Yes, I am beginning to realize that downing a box of donuts never really helped with the problem anyway. emoticon I am learning slow but hopefully steady.

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BINEMELLES 6/23/2009 5:43PM

    oh yes ... you are so right. that's the really weird thing - the food DOESN'T EVEN MAKE US FEEL BETTER. worse, it makes us feel guilty on top of being miserable already. i am so happy you and i have been able to break out of this vicious circle.

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S_HANSEN 6/23/2009 3:32PM

    I watched the same episode last night and found I had the same feeling as you did. You are right, it never does taste as good as you think it is going to feel. It is hard for our brains to get that though. You see our brains work on feel good chemicals and a lot of time when we are emotionally eating those chemicals need replenishing. So, if we went and exercised instead the same chemicals are released and our butts wouldn't get big... Have a good week... emoticonSondra

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Tips from Jillian Michaels on her Sunday Morning Radio Show

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sometimes I need to hear something repeatedly before I'll take action. For example, this week one of my sparkfriends suggested that I can beat the night munchies by putting a fat photo on the fridge. Sure, it just so happened that I'd had one ready when I started this new lifestyle last October. But did I follow through and post it? Not until reminded. Now it's up and doing the trick as I look at myself 33 lbs heavier. Yikes! So, Jillian listed a bunch of reminders that I'd heard before but now will employ. Using the smaller plates for meals. Eating with my left hand (if you do that, you eat more slowly). Drink water between bites. She also commented on how to beat impulse eating, and the neat part is that it can be used for any impulsive behavior. It's part of cognitive therapy. She said that we know that we will have impulses, and that we should be prepared for them by making a list of things we will do when they occur. Like take a walk, or a bubblebath, call a friend, turn on some music, read a book, etc. You switch gears in your brain by moving from the impulsive side to the thinking/decisionmaking side. Simple strategies, but very valuable to remember.

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SLCB1023 6/25/2009 11:54AM

    I listen to Jillian's radio show too. She has some great tips every week. I really like to have plans for different eating situations in place and even practiced if only in my mind. Seems to really help that some behavior comes on autopilot for those tempting situations. emoticon

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VIVRE5 6/23/2009 1:11PM

    thanks for this blog! great reminders!!!!! emoticon

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RICH530 6/22/2009 2:18PM

    Thanks for all the hints!1 We can all use them!!
emoticon Lee

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