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"Cold Stratify seeds for 12 weeks.." Say WHAT????

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am not a gardener. In fact, it's a minor miracle that I've not killed my several orchids among all of their repotted selves. Okay, you get the picture?

I fell in love with pomegranates last year, but they are $1.99 each at the store. Then I went to Home Depot and figured I'd buy a tree. Well, my yards' dirt is like cement after a very dry summer so not ideal for planting a tree.

What the hay, I thought. I figured I'd get seeds and experience the thrill of first growth to maturity. Kinda like buying a kitten and watching him grow.

Got the seeds and was stumped by the instructions, so I emailed the seller.
His reply? Yup, put them in the fridge for 12 weeks before planting in the Spring. OMG, 12 weeks! Are you kidding me?

So this lead me to realize that this is not unlike my impatience with my weight loss and eating healthy. I'm all about the right now, even though I've been working hard not to do that.

Then a bright idea occurred to me... why not make a plan for those 12 weeks, and then in the Spring, make another one as I put those babies in potting soil and nurture them? I can nurture myself at the same time and call it a project.

Sounds like a way for me to grow some patience. (pun intended)

Wishing all a fun day.

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TREVORSAMA 9/28/2012 10:32PM


I think I have these exact seeds, however, i live in a tropical region so it's always warm here. My question is, is it necessary for me to do the cold stratification before I plant these seeds?

Pleaseeeeeeee help. Thanks emoticon

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SKYEFYR 9/28/2011 4:21PM

  I've never heard of that. I know I've planted things too late in the year, but never been told to refrigerate them first. I guess to make sure they go dormant before they grow?

Pomegranates are one of my favorites, but I don't think they'd grow around here. So I guess I'll have to grow mine vicariously through you! Don't forget to let me know how they taste!

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/28/2011 9:01AM

    really interesting about the seeds. It makes sense.

Love your idea of having a plan during those 12 weeks!

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NANCY- 9/28/2011 8:39AM

    What a lovely attitude. Just what I needed this morning.

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LIBBYFITZ 9/28/2011 6:55AM

    Your spring will be sprung! emoticon

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KPETSCHE 9/28/2011 5:08AM

    When you get right down to it, 12 weeks isn't that long and makes a good jumping point for small goals. Great idea.

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CATLADY52 9/27/2011 5:52PM

    It sounds like a good plan. emoticon emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 9/27/2011 5:08PM

    I could stand to grow some patience myself.

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Will Decaf Be My "Gateway Drug?"

Monday, September 26, 2011

The strange part about my difficulty giving up caffeine is that I didn't start drinking coffee until adulthood. Then, I never really loved the taste. (I don't drink soft drinks with caffeine.) And there has never been any more than a small mug daily, but I don't like the way caffeine makes me feel.

That said, I was recently off coffee for five months. Somehow, for whatever psychological reasons, I recently returned to decaf. As decaf runs out, I have added a tbsp of regular. So goes the slippery slope.

What can I say? I'm still at a point where I can remain in control. Hope I don't give into this and return to caffeine.

Wishing all a good day.

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/28/2011 8:59AM

    emoticon Kay

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NANCY- 9/27/2011 8:13AM

    Recently I switched to having hot lemon water on weekends instead of coffee. Surprisingly I did not miss the coffee.
It might just be sipping something warm. personally I prefer herbal tea like sassafras, rosehip looks like wine, There are so many options these days.

I hear you about we were not born coffee drinkers. During the power outage I actually perked a pot of coffee. One cup and I was zipping. Yikes, I was perky. It made me wonder what I was doing to my body.

You will find what works for you, whether it is stocking up on decaf or switching off coffee. We learned to drink coffee we can unlearn it.

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MARISERV 9/26/2011 4:53PM

    I hope you are at least drinking it WITHOUT sugar emoticon

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TREKPURRSON 9/26/2011 4:00PM

    I agree--don't start upping your caffeine! It is a "slippery slope"! Stick to decaf only or try some of the herbal teas mentioned...Maybe what you are looking for is not so much taste, but a *warming sensation* to "comfort" yourself!

Also decaf DOES have unwanted chemicals!

Be good to yourself!!!!!


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SKYEFYR 9/26/2011 1:05PM

  Step away from the coffee pot. Just back away. It hasn't seen you yet, so you don't have to drink any!

Why are you grabbing it? Are you making it or is it at work? If you're making it, stop! If it's at work, what are your other options? Is there hot water nearby? If you really want something, stock up on some herbal teas and have that instead. (I've just recently discovered a blueberry pomegranite one that is a real "treat".) And why are you drinking something that you don't even like the taste of? Would you spend your precious calories eating something you didn't enjoy? No! So why drink the coffee (even if it is black and "free")???

I remember how hard of a time you had when you quit. I also remember you saying numerous times how it made you feel. Why go back there? Check old blogs honey, chances are you talked about it here. Sounds like you need a reminder of all the reasons why you quit in the first place! Oh, and another upside to drinking tea is that when you go out you always get a fresh teabag - you don't have to worry about how nasty the coffee will be or how long it's been just sitting around.

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NANCYRUBIO 9/26/2011 12:27PM

    Don't go up the slippy slope again. Buy 2 jars of Decaff Coffee, so you always have one on hand. When you use spare, go out and another to put away. Don't worry only the first time do you spend extra money.

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FLORIDASUN 9/26/2011 10:51AM

    Hey darling friend...big cheers for the caffeine kick down for 5 months...that is TRULY amazing to me! If I have one vice it's caffeine. I have finally learned to drink it black and that's a big plus for me because I used to put so much skim milk in it that it was barely what could pass as coffee. I also used to have sugar in it...but I've read so much about the sins of sugar I finally gave up both of those and now just have it black.

I'm addicted to the Don Pablo brand. We grind it fresh and it is SO bitter after taste and very smooth and robust. Honestly I should have STOCK in their company because I tell EVERYONE how awesome this coffee is. I get mine at Costco and it's pretty reasonable.

Now about the sugar..if you must have it at least try for Stevia which is natural and no calories and no artifical junk in it.

Or try Don Pablo and you might just be able to take it black. I'm warning you though...its addictive! emoticon But I think better than lots of other junk we could be stuffing down our gullets. I'm not sure they have decaf.

You might also want to research that...I've read that the decaf process adds so many harmful elements to the process that it's really no better for you than the caffinated.

Anywho...that's my take on it. Just eat REAL food and you'll do great my friend.

Hugs and keep on keepin' on! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 9/26/2011 10:48AM

    I guess only time will tell.

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Just for Points

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I've got no topic, but I want the points. That's about it for today.

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SKYEFYR 9/26/2011 12:58PM

  LMAO! Too cute!

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FLORIDASUN 9/26/2011 10:53AM

    Hey it was a 'pointed' blog... emoticon emoticon

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GRACEISENUF 9/25/2011 7:30PM


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NANCY- 9/25/2011 11:08AM

    Sometimes doing something just for points helps us in other ways.

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NATPLUMMER 9/25/2011 9:59AM


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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/25/2011 8:16AM


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    I like getting the points too.

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ABB698 9/25/2011 1:06AM

    Too funny, it's like the homeless guy on the corner with a sign that says "Why Lie? I want a beer" HAHAHAHA emoticon

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SWEETSOUNDS11 9/25/2011 12:01AM

    I love your honesty!

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Reviews on Blue Man Group Show & Juicer. Plus, Disgusting "Facts" About Meat.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blue Man Group. WOW!!!!! Where to begin? It was my first time experiencing this amazing show and everyone's raves were so right-on. Immediate adjectives that come to mind - amazing, unique, performance art, talented, and just awesome. Fabulous show.

Juicer. The love is gone. Even though it's been only a few days of use, my enthusiasm has left town. For one thing, I have learned that I prefer the tactile experience of real food. Taste, smell, feel, etc. My body did not do well with liquifying veggies. Also, although I'm not normally allergic, in combination, I did not do well with different mixtures of veggies.

Meat. The reason I put the word facts in quotes is because I read these things, but am never sure of accuracy. However, it rings true that this would go on. I read that beef cutters say that it is difficult - if not impossible - to totally separate the stomach and intestines from the animal without spillage while cutting pieces for sale to public. So, there's a good possibility of some of the contents of those parts spilling onto meat that's consumed by the public. Ewwww! And chicken - well, there is a very small profit margin for fast-food restaurants selling chicken nuggets, fingers, and sandwiches. So, to make up for this, they purchase diseased and sickly chickens, cut out the sick parts and use the rest. Wow, I am soooo glad that I normally don't eat a lot of meat. In fact, rarely.

Wishing all a fun weekend.

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SKYEFYR 9/26/2011 12:57PM

  Yet another reason to go see Blue Man Group. (Although it's annoying that the 11 year old has seen it and I haven't!) Glad you had such a fantastic time!

Ewww! Gross! I haven't eaten a chicken nugget since I worked in McD's back in HS and watched someone pull one out of the garbage and throw it into the fryer to round out a 20 piece. Now, I'm doubly glad!

My love affair with my juicer died relatively quickly too, but for a totally different reason. I didn't have a dish washer and it would take me longer to clean it than it did to prep the fruit/veggies, juice them and drink them. But, fresh squeezed orange juice on a weekend morning just can't be beat if you're looking for a nice treat. And every now and then I just crave carrot or carrot apple juice. Making home made cider in the fall and then simmering it with some mulling spices is just the thing to end a fall day outside when there's a nip in the air.

Don't give up on it. Just get fussy about when it's worth the time and effort. For these times, I LOVE it. (And since it wasn't a super expensive one, I can justify the price I spent for the times I do use it.)

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FLORIDASUN 9/25/2011 7:08PM

    Ewwwwhhhh is right! I'll never look at chicken..or steak again without that nagging little share in the back of my mind! Note to less meat. emoticon So sorry about the juicer...Vitamixers are big bucks! Maybe you had reactions because you were detoxing? Just a thought.

And Blue Man Group...definitely putting it on my shows to see list. In November we are going to see the Goo Goo of our Josher's fav groups so we'll be doing it in honor of him...and of course we like their music VERY much ourselves...ha..ha...old~sters in the house! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/25/2011 7:10:30 PM

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ABB698 9/24/2011 2:52PM

    Thanks for all the reviews. Blue Man Group sounds as fabulous as expected! Hope to see them myself one day! Have a fab weekend!

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NANCY- 9/24/2011 1:01PM

    You will find what works for you.

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/23/2011 7:54PM

    Glad you enjoyed the show!!!

Thanks for your honesty about your juicer experience.

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NATPLUMMER 9/23/2011 3:39PM

    Yay Blue Man Group!! Glad you had a good time.
I wouldn't have gotten as far with juicing as you. I know I like to chew my food.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just had to share this quote I recently heard in the independent film "A Marine Story."
It is said by a female marine who is quoting her mama.

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FLORIDASUN 9/25/2011 7:05PM

    Isn't this SO true! I've got more scrapes, and bruises than the average boxer in the ring...but I just keep on gettin' back up and going again. Stayin' NOT an option. Thanks so much for the share! emoticon emoticon

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HAPPY-DESTINY 9/25/2011 11:50AM

    Semper Fi !!

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SKYEFYR 9/23/2011 10:23AM

  LOVE that quote!

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JLITT62 9/23/2011 6:16AM

    Thanks for sharing - hope you enjoyed your evening out last night!

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FANGFACEKITTY 9/22/2011 7:09PM

    emoticon so true!

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HIKINGSD 9/22/2011 6:39PM

    Love it :)

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MARITIMER3 9/22/2011 5:52PM

    So true... when you're down, pick yourself up and get going again.

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/22/2011 5:51PM


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NATPLUMMER 9/22/2011 4:00PM

    I like it :-)

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