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WooHoo! 202 and a Good Thing Too!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, the weight is coming off......s-l-o-w-l-y,s-l-o-w-l-y, s-l-o-w-l-y said the sloth (for elementary teachers out there!) I showed 202 on the scale this a.m. Yesterday I was apprehensive and found other ways to measure success and that was a good thing.. Today the scale showed a success in this dept. as well. And the good thing is this was a success today even though today my b.s. was 11.1 - not good at all... I didn't do anything horrible or anything, but the difference was I took my bs 2 hrs. later than usual today.

For anyone who wants to know the physiology behind it - here's how I understand it.. Because I have the kind of diabetes they define as "leaky Liver" - my body goes a long period of time, ie overnite, then the liver dumps a load of sugar in to increase my sugar if they've gone down. I, personally, have never seen a low blood sugar which I know is the absolute worst feeling in the world according to friends who have experienced it. And the other thing I learned from the diabetes follow-up last month was something called, "Dawn Syndrome". Apparently the body recognized that dawn is coming and we will need more energy for the day, so here comes the sugar... Anyway, that's my science lesson for the day!

So, since early December when I had wakeup call from Dr., I was 218 lbs. and now I am 202... Although it doesn't seem like a lot at once, it is only averaging out at about what..... 1.5 lbs. a week... and we know that is what?//// that's right, exactly what health professionals say is the perfect amount to lose to be healthy and keep it off.....Yes, LIla... listen up here! Stop fretting over this is taking soooooo longgggg.... You're doing it right... You're trying to get healthy foods and a good variety and lots of exercise into your life and you're succeeding!!!

Remember back in early December.. what were you doing? That's right... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! This is success, accept it, and it's all your doing..... and of course, with the help of your friends, specifically those at SP. Everytime you start to think this is taking too long and what's the point, you log on and read someone else's experiences and find out you're not the only one.... that really does help..... Hang in there and keep "pounding" it off with healthy food, walking and experiencing your own and others' successes...

I can see One-derland in the near future!!! It will probably take 2 (or even 3 weeks) but it will come and that is another psychological barrier passed.... I know it sounds easy when you say it only takes a lb. a week to lose 50 lbs in a year, but it so seldom happens that exact way, but hopefully this time I have learned that this isn't just a little spurt to change things and be healthy, cuz it takes a lifetime and permanent lifestyle changes, not just a quick fad diet that shows a drop on the scale this week and then it's over..... So, far it's over 50 days and counting.... that's about 1/7 of the year, so only 6/7 left - that doesn't really sound all that long, does it?

I won't balk if it happens next week, but if I set the goal to be further away I won't be disappointed - even though I am learning other ways to deal with my disappointment, why set myself up for failure!

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SWEETPEA92 2/22/2010 2:09PM

    I remember coming down from 220 to 202 and what a fabulous feeling it was. CONGRATS on all the hard work you are doing and the weight loss you are achieving!!!! emoticon

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MARYMAC45 2/22/2010 10:45AM

    You are on your way to onederland emoticonKeep it up.

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SOPHIKKO 2/22/2010 10:23AM

    You are making amazing progress - in 6 months from now you'll be surprised at how quickly time has passed and just how much weight has dropped. Way to go - I am so looking foreward to you hitting "onederland"!

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SWIMLOVER 2/22/2010 12:39AM

  I think you are doing emoticon! emoticon on the weight
loss! Keep Up The Great Work!

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MONTY68 2/21/2010 11:31PM

Congrats on the weight loss. very nice and thanks for some scientific info. I had no clue. It's nice to know what someone else is experiencing and why.
A very positive blog and the knowledge that in a week or so you when you hit the 0ne-derland. It will be exciting. I know the feeling as a little over 2 years ago, was the first time in over 50 years that I can remember that I was in one-derland .What a wonderful feeling. Actually I don't remember under 200 but it had to be somewhere in junior high.
Great blog, keep up the fantastic work.


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CLAIRESML 2/21/2010 2:44PM

    Congrats on your weight loss Lila! I am also at 202 and looking forward to Onederland as well. We can do this! emoticon Remember the emoticon wins the race.

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Not the only way to measure success....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, it's been a while since I wrote a blog, just didn't seem like anything I had to say was important enough to write it down. But then I even read some other blogs and couldn't even find something to say back, does that mean I am speechless? Imagine that, I must be really tired.

I've had a good week eating wise and exercise wise, but won't know if that first measurement - the scale says good or bad. But, I did take some other measurements today and realized that they are definitely positive. Before I got my wake-up call from dr. in Dec. about my diabetes, my a.m. bs' were around 12 or 13 - which isn't good... in Canada, you're supposed to be under 7 to be in healthy range... Well, I made the mistake of throwing away that meter which would have been a good reminder of how bad things were getting.. I didn't realize that till a few days after I did it, and of course, by then it was too late.

So, today I took my am bs and found it was 7.8...... emoticon emoticon, That is great proof that positive results are happening.... And last nite, before supper I checked my bs and it was 5.3..... So, even if tomorrow doesn't show a loss on the scale, I have to keep this in mind and remember that was the prime purpose when I started this whole thing.

And today I even shared a bar with my dh. We split it in half and even with that tracked in my food, I did not go over my calories.... so tomorrow will be the weigh-in check up but the success is already evident...

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MONTY68 2/21/2010 5:58PM

    Hi Lila
you are right it' not the only way to measure. But your other results show that you are working hard at it. You did say your main reason was your BS and it certainly is coming down. Congrats for that. You had a lot going on this past week and you feel that it may show up in the weight. Our bodies are funny sometimes and I don't quite understand weight losses or gains. But importantly you are doing things right, it shows and the weight will also.
Your on the right track-Good job.

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K4FRED 2/20/2010 11:11PM

    Without a doubt, you're made great choices and as a result, achieved success in your blood sugar levels. The weight will come off, if you simply persist in these positive changes for your health. If you're like me you've been putting others and other things before yourself, Putting your priorities straight will make everything else fall in line.

Congratulations! emoticon


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So, what do you expect? Sometimes you need to be careful what you ask for! And sometimes you don'

Monday, February 15, 2010

Well, good morning all. I had a pleasant surprise this am, when I got brave and stepped onto the scale. I was psyched to see a gain since I had been in the city and eating out etc. for the previous 5 days. What a wonderful surprise to see I was down 1.5 lbs. Since I was expecting a gain, this is all the sweeter!

I had been reading some of the SP diet strategies last nite and one of the things I learned from it was that you have to switch your thinking from "diet" to "lifestyle". So, being Day 50 on this program, I seem to have made the switch.... I must have actually changed my lifestyle to be down when I had little opportunity to prepare my own meals. But, obviously I was making some wise choices even at a restaurant. The biggest difference I think is the not eating between meals, and just because it's there.

I could have been discouraged when dh who only made the changes to accept his diabetes and high bp diagnoses, stopped using sugar and salt, and he's down over 10 lbs. in just 2 weeks... or is it 3? But, because he hasn't made dieting a way of life, his metabolism is normal, whereas mine probably doesn't know whether it's coming or going after decades of fad diets etc. I have to just keep feeding it so well now that it realizes I am serious this time and I won't be doing any starving so get out of that mode!

Another thing I read on the diet strategies, something I know but needed reminding off, was that there are no magic pills. I read someone's blog yesterday and she was talking about some "supplement" she was told about at the gym and I wanted to send a note, but figured I didn't need to burst someone else's bubble. But, if I had read the strategy 2 days ago, I could have saved myself $22 because I did buy a PGX meal replacement... It was a vegetable soup supplement thing, but it was 270 calories and I can make real meals with a lot more taste and still not be anywhere near that calorie count just for a drink. I also was looking into buying a new "Wild Rose" cleanse. Interesting that so many of the "fads" out there now (ie. Jillian Michaels and the one my sister is on) are starting out with a de-tox. I've been doing that for almost 10 years. Unfortunately I did the cleanse back in November before I got the wake-up call that my diabetes was in control, so I did put off the new cleanse till later in the spring. I am leery of whether it will give me any results this time though since I am eating so much healthier now anyway... We'll have to see when the time comes.

I also had my daughter watch me do the WATP 2 Mile video cuz I was brave enough to do it right in the front room while we were all watching TV (I did it on the laptop) - who says you can't multi-task and get it all done? Anyway, she informed me that I am not pushing myself and that's why my exercise isn't helping me lose weight... Yeah, she can talk, she' s going to be 29 and I'm not!! But, I will keep that in mind and continue to do what I can, maybe being a little braver. Last nite, I took that thought seriously and I put on the VCR and did the Richard Simmons "Dance Your Pants Off" video. Let me tell you, I sweated to those oldies! I'm sure it wasn't a pretty sight, but I kept moving for 50 minutes. I was a bit leery of some of the moves on my knees, but when I woke up this am., all I could think was that I wanted to get out of bed and WATP.... so I started the day with 2 Miles... Maybe I can do the dance thing a couple times a week instead of my nite-time 2 miles. But interesting as it was, after I finished having fun and dancing last nite, I really wanted to go do the WATP, but it was almost midnite, so I restrained myself.

Also, another positive this past week was on the first day of the conference I was craving bean sprouts on my way home. Yes, I did say bean sprouts!! So, when I got to my daughter's and they wanted us to babysit, I insisted I had to go buy veggies for supper first. I looked long and hard for the beansprouts and was getting disappointed when I didn't see any fresh ones, but finally I did find a bag. So, I also got broccoli and cauliflower and went home and heated meatballs and made a wok-ful of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and beansprouts. It tasted so good...

And I also found a couple of new foods while in the city. One was Green Giant Essentials some had fibre (broccoli, barley, black beans, etc.) and another was an anti-oxidant one that had peppers etc. and another one was cauliflower and broccoli in cheese sauce. They come in 2 serving packages with from 50 to 100 calories each. Being a bargain hunter, the normal price of these veggies was $2.49, but it was $ Days so I got almost 20 of them for $1 each. So I will be eating healthy for quite a while! Even last nite after driving 5 hours to get home, I through sweet potato fries in the oven, had rotisserie BBQ chicken and nuked the cauliflower and broccoli mixture. UUMMMM!

The other new food I found was Peek Freans - Blueberry and Brown Sugar cookies. I've seen them advertised for a while now but Zellers had them on for 2 for $4 rather than the usual $3.39 each pkg. So, I splurged and am I glad I did. They're very delicious. You get 3 cookies for only 130 calories, made a nice, tasty dessert. You really taste the blueberries.... I determine what is a good dessert by whether you feel satisfied, or whether it just starts a craving for sweet things, and this did the former, it was just enough. So, I already entered them in my food tracker and calculated there are about 8 servings in the pkg...

Well, I've probably made up for all the days I missed blogging since we only had the laptop and typing 85 words a minute just doesn't work for me on the laptop, I have to have a real desktop, so that's another positive to being home. But, the other part of being home is that I have to go to school and get prepped for the week.. So, better get dressed and get to work!

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SLIMLILA 2/17/2010 1:31AM

    So glad you all dropped in to say hi and be encouraged or offer encouragement.... I'm finally showing my weight on my Spark Page in lbs. and not kg... see how close I am to Onederland......I should be well into that "new land" by Easter!

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SWIMLOVER 2/17/2010 12:10AM

  I think you are doing emoticon! Keep up the Great Work!
I love Richard Simmons and I love Leslie Sansone. Both are great to exercise to.

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MONTY68 2/15/2010 11:29PM

    Hi Lila,
Welcome home, I am glad we could chat while you were away. I want to congratulate you on your 1.5 pound weight loss. Isn't that a wonderful feeling to actually lose weight while you were away. It tells me that you are in control and on automatic when it comes to eating, most people have no control when they get away from home and it's because healthy living really hasn't settled in. Just look at you shopping for new exciting foods and not only finding some great products,they were on sale just for you.
You are right, there are no magic pills that work. The only magic I know is to eat healthy and wisely. I have never tried any type of de-tox, not sure what it is suppose to do.
You are something, get home from a long workshop and then step right into some great exercise.
Your on track and on your way to greater success.


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LITTLEWIND53 2/15/2010 10:48PM

    I wanted to get some Richard Simmons but I can't find any. I saw them years ago but didn't have the money then (Not that I have a lot more now)

They will make a nice change of pace from your walking. emoticon

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ATHENAJANE 2/15/2010 7:17PM

    way to go. when i get out of this hospital bed. i will be on exercises for strength and then to walk and drive again. this is teaching me about a career in health

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TERRI289 2/15/2010 6:50PM

    Great blog!! You did fantastic!! So happy the scale showed a loss!!

Get those walking and dancing shoes going. You are on your way!! emoticon

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No progress to report despite the hard work!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Well, I'm really p'd off, I have been working so hard, sometimes as much as 5 miles WATP in a day, considering I came from doing NOTHING at all a month ago, that is quite a feat. I am eating very healthy, and today and one other day are the only times I have even gone over on my calories. (It was Valentine party at school today, and all I had was a few chips and a tootsie roll - none of the shortbread cookies, none of the orange pop, none of the chocolate with strawberry filling cookies or the chocolate chip cookies, or the candy or the chocolates.... so another success there too.) I even got a note from SP telling me I need to up my calorie count because of all the exercise I am doing! This is like about Day 46 for me and my total pounds loss to date is all of 8 lbs. I still intend to check my measurements though, cuz as disappointed as I am, I'm not ready to give up, even if my body is not working with me.

I was supposed to weigh in on Sunday and I put it off till Monday and then till today, but I was still up a lb. So, I guess I just have to accept it and keep working at it. I eat really good. We're eating lots of vegies. This should be good for dh's newly diagnosed diabetes cuz ordinarily he eats very few vegies. For him, it is only following how I eat and he'll have his diabetes under control. The positive is, that my bs is down, when I check my bs in a.m, now instead of being in the teens, it is usually under 10 or just slightly over. Since you have to be under 7 to be in normal healthy range, I still have a ways to go. But, the exercise has to be raising my HDL and triglycerides, which will make my Cholesterol ratio improve too.

I didn't write down my goal, but in my mind, I had 199 set as my Feb. goal. That was only 16 lbs. in about 6 weeks.. not really irrational at all. I had in the back of my mind that I was going to fail, and therefore, I did. I didn't fail in my eating or my exercises, those were both successful endeavours, the only way I failed was on the bottom line, where it counts, the scale.

Another very positive success was that it encouraged my daughter. She's down 13 lbs. since about 2 weeks after me. So, if I can take pride in other people meeting their goals, that would be a big one.

I have enjoyed being on SP and meeting people! I know I can come here for support and encouragement and also to share my experiences and help others. So, heap it on people. I need support and reasons why I Need to keep doing what I have been doing that is moving me toward a healthier lifestyle. Right now, I have to be very careful, not to allow this "minor" setback to become a real deterrent. Hopefully, the measurements will be an additional motivator. And of course, that section of SP is getting well-read by me too!

THis diet thing has been a life-long journey and it's no where near over... What's different this time, is I have not had any cravings or any pig-outs at all since I started. I read about people having cravings and feeling hungry and I am not having any of those feelings this time. I'm going to hang around for awhile, and hopefully, there will success... maybe I need to lock up my scale... that's something I have done in the past too. I'm so conditioned to gauging my success by what the scale says, and there's gotta be more to it than that. (I even have 5 pairs of jeans that I can now zip up, some still require lying down on the bed, but I have never had that many pairs of jeans in my life, and wouldn't you know it, we're not allowed to wear jeans to work. So that is another success, so I know I'm really reaching for positives, but I keep finding them, small as they might be.) So, this venting is good for more than just taking up space!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MONTY68 2/11/2010 12:38PM

It seems you are doing what you should be doing. I think what is important is attitude and you are positive. Sometimes, we have to be more patient and allow things to flow. Importantly, you are heading the right direction and the weight will follow. It was suggested that you increase your calories, I find it interesting that if we don't eat enough, we can stop losing and even gain. I really don't understand that.
Stay positive and change that thought that you were or will fail. The mind sometimes gives us what we ask for. You will succeed and you have to know and really believe that.


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SLIMLILA 2/11/2010 1:45AM

    Thanks everyone for listening and commenting... I actualy can finally report some success - in addition to all these things everyone pointed out to me.... I was finaly down to 204.5 this am - that's a lb. in a little over a week, for a total of 10.5 altogether. I took a couple of chococlate pills (lol) last nite, but literally it was only a couple, I didnt' pig out on all the chocolate I stil have left from Christmas

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JAY75REY 2/10/2010 1:42PM

    Hi, I hope you hang in there. My weight loss is very slow, especially at age 53, but it's the way my body works now. So I work with it. If you check out my Sparkpage and the goals on the right side bar, you'll see how I'm approaching this so I won't be discouraged. Maybe it'll help to know you're not alone. Even in the beginning of my weight loss journey, I didn't have any dramatic results any week. Best wishes!

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GAARAMA 2/10/2010 12:35PM

    Don't be discouraged,you are on the right track.

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FLICKRFAN 2/10/2010 12:08PM

    Be patient and don't start making too many changes. If you lose too fast your skin will be flabby. Gradual loss and exercise and you will look firm and FIT!

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TERRI289 2/9/2010 11:22PM

    Ok, when I am in full exercise mode, I don't seem to lose either. Upping your calories will probably make a difference.

If your pants are fitting better, people around you are doing better with their health, and you are feeling more in control, you are a SUCCESS!! It is not all about the weight loss and some things will go slower than we like.

Hang in there, don't let that scale make you feel bad, take some measurements, and revel in the fact that you are doing so much to take care of yourself!!

Sleep well, Terri emoticon

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NOVELIC 2/9/2010 10:50PM

    Just a thought, but what if you aren't eating enough? What if you added some good carbs consistently for a week and see what happens? My losses are slow too. Not sure how long it will take, but I do know I'm feeling better, and I'm assuming that you're feeling better emotionally than you were when you ate too much of the wrong things? Do you feel better about yourself for taking charge, even if the results aren't what you expect? These are things I have to ask myself too, and to tell myself that this time, it's not a sprint. It's hard. But health has to be our first consideration, and being more careful is that first step to health.

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ALICIAKAY 2/9/2010 10:48PM

    It sounds like you're doing great!!! I understand what you're saying though. I haven't been as good as you one the eating : ( but, I started Jan. 10th, and my goal was to lose 10lbs by my feb. 16th anniversary. I've lost 5 as of this week. I really thought it would be easy for me to reach it. I never worked out before and ate whatever I wanted to. Now, I'm working out 3-4x a week and keeping my calories low and I'm still the pounds should be off right?? ugh. But, I do notice that I have got some muscles in my arms..So, I think you're right. While we might not see it on the scale it is changing our bodies, and our minds! Don't give up!!!! It really sounds like you're doing great!

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I made it so far!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Well, it's still quiet as a morgue around here and it's weighing heavy on my stress level, but having dh in his mood and not talking to me has helped to focus on getting me healthy. I have started doing the extra 2 mi walk at school, so that makes 5 miles WATP daily.

Well, I was quickly putting this in so I could get the 100 points today and wouldn't you know it, the day changed to Sat. The problem was a minor castastrophe.... I was typing along and the computer just shut off. Dh took it apart and cleaned it up a bit and let it cool down and we're back in business. I did my other 2 mi walk and talked to dd and g.son while it cooled... I was getting a little concerned and worrying that I wouldn't be able to do SP if the computer was dead... so I can breather easy now (hopefully).

Well thought I had something to say, but it's after midnite and I'm tired, so maybe I will try to get some sleep.... Everyone, whose not asleep already - being out west, we're usually the last ones up..... Good nite.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MONTY68 2/7/2010 10:52AM

Thanks for your comment about my computer. Isn't that weird? At least someone got it going for you. I was stressed. So nice to use my own computer. You are getting stressed, Is this a normal thing with what happened or is it lasting longer this time with him. I feel for you, some how you got to relax and that's not easy when you are in the middle of it. Hang in there, maybe the extra walking will help. As you said your focus MUST be on you as need to continue to go forward.


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FLICKRFAN 2/7/2010 10:15AM

    I am never awake at midnight so there is no problem with the day changing. It is great that you are doing the extra walking. It feels good to get outside and breathe in the fresh air.

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    Great job! and 100 spark points in a day to boot... super!

enjoy your weekend!


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TERRI289 2/6/2010 7:00AM

    Hi!! Glad you are getting that walking in!! Excellent.

I know what you mean about the day changing over while you are on spark. That is so annoying.

And HEAVEN FORBID the computer seizing up!! That is a fear of mine too.

I am going to try a bollywood workout since our blizzard is effectively keeping me in the house!! emoticon

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