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first elliptical workout ever

Friday, January 07, 2011

So my boss asked if another co-worker and myself wanted to start using our office gym after work. i said yes. holly said yes, but she's bailing. carmin doesnt know yet. so anywho, we were supposed to start yesterday but carmin couldnt find her sneakers and had to cancle. i decided that since i had everything with me, i would go down and do some work. there were 2 girls getting ready and one woman already on a treadmill so i decided that i would take the elliptical next to her so that the other two girls could have the 2 machines that were together (cause i'm sweet like that).

oh man that thing kicked my butt!!! i've never used an elliptical before so i didnt think it was going to be THAT hard. i mean i can walk on a treadmill for like 20 minutes before i'm really winded. i didnt set it to anything, just did quick start and started going. i seemed to keep it at a speed of 3.5-4 (mph?) and by 3 minutes i'm thinking are you f'n kidding me?! carmin wants to do this for an hour??? so then i'm thinking, ok, just 30 minutes i can do this. and then its like 4 minutes in and i'm getting wobbly. so ok, i'll do 15 minutes. at 8 minutes i couldnt take it anymore. i made it to 8.5 minutes and when i stepped off my legs almost gave out on me. they were just rubber!!

so now i have a new goal... to make it to 15 minutes on that stupid machine.


wow things change quickly

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so i was reading my old blogs, and 2 years ago, i was complaining that i was up to 137. thats 35lbs LESS than i am now. I think i set my new goal at 135. wow. i cant believe i have gained that much in just 2 years.

i just did my wii fit. 18 minutes for 81 calories. that hoola-hoop thing really tried to kick my butt. and i SUCK at the yoga. it is my new goal to be able to do 30minutes a day by the end of the week. i think i should be able to do this right after work. i'll just lock the dogs outside so they dont trip me. apparently mowgli doesnt like the wii balance board. oh well.


its been a while, but i'm back

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi, i'm mickey, and i'm fat.

haha. feels like an AA meeting or something!

a while back, and i do mean a WHILE back, i did spark. i was about 140, and eventually got down to 125, which is what i had been since i was about 14 until 22. last year when i got married i was at my heaviest again at 150, and over the last year i have ballooned to 170-175. i really dont know how it happened so quickly, i think its becacuse i got a full time desk job and finished school, so now i dont do anything ever. eating-wise hardly changed.

anywho... i started spark again. i dont remember much from the first time except that when i first started, the first cut out all diet coke and want to water, lost 4lbs in 5 days. This May, i got my first 2 kidney stones in my life. i've cut all soda and have been drinking between 50-100oz on a daily basis just because i'm so scared about getting another one.

i went for my first walk in years this morning. i thought it was a mile around the block, apparently only .65, but i did that in 11 minutes and thought i was going to die. so my goal is for that to get easier first, then find another route to go 2 miles (need to mapquest a route first, this neighborhood is a little scary).

anyways, i just wanted to lay it all out here so i've got to keep with it so i dont lie to you all about it. and maybe make a few new friends on here to help me out a bit. i did pretty good on my calories for the first 2 days of this journey. i went over the first day, but thats because i finally let my husband win and get chinese. but i only went over about 75 calories, i can deal with that. i was good an only had one wonton instead of a whole side to myself. yesterday i was in range and i even had chicken parmigiana for dinner. i didnt even eat it all, i left about 25% of everything that was served. not bad for a carboholic!

so yeah, thats me. wish me luck. i'll take any and all tips and tricks you want to share.


grrr, i'm stuck

Thursday, January 10, 2008

i did cardio this week. not as much as i should, but more than i have in the past.

and for the past 2 weeks the scale hasnt budged at all. still 127.6. its driving me crazy. i was ok with it last week cause it was that TOM. but COME ON!! just one tenth of a pound at least!??! argh. its sooo frustrating. exact same number every...single... day....!!!!

i know i havent eatten exactly as i should, but its still less than it ever was when i wasnt trying. maybe i've just peaked. maybe this is where i will always be.

at least its not 145 anymore!