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Beck - Day 36 - Believe It

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I believe that I have lost weight due to my own efforts and determination. I believe that I will live the rest of my life at a healthy weight.

I'm not sure yet what that weight is. I tried to create a Beck card that says I believe I can maintain 126 for the rest of my life, but the truth is, I'm just not sure. I have declared 126, which for me is a BMI of 20.2, as my happy weight. Right now I keep circling around it, but more days than not I'm a couple ounces to two pounds above it. I've only been below it once. I'm just not sure if 126 is a maintainable weight for me or not. But my plan is to try and see. If not, I can live healthy at 130 or 135. If I had an injury and could not exercise at all for a long time, I probably could maintain 143. That would not be bad.

I believe that I have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to live the rest of my life at a healthy weight. I can do this! I will do this!! I believe.

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NANCY- 2/17/2011 4:31PM

How awesome! You WILL find your balance.

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AQUAGIRL08 2/17/2011 11:11AM

    I believe you can too!!!

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JHADZHIA 2/16/2011 2:01PM

    I believe you can do it too!! You are awesome!! Perhaps you need to loosen up about what weight you think you should be. Let your body tell you. If you are being very consistent with your healthy lifestyle (and you are one of the most dedicated people I have ever met), then your body will fall into a weight its happy with..
Relax. Deep breath. Enjoy your life! You are doing fantastic!
No worries! Just live!

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JANNIEWANNIE 2/16/2011 12:53PM

    WW always gave "goalies" a two pound weight range to live in. That sounds reasonable to me. I have never been there yet, but with your excellent example, I will keep on trying. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Hugs from Janet in sunny central Illinois.

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 2/16/2011 12:21PM

    Any weight within 126 is still 126. I know what you're saying because I too felt better at .0 instead of .2, but the fact remains - if you are 126.9 - you are still 126.

Ask any of your thin friends - no one "stays" at one weight. When I told my thinner sister last winter that I was struggling between 120-123, she laughed at me! She said, "that is maintaining your weight!"

You are there, my friend, you are there!

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Beck - Day 35; Start 36

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 35 is a weigh in day, but I'm going to wait to weigh until my Weight Watcher meeting on Saturday. I want to quit driving myself nuts with small weight fluctuations as I'm waiting, almost patiently, for my "happy weight" (my personal goal weight) to consistently appear on the scale.

Day 36 is Believe It. I do understand that my weight loss is directly related to my efforts. I know I have learned many skills and a lot of nutritional and fitness information that I use. I sometimes do have trouble believing that I can maintain my weight loss, especially for the long term.

I will make a Believe It card, but I need to give some thought as to the wording. I also need to make my list of changes I've made. I think I should make one about changes I've made since I started losing weight and one since I started on the Beck program.

I'm reading my cards regularly, sitting down to eat, eating slowly, regularly exercising both planned and spontaneously, I planned and monitored my food, I give myself credit for helpful behaviors, and I completed one 10 week weight graph and I will start a new one, I will complete day 36 before I go on to day 37 which is about reducing stress - a great topic!!

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WATERMELLEN 2/15/2011 8:08PM

    The "believe it" card is an interesting concept -- for a very long time after I lost the 80 pounds, I did not believe I would keep them off (took me five years to give away the size 18s and 20s!!). Beck's workbook has a "believe it" chart, beginning, "I have lost weight (and will be able to keep off excess weight) because I now know how to do these things": and she lists them. I don't believe you have the workbook? I'll be happy to send you the list, if you like!!

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PARKERB2 2/15/2011 2:15PM

    You are a determined person and I believe you can get this done. Good luck on your Weigh In at Weight Watchers. emoticon

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HAPPYSOUL91 2/15/2011 1:06PM

    Congratulations on really working the program

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FREELADY 2/15/2011 11:30AM

    You are choosing behaviors which WILL maintain healthy weight. I am excited for you!

Your intentional approach is the road to success!

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JHADZHIA 2/15/2011 9:52AM

    Well done!! I believe you can do this!!

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Beck - Day 34 - Solve Problems

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Once you recognize that eating will not make your problems go away, dieting will be easier." -Judith Beck, PhD

It is true. Food does not solve problems. It may even numb us to the point we won't take action in our best interest to solve our problems. Some problems can be solved or partly solved; Beck admits not all problems can be solved. Most of the time we can learn to live a better life in spite of problems. Overeating does not help us live a better life.

So my paraphase is, "Now that I have recognized that eating will not make my problems go away, eating healthy is easier." In thinking of my situation right now, I don't think I have any problems causing me to overeat that I need to work to solve. In the past, there have been.

I'm reading my cards, sitting down to eat, planning my meals and following my plans (skipped it one day, but back on track), exercising regularly both planned and spontaneous. I'm on the look out for emotional eating and think I'm doing fine (giving credit). I'm using the scale as a tool (credit here, too). Ready for day 35!

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KALIGIRL 2/14/2011 9:32PM

    Still hate the word diet, but agree with the thought.
Glad it's working for you.

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WATERMELLEN 2/14/2011 8:19PM

    So true: eating won't make problems go away. And some problems won't go away anyhow: also true. I need to remind myself of this over and over again, actually.

Thanks for you amazing support: I'm so glad we're doing this together (and that you're blazing the path!!)

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HAPPYSOUL91 2/14/2011 4:43PM

    Excellent...ah if food could actually help us emotionally...but that's not to be!

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SUNRISE14 2/14/2011 3:25PM

    emoticon for sharing the book i enjoy it would buy it but don't have emotional eating problems ! Use to for years ! Good blog! emoticon

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JOHAL52 2/14/2011 2:20PM

    That's something I need to tattoo to my hand--that overeating will not make problems go away. Thanks Marsha!

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JHADZHIA 2/14/2011 12:35PM

    When you think of it, a healthy lifestyle is just common sense really. We all know, deep down, what we have to do to succeed. But sometimes, we need a little kick and a written reminder is a great help. Seeing it in print, where you can't ignore it.
I hope more people are inspired by you to try this Beck Solution. Its a winner! You are showing us how its done!
Have a special Valentine's Day!
Thank you for being a great Spark buddy!

emoticon emoticon

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AQUAGIRL08 2/14/2011 11:53AM

    You are doing such a great job Marsha! A great role model for all of us!

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 2/14/2011 10:39AM

    Ah grasshopper! You have said a mouthful here!

Great blog!

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DONNAEDA 2/14/2011 10:10AM

    excellent plan to get back on track.

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Beck - Day 33 - Eliminate Emotional Eating

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"People without a weight problem don't think of eating to feel better......... Food can be an effective distractor - temporarily. But eating doesn't solve the problem that lead to your distress in the first place........ You have to deal with stress in non-food-related ways if you want to sustain permanent weight loss." - Judith Beck, PhD

In my twenties I learned how to comfort myself and pretty much quit eating in response to sadness and the emptyness that isn't related to food. However, when I felt overwhelmed and overworked, I would let myself get too hungry as I tried to be productive. And real hungercombined with my nerves would get me eating, and then I just would not stop. There are times, especially when I'm writing proposals and reports that combine many different ideas, that I feel anxious. I have found that pacing inside or brisk walking outside can get my mind to settle down and be productive much better than the brain-numbness that results after overeating. Judith Beck also suggests mindset techniques and behavioral techniques that might be helpful in overcoming emotional eating. Next time I feel like using food to deal with my life, I'll try to remember Beck's techniques, especially if the methods I have developed aren't working.

I don't know if I'll every truly think like a thin person and not even think of food as a source of comfort and calmness. But I have already come a long way on this issue.

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FREELADY 2/13/2011 4:54PM

    Wow, I am laughing and crying at the same time.

I read this last year but had forgotten it. Or still in denial . . . .

I have to deal with stress in non-food-related ways if I want to sustain permanent weight loss. Gulp. Sigh. You are so right.

Very valuable. Thank you!!

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JHADZHIA 2/13/2011 11:37AM

    You are managing this very tough issue better than most people! Well done!
Keep up the great work!!

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MEXGAL1 2/13/2011 10:11AM

    It is definately hard to stop the emotional eating. I too struggle with this.
Let us both eat to be healthy and not to fill an emotional need!

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KALIGIRL 2/13/2011 10:07AM

    I think certain foods will always be a "source of comfort and calmness". I have a memory of my grandmother and me sharing fresh peaches in warm cream and when I treat myself to that dish when peaches are in season, I go back to that wonderful calm and comfortable time.

As a 'thin' person, I think the key is everything in moderation. Food is part of life as is comfort.

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    some thin people use the feast or famine method - they starve themselves all week so they can eat what they want on the weekends.

I don't believe that method is normal either. I had a very good friend and she told me that was how she maintained her weight "normally" so she too had food issues.

she would still be my friend but she is gone now :(
she passed away before she was 30.

you're doing great Marsha!

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PERSISTANT123 2/13/2011 8:22AM


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AQUAGIRL08 2/13/2011 7:56AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUNRISE14 2/13/2011 7:25AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Beck - Day 32 - Prepare for Travel

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Because I'm good at eating out, I don 't have much trouble with gaining weight due to travel. This year I had just two trips, one ten days and one four days. On the ten day trip I lost a pound and on the four day trip I stayed the same.

I never have set a goal for weight control during a trip like Beck suggests. I just try to do the best I can. I see how making up your mind whether to gain a little or not is a good strategy. She talks about having a strategy such as eating up to 25% more than usual or saving up to have a big meal on the last evening are plans that can work if you feel that a little weight gain is okay. I might try that the next time I travel, so I'm prepared and don't worry.

Today at breakfast I actually did not eat everything I put on my plate and planned to eat. I said to myself I really am full. I can't remember doing that in the last 20 years. At lunch I had told myself I could have a piece of pizza at my granddaughter's birthday party, but I didn't really want it. There was too much hub bub and only the kids had a table. I just didn't think I'd enjoy it on my lap. I did indulge in a Diet Coke, which I used to drink like water, but now I consider a treat. The party was at the YMCA and I stayed after (my hubby drove separate) so I could work out.

I'm doing fine with my Beck activities, so I won't enumerate them this time. Ready for day 33!

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JHADZHIA 2/13/2011 12:02AM

    You do an amazing job with eating out and refraining from all the temptations! Well done! I sure can't say the same! Good thing I rarely eat out.
Keep up the great work!!

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FREELADY 2/12/2011 9:42PM

    Sounds like your Beck disciplines are getting down deep, becoming intuitive sometimes! Hurray!

Keep sharing -- it is valuable to me!

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUNRISE14 2/12/2011 6:04PM

    emoticon emoticon

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WATERMELLEN 2/12/2011 4:44PM

    That's a real breakthrough: deciding you're not hungry and not needing all the food on your plate!! Hope to experience that one day myself. And: no pizza. And: staying on to work out after all the activity of the birthday party!! (Our Y does a terrific job with birthday parties: our own kids had some parties there, and my daughter was a "birthday party volunteer" in turn during her own teen years!!)

I used to love love love Diet Coke -- haven't had any for quite a bit, but it could be a treat once in a while.

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