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Waist or Waste?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When I was growing up, we'd save any leftover food. But almost every meal there was at least one thing that there was just a "dibby-dab" left. Mom would eat it or talk one of us into eating it so she didn't have to store it. Throwing it out was unthinkable.

I continued to focus on not wasting food for many, many years. It was just recently that I realized I should be focused on what goes into my mouth, not so much on what goes in the trash.

Sometimes no big waste means a big waist.

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AQUAGIRL08 12/2/2009 7:55AM

    I just save the "bite" of food for the next day. You don't want the waste to go to your waist! lol

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MONGO2TEN 12/2/2009 4:52AM

    I hate wasting food. We do have chickens though, so everything gets eaten my someone!


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PO_PAZZA 12/1/2009 4:48PM

    That's something I've always struggled with, too. Now, if it's a non-meat item, I save it for my "girls", a box of earthworms that give it back to me as compost and compost tea. Meat items go into a large container in the freezer, later to be made as soup. I've also had to learn that as well as I try to plan, there may be leftovers that shouldn't go inside of me. My body is not designed to be a landfill.

Good blog, Marsha.


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PEGGYANNSCH 12/1/2009 3:13PM

    I always saved leftover we eat it for lunch the next day. Left over taste better next day.Food is to expense to throw in the trash.That is like throwing money away.

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BABYFACE26 12/1/2009 2:55PM

    Oh my goodness, this is a tough one for me! Hate wasting food, but boy, do I want a Waist! On Thanksgiving, my neighbor made me a plate of food, and luckily I didn't like the way she prepared the stuffing, usually my favorite food for this holiday meal. So...along with leftover potato salad, I had to put it into the trash. Telling myself, Mouth or trash, what's the difference, if it doesn't belong in my belly! that helps a bit. thanks for the reminder!

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    Very true!

I compromise and toss my scraps outside for the "critters" to eat.

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Celebrating in Threes

Monday, November 30, 2009

1. Hurricane season is over!
2. Yesterday was cool outside so I grabbed a jacket out of the closet. A year ago I couldn't even get that jacket around me. Now it is definitely too big!
3. And best of all, after 30 days of SparkPeople strength training, my waist measures 29 inches, down from 30.5. Thanks, SparkPeople!

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AQUAGIRL08 12/1/2009 9:11AM

    Way to go!!! emoticon

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 12/1/2009 7:31AM

    emoticon you are doing it! (Nancy, co-leader Sexy Grandmas)

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GANGIE 11/30/2009 8:39PM

    Way to go. It is always fun to see positive changes. Keep up the good work and keep moving.

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I Once Was So-So-So in Control

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Although this may not be the profound words I promised, I feel like typing. I've got eating things to think about.

Yesterday I was feeling so-so-so very in control. I'd completed almost a month on SparkPeople and not gone over my calorie, carb, fat or protein targets. I bragged that I no longer had any "Red Light foods," Weight Watcher speak for foods you need to eliminate or have only in safe environments (such as a portion controlled amount in a restaurant). After all, there is candy, ice cream, several kinds of nuts, and plenty of delicious whole grain bread that I love with real butter right in my home. None of it derailed me.

However, last eve I had trouble getting to sleep. I thought I was hungry. Maybe I was. I got up. I looked at my tracker and saw that I had less protein than usual and more carbs. I ate deli turkey and cheddar cheese. It had been months since I had full fat cheddar cheese. I did eat less than one ounce of cheese and several ounces of turkey. Then I had to finish off a delicious-looking ripe pear -- and it was delicious. Then I had a 25 calorie hot chocolate.

Well, I went over my calories by 20, over carbs, and over sodium by a mile. I no longer felt so-so-so very in control. Eating at 2 am is nothing to be proud of. I usually weigh every morning. This morning I "forgot." By tomorrow it probably won't show up on the scale.

What did I learn? Be sure to eat enough protein. When I've just had the minimal protein I shouldn't have the maximum carbs. Eat enough healthy fats, too. I could have had more and probably would not have been hungry. Try to stay in bed and don't go to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

I'm not beating myself up. I know you don't have to be perfect to succeed, just determined. And I am determined. However, I'm not bragging today about being so in control. I just got a reminder that this eating thing will undoubtedly always be a challenge for me. But I intend to keep fighting the good fight. After all, I am one of an army of SparkPeople taking on body fat!

Is that profound enough?

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WALKINGANNIE 11/30/2009 3:24PM

    I enjoy your blogs because you seem so sensible, good humoured and determined.

20 calories over your limit is very marginal and you could work it off very quickly with a few minutes of moderate walking. In fact, how many calories would you have worked off by getting up and wandering about?! Did you have to go up any stairs?

It's great that you're even aware of what you've done and have put strategies in place to learn from it. We all have hungry days and sometimes we all just give in.

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FLAGIRL32 11/29/2009 9:32PM

    I enjoyed your blog. I think we all have red light days — I just wish I could get them to be only 20 calories over! I think you are doing a great, great job!

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 11/29/2009 6:33PM

    Profound enough for me!

Sometimes when I feel hungry, I take a Zantac. More often than not it is just gas in my stomach I think and the Zantac takes away the hungry feeling.

A rolaids or tums could also be tried.

But sometimes you really are just hungry and then eating is the right thing to do. 20 calories over is not a big deal. You are doing great!

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GRAMPIAN 11/29/2009 3:53PM

  You're lucky being able to sleep after eating cheese! emoticon

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5,000 Points

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I made it! I just got a new trophy for 5,000 SparkPoints.

Now what does this mean? I am something of a reward junkie. There are times I write a blog because I have something to express. Sometimes as I put things in writing they become clearer to me. Sometimes I just want the points.

So I think I have enough points now that I'll try to increase the quality of my blogs. Now, I don't promise profound words daily. In fact if I miss a day, I won't sweat it. Sometimes it would be better to use my time to plan meals or do more cardio.

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AMBUDMAN 11/29/2009 10:18AM

    I feel the same way.

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L*I*T*A* 11/28/2009 11:40PM

    keep up the great work..............

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/28/2009 11:40:50 PM

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PEGGYANNSCH 11/28/2009 6:57PM

    I don't write a blog everyday sometimes I don't write one for weeks.
But anyway Congrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 11/28/2009 6:53PM


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    Will be looking forward to them

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SERENA_DOVE 11/28/2009 1:58PM


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It Disappeared!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I just spent 15 minutes writing a delightful, insightful commentary to include in my blog. Just as I was proofing it, it disappeared! Oh, well. Let me think about what I was saying. Maybe the universe is warning me not to put that out there. Stay tuned.

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PO_PAZZA 11/27/2009 2:26PM

    It happeneed to me a lot when I blogged. I always blame it on keyboard gremlins. I've finally started writing it in Word, then copying and pasting. Voila.

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DONNABRIGHT 11/27/2009 9:32AM

    I know the feeling!

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AQUAGIRL08 11/27/2009 9:32AM

    I've done that before and it's so frustrating! Maybe it will re-appear!

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