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Water Exercise

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have 3 running books by well respected running experts. Each lists many issues that can arise due to running, but not one of them mentions lower back pain. So I thought it was just me. But then yesterday, while reading a SparkPeople article I read, 'Runners often times feel pain in their lower back from the tightening of their hips caused during a running motion. " It recommends 3 back-strengthening exercises. However, one of them, the back extensions on the ball, is what I was doing when my back first started bothering me.

So today I went to the Healthy Back water exercises at the YMCA. It wasn't really cardio and wasn't really strength training, mostly stretching with some ab work. Not sure if it is going to solve my lower back pain or not, but I think it is worth a try. Next time I need to go earlier and do cardio first or stay and do lap swimming after. This time I left my house at 9:20, didn't get home until 11:30, and hadn't exercised. Perhaps I'll walk tonight.

If you are interested in the SparkArticle I cited, Ouch! Avoiding the Aches and Pains, check it out:

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KALIGIRL 7/13/2011 12:10PM

    emoticonfor posting the article, I hadn't read it.
Hope your back is better soon!

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_LINDA 7/13/2011 12:41AM

    A back is a touchy thing I sure know that. A good strong core and specific exercises for the lower back are the only way to go. Maybe this water class will help, I sure hope so, wish I had something like that here for my chronic lower back problem. I agree with massage, or best, getting physiotherapy -those guys perform miracles! I hope you solve it! Feel better soon!

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WATERMELLEN 7/12/2011 9:21PM

    I hope those back exercises help!!

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JANEWATKINS 7/12/2011 7:33PM

    I'm shocked by the benefits of water. Yesterday I rode the stationary bike like a mad woman (think Biggest Loser, peddling for $100,000). I burned 270 calories in 20 minutes (according to My Fitness). I then swam laps for 15 minutes, American crawl one way and backstroke the other, AND that burned 275 calories. Five minutes less time and 5 more calories. Amazing. Good old water!

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FROSTY99 7/12/2011 6:26PM

    Before my dh had back surgery, he did 12 wks of PT in the water-they wanted first to see if it would relieve the pain and if not to try to strengthen it before the surgery. It did help but did not get rid of the pain-hence he eventually had surgery.

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MNNICE 7/12/2011 5:42PM

    Great timing, as my lower back has been nagaging a bit the last few days. From time to time I go to a chiropractor and have him stretch and stimulate the muscles (no "cracking" allowed!), but I haven't had to go for over 3 years now. Hoping I can work it out on my own! Interestingly enough, I had been a bit lax on the core exercises while I was on vacation, and perhaps that had something to do with it.....

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    There is a Daily Spark today about Hamstring problems that can also cause lower back pain.

Sorry you are hurting - I hope you find the solution.

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PMFISH 7/12/2011 2:27PM

    A good massage also helps loosen the lower back if you have a good massage therapist.


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Not Cheating (Warning: For Die-Hard Trackers Only)

Monday, July 11, 2011

From time to time, usually as I'm measuring foods to be tracked, I have wondered if I have been consistently cheating. Today I took the time to experiment to answer my own question, at least for this particular situation.

The question that I've pondered without answering for months - if not years - is whether the water/liquid in the can is included in the nutritional information. Today I took a can of low sodium pinto beans. I poured off the liquid which was about 1/4 cup. The label reported that the can contained 3.5 half-cup serving. So, you would expect it to hold 1 and 3/4 cups beans. When I measured the can, it held 2 full cups of water.

So, I'm thinking that when I measure out 1/2 cup of beans the nutritional info should be correct. I was concerned that if the liquid was to be counted and I always just selected the beans that I was repeatedly getting more calories and nutrients than I was tracking. Now I need to confirm this observation with several cans.

Yes, I know this experiment is bordering on the obsessive. Yes, I know that the answer for fruit in juice or syrup is different since the juice is actually higher in carbohydrates and calories than the fruit pieces. Yes, I know I don't have to be precise in order to succeed. Yes, I know all of those calorie listings are really estimates.

Nonetheless, I found it quite satisfying to find this particular answer today.

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SEPPIESUSAN 7/13/2011 6:54PM

    I went through a phase of being kind of obsessive about it all..I used to weigh an apple before I ate it, then weigh the core after I was done, and subtract what I didn't eat from what I did, and Spark-track the grams of apple eaten. Now I just go under apples and choose "small," "medium," or "large." Ultimately the scale will tell you if you're eating the right number of calories or not!

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MNNICE 7/12/2011 5:02PM

    I've found, too, that there seem to be so many discrepancies. Sometimes tracking can be very tedious - but at least for me, it's a necessarily evil! emoticon

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BLUESKY_321 7/12/2011 3:51PM

    It's all about being aware! And keeping engaged!

And you are obviously both! emoticon

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KAZINMICH 7/12/2011 2:06PM

    This is something that drives me insane!!! I'm constantly going, how much, what does it say, what am I actually eating?? GRR! Pasta is incredibly frustrating. I always try to err on the side of caution, it's just so frustrating. I took the last month off from tracking altogether! I'm starting back up again in hopes of losing another 50+ lbs.

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JOHAL52 7/12/2011 2:02PM

    2 cups of water or 2 cups of beans?

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 7/12/2011 1:16PM

    I find measuring by weight to be less ambiguous.

Amusingly enough, with some items the weight reported on the front of a can of tuna is sometimes different from the weight reported in the nutrition facts for "contents of can."

The difference is the water the tuna is packed in. So if I'm not actually weighing stuff but going by the label I always go by the nutrition facts version.

And yes, I do sometimes compare the weight of an item with the "serving" listed on the package. Sometimes it is quite different. If it's very different I go by the amount my scale says is there rather than the package estimate.

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AQUAGIRL08 7/12/2011 12:59AM

    Every once in a while I do the same thing. I've found several off brands that were on sale where it didn't measure correctly. My guess is that that was the reason why they were on sale. Generally the name brands were accurate with the amount printed on the box.

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  I do the same kinds of things, hehe!
It especially freaks me out if it is something I eat often over a long period of time.
If I have to estimate something (like restaurant food), I estimate high, just in case. I like to think it balances out other possible miscalculations.

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MISTYRIVER64 7/11/2011 6:29PM

    When we take the time to verify what we are being told (be it information about our world or something about our food) we are doing ourselves a great service. Sharing it means you are doing everyone a great service. Thanks

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SUSIEMT 7/11/2011 4:50PM

    Well, now I know why you look so good! You take nothing for granted! Spark on my friend! Sometimes I like being in the dark and leave those touchy questions that might lead me to a higher calorie count alone. Maybe that is why I never have pasta!:)

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WATERMELLEN 7/11/2011 4:24PM

    I don't think you are obsessive: fact is, that relatively small calorie "excesses" (100 calories a day) add up to . . . 10 pounds a year . . . which compound over the years to 50 pounds, 70 pounds and so on.

And: when you see how much effort is required to burn even 50 calories on the elliptical cross trainer . . . well then!!

Your diligence and attention to detail is what has made you successful, and what indicates you will continue to b successful!!

I rinse canned fruit (the way Linda describes -- although I eat that very seldom) and I rinse the beans carefully too, mostly to get rid of any of the BTH (or whatever it is) plastic from the can liner, plus any excess salt. Never do use the liquid in the can, always just the rinsed beans (and I do eat a lot of canned chickpeas, lentils, black beans etc.).

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_LINDA 7/11/2011 2:37PM

    My bug was this. A package of macaroni said it contains 170g. A serving size is 71g of dry mix (about 1/3 the package) that the nutrients are given for. Can you see this math does not add up??? It should contain 210 grams then!! It would be kind of hard trying to measure three separate servings, one being not big enough dry, then make it up. Problem with pasta is it varies so much depending on whether you like it firm or soft :(( so measuring the cooked product is just a crap shoot. I agree measuring is not precise. In regard to canned fruit, rinse the fruit thoroughly with water so you get no extra calories from the juice or syrup water and then you can count the fruit separate.
It does make you stop and think why some people may be struggling..

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CONTENTCHRIS 7/11/2011 1:45PM

    Hey good call. When in doubt i always lean towards the high side ..meaning if the can says 150 and the juice may or may not count ..i count it...but I am a guy and have a few hundred more calories that I can partake in as well...

Love your Art outside picture background !

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T2SEE140 7/11/2011 1:28PM

  Great thought! I had thought of this as well. There have been too many times where a can of soup says "about two servings" and when I measure it is only one and a half servings, talk about cheating!

I myself use my own measuring tools and the nutritional information on the container and do not worry about the servings. There are too many times that I don't use the juice/fluid. I figure that I am still losing weight so my measuring style works for me.

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TINYFRIEND615 7/11/2011 1:27PM

    I think this is interesting. I had never though about that before. I get especially confused with tracking pasta!

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 7/11/2011 12:54PM

    Obsessive? Yes. Can I relate - ABSOLUTELY!

I went through the same thing with measuring frozen or cooked emoticon
and decided that I prefer the cooked measuring!

If you take a cup of frozen mixed veggies and then cook them, you will not have a cup of cooked veggies. So which is it?

I will be interested to see what you decide with your beans!

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MIRAGE727 7/11/2011 12:51PM

    I totally appreciate where you are coming from, Marcia. It's good that we are at least in close proximity in our tracking. After all, we are somewhat accountable.
Yes, I believe that we could be inadvertently "cheating" ourselves. But we are only as accurate in our recording as our data is. (I have a separate issue with some of the shaky user food calorie input/serving available in Nutrition as well.)

Since, I started Sparking, I have also purchased a food scale. That helped me a lot on portions among other measures. Obsessive? No, I think we just care. Thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed the insight.

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KIM--POSSIBLE 7/11/2011 12:35PM

    I wonder the same thing, but have always just counted the measured food I actually ate. I have measured the grapefruit in a container, and found that there was less actual fruit than the number of servings listed, so I would assume that the liquid would have to count. I haven't actually measured the liquid, though, to test that theory.

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Two Pair of Panties

Saturday, July 09, 2011

As I took a load of laundry out of the dryer and folded 14 pair of underwear, my husband did a double take. He commented, almost under his breath, that there was proof I hadn't done laundry for two weeks. I straightened him out. I worked out every day, got good and sweaty, showered and changed. I use two pairs of panties every day now. I did laundry just a week ago. So there!

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BLUESKY_321 7/12/2011 3:52PM

    LOVE it!

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JOHAL52 7/12/2011 3:06PM

    I had visions of photos of huge bloomers and then a thong....

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HAWKEYERANT 7/11/2011 9:57AM

    This made me laugh!!

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JANEWATKINS 7/10/2011 9:06PM

    Two things immediately come to my mind:

1) If this were written by Charles Dickens it would have been entitled "A Tale of Two Panties."

2) Your guy needs something to do! He has too much time on his hands if he's counting the clothes as you fold them!

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AQUAGIRL08 7/10/2011 7:53PM

    The proof is in the laundry! I love it!

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HAPPYSOUL91 7/10/2011 12:23PM

    emoticon so there is right!

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_LINDA 7/10/2011 9:48AM

    emoticon Know the feeling! It seems like I am endlessly turning socks inside out :PP Sounds like your hubby could use some exercise so he would know what it was like..
Hope you have a super Sunday!

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MISTYRIVER64 7/10/2011 8:09AM

    So HA! Great laugh to start off the day! emoticon

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NEWKAREN43 7/9/2011 11:47PM

    Good job! Keep sweating up those...panties!!! My family comments every week about the panties and t-shirts I go through. Hey, a girl's gotta sweat!!!

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JUNEBUG150 7/9/2011 11:25PM

    The title caught my eye! Very funny!

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MIRAGE727 7/9/2011 10:41PM

    Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! I thought I was the only one that hit that quota every week!

Comment edited on: 7/9/2011 10:42:58 PM

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MONTY68 7/9/2011 9:19PM

    Hi Marsha
I had to laugh, as a single person, I have no one to make comments to , But I can understand your husbands comment.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PHEBESS 7/9/2011 8:55PM

    Yeah, my husband doesn't understand changing undies after a workout either!

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DINGALLSTOO 7/9/2011 7:42PM

    funny, had to read, just because of the title! keep up the good work.

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MEXGAL1 7/9/2011 7:31PM

    you tell him! fun!

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WATERMELLEN 7/9/2011 7:05PM

    Very cute!!

We've got way more laundry too -- with the gym and golf . . . work and "around the house" clothes.

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  Hee hee! We never know quite how a healthy lifestyle will change our lives until it happens. :o)

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FROSTY99 7/9/2011 5:49PM

    emoticon emoticon

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BESTSUSIEYET 7/9/2011 5:41PM

    Woo Hoo!

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REBCESS 7/9/2011 5:23PM

  wow this is really funny :)

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    Too funny!

I know, I go through clothing faster now too! I get all sweated up!

I thought you were going to say how much tinier your panties are now!

You got me!

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Speeding Up

Friday, July 08, 2011

Yesterday on the treadmill at my gym I did the intermediate program to increase running speed that I found here on SparkPeople:

Intermediate Speed Program

What to do For how long Intensity (1-10)
Warm up at 5 mph pace 5 minutes 3.5
Jog at 5.5 mph pace 2 minutes 5
Jog at 5.8 mph pace 2 minutes 6
Jog at 6.2 mph pace 5 minutes 7
Jog at 6.4 mph pace 3 minutes 7.5
Jog at 5.5 mph pace 4 minutes 5
Jog at 5.8 mph pace 2 minutes 6
Jog at 6.2 mph pace 2 minutes 7
Jog at 6.4 mph pace 5 minutes 7.5
Jog at 5.5 mph pace 2 minutes 5
Cool down 5 minutes 3.5
Total Workout Time: 37 minutes

I found it quite easy and that tickled me. The last time I had tried it, probably 4 weeks ago, I got through it, but it was a struggle. I will admit, though, that I tried the advance program and I'm not quite ready for it. I plan to create a program based on these principles that is more challenging than the intermediate, but not as challenging as the advanced. But I hope to keep going. Who knows. Someday I may have to create one that is more challenging than the advanced program. Maybe. My body will tell me if and when I am ready.

If you are interested in these workouts check out the following article:

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MONTY68 7/9/2011 9:28PM

    Hi Marsha
Thanks for sharing this. Knowing you for a while I see no reason why you won't advance to the next level and as you say perhaps even greater levels. You have a special drive within you that is so awesome and a inspiration to others to increase what they do.
As a walker , what you do is so impressive, but for me I am having some difficulty with a faster pace.
You continue as you have since we met, inspire and motivate me to do more. Thank you.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    That is emoticon Great idea to adjust according to your level. If I have learned's to set challenging yet attainable goals to keep the motivation going and build the confidence.


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AQUAGIRL08 7/8/2011 3:51PM

    Way to go Marsha! I'm totally jealous! I wish my fake knees could run but I know better. At least they allow me to do a brisk walk without pain. You go girl! See you tomorrow at the team walk!

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    good for you! I am just starting my transition from walking to jogging and not sure I'll ever go for the full ot running but I am enjoying the journey so far! Good to know that enjoyment never ends!

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WATERMELLEN 7/8/2011 3:22PM

    Wish I could run . . . and cheering you on with your amazing progress!!

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_LINDA 7/8/2011 2:48PM

    WOW!! That is fantastic progress in just four short weeks!! I have no doubt you will reach the advanced stage and then some. But always be careful and listen to your body to make sure you are not overdoing it! Then you will know when its time to advance safely!!
I join the other slow pokes on the trail watching you speeding by,
Go Marsh, GO!!

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RWALTON730 7/8/2011 2:42PM

    That is emoticon

Keep on emoticon and speed and endurance will come with time. I run outside, at a decent 11 min. mile pace. I would like to go faster, but for now am just glad to be running.

Keep up the good work!


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JOYINKY 7/8/2011 2:22PM

    I have to agree with Raylin. A walker I will always be but I am thrilled with your progress as a runner!

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    You are one of my favorite motivators, even if I cannot run! I am just so thrilled for you that you can run!!

Run Marsha Run!

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Spread the Message

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Back in March of 2009 when I first hit a BMI of 25 I was really happy. I added some food, concentrated on nutrition, and continued to lose very slowly for over a year down to under BMI of 21. Throughout this journey I had a compelling desire to help other people do what I had done, to share the "secrets" that had finally worked for me after 5 decades of obesity.

I talked to lots of people; maybe 100. One person lost 30 pounds. She looks pretty good but is stuck about 15 pounds over goal. I don't know of anyone else who was successful for very long after "enlightenment" by me. I started a fitness group related to my work. The first month everyone in my group lost some weight. But it didn't last.

So my strong desire to persuade others face to face to undertake this journey has diminished. I understand that each person must find their own way; that my answers may not work for everyone.

On the other hand, I have read enough success stories, maintenance articles, and blogs of other maintainers to know I'm not unique. The strategies I have used successfully are not mine alone -- even the ones I thought were of my own making.

So while I would still like to Spread the Spark (never dreamed I could get this fit; thanks, SP)and put in a good word for Weight Watchers when appropriate (don't think I could have gotten started on my own, thanks WW), I don't have the same missionary zeal that I had earlier. Some of that urge may be met by interacting with my SparkFriends, too. Time will tell whether I'm just settling into the long term phase of lower level recruiting or whether I'll get re-ignited to take the message forward. If I knew what really helps others, I would be more likely to take it on.

Have any of you found good ways to Spread the Spark or otherwise encourage healthier living?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AQUAGIRL08 7/8/2011 3:42PM

    I find myself suggesting it to every doctor that I come in contact with in hopes that he/she will pass it along to patients. I also bring it up if someone asks me for healthy recipes or mentions a need for workout videos. It's a free web site that offers free information. It's a very good resource for someone who needs information. That's usually how I pitch it. You don't have to join Spark People to lose weight. You can join to improve your eating habits, track your exercise or use their diabetic resources. It has a lot to offer. That's why I get offended when it is advertised as a free "diet" web site. It isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle and way of living.

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PEGGYANNSCH 7/8/2011 9:04AM

    I have change my way of eating since I been with Spark People.I have my weight to show that I have started at 260 now 184. Sometimes I get feeling down than I start eating everything in site but than I look at my self and I said NO you don't need to be doing this.

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  Having been vegan for over 20 years, I find that leading by example sends a very powerful message. Sometimes that message is heard most clearly by those you are not actually speaking directly to! :)

Every time you order a healthy meal at a restaurant, the waiter/ess or someone at a nearby table may think, "hmm, that actually does look tasty". The person next to you in line at the grocery store may look at his/her cart full of junk and think, "hmm, maybe next week I will try some of that other food instead".

Your waves of Spark goodness travel further than you know! :)

Comment edited on: 7/7/2011 11:35:21 PM

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WATERMELLEN 7/7/2011 8:48PM

    I had all the missionary zeal of the newly converted and . . . mentioned SP site to quite a number of people who asked about my weight loss and . . . . with the exception of 1 person who uses the nutrition tracker (and nothing else) I've had absolutely no take up. "Too complicated"; "takes too much time"; "not for me" (the community involvement, teams, points, goodies etc.) . . . have been some of the responses.

One of the great benefits of SP for me is the opportunity of interacting with people . . . like you, Marsha . . . who really are committed to fitness and good nutrition for a lifetime. But truthfully, in the general population, that's not a big per centage of people. (Even here on SP, you can't help but notice that some people disappear without notice, having lost weight and having not lost weight: and others get stuck pretty early on and more or less stay the same weight for a long time, but stick around for the sociability or for other reasons not so much related to health and fitness.)

I've also had "real time" friends complain that I've lost too much weight, that I'm too obsessed with weight control, that I'm no longer available for socializing (of the kind which focuses entirely on eating too much and drinking too much); that I'm not prepared to do the conventional "entertaining" high cal formal dinner parties anymore; etc. etc. Some friends are not so interested in socializing through activities -- gym time or hikes, golf and the like. And quite a bit of (sorry, don't think I'm wrong about this) sheer jealousy: apparently our former friendships were based upon being equally fat . . .

So there it is. Makes me a bit regretful some times, but not regretful enough, apparently, to resume by former style of socializing exclusively over food.

And: thanks so much for the photo shoot goodie!! Cute idea!!

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JOYINKY 7/7/2011 8:48PM

    Success is the attraction; not promotion. I agree with the other posts, your example spreads the word. Then, you can add support if someone is willing to change their lifestyle. Some are not.
I really enjoy sharing with like minded people here and even here there are those that want the results but are not willing to change. I'll be spending a week with family that wants whatever the magic is; until they hear it's eat less exercise more. Nope, not what they are willing to do. I don't bring it up but am happy to share if someone asks.

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    I was going to say the same thing - by example.

I tell people, this is a lifestyle change. If you are going to go back to your old way of eating, you will just put the weight back on.

Then I tell them, when you're ready to commit to eating less and living on it, I will be here to help you all I can.

You have to want it more than anything - more than that donut, cupcake - whatever the demon is.

Until a person is ready to commit, it just isn't going to happen.

On the flip side, I have heard and read that even taking the weight off for a short while can be beneficial to the body. Everyone must find their own way. But I am ready and willing to teach by example. We are proof positive that it can be done.

**FYI, I do hear all the time from people that do not wish to deprive themselves. My only answer to them is, "I didn't tell you to. I really don't care if you lose the weight or not - it is your choice."

I made my choice, you made your choice, everyone that is successful has made their own choice.

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MIRAGE727 7/7/2011 2:47PM

    I totally agree with Linda on this one. I had been driven to leave several teams because there was virtually no activity. I tried to crank it up but to no avail. I was totalled and didn't want to feel the negativity any longer. I had to leave. (which brings debate on being a part of too many teams!)
I feel that I've done well over the last 9 months on SP. (on Jul 17) I walk the walk and have received some great comment from people who are inspired. I'm thankful for that. It also encourages me to do better. But you can only do so much. I can tell you personally that YOU have inspired me to step it up in my training by your accomplishments. I know you will not stop your walk! I know it can wear but know that the people that really want it will recognize your enthusiasm and ride the wave.

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_LINDA 7/7/2011 2:16PM

    You can only lead by example in real life. If someone is truly interested and really ready to make real changes in their life then they will approach you and ask how you did it and keep asking for advice. I have had people ask me, told them about the site and never heard another word from them. Now I am getting some wags who think I have lost too much and shouldn't lose anymore! Hello?? I have been on maintenance for a year and a half and haven't lost more then my goal range lol.
Like the old saying, you can lead a horse to water.. Some people have gone the personal trainer/health coach route..

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